The Real Jurassic Park

Apr 19 16:10:00 * Pemander (moc.tsewnepoediw.yrt.2C0C72D2-CRInys|tibbiM#moc.tsewnepoediw.yrt.2C0C72D2-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #afteractionmission
Apr 19 16:11:09 <Geothermal> Jake checks to make sure his rifle is loaded as he approaches the door.
Apr 19 16:11:46 <Maddy> Well "door" is exagerating, since Troy knocked it off the hinges the other day.
Apr 19 16:11:58 <Geothermal> *Doorway
Apr 19 16:12:59 <Pemander> Finn scratches his head at the broken door.
Apr 19 16:13:04 <Maddy> The place is still all over grown, etc etc, though the flowers aren't really tracking movement this time.
Apr 19 16:13:04 <Pemander> "Was this like this when we got here?"
Apr 19 16:13:18 <Tom90deg> Zoe shrugs.
Apr 19 16:13:24 <Geothermal> Jake shrugs.
Apr 19 16:13:29 <Pemander> Finn shrugs.
Apr 19 16:13:36 <Pemander> He pushes forward into the house.
Apr 19 16:13:43 <Pemander> "What're we looking for, anyway?"
Apr 19 16:13:58 <Tom90deg> *Dinosaurs. And supplies.* Zoe adds after a moment.
Apr 19 16:14:01 <Maddy> Claudia follows. "Thought we were just going into the lab to look at the tiny dinos.
Apr 19 16:14:02 <Maddy> "
Apr 19 16:14:14 <Pemander> "Huh."
Apr 19 16:14:18 <Geothermal> Jake follows, his rifle at the ready. "Should I be ready for a fight, guys?"
Apr 19 16:14:40 <Pemander> Finn swings Enkal over his shoulder. "We're always ready for a fight."
Apr 19 16:15:03 <Maddy> "Frauline Abigail said they were aimiable."
Apr 19 16:15:31 <Tom90deg> Zoe nods. *the dangerous ones are locked away apparently*
Apr 19 16:15:59 <Tom90deg> ZOe's writeing is getting a bit messier as she gets more excited about seeing dinosaurs.
Apr 19 16:16:12 <Maddy> The decon room is in the center of the house, vines covering the entrance as usual.
Apr 19 16:16:14 <Geothermal> "Well, that's good. Still, it'd be a good idea to assume that one might have gotten out. Don't drop your guard."
Apr 19 16:16:36 <Pemander> Finn swipes at the vines with Enkal.
Apr 19 16:17:08 <Geothermal> "Need some help?
Apr 19 16:17:12 <Geothermal> "
Apr 19 16:17:14 <Maddy> The vines twitch a little then move. The compuer voice and birds chime again.
Apr 19 16:17:39 <Maddy> <Please refrain from damaging secruity devices.>
Apr 19 16:17:54 <Pemander> "Oh. Sorry security devices."
Apr 19 16:17:54 <Maddy> they way is now open.
Apr 19 16:18:09 <Maddy> *the
Apr 19 16:18:11 <Pemander> He moves forward into the next room.
Apr 19 16:18:22 <Geothermal> Jake follows.
Apr 19 16:18:22 <Pemander> "Fuckin' robots, I swear."
Apr 19 16:18:30 <Maddy> There's a looooong staircase, covered in moss and such.
Apr 19 16:18:31 <Geothermal> "Robot plants?"
Apr 19 16:18:53 <Pemander> "Hell if I know."
Apr 19 16:18:59 <Tom90deg> Zoe heads on down the stairs with the group
Apr 19 16:19:44 <Maddy> The vines close again behind them, and the team begins the half hour decent. Again at the bottom, what looks like sunlight filters through a door.
Apr 19 16:20:07 <Geothermal> "Long ass staircase."
Apr 19 16:20:12 <Pemander> Finn taps the door with Enkal. "Open sesame?"
Apr 19 16:20:42 <Maddy> The door way was open, sorry for the confusion.
Apr 19 16:20:55 <Pemander> He tosses his now burnt-out cigarette into the corner.
Apr 19 16:20:56 <Tom90deg> Zoe looks a bit nervous being so far underground, but follows the group
Apr 19 16:21:11 <Geothermal> Jake passes through the door
Apr 19 16:23:38 <Maddy> It's almost liek they've stepped outside. Sunlight filters through the alien trees, cat sized stegos are grazing in the plains, other little dinos run around here and there.
Apr 19 16:24:22 <Geothermal> 4df+3 What the fu…
Apr 19 16:24:22 <CROM> Geothermal: What the fu…: 2 (4df+3=0, -, 0, 0)
Apr 19 16:24:44 <Tom90deg> Zoe squees, seeing the tiny dinosaurs, or as much as she can squee through the bandages
Apr 19 16:24:55 <Tom90deg> 4df+2 Perception
Apr 19 16:24:56 <CROM> Tom90deg: Perception: 2 (4df+2=0, -, +, 0)
Apr 19 16:25:20 <Maddy> Jake is too bewildered by TINY DINOS to notice the wall far off opening and a hand full of Bous walking out.
Apr 19 16:25:25 <Maddy> 4df+3
Apr 19 16:25:25 <CROM> Maddy: 2 (4df+3=0, -, -, +)
Apr 19 16:25:32 <Maddy> Claudia nd zoe dont notice either
Apr 19 16:26:14 <Geothermal> 4df+3
Apr 19 16:26:31 <Geothermal> 4df+3 Work dammit
Apr 19 16:26:31 <CROM> Geothermal: Work dammit: 5 (4df+3=+, -, +, +)
Apr 19 16:26:41 <Maddy> Jake sees the Bous!
Apr 19 16:26:50 <Maddy> They're waving.
Apr 19 16:27:12 <Tom90deg> Zoe has pulled out her phone and is begining to take photos, a huge smile on her face.
Apr 19 16:27:30 <Geothermal> "Whoa, guys, we have company!" Jake points out the Bous
Apr 19 16:28:09 <Maddy> "Glad you came back! Haven't managed to get your supplies yet. The sinraptors are making things dificult.
Apr 19 16:28:16 <Maddy> "
Apr 19 16:28:24 <Maddy> Says the Bou with the yellow flowers.
Apr 19 16:28:53 <Geothermal> He takes a nervous look around. "Raptors?"
Apr 19 16:28:57 <Tom90deg> Zoe looks over and is a bit surprized at the many bous. *Hello.*
Apr 19 16:29:41 <Maddy> "Don't worry, any carnivorus dinosaurs have been sequestered to other wings."
Apr 19 16:30:04 <Tom90deg> *Can I ask a question?*
Apr 19 16:30:08 <Maddy> "Well, any canrivores that might be a danger to humans." says a Bou with a pink flower.
Apr 19 16:30:20 <Maddy> "Certainly."
Apr 19 16:30:59 <Maddy> "We live to explain."
Apr 19 16:31:00 <Tom90deg> *Are these dinosaurs friendly? I really really want to pet one, but don't want to scare them.*
Apr 19 16:32:40 <Maddy> "The brachiosaurs seem to be the least likely to run." white flower points to som far off dots, past the treeline. "Sauropods in general seem to be much more relaxed."
Apr 19 16:33:00 <Maddy> 1d2
Apr 19 16:33:01 <CROM> Maddy: 2 (1d2=2)
Apr 19 16:33:09 <Geothermal> Jake nods. and raises his hand. "May I ask something as well?"
Apr 19 16:33:15 <Maddy> "Of course."
Apr 19 16:34:30 <Geothermal> He nods to the stegos, "Are any of these dinos edible?"
Apr 19 16:36:06 <Maddy> "In theory, yes, though we'd rather you didn't eat the specimen. The biome is only a year old, and the specimens have only been stable for three years. We're at a crucial point in achiving full stability."
Apr 19 16:36:25 <Tom90deg> *So I guess that means we can't keep one for a pet?*
Apr 19 16:36:43 <Geothermal> Jake nods, before looking away and muttering under his breath.
Apr 19 16:37:30 <Maddy> "It would be inadvisable. They have no human contact, and you wouldnt be able to feed them." Pink Flower says. "It would be like having a wild animal as a pet."
Apr 19 16:38:06 <Tom90deg> Zoe nods, looking slightly depressed. *Damn.*
Apr 19 16:38:09 <Maddy> "You can look and if you want to pet the brachiosaur, they should be by the pond a while."
Apr 19 16:39:20 <Geothermal> Jake nods, "About those raptors, is there anyway we can help? Assuming the rest of the team is willing, of course."
Apr 19 16:40:10 <Maddy> "Should anyone want to take photos, we've found some digital cameras left by the human workers when they left." Says Yellow Flower, White Flower turns to Jake. "Help?"
Apr 19 16:41:09 <Geothermal> "Well, you said that raptors were making supply acquisition difficult. Is there anyway we can facilitate the process?"
Apr 19 16:42:17 <Tom90deg> *We're good at facilitateing.*
Apr 19 16:42:48 <Maddy> "No. The aquisition isn't really the problem. The issue comes in keeping the various dangerous carnivores sequestered and getting the supplies to an area you can pick them up."
Apr 19 16:43:52 <Geothermal> "Hrm… Well, if there's anyway we can help, let us know."
Apr 19 16:43:58 <Maddy> "The sinraptors in particular have become curious as to why they're being restricted in their movements, and are staying closer to closed pathways."
Apr 19 16:44:59 <Maddy> "Would you like a guide or two for your explorations?"
Apr 19 16:45:19 <Tom90deg> Zoe nods. *That would be very useful, thank you.*
Apr 19 16:45:55 <Maddy> The other Bous return to their open wall, leaving only White Flower.
Apr 19 16:46:24 <Geothermal> "I thought you wanted pictures?" he says to Zoe.
Apr 19 16:46:32 <Maddy> "We can go anywhere, up to you. I'll follow."
Apr 19 16:47:27 <Geothermal> "I'm good. I'll stick with you. It's my first time here."
Apr 19 16:47:28 <Tom90deg> *The brachiosaur's are a distance away, I don't want to get lost down here.*
Apr 19 16:47:53 <Geothermal> "Brachiosaurs then?"
Apr 19 16:48:10 <Maddy> "Oh yes! May I have a camera?" Claudia asks. White Flower nods and steps back to the wall, getting a nice enough digital camera for her.
Apr 19 16:48:17 <Maddy> "We can't get lost if I'm with you."
Apr 19 16:48:29 <Maddy> "Physical imposibility."
Apr 19 16:48:37 <Tom90deg> *For now, if that's alright. We can figure out what to do with the supplies back up top.*
Apr 19 16:49:02 <Maddy> "…ther supplies aren't here. I think I already mentoned that."
Apr 19 16:49:16 <Geothermal> "Works for me."
Apr 19 16:49:29 <Geothermal> "And I think she meant about the situation."
Apr 19 16:49:45 <Tom90deg> Zoe nods. *Sorry. Hard to explain when you have to dictate.*
Apr 19 16:50:48 <Maddy> "We'll have the supplies in a few days. Might just have to lock you guys out while we deal with it. To the pond, then?" White Flower starts off.
Apr 19 16:51:08 <Tom90deg> *If you need help though, just ask.*
Apr 19 16:51:49 <Maddy> "Unfortunately, introduction of humans into the situation is likely just to end in the deaths of either the dinos or you. Neither option is viable, I'm afraid."
Apr 19 16:52:10 <Tom90deg> *Well, the offer is still there, you know?*
Apr 19 16:52:43 <Geothermal> "Hrm… I was thinking we could just kill the raptors, but so much for that idea."
Apr 19 16:53:11 <Maddy> They take a path towards the pond.
Apr 19 16:53:12 <Maddy> 1d2
Apr 19 16:53:13 <CROM> Maddy: 2 (1d2=2)
Apr 19 16:54:37 <Maddy> As they break from the treelin they can see the sky. Quetzalcoatlus fly about high above their heads. The brachiosaurus are just kinda hanging out by the water.
Apr 19 16:54:46 <Tom90deg> *Why did you even want to create this biome? I'm not complaining, this fullfilled a number of dreams, but I'm just curious.*
Apr 19 16:55:40 <Maddy> "We didnt want to. It kinda started on its own when the humans evacuated. We just helped it thrive."
Apr 19 16:56:20 <Tom90deg> *Well, you did a great job.*
Apr 19 16:56:50 <Maddy> "Thank you." The water ripples a little.
Apr 19 16:57:03 <Tom90deg> *Can we approach?*
Apr 19 16:57:27 <Maddy> "Certainly."
Apr 19 16:57:55 <Tom90deg> Zoe gestures with her head to Claudia.
Apr 19 16:58:41 <Maddy> Claudia takes a picture first then joins Zoe.
Apr 19 16:59:11 <Tom90deg> Zoe carefully approaches, staying low, but making a bit of noise so the dinosaurs are not spooked.
Apr 19 16:59:58 <Geothermal> Jake stays back with the Bou
Apr 19 17:00:11 <Maddy> A pair of groundhogish sized Othnielia seem to be fighting over something nearby. The brachio's don't seem to care, though a jeuvenile looks over.
Apr 19 17:01:26 <Maddy> The fight's getting kinda ugly.
Apr 19 17:01:44 <Tom90deg> Zoe looks over, trying to see what they're fighting over, but staying well away
Apr 19 17:02:28 <Maddy> Hard to tell. They're just kicking the shit out of eachother.
Apr 19 17:03:16 <Maddy> The larger is clearly winning.
Apr 19 17:03:19 <Tom90deg> Zoe gives a bit of a shurg. NAture red in tooth and claw and all that.
Apr 19 17:03:25 <Maddy> 1d2
Apr 19 17:03:26 <CROM> Maddy: 2 (1d2=2)
Apr 19 17:03:51 <Tom90deg> She directs her attention to the brachiosaur, and slowly moves towards it, gently extending her hand.
Apr 19 17:04:58 <Maddy> The young, long necked creature comes up to about Zoe's waist, it stretches its face out.
Apr 19 17:05:48 <Tom90deg> Zoe very gently gives it neck a bit of a rub, gently runnig her finger down it's long neck. Zoe has a extremly happy look on her face.
Apr 19 17:06:20 <Maddy> It sneezes on her.
Apr 19 17:06:51 <Geothermal> Jake laughs.
Apr 19 17:06:56 <Tom90deg> Zoe gives a bit a face, but she dosn't care. TOO HAPPY
Apr 19 17:07:17 <Maddy> Claudia snaps a photo of this.
Apr 19 17:07:46 <Tom90deg> She gives Claudia a "Come here" gesture ~Enkhal, would you mind telling her that they seem safe to approach?~
Apr 19 17:08:12 <Maddy> "Are there archaeopteryx?" Claudia asks as she steps over to pet the dino.
Apr 19 17:08:22 * Pemander has quit (
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Apr 19 17:08:32 * TroyL (~ten.tenreitnorf.nt.lvkc.20rd.F1982C48-CRInys|LyorT#ten.tenreitnorf.nt.lvkc.20rd.F1982C48-CRInys|LyorT) has joined #afteractionmission
Apr 19 17:09:05 <Maddy> "There should be back near the hub. I'll keep an eye out."
Apr 19 17:09:45 <Tom90deg> Zoe continues petting, glancing over at the fighting dinosaurs.
Apr 19 17:10:42 * Received a CTCP VERSION from StatServ
Apr 19 17:11:02 <Maddy> The group might notice a heard of Chaoyangsaurus tromping by. When Zoe looks over, looks like it's over. The smaller Othnielia is injured but alive, the larger is mounting him to show dominence, probably.
Apr 19 17:11:27 <Maddy> The Chaoyangsaurus are mouse sized.
Apr 19 17:12:19 <Maddy> 1d2
Apr 19 17:12:20 <CROM> Maddy: 1 (1d2=1)
Apr 19 17:12:33 <Tom90deg> Zoe snickers a bit at this, and looks at the smaller dinosaurs, carefully not to hurt them.
Apr 19 17:12:53 <Maddy> Jake feels something pulling on his pant leg.
Apr 19 17:13:19 <Geothermal> "What the?" He looks down
Apr 19 17:14:15 <Maddy> There are at least 20 mouse sized Stokesosaurus swarming around his feet, one is trying to eat his pants.
Apr 19 17:15:18 <Geothermal> He carefully steps over them, and tries to distance himself from them. "Why are they trying to eat me?" He asks the Bou
Apr 19 17:16:02 <Maddy> "They're carnivores." they follow, all biting at him now. One manages to get its teeth through. It kinda pinches.
Apr 19 17:16:16 <Tom90deg> Zoe carefully steps up, and walks back towards the other Bou, beind careful not to step on any dinos.
Apr 19 17:16:33 <Maddy> "They pose no threat, jsut try to ignore them."
Apr 19 17:16:42 <Tom90deg> *That's like a fox trying to take down a elephant though.*
Apr 19 17:16:47 <Geothermal> "OW, sunnovabitch." He hops away, gently pushing them away with his feet. "One just bit me."
Apr 19 17:17:04 <Maddy> "I'll get the hose." White Flower steps off.
Apr 19 17:17:43 <Geothermal> "I'll take that as a compliment," he says to Zoe
Apr 19 17:18:13 <Tom90deg> Zoe grins.
Apr 19 17:18:41 <Maddy> There's a BLOOP in the pond.
Apr 19 17:19:03 <Tom90deg> Zoe glances over at the pond. *What's in the water?*
Apr 19 17:19:13 <Geothermal> Jake turns to look at the source of the noise. "No idea."
Apr 19 17:19:24 <Maddy> White Flower is still getting the hose.
Apr 19 17:19:42 <Tom90deg> *Can you ask Claudia to come back over here?*
Apr 19 17:19:43 <Geothermal> He pushes away another dino. "Tenacious little bastards."
Apr 19 17:19:58 <Geothermal> "Hey Claudia!" he shouts out to her
Apr 19 17:20:00 <Tom90deg> *I'll tell you about the wooden horse that almost killed us all later.*
Apr 19 17:20:03 <Maddy> "I'm right here."
Apr 19 17:20:09 <Maddy> Claudia is right there.
Apr 19 17:20:14 <Geothermal> Jake turns around. "My bad."
Apr 19 17:21:02 <Tom90deg> *Sorry, a bit paranoid i suppose.*
Apr 19 17:21:12 <Maddy> White Flower comes back and blasts Jake's legs with a hose. The Stokesosaurs statter.
Apr 19 17:21:18 <Maddy> Perception
Apr 19 17:21:26 <Maddy> lso Jake your legs are wet now.
Apr 19 17:21:29 <Tom90deg> 4df+2
Apr 19 17:21:29 <CROM> Tom90deg: 4 (4df+2=0, +, +, 0)
Apr 19 17:22:07 <Geothermal> 4df+3
Apr 19 17:22:07 <CROM> Geothermal: 3 (4df+3=+, 0, -, 0)
Apr 19 17:22:13 <Maddy> 4df+3
Apr 19 17:22:14 <CROM> Maddy: 3 (4df+3=+, 0, -, 0)
Apr 19 17:22:28 <Geothermal> "Son of a… I'm all wet now…"
Apr 19 17:22:29 <Maddy> Everyone can see somethng large is swimming up.
Apr 19 17:22:46 <Geothermal> Jake aims his rifle at it.
Apr 19 17:22:53 <Tom90deg> Zoe carefully backs away from the pool.
Apr 19 17:23:07 <Geothermal> "Is that normal?" he asks the Bou
Apr 19 17:24:03 <Maddy> Suddenly a dolphin sized leopluradon jumps from the water, noming a fish sized…something that must have been just below the surface.
Apr 19 17:24:07 <Maddy> "Pretty much, yea."
Apr 19 17:24:24 <Maddy> Claudia snaps a photo!
Apr 19 17:24:31 <Maddy> "This is fun!"
Apr 19 17:24:51 <Tom90deg> Zoe jumps back, still grinning, and nods at Claudia.
Apr 19 17:25:48 <Geothermal> Jake lowers his rifle. " I wanna go fishing now…"
Apr 19 17:25:52 <Maddy> "Claudia, I have spotted a familly of archaeopteryx a ways into the forest, if you'd like."
Apr 19 17:26:08 <Maddy> Claudia /almost/ squees at this.
Apr 19 17:28:39 <Tom90deg> Zoe nods. *Lets go then!*
Apr 19 17:30:03 <Maddy> "Follow me." She heads back into the woods, though where there's not a path.
Apr 19 17:30:14 <Tom90deg> Zoe follows carefully.
Apr 19 17:30:25 <Maddy> 1d2
Apr 19 17:30:26 <CROM> Maddy: 1 (1d2=1)
Apr 19 17:30:33 <Maddy> Zoe physdef!
Apr 19 17:30:44 <Tom90deg> 4df+4
Apr 19 17:30:44 <CROM> Tom90deg: 1 (4df+4=-, 0, -, -)
Apr 19 17:30:56 <Maddy> 4df+2
Apr 19 17:30:56 <CROM> Maddy: 1 (4df+2=-, -, +, 0)
Apr 19 17:31:33 <Maddy> Zoe feels something BONK inot her ankle pretty hard, but not hard enough to knock her over
Apr 19 17:31:48 <Tom90deg> Zoe jumps, looking down.
Apr 19 17:32:43 <Maddy> There's a skunk sized Mymoorapelta consistently headbutting her in the ankle.
Apr 19 17:32:50 <Maddy> Bonk bonk bonk.
Apr 19 17:33:37 <Tom90deg> Zoe grins. Her ankle hurts, but DAMN that's cute. She gives the other Bou a wave, gestureing at the dinosaur.
Apr 19 17:33:50 <Geothermal> Jake just chuckles at the sight
Apr 19 17:34:26 <Maddy> "Oops, must be close to a nest, just keep walking. She'll be satisfied when we're a few feet away
Apr 19 17:34:28 <Maddy> "
Apr 19 17:34:36 <Maddy> Claudia snaps a photo.
Apr 19 17:34:45 <Tom90deg> Zoe nods, and keeps on walking past it, careful not to step on the small creature.
Apr 19 17:35:21 <Geothermal> Jake follows, avoiding the mini-dino
Apr 19 17:37:10 <Maddy> Moma mymoora follows a short while, headbutting and stomping, but eventually feels like she chased away the bad guys and goes back to her nest. The group finally makes it to the archaeopteryx. How White Flower saw this from the pond is beyond you, but there we are.
Apr 19 17:38:02 <Maddy> "Ooooh, they are so pretty and little." Claudia whispers, taking picturs of the humming bird sized things flitting around.
Apr 19 17:38:52 <Maddy> "If you stay still long enough, one might land on you."
Apr 19 17:39:11 * Tom90deg has quit (Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - ~)
Apr 19 17:39:11 <Geothermal> Jake's been standing still in general.
Apr 19 17:40:02 <Geothermal> Arms across his chest, rifle hanging from his shoulder
Apr 19 17:41:00 <Maddy> Claudia sits and holds her hand out. Everything is still for a good 5 minutes, till finally, a mini dino lands on her finger tips. She quickly snaps a photo, the camera scaring it off again. Mean while, at leas three have landed on Jake. One nips at his ear.
Apr 19 17:41:45 <Geothermal> "… You wanna come take a picture before I throw these things off?" he says through clecnhed teeth, trying to not scare them off.
Apr 19 17:42:22 <Maddy> "…yes." she giggles and snaps a picture. "Awww, I think that one is trying to neck with you." she laughs.
Apr 19 17:43:12 <Geothermal> Afterh the picture, he gently brushes the mini-dinos off. "Sorry guys, not my species."
Apr 19 17:43:51 <Geothermal> "Got a good picture?"
Apr 19 17:44:26 <Maddy> They fly off, going back to their business. "Yes. Thank you, Herr Jake."
Apr 19 17:45:27 <Geothermal> "I'm glad. Should we head back? Or do you want to take some more pictures?"
Apr 19 17:47:00 <Maddy> "I think I am gut. I wishI could get some photos of the big meat eaters, but the danger is too much, I suppose."
Apr 19 17:47:19 <Geothermal> "Well, I think that's up to the Bous. Can always ask."
Apr 19 17:47:57 <Maddy> "We can get you a photo. They pose no danger to us, being plants."
Apr 19 17:48:19 <Geothermal> "Does that work for you?"
Apr 19 17:48:58 <Maddy> "Yes!"says Claudia, with a grin. White Flower nods. "We'll leave a memory card with your supplies."
Apr 19 17:49:39 <Geothermal> Jake nods. "Ready to head back?"
Apr 19 17:50:13 <Maddy> "Yes, thank you Bou." And then they wnet back to IC.