The Timeline

(2:42:49 AM) JoeyDrood: In the hotel, a door slams. it's weird, you wouldn't think a door would have a sound you could recognise… but long enough in certain places, the sound of bronze closing is one that can be placed.
(2:43:16 AM) Sabitsuki: Akane steps out of a room, a cigarette cupped in her hands. "What was what, Doctor Heide - oh."
(2:43:55 AM) *Chainshank is looking at his old body, smashed in a heap in the hotel lobby. "tsk tsk…"
(2:43:59 AM) *
Heiden picks up the radio. «We have a timeline distortion in the immediate vicinity.»
(2:44:23 AM) Sabitsuki: She scratches her head. "That sounded like one of those doors in the House."
(2:44:37 AM) Maddy: «Lovely. W-what do we do?»
(2:44:41 AM) E4D: «Say again?»
(2:45:10 AM) Chainshank: «A wot?»
(2:45:11 AM) JoeyDrood: Down the hall, and around the corridor, a young man is leaning against a door, his head bowed. He is dressed in a dingy white arabic outfit, including a turban that wraps in such a way that only his eyes are visible… and those are covered by dark glasses.
(2:45:35 AM) Maddy: Alice looks at Jason. "N-never a dull moment, eh?"
(2:46:03 AM) Heiden: «We have a visitor or visitors in the hotel prope-» He stares at the man. "What are you doing here?"
(2:46:14 AM) Maddy: «W-where are you?»
(2:46:18 AM) Doctor_Light: Something more then six feet tall, with the tanned body of a man in worn pants, and the head of an enormous raven, dripping wet, lopes out of one of the hallways.
(2:47:16 AM) *JoeyDrood raises his head, and stares at Heiden. His face is covered, but there is still shock in his posture. "You… You sent me here."
(2:47:35 AM) Maddy: Alice starts to get up, not really sure if she should go. One the one hand, meh, timeline bullshit. On the other, /timeline bullshit/.
(2:48:36 AM) Sabitsuki: Compelling Alice's Mother aspect to increase her Timeline Bullshit Acceptance stat
(2:48:41 AM) Heiden: "*Why*?"
(2:48:56 AM) Maddy: «Heiden, w-where are you?»
(2:49:28 AM) *
Heiden picks up the radio. «Second floor hallway.» He flicks the radio off.
(2:49:30 AM) *JoeyDrood gulps, looking at the others in the hall. "T-to learn." The voice is familiat, to heiden at least. He's heard it for far too long. Just… younger than he may be used to.
(2:50:06 AM) Maddy: Alice is off, walking quickly. "C-coming, hun?" she calls over her shoulder.
(2:50:10 AM) E4D: «En route.»
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(2:50:32 AM) E4D: Jason picks up his rifle, hauling ass for the ladderwell, taking the stairs two at a time.
(2:50:58 AM) Maddy: He passes Alice and she short legs. "FFffffu- s-slow down!"
(2:51:00 AM) Heiden: "…"
(2:51:02 AM) Maddy: *her
(2:51:06 AM) E4D: He blows past Alice, hitting the second floor a few moments later, whipping around, looking for the intruder.
(2:51:27 AM) Heiden: "You'll learn /plenty/ here."
(2:51:29 AM) Chainshank: Shank follows.
(2:51:44 AM) *
JoeyDrood whips aroudn to face the newcomers, his hand on the handle of his scimitar… but he quickly moves it when he ses who it is… and gulps, nervously.
(2:51:54 AM) Doctor_Light: Birdman watches the hubub on the lower floor, and dogs after Alice. "I help?"
(2:52:19 AM) Maddy: Alice catches up and stares at the intruder. "W-watch the hands, buddy. W-who are you?"
(2:52:28 AM) E4D: "Doctor Heiden? Status?"
(2:53:03 AM) Dawny: «Am I needed?» Jillian looks up from her notebook.
(2:53:05 AM) JoeyDrood: "I'm. Uhm. I'm …" He coughs. "I'm under the use name, Joey Drood."
(2:53:21 AM) Heiden: "…of course, Joey. Mr. Dodridge, this is a former associate of mine."
(2:53:56 AM) JoeyDrood: "H-hello."
(2:54:17 AM) Maddy: Alice isn't sure if this is a good thing or not. "S-safe then?"
(2:54:49 AM) Dawny: Jillian stands and follows the directions that were given over the radio.
(2:55:19 AM) Heiden: "…he's safe."
(2:55:20 AM) Sabitsuki: Akane walks off with a shrug. As a man named Weber once said, 'not dealing with any timey wimey horseshit'.
(2:55:23 AM) E4D: Jason's rifle is still in the alert, a 45 degree snap up from being aimed at the interloper's head.
(2:55:54 AM) *JoeyDrood is still gazing at the director. or, at least, his head is turned that way.
(2:56:11 AM) Maddy: "Hmmm. S-so, he r-rode in on a…time thing?"
(2:56:27 AM) Heiden: "He's been sent to learn a lesson, I suspect."
(2:56:36 AM) *
Heiden waves his hand dismissively.
(2:56:42 AM) Maddy: "Interesting…"
(2:56:56 AM) Heiden: "He'll learn it soon enough. I wouldn't concern yourselves overmuch, Mr. and Mrs. Dodridge."
(2:57:12 AM) Heiden: "Joey will make himself useful, I presume?" This is a question directed at the young man.
(2:57:37 AM) *JoeyDrood glances at unfamilair faces. "Maybe… maybe i shoudl talk to you three in private?" He winces at Heidens question. "As bes ti can, sir."
(2:57:56 AM) Maddy: Alice looks at Jason and shrugs. She's still not entirely sure what to make of the entire situation. "I'm d-down for talking."
(2:58:35 AM) E4D: He nods. "Talking's good."
(2:59:19 AM) Maddy: "P-pick a room, a-any room. Ain't n-no one here but us so I'm s-sure we can find a-an empty one."
(2:59:38 AM) Dawny: Jillian arrives on scene.
(2:59:57 AM) JoeyDrood: "It's just, the first thing Uncle Hunter taugth me about time travelling is not to let your name get out. Everyone who travels gets enemies,a dn if they can travel to, they can find you, and smother you in your crib. Hmm. Well, okay, true, i didn't have a crib, it was more of a water bed, but even with the protections laid in, they could still come and-" He pauses. "Sorry."
(3:00:37 AM) Chainshank: Shank looks around the corner, with his eyeless clock face.
(3:00:54 AM) Maddy: Alice rolls her eyes. Timeline. Bullshit. She motions to a room/
(3:01:14 AM) *
JoeyDrood goes in first, beign careful to avoid doing anything that might be concieved as threatening.
(3:01:19 AM) Dawny: "Time shit?" Jillian sighs "Come to the cafe when you're done, I'm making snacks"
(3:01:47 AM) *Heiden nods and follows suit.
(3:01:55 AM) Maddy: "W-will do." Alice follows Heiden.
(3:03:23 AM) E4D: Jason follows his wife, letting his rifle hang at his chest from a 3-point sling.
(3:04:05 AM) Maddy: Presumably the door is closed behind them. "Ok, s-so…."
(3:04:14 AM) *
JoeyDrood waits for the door to close, then, varefully, pulls off his shades, and reveals his face, with a shy smile on it. Younger then you may have been used to seeing, but it is, without a doubt, Travis.
(3:04:58 AM) Maddy: Alice doesn't react immediately, just becomes very, very still.
(3:05:16 AM) E4D: "…"
(3:05:58 AM) E4D: A weapon comes up, aimed at Heiden. "NO! You said he was *dead*! What the fuck is going on?"
(3:06:15 AM) Chainshank is now known as Dexanote
(3:06:18 AM) *JoeyDrood winces
(3:06:21 AM) Maddy: "I-" Oh Jegus. "J-jason, stop."
(3:06:58 AM) Dawny: «What kind of cookies?» Jillian looks at the ingredients available.
(3:07:58 AM) Heiden: "He /is/ dead. This isn't our timeline's version, Mr. Dodridge."
(3:08:19 AM) Maddy: Alice moves quickly to him, her hands resting gently on his. Her voice is suddenly soft, like it was a few short months ago. "Stop."
(3:08:28 AM) E4D: "Wait, *what*?"
(3:08:39 AM) JoeyDrood: "Maybe, isn't. Uhm, according to probability factor, anything is possible, even if it is improbable…"
(3:09:12 AM) E4D: He lowers the handgun, grinding his teeth.
(3:09:17 AM) Heiden: "Watched you die."
(3:09:52 AM) JoeyDrood: "Will watch me-" He catches himself. "I'm not that old, yet."
(3:10:59 AM) Maddy: "Look at me, Jason. After e-everything else, w-what's a little time mischief?"
(3:10:59 AM) Dawny: «Fine, I'll pick» Jillian gets stuff out and makes chocolate chip, peanut butter, and shortbread cookies! Omnomnom sweet treats.
(3:13:00 AM) E4D: Jason stares right at Tamlin, unbelieving, still. He squints, speaking slowly. "How old are you?"
(3:13:59 AM) JoeyDrood: "19. ish. Time doesn't nessacarily pass at the same rate as-" He looks at Jasons eyes, and pales. "19, sir."
(3:14:21 AM) Maddy: Alice is decidedly /not/ looking at him, already torn between running and hugging him and running out of the room.
(3:15:15 AM) Heiden: "What did… -I- tell you before I sent you here, Joey?"
(3:17:06 AM) JoeyDrood: "That i needed to learn how to stop beign such a spoiled brat. And the best place to glearn was in the field. And that I deserved entirely whatever i ran into here. And just because this timeline was cut off didn't mean I couldn't end up just as dead. And to stop crying and get my shit together. And to take the scimitar not the short sword, because you ha dplans for the short sword. And to pick you up ca c ase of labatt b
(3:18:16 AM) JoeyDrood: lue."
(3:18:30 AM) E4D: "…"
(3:18:44 AM) E4D: "Labatt Blue's a shitty excuse for beer."
(3:19:12 AM) Maddy: She's still holding onto Jason's hands, provided he hasn't pulled away. She's starting to shake a little.
(3:19:27 AM) E4D: He gives it a little squeeze.
(3:22:19 AM) *
JoeyDrood holds his own hands, and stares down at them. He's not used to beign anywher enear his parents. He's… kind of built them up a lot.
(3:24:04 AM) Maddy: Alice can't fucking help it, that's her goddamn son, regardless of time headaches. She goes to give him a hug.
(3:25:34 AM) JoeyDrood: He stiffens at her touch… then wraps his arms around her, hugging back.
(3:27:30 AM) Maddy: "I-I'm sorry…I n-never…" she's not even really sure what she's saying or apologizing for, this is a lot to take in all at once.
(3:27:47 AM) E4D: Jason looks at Heiden for a moment, then joins his wife.
(3:28:09 AM) JoeyDrood: "It's okay. It's o-okay."
(3:30:23 AM) Maddy: She keeps hugging him for a moment, then lets go, wiping her eyes, but she's smiling, at least a little.
(3:31:17 AM) Dawny: «Does the new guy like tea?»
(3:32:29 AM) *JoeyDrood attempts to smile back. "Sorry, uhm, about all this. But, I think, uhm, I'm…" Fuck it. He hugs them both again. "It's really good to see you m-mom and d-dad."
(3:34:01 AM) Maddy: "It's g-good to see you to, Travis." something wells up in her when she says his name, being the first time she's ever said it to him.
(3:35:05 AM) *
JoeyDrood glances over his shoulder, worriedly, then steps back. "Uhm. So. Yeah. I'm here."
(3:35:19 AM) Heiden: "I can see that."
(3:36:13 AM) Maddy: She was ok with the prospect of a time line spaz, but this is throwing her for a loop. "S-so, how's this g-going to work? I m-mean other than you t-traveling with us…is there a-anything we have to b-be careful of, t-timey-wimey wise?"
(3:38:17 AM) JoeyDrood: "I don't know." He shrugs. "I've been really studying this time stuff, but…" He shrugs. "I'm here to learn. I've never read anything about this branch, and I really don't know whats going on…" He glances at Heiden, taking in all the additions. "Besides some really really weird shit."
(3:39:10 AM) Maddy: "Ok…d-do you want some t-tea? J-jill will insist you have s-some at some point."
(3:39:34 AM) JoeyDrood: "…Tea?" He looks kind of confused.
(3:40:05 AM) Maddy: "T-to drink…"
(3:40:16 AM) Dawny: Jillian pulls the cookies out to cool and smiles. She turns her attention to her awesome sandwiches. «Five minutes and everything's done guys»
(3:41:41 AM) JoeyDrood: "I, uhm, guess?… Okay, what DID happen here? Why are we off site? Who'
(3:42:00 AM) JoeyDrood: s Jill? Why is uncle Heiden wrapped in the House and smelling like an entity?"
(3:42:38 AM) Maddy: "…Oh, oh dear…" Alice sighs. "T-the uh…t-the world k-kinda ended."
(3:42:46 AM) Dawny: Jillian makes five plates. "Now…Chai…" she heads back and starts to make soy Chai.
(3:48:48 AM) JoeyDrood: "…Oh. again?"
(3:49:10 AM) Maddy: She runs her fingers through her hair. "M-maybe w-we can go over t-the entire e-event in the m-morning, r-right now…I think I need to lie d-down…"
(3:49:49 AM) Dawny: Jillian puts the drinks out and starts to arrange the cookies on a tray, singing quietly to herself the whole time.
(3:50:09 AM) JoeyDrood: "That's, uhm, probably a good idea. So, i, uh, take any room i want?"
(3:53:07 AM) Maddy: "A-assuming it's n-not occupied. I-I can get you a r-radio s-so you'll know i-if something up. J-ja- y-you father and I are in 305, i-if you n-need anything…w-we're probably l-leaving tomorrow n-night though, so e-enjoy the facilities w-while you can." she smiles sheepishly.
(3:55:01 AM) *JoeyDrood nods. "Okay… it's good to see you, mom."
(3:56:00 AM) Heiden: "We'll discuss the House later, Joey."
(3:56:06 AM) Heiden: Heiden seems deeply unhappy with this turn of events.
(3:56:10 AM) Maddy: "L-likewise…"
(3:56:25 AM) *
JoeyDrood nods, and makes his way out
(3:56:53 AM) Dexanote: Chainshank stands at the end of the hallway, bent into a scarecrow shape.
(3:57:08 AM) Dexanote: His legs are twisted together, arms spread. he has a clock for a head.
(3:57:15 AM) Maddy: Alice looks at Jason and they both nod. "If t-there's nothing e-else for n-now, Heiden, w-we should get some rest."
(3:57:49 AM) Dawny: Jillian smiles at her display, she needed this tonight. Who knows what's going on with Misha.
(3:58:28 AM) *JoeyDrood stares at the scarecrow. "What the d'arvit is that?"
(3:58:36 AM) E4D left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(3:59:17 AM) Dexanote: "Aha, finally. Thot ya'd be in there foreva." His stalk splits and he relaxes his arms.
(3:59:23 AM) Dexanote: "Whaz all this then?"
(3:59:50 AM) JoeyDrood: "What's all what, when?"
(4:00:17 AM) Dawny: «Ready»
(4:00:43 AM) Dexanote: He walks up and peers at Joey. "You. Why'd Heiden an' tha Dodridges take ya aside… You special?"
(4:02:00 AM) JoeyDrood: "Are we not all, eacha nd every one of us, and indivual and special snowflake?" Joey adjusts his clothing to once more cover his mouth, and slips his shades on. " Do we each, not have connections that must be explored?"
(4:02:20 AM) Dexanote: "I'll chop yor tongue out if ya don't answer me."
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(4:02:41 AM) Maddy: Alice is suddenly in the hall way. "I'll set you on fire if you lay a hand on him."
(4:02:51 AM) Sabitsuki: Tau rubs at her mechanical eye and steps out in the hallway, holding a cold cup of coffee and a dog ended cigarette in her hand and mouth, respectively.
(4:03:06 AM) Dexanote: "Oi!" He holds his hands up. "… Er, reflex."
(4:03:42 AM) Sabitsuki: "What's going on."
(4:03:45 AM) JoeyDrood: "And I am quite capable of setting my own bullies on fire. It's a simple application fo time and friction versus…uhm…hold on, i had it… Oh, bugger, I have a lighter nad hairspray if needed."
(4:04:08 AM) *
JoeyDrood nods his head at Tau.
(4:04:10 AM) Dexanote: "… Honestly, whaz wit you people an' havin fire with you."
(4:04:38 AM) Sabitsuki: "Fire is humanity's biggest weapon, Shank. Kind of a shitty weakness." She leans on him. "Hey, kid."
(4:04:46 AM) Dexanote: "Yor always smoking an' playin wit flamethrowers an shit."
(4:04:47 AM) Maddy: «J-jill, r-regretfully, Jason and I w-wont be making it for t-tea. T-too tired.» she smiles at Joey. "I'm s-sure you are. R-reflex i-is all, hun."
(4:05:00 AM) Sabitsuki: *she leans on Shank
(4:05:26 AM) Dexanote: "… Gerroff."
(4:05:35 AM) Dawny: «….Dr. Heiden and new guy?»
(4:06:08 AM) Sabitsuki: "Why? Am I making you uncomfortableeee?"
(4:06:08 AM) Dexanote: "Whaz your name?"
(4:06:17 AM) Dexanote: "Ignoring robopope
(4:06:40 AM) *JoeyDrood pulls out a bronze ciggerette case, and flips it open to reveal a selection of black ciggerettes. He absently sticks a clove in his mouth, and pulls out a bronze lighter to light up. "Hello Ms v…" he coughs, clearing his throat. "Ms."
(4:06:57 AM) JoeyDrood: "They call me Joey Drood."
(4:07:13 AM) Maddy: «T-that's up to them.» She nods to the people in the hall. "G-gnight guys, and Tr-Joey, remember if you n-need anything."
(4:07:22 AM) Dexanote: "I'm a guy. Chainshank."
(4:07:47 AM) Sabitsuki: "Nice to meet you." The eye whirrs a little bit. "Tau Vriska."
(4:07:58 AM) Dawny: Jillian nods a few times to herself "Fucking perfect"
(4:08:17 AM) Dexanote: "… Fuckit. Im jus goin back outside."
(4:08:27 AM) Dexanote: He pushes off Tau and wanders off.
(4:08:51 AM) Sabitsuki: Tau laughs humorlessly as she bounces off the wall and rerights herself, not losing a beat.
(4:08:58 AM) Dawny: Jillian lights a cigarette and looks at the table she set out.
(4:09:07 AM) *
JoeyDrood nods in farewellto the… thing. "A pleasure, I'm sure, Ms. Vriska. i cannot help but notice that you have a most interesting eye."
(4:10:29 AM) Sabitsuki: "Oh, this thing. Yeah." She raps on it with a knuckle, imagining Artemis cringing at the gesture. "Present from my dear mother."
(4:10:34 AM) Maddy: Alice and Jason head to bed. Alice shakes her head. This is going to be…diferent.
(4:10:48 AM) Dawny: «Dr. Heiden…um…Mr. New Guy, should I be expecting you?»
(4:11:12 AM) JoeyDrood: «Expecting me for what?»
(4:11:33 AM) JoeyDrood: "How pleasent."
(4:11:44 AM) Dawny: «Tea…and snacks.»
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(4:14:57 AM) Sabitsuki: "Well, I'll talk to you some other time, Joey. Just wanted to see what was going on in the hall." She sips at the cold coffee and turns back into the room, being quiet to avoid waking Artemis and Illia.
(4:15:02 AM) JoeyDrood: «Sure! Uh. Where?»
(4:15:15 AM) *JoeyDrood watches Tau go, and, beneath his veil, he smiles.
(4:15:35 AM) Dawny: «The cafe. Bottom floor, end of the hallway to the west.»
(4:15:42 AM) *
Artemis is awake, of course. The fool.
(4:15:58 AM) Sabitsuki: "You're supposed to be asleep."
(4:16:16 AM) Artemis: Bleary stare. "As were you."
(4:16:51 AM) Sabitsuki: "Someone has to watch out for two."
(4:16:56 AM) Sabitsuki: *you two
(4:17:22 AM) Artemis: "… I am uncertain now who is protecting who."
(4:17:23 AM) Dawny: Jillian removes two plates with a sigh "Getting to fucking used to my kindness…" she flicks her cigarette into the sink full of water.
(4:17:32 AM) ***JoeyDrood makes his way to the cafe, still wrapped up and anonymous