The Sisters' Arena: The Helmet

Aug 23 19:58:50 <Aoi|GM> Jason and Alice appear in opposite facing trenches under a stone grey sky, in WW2 era gear.
Aug 23 19:59:05 <Aoi|GM> Gunshots echo around them, and shadowy figures run past them in the trenches, some of them shouting orders.
Aug 23 19:59:09 <Maddy> "…of course."
Aug 23 19:59:54 <Aoi|GM> A no-man's land of about 100 feet separates the two. Jason is in the grey of a German grunt, and Alice is in the uniform of a American paratrooper.
Aug 23 20:00:43 <Jason> "Wow… they couldn't even get the country right."
Aug 23 20:02:17 <Maddy> Maddy: Alice peers around, trying to find a weapon.: 4 (4df+3=0, +, 0, 0)
Aug 23 20:02:44 <Jason> Jason checks his hip holster for a standard issue sidearm.
Aug 23 20:03:29 <Jason> He looks around for the sisters.
Aug 23 20:03:36 * Nioki (~ten.tniopriafym.tsae.ngn.A65439E3-CRInys|alliztahc#ten.tniopriafym.tsae.ngn.A65439E3-CRInys|alliztahc) has left #helmet
Aug 23 20:03:49 <Aoi|GM> She's got a knife in one of her uniform's pockets, and a discarded M1 Garand lies nearby in the mud.
Aug 23 20:04:06 <Aoi|GM> Loose en bloc clips are also among her gear. About 3.
Aug 23 20:04:45 <Maddy> She grabs what she can, not really keen on shooting her husband but there it is.
Aug 23 20:04:46 <Aoi|GM> Jason has a Luger P08 in the sidearm holster.
Aug 23 20:05:36 <Jason> Are the women anywhere nearby?
Aug 23 20:06:17 <Aoi|GM> Nope.
Aug 23 20:06:27 <Jason> "ALICE!?"
Aug 23 20:06:41 <Maddy> "Y-yeah?"
Aug 23 20:07:03 <Jason> "They said to the death, right?"
Aug 23 20:07:09 <Maddy> "…Yeah."
Aug 23 20:07:12 <Jason> "Gotta kill someone?"
Aug 23 20:07:17 <Maddy> "Eachother."
Aug 23 20:08:38 <Jason> Jason ejects the magazine.
Aug 23 20:09:14 <Jason> He aims the weapon at Alice's forehead.
Aug 23 20:10:08 <Maddy> Alice looks at her gun. "C-can we trust them to b-bring us back?"
Aug 23 20:10:52 <Jason> He begins walking towards her, weapon still sighted in.
Aug 23 20:11:27 <Jason> Jason: 2 (4df+4=0, 0, -, -) Jason fires. "Duck, Alice."
Aug 23 20:12:06 <Maddy> Maddy: Alice flinches: 3 (4df+3=-, 0, 0, +)
Aug 23 20:12:32 <Jason> Jason drops the weapon and checks his pockets for another.
Aug 23 20:12:45 <Jason> He keeps walking towards her.
Aug 23 20:12:55 <Aoi|GM> Trench knife.
Aug 23 20:13:20 <Jason> He draws the weapon. 50 feet left. Easy shot.
Aug 23 20:13:33 <Maddy> "Do it."
Aug 23 20:14:38 <Jason> "Please, Alice, do it…"
Aug 23 20:14:57 <Maddy> "You know I c-can't watch you die."
Aug 23 20:15:33 <Jason> "Then don't look."
Aug 23 20:15:49 <Maddy> "What if t-they don't bring you back."
Aug 23 20:16:08 <Jason> "DO IT."
Aug 23 20:16:48 <Jason> He's almost there. Jason flips the knife to a reverse grip.
Aug 23 20:17:20 <Maddy> "I…" She raises her gun. "I love you." Her hands shake.
Aug 23 20:17:39 <Jason> The knife comes up.
Aug 23 20:17:56 <Maddy> Maddy: she closes her eyes and pulls the trigger.: 3 (4df+4=-, +, 0, -)
Aug 23 20:19:11 <Jason> Jason lunges, stepping forward faster, but makes no attempt to get out of the way. The blade is raised high.: 1 (4df=+, 0, -, +)
Aug 23 20:21:20 <Jason> .30-06 is a mean round. Killed a lot of Germans.
Aug 23 20:22:24 <Aoi|GM> Splat.
Aug 23 20:22:42 <Aoi|GM> Jason's wisdom of 'always wear a helmet if possible' is made wise very quickly.
Aug 23 20:23:09 <Maddy> She keeps holding the gun, eyes closed. "J-jason?"
Aug 23 20:23:41 <Aoi|GM> He's dead, babe. Solid headshot.
Aug 23 20:24:32 <Maddy> She drops the gun and falls to her knees. "Oh god, oh dear g-god what did I do…w-why did…no no no."
Aug 23 20:25:30 <Aoi|GM> Alice disappears, and so does the body of her husband. Back to AAM.