The Pumpkin King

(1:14:24 AM) Sabitsuki: As soon as the rear hatch closes, Harley starts sweating.
(1:14:37 AM) Dexanote: H-H-Hot
(1:14:58 AM) Maddy: [ooc]
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(1:16:15 AM) Maddy: Alice is sat up as the spotter, looking around.
(1:17:00 AM) Vance: Vance is in the drivers' position, rolling forward.
(1:17:18 AM) Sabitsuki: She exhales a little shakily.
(1:17:29 AM) MisterFlames: Midnight's found a lap, and is purring softly.
(1:17:36 AM) Dodridge: Jason's down in the crew compartment, stripping down to his Underarmour. "Harley, Midnight, unless you want to see what the stork saw, you might want to avert your eyes for a second."
(1:17:44 AM) Vance: "Alright, everyone settled? Apparently this is some pretty shit we're running into."
(1:17:52 AM) Maddy: Alice's eye twitches.
(1:17:59 AM) Sabitsuki: Harley already has her eyes closed.
(1:18:18 AM) Maddy: She takes a deep breath.
(1:18:43 AM) Nusquam: As the LAV approaches Site-23-4, the cluster of buildings which once were Site-23 is conspicuously absent from the horizon.
(1:19:25 AM) Vance: "Shit," Vance breathes as he follows the directions provided to him.
(1:19:32 AM) Dodridge: Jason quickly changes into Oxide, pulling another unifrm on over top, and laying the load-bearing equipment out.
(1:19:54 AM) MisterFlames: Midnight's tail quivers. "Jason, the idea that I would *care* what a naked human being looks like is amusing as all hell."
(1:20:09 AM) Maddy: Eye. Twitc.
(1:23:13 AM) Nusquam: As you near Site-23-4, you see its scale is miniscule compared to Site-23. It consists of a single structure of respectable size, surrounded by chain link fencing with barbed wire across the top at a standoff distance of roughly 100 meters from the structure itself, rimmed with guard towers and a single access road.
(1:23:26 AM) Nusquam: Everyone that can see out of the vehicle, give me perception, if you please.
(1:23:29 AM) Vance: Vance pulls onto the access road, approachin at slow speed.
(1:23:37 AM) Vance: 4df+2 Driver Perception
(1:23:37 AM) Quidmore: Vance: Driver Perception: 3 (4df+2=+, 0, -, +)
(1:23:58 AM) Maddy: 4df+6 Spotter check
(1:23:58 AM) Quidmore: Maddy: Spotter check: 7 (4df+6=+, +, 0, -)
(1:28:08 AM) Nusquam: The guard towers are unmanned, and the lights which should be shining from them aren't. Despite the darkness, Alice notices rubble around the right side of the building consisting of broken concrete and mangled rebar.
(1:28:47 AM) MisterFlames: "How is it looking, Alice?"
(1:29:13 AM) Vance: "Looks…empty."
(1:30:17 AM) Maddy: <N-no guards, b-but there's s-some rubble to the r-right of the building. C-concrete and rebar.>
(1:30:26 AM) Nusquam: Judging by how much of it there is, it looks like something blew a considerably sized hole in the wall. From this side, however, the hole can't actually be seen.
(1:31:35 AM) Nusquam: The gate into the compound is closed.
(1:31:39 AM) Dodridge: Jason pulls his helmet down, and begins loading weapons. <Solid copy.>
(1:31:52 AM) Vance: "What're we doing?"
(1:32:50 AM) Dodridge: <Give us some distance. I want to make sure we're not catching any movement before we advance.>
(1:33:24 AM) Dodridge: <Also, I want *everyone* in anti-contamination gear.>
(1:33:49 AM) Maddy: <One s-step ahead of you, love.> You can hear her grinning.
(1:33:54 AM) Vance: "Copy." Vance engages reverse and backs off a little.
(1:35:13 AM) Sabitsuki: Harley moans a little at 'anti-contamination gear'.
(1:35:49 AM) Dodridge: <You got anything up top, Alice?"
(1:36:02 AM) Maddy: 4df+6 one more check.
(1:36:03 AM) Quidmore: Maddy: one more check.: 6 (4df+6=0, +, -, 0)
(1:36:19 AM) MisterFlames: "I don't think there's anything that would fit me, Jason."
(1:36:48 AM) Nusquam: Alice notices nothing that she hasn't already.
(1:37:03 AM) Maddy: <N-nothing I h-haven't m-mentioned.>
(1:37:56 AM) Vance: Vance leaves his post and slips into something less comfortable, then returns. "Orders?"
(1:38:45 AM) Dodridge: <Ok, except Midnight.> Jason sighs. <All right, lets dismount, lock this bitch down, and move up on foot. Get some recon.>
(1:39:04 AM) Maddy: She climbs out of the LAV, checking her suit seals.
(1:39:38 AM) MisterFlames: "Right." Midnight moves to the ramp.
(1:40:31 AM) Vance: "Copy." Vance drops the ramp.
(1:40:45 AM) Vance: He dismounts.
(1:41:05 AM) Dodridge: Jason exits. Do they detect any unusual amounts of radiation, or chemical contaminants.?
(1:42:13 AM) Nusquam: Radiation levels are elevated, given proximity to Site-23 following the nuclear detonation, but are not at levels considered to be immediately harmful.
(1:43:14 AM) Sabitsuki: Harley slips a rebreather on, and follows, shifting the weight of the sniper rifle. She breathes a sigh of immediate relief as soon as she leaves the crew compartment.
(1:43:30 AM) MisterFlames: Midnight, meanwhile, sniffs the air and looks around carefully.
(1:44:17 AM) Nusquam: Perception, Midnight.
(1:46:33 AM) MisterFlames: 4df+4 Looking around.
(1:46:33 AM) Quidmore: MisterFlames: Looking around.: 6 (4df+4=0, +, +, 0)
(1:49:21 AM) MisterFlames: "Mmmm… I smell gunpowder? And metal, coming from the site." Midnight's tail curves a bit. "Not the fireworks smell, but the smell from guns."
(1:49:55 AM) Vance: "Maybe someone's still breathing. Should I hail the site on the radio, see if we get an answer?"
(1:50:26 AM) Dodridge: <Negative.>
(1:50:39 AM) MisterFlames: "It's coming from the site here, whatever it is."
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(1:51:00 AM) Dodridge: <Not yet. Who wants point? Let's go through the main gate?>
(1:51:28 AM) Maddy: <W-we could check out that r-rubble. M-might be a way in?>
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(1:51:48 AM) Dodridge: "That's fine."
(1:51:57 AM) Vance: "I'll take point."
(1:52:12 AM) MisterFlames: "You guys go ahead, I'll keep looking and listening."
(1:52:13 AM) *Vance slips into the lead position and picks his way to the mangled mess of materials.
(1:52:27 AM) Nusquam: The rubble is near the structure itself. The gate allows access through the outer perimeter fence, roughly 100 meters away from the main structure.
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(1:53:25 AM) *
Vance heads for the gate, then, looking for how to open it.
(1:54:36 AM) Nusquam: There's an electronic keypad, although it's without power.
(1:54:42 AM) Dodridge: <Alice is right. If we can't pop the gate, that rubble's an easy way in.>
(1:54:56 AM) Maddy: <I'm r0right sometimes.>
(1:55:17 AM) Vance: "Um….hm. It's not powered…"
(1:55:29 AM) Vance: "Any way to supply power to this thing absent base power?"
(1:55:30 AM) MisterFlames: "I'll remember that, Alice." Midnight says.
(1:55:57 AM) Dodridge: <No power?>
(1:56:23 AM) Dodridge: Jason walks over to the fence.
(1:56:47 AM) Maddy: Alice stays close, looking around.
(1:57:09 AM) Dodridge: He reaches out, touching it with the back of his hand.
(1:58:15 AM) Vance: "No power at all, looks like. If we can power it up, I might be able to work with it."
(1:58:20 AM) Sabitsuki: Harley stays back, exhaling through the mask quietly and trying to think about fucking bad she hates gas masks.
(1:58:37 AM) Nusquam: Nothing happens as he touches the fence.
(1:58:56 AM) Dodridge: Jason nods, grinning though no one can see it.
(1:59:29 AM) Maddy: <G-go for it, hun.> she thinks she knows what Jason's thinking.
(1:59:33 AM) Dodridge: 4df+4 Eat shit, chainlink fence. Jason attempts to tear it open, wide enough for them to pass through.
(1:59:34 AM) Quidmore: Dodridge: Eat shit, chainlink fence. Jason attempts to tear it open, wide enough for them to pass through.: 2 (4df+4=-, -, 0, 0)
(1:59:52 AM) Nusquam: 4df+3 I'mma fonce.
(1:59:53 AM) Quidmore: Nusquam: I'mma fonce.: 2 (4df+3=-, 0, 0, 0)
(2:00:16 AM) Nusquam: The fence defiantly remains intact.
(2:01:13 AM) Nusquam: It is stretched apart, but not torn.
(2:01:39 AM) Vance: "Mm."
(2:01:42 AM) Dodridge: <Alice, grab on that side, and pull the other way.>
(2:02:17 AM) Maddy: <R-right.>
(2:02:56 AM) Dodridge: 4df+4 <Come on, motherfucker.>
(2:02:57 AM) Quidmore: Dodridge: <Come on, motherfucker.>: 3 (4df+4=-, -, 0, +)
(2:03:23 AM) Nusquam: 4df+2 The fence is weakened.
(2:03:23 AM) Quidmore: Nusquam: The fence is weakened.: 2 (4df+2=0, 0, -, +)
(2:03:34 AM) Maddy: 4df puuull
(2:03:34 AM) Quidmore: Maddy: puuull: -1 (4df=0, 0, 0, -)
(2:03:36 AM) Nusquam: He manages to rip it apart.
(2:04:00 AM) MisterFlames: Midnight walks through the fence.
(2:04:03 AM) Nusquam: Alice has her heart in the right place.
(2:04:04 AM) Dodridge: He lands on his but as it gives.
(2:04:31 AM) Vance: "Nice."
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(2:04:38 AM) Vance: To the fence opening, not Jason falling.
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(2:08:13 AM) MisterFlames: Midnight looks around the area, curious as to what's here.
(2:09:26 AM) Maddy: Alice holds out a hand to Jason. <H-happy now?>
(2:09:32 AM) Nusquam: There's the outer perimeter fence, now with a hole in it, the empty and dark guard towers, the LAV behind them, the structure in front, and the field of debris around the right side of the building
(2:09:56 AM) MisterFlames: "All right, which way shall we go?"
(2:10:23 AM) Vance: "Debris field might have infiltration points."
(2:10:54 AM) Dodridge: <Check out the guard towers. They usually have logs. Guys have to record what's going on while they're on duty. See what's up there?>
(2:10:59 AM) Dodridge: <Vance?>
(2:11:25 AM) MisterFlames: "I can go check the debris field. Ladders are interesting for me."
(2:11:32 AM) Vance: "Yeah. On it."
(2:11:44 AM) Vance: Vance heads to the closer guard tower and heads up.
(2:14:05 AM) Maddy: Alice sticks close to Jason, peering around.
(2:14:50 AM) Nusquam: The guard tower is empty of anything of interest, save for the log. The log itself makes no mention of anything abnormal.
(2:15:18 AM) MisterFlames: Midnight walks over to the debris field to look around. (What time is it locally?)
(2:15:21 AM) Vance: Vance collects the log anyway and pops out, heading to the tower's twin.
(2:18:54 AM) Dodridge: 2:20 AM
(2:20:32 AM) MisterFlames: (At the scene, dude. Time in Alice Springs right now is about 3:50 PM)
(2:23:17 AM) Dexanote: To Vance, the same thing. Though there's spent casings everywhere.
(2:23:40 AM) Vance: "Jason, looks like this tower saw action. Spent brass."
(2:23:43 AM) Dexanote: Midnight would notice this too. Bulletholes and stray shells pepper the landscape.
(2:23:44 AM) Vance: He grabs the logs and hops out.
(2:26:04 AM) MisterFlames: "Looks like there was quite the fight here. Too bad we don't have a recycle bin."
(2:26:18 AM) Dodridge: <Direction of fire? Which way is the empty hole of the brass facing?>
(2:27:05 AM) Dexanote: Scattered. Looks like the shots went up one tower, then directly over to the other, random holes here and there and everywhere.
(2:27:49 AM) Dexanote: No bodies outside the building, though.
(2:28:00 AM) Vance: "Random. No uniform field."
(2:28:13 AM) Vance: "Looks like targets swarmed the tower from all over."
(2:28:19 AM) MisterFlames: "So do we go inside?"
(2:28:48 AM) Maddy: <S-seems t be the r-right way to go.>
(2:29:18 AM) Dexanote: Yep.
(2:29:44 AM) Dodridge: <Shit. Stay sharp, and keep those weapons up.>
(2:29:54 AM) MisterFlames: "Okay, door or rubble?"
(2:30:17 AM) Dexanote: Over to the right of the structure is that heap of rubble and hole in the wall. the door's shut, and would probably be more trouble than it's worth
(2:30:36 AM) Vance: "Alright. Let's go."
(2:30:47 AM) Dexanote: inside you can hear containment breach alarms droning.
(2:31:37 AM) MisterFlames: Midnight heads to the hole. How large is it?
(2:31:47 AM) Maddy: Alice follows.
(2:31:57 AM) Vance: Vance is right behind them.
(2:32:34 AM) Dexanote: 5footwide by 6 tall, i suppose. oblong.
(2:32:54 AM) Dexanote: perception, when you turn the corner inside
(2:33:13 AM) Dexanote: actually, no. But you all do see bodies.
(2:33:20 AM) Sabitsuki: Harley follows last
(2:33:42 AM) Vance: "Well."
(2:33:47 AM) MisterFlames: Midnight walks up to it, her tail up and quivering slightly. "Lot of people down here." Midnight notes sadly.
(2:34:47 AM) Maddy: 4df+2
(2:34:47 AM) Quidmore: Maddy: 1 (4df+2=-, +, -, 0)
(2:34:55 AM) Dexanote: The hole opens to a darkened hallway. Researchers, security members, agents, all just sprawled out. One looks to have been decapitated. Another hewn to pieces. Weapons and spent shell casings are everywhere. One… agent, maybe, looks to have been shot with hundreds and hundreds of rounds.
(2:35:10 AM) Maddy: <Oh god…>
(2:35:10 AM) Dodridge: <Jesus fucking Christ…>
(2:35:16 AM) Vance: "Goddamn."
(2:35:17 AM) Dexanote: Like a hunk of hamburger, in the shape of a person
(2:35:27 AM) Dexanote: like, there's more than just that dead. But those stick out.
(2:35:28 AM) Vance: "Look at that poor bastard."
(2:35:46 AM) Sabitsuki: Harley whistles, slightly impressed.
(2:36:14 AM) Maddy: <W-well, we keep going?>
(2:36:56 AM) MisterFlames: "So… were they fighting something coming in, or out?"
(2:37:01 AM) Dodridge: Jason looks around for a terminal, or a computer.
(2:38:07 AM) Nusquam left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(2:38:16 AM) Dexanote: None… actually, you can't see much- nay, anything at all outside the light pouring in from outside.
(2:38:47 AM) Maddy: Alice hits the light on her helme
(2:38:48 AM) Maddy: t
(2:39:07 AM) Dexanote: There's a flashlight right near the edge of the light, pointing in the darkness. You can see others down the hallway to your right, as well.
(2:39:34 AM) MisterFlames: "Do we have any power in here?" Midnight looks around for something… she heads over to the lit flashlight.
(2:40:06 AM) Vance: Vance moves over into the area of the flashlights, looking down where they're pointing. All the same direction?
(2:40:10 AM) Maddy: <J-jason and I have lights on o-our helmets, c-can you see in the d-darkness?>
(2:40:35 AM) Dexanote: No, spread around. Basically pointing wherever the people fell.
(2:40:45 AM) Dexanote: Perception in the darkness
(2:41:08 AM) Sabitsuki: 4df+3
(2:41:08 AM) Quidmore: Sabitsuki: 1 (4df+3=-, 0, 0, -)
(2:41:13 AM) Maddy: 4df+2
(2:41:13 AM) Quidmore: Maddy: 1 (4df+2=0, -, -, +)
(2:41:29 AM) Vance: 4df+3
(2:41:29 AM) Quidmore: Vance: 2 (4df+3=-, 0, +, -)
(2:41:36 AM) Dodridge: 4df+4
(2:41:37 AM) Quidmore: Dodridge: 2 (4df+4=0, -, 0, -)
(2:41:47 AM) MisterFlames: "I still need *some* light," Midnight notes. Still, she looks around carefully to try to and understand what happened.
(2:42:17 AM) Dexanote: WELL.
(2:42:38 AM) Maddy: <W-well, I g-got my helmet lights. H-halogens.>
(2:43:13 AM) MisterFlames: 4df+6 Fate Point for "Kitty" eyes.
(2:43:14 AM) Quidmore: MisterFlames: Fate Point for "Kitty" eyes.: 10 (4df+6=+, +, +, +)
(2:43:23 AM) Dexanote: Sweet god
(2:44:16 AM) Dodridge: My God, it's full of stars.
(2:44:50 AM) Dodridge has changed the topic to: After Action IC Run Room | MisterFlames: Fate Point for "Kitty" eyes.: 10 (4df+6=+, +, +, +)
(2:44:53 AM) Dexanote: Okay.
(2:45:12 AM) Dexanote: So, The puny humans don't notice anything. What're you all wearing?
(2:45:22 AM) Sabitsuki: gas mask
(2:45:27 AM) Vance: MOPP level 4 gera
(2:45:27 AM) Maddy: Alice is wearing El-ahrairah.
(2:45:29 AM) Vance: *gear
(2:45:44 AM) Dodridge: Jason's wearing Oxide, covered by a camouflage uniform and loadbearing gear.
(2:46:05 AM) Dexanote: Midnight, on the other hand, smells carnage. She can see these people, the ones in the dark… barely, you can see, they're all ray. Like they've been ground down into the muscles and bone. Acid, almost, only they're dry.
(2:46:28 AM) Dexanote: I don't know what Sabit's character's name is off the top of my head because she can't seem to settle on one.
(2:46:44 AM) Vance: GABRIEL
(2:46:56 AM) Sabitsuki: fckudex
(2:47:44 AM) Dexanote: raw
(2:47:46 AM) Dexanote: not ray
(2:48:42 AM) MisterFlames: "See this?" Midnight says as she investigates. "These people have been reduced to mince meat."
(2:49:00 AM) Vance: "How interesting."
(2:49:05 AM) Maddy: <Lovely>
(2:49:09 AM) Sabitsuki: "Hm."
(2:49:29 AM) Dexanote: Midnight in the shadows?
(2:49:48 AM) MisterFlames: She sees something in the shadows?
(2:50:02 AM) MisterFlames: Midnight steps forward, still looking around carefully.
(2:50:37 AM) Dodridge: «Careful Midnight.»
(2:50:52 AM) Dodridge: <I'm willing to bet whatever started this shit is still here.>
(2:51:02 AM) Dexanote: Actually, nvm. It's just really dark in here. No danger in the dark.
(2:51:45 AM) MisterFlames: "Doing my best." Midnight considers that. "It's really a mess here. I'm not looking forward to grooming after this."
(2:52:14 AM) Vance: Vance picks up a flashlight. How's the light?"
(2:52:34 AM) Dexanote: You can see signage. It basically details the way to the security office, and emergency power.
(2:52:43 AM) Dexanote: Since the Emerg Power's in the security office
(2:53:20 AM) Dodridge: <Well, shit.> Jason looks around at the runner stripes. <Guess we know where to go.>
(2:53:41 AM) Dodridge: He takes a few steps forward in the direction indicated, weapion up, panning his helmet and rifle light.
(2:54:11 AM) Flames [||SD] entered the room.
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(2:54:17 AM) Dexanote: Pretty straightforward.
(2:54:35 AM) Vance: Vance follows!
(2:54:53 AM) MisterFlames left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
(2:55:07 AM) Sabitsuki: Following like a lemming.
(2:55:12 AM) Flames: Midnight does as well.
(2:55:34 AM) Maddy: Alice covers their six. Like a baws.
(2:56:21 AM) Dexanote: As they go through, they notice a good deal of bodies here and there. Some seem to have been piled up… others are just shredded into manburger. They pass an armoury and will notice that it looks to have exploded somehow.
(2:56:23 AM) ***Vance is *best* lemming
(2:57:21 AM) Maddy: <W-what the fuck h-happened here?>
(2:57:43 AM) Flames: "Meat grinder, I'd say."
(2:57:54 AM) Maddy: <Lovely…>
(2:58:11 AM) Dodridge: <I'm *not* entirely sure we should stick around…>
(2:58:25 AM) Dexanote: But the Sec. station's right around the corner!
(2:58:26 AM) Dodridge: <You realize this is the reason the signal was automated, right?>
(2:58:27 AM) Vance: "I second that."
(2:58:42 AM) Sabitsuki: "Something get out? What kinda shit you guys keep around here, anyway?"
(2:58:49 AM) Flames: "Anything in the armory worth looking into?"
(2:58:52 AM) Maddy: <Let's m-make this quick then. S-shut down the s-signal and get out.>
(2:59:01 AM) Dodridge: <Place was blown to fuck.>
(2:59:16 AM) Dodridge: Jason picks up his pace, leaning around the corner before advancing.
(2:59:34 AM) Dodridge: 4df+4 Perception before throwing himself into the line of fire.
(2:59:34 AM) Quidmore: Dodridge: Perception before throwing himself into the line of fire.: 4 (4df+4=0, 0, +, -)
(3:00:18 AM) Dexanote: The station's lit dimly by automatic lighting. reddish… though you can only really see through a single window on the door. Not TOO much damage here…
(3:00:36 AM) Dexanote: Pile of bodies piled over in that corner.
(3:01:27 AM) Sabitsuki: "Who took the time to pile the bodies?"
(3:01:46 AM) Dodridge: <Good question.>
(3:01:49 AM) Flames: "Good question." Are there weapons still lying around?
(3:01:57 AM) Vance: "Hope we don't get it answered."
(3:02:14 AM) Dodridge: <Someone knows. That agent from before was *shot* to death.>
(3:02:29 AM) Dodridge: Jason advances to the door. <Cover?>
(3:02:48 AM) Maddy: <G-got you.<
(3:03:23 AM) Maddy: She covers.
(3:03:33 AM) Dexanote: Door's unlocked - in fact, it's open a crack. A guy's in there, slumped in a chair. No ID on him.
(3:04:29 AM) Dodridge: <Too bad Novikov's not still around…>
(3:05:41 AM) Maddy: <Hmmm>
(3:07:12 AM) Dexanote: I don't know how an emergency power switch for a Foundation satellite site would work
(3:07:17 AM) Dexanote: Big red button?
(3:08:17 AM) Dexanote: Someone should initiate it on a terminal, take a few minutes of chitchat to do so.
(3:09:48 AM) Sabitsuki: Harley stands outside the room and flashes the light around, looking for nothing in particular as the others get the power back on.
(3:09:50 AM) Dexanote: or at least read the monitors
(3:10:20 AM) Maddy: <V-vance? You think you c-could?> Alice cannot into tech.
(3:10:28 AM) Flames: Midnight slips into the room and looks around.
(3:10:31 AM) Vance: Vance steps over to the closest monitor and looks at it. "On it."
(3:10:56 AM) Dexanote: Inside the room, there's one wall of monitors lit. The other looks to be weapons cache. Not enough light.
(3:11:02 AM) Dexanote: What's on the screens
(3:11:18 AM) Vance: "I need light."
(3:11:26 AM) Vance: He aims the flashlight up at the screens.
(3:14:27 AM) Vance: Vance slides into the terminal's seat, looking for the option to activate the emergency power.
(3:15:06 AM) Maddy: <What do w-we got?>
(3:15:30 AM) Dexanote: one of those flip open switches. You know, plastic cover, big switch.
(3:15:46 AM) Vance: "Just some status screens. Trying to bring up power." He lifts the cover and throws the switch.
(3:16:25 AM) Maddy: <Any i-indication as to w-waht happened here?>
(3:16:44 AM) Dexanote: There's a pause, and some clanging. The emergency power dips for a good solid three seconds, and then the main lighting comes back on.
(3:17:22 AM) Flames: "So… 577? and Iron and Crow?"
(3:17:45 AM) Vance: "Alright. We have power." Vance looks back at the terminals, looking for options to re-establish containment, bring automated security back online and shut down the distress call.
(3:17:46 AM) Dexanote: "Whaz all this then?"
(3:18:03 AM) Dexanote: Something tall, ragged and made of sticks is standing, still, in a corner. It's got a half-destroyed jack-o-lantern for a head.
(3:18:08 AM) Maddy: Alice jumps at the voice. <C-contact!>
(3:18:18 AM) Vance: "What the hell?" Vance is up and standing, gun pointed.
(3:18:40 AM) Dexanote: "Hah, tha fuck? Thought the tin can got you all."
(3:18:46 AM) Sabitsuki: Harley enters the room, the rifle coming down.
(3:18:54 AM) Vance: "Tin can?"
(3:19:39 AM) Flames: "Chainshank?" Midnight says.
(3:19:47 AM) Dexanote: it speaks with a gravelly, cockney voice. Bloodspatter. "… Tha fuck? Midnight?"
(3:19:59 AM) Maddy: <You know t-this…uh guy?>
(3:20:23 AM) Flames: "I do, yes." Midnight says. "Chainshank, what the hell are you doing in Australia?"
(3:20:59 AM) Dexanote: "… Huh." he looks at Alice, then Jason. "…Tha Door i used ta get here closed up. Couldn't get back in tha Library."
(3:21:41 AM) Sabitsuki: "…The fuck." She leaves the room. "I give up."
(3:21:48 AM) Flames: "Library's off limits, closed all its doors to Earth. Welcome to the end of the world."
(3:21:59 AM) Vance: "Who are you, Mister Scarecrow?"
(3:22:01 AM) Dexanote: "… Whut."
(3:23:15 AM) Flames: "For real." Midnight turns to Vance, "This is the Chainshank, he's a daemon bound to a scarecrow's body. A bit of a scrapper, I'd say."
(3:23:50 AM) Vance: "Huh." This makes perfect sense to Vance.
(3:23:51 AM) Maddy: "Interesting."
(3:24:07 AM) Dexanote: "Yep."
(3:24:22 AM) Flames: "So, tin can?" Midnight asks.
(3:24:39 AM) Strelnikov is now known as Waxx
(3:24:51 AM) Dexanote: "Big ugly ghost armour thingy. Called 'imself Ward. Fucked up tha magnets, let us out."
(3:25:31 AM) Flames: "Ah, that explains the designations."
(3:25:32 AM) Waxx left the room (quit: Quit: A bear is just a man who made a choice.).
(3:25:34 AM) Maddy: <W-ward…I f-feel like I've read t-that name…"
(3:26:30 AM) Dexanote: "Yep. The fuckin bullet monster bot most of 'em. I got some guys a little while ago, piled em up, 'an Ward made a run for it."
(3:26:44 AM) Dexanote: *got
(3:27:50 AM) Dexanote: He turns and looks around. "Ya guys 'ave wheels?"
(3:27:52 AM) Flames: "We'll have to keep watch out for him." No need to remind the Chainshank of keeping eyes out. "Anyway, these are new friends of mine, Alice, Jason, and Vance, and the new lady… I don't think I got your name, miss?"
(3:28:42 AM) Maddy: "Nice to m-meet you, I guess."
(3:29:19 AM) Dexanote: "… Whazzat?" He turns and looks right at Alice.
(3:29:39 AM) Maddy: "What's w-what?"
(3:29:42 AM) Maddy: <>
(3:29:45 AM) Flames: "Okay, so a bullet monster and animated armor wrecked the place and left." Midnight looks Chainshank over. "She's being polite, 'Shank."
(3:30:26 AM) Dexanote: He's missing a good hunk of his head. But you can tell there would be a grin creeping over his face. "Alice, your name waz?"
(3:30:34 AM) Maddy: "Yeah."
(3:30:56 AM) Dexanote: "I like tha way you talk. I like when girls talk like you."
(3:31:27 AM) Maddy: "The s-stutter or the accent?" Alice is from Vancouver.
(3:33:08 AM) Dexanote: "Definitely not tha accent."
(3:33:25 AM) Maddy: "F-fair enough."
(3:34:00 AM) Dexanote: "We gonna all sit around 'ere? Nobody else's left."
(3:34:10 AM) Dexanote: "The fuck you all doin 'ere anyway?"
(3:34:13 AM) Vance: "We came because of the distress call."
(3:34:34 AM) Maddy: <R-right. V-vance, shut that down, t-then l-lets head home.>
(3:34:55 AM) Vance: "Already did."
(3:35:05 AM) Flames: "Just to ask, though… since everything's gone, should we look to see if there's anything worth taking?"
(3:35:09 AM) Dexanote: "Oh yeah, i remember someone yellin bout that…" He glances over at the body in the chair. Well, like, he doesn't actually move, but you know he glanced over there.
(3:35:36 AM) Maddy: <R-right, Chainshank, you know if t-there's anything worth looting?>
(3:36:06 AM) Dexanote: "No idea. I know that bullet monsta was like, 20 foot tall or some rediculous shit when it got out."
(3:36:11 AM) Dexanote: "Probably ate all the ammo."
(3:36:14 AM) Ruwaydah left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(3:37:02 AM) Maddy: <W-well…I s-say we just j-jet. I don't think w-we can fit m-much more in the vehicles a-anyways.>
(3:37:51 AM) Maddy: <R-ready?>
(3:38:12 AM) Vance: "Works for me."
(3:38:25 AM) Dexanote: "Whaz with tha suits?" He wanders alongside them.
(3:38:33 AM) Dexanote: "Midnight din't get a suit."
(3:38:34 AM) Maddy: <Protection.>
(3:38:55 AM) Dexanote: "Gonna need more than that if the bullet thing comes back."
(3:39:11 AM) Flames: "All right, they're protection against gas and stuff. Silly humans don't make them in my size, Shank."
(3:39:19 AM) Maddy: <D-don't worry a-about it.>
(3:39:31 AM) Dexanote: "Aight."
(3:40:19 AM) Flames: "Maybe we can find you a new pumpkin, although they're out of season here."
(3:40:32 AM) Dexanote: "Shame, that."
(3:40:42 AM) Maddy: She goes back to Eve, jumping into the spotter spot.
(3:40:55 AM) Dexanote: we can go back there. again, sorry
(3:41:29 AM) Ruwaydah [||tibbiM] entered the room.
(3:41:48 AM) Dexanote: Shank climbs on top of the LAV. "Nice work 'ere. Not bad at all…"
(3:42:05 AM) Dexanote: "Should paint it red. Red stuff goes fasta."
(3:42:47 AM) Maddy: <You might w-want to get inside, Shank. If I n-need to fire, you'll get b-blown to shit.>
(3:42:47 AM) Flames: "I don't think Jason would care for that."
(3:43:36 AM) Dexanote: "… Fuck that shit." He climbs down. Not sure if that's to Alice, or Midnight.
(3:44:07 AM) Maddy: And then they were home?