The Two Adjutants

(12:56:52 AM) Artemis: Two sharp claps draws the attention of the Convoy's spotters. Two dark figures are approaching from the East, eerie in the green light of the night vision.
(12:57:04 AM) Dawny: Jillian hands Akane her mostly full mug "Here"
(12:57:23 AM) Tox: "CONTACT!"
(12:57:43 AM) Sabitsuki: "Thanks, Jil - jesus."
(12:57:47 AM) Tox: Vance raises his weapon. «Unsubs approaching east!»
(12:57:52 AM) Strelnikov: Dmitri draws his sidearm and begins shooing people into covered positions.
(12:58:09 AM) Strelnikov: «Hold fire, hold fire. Let them come closer and identify.»
(12:58:12 AM) Tox: Vance draws forward, SCAR shouldered.
(12:58:22 AM) Tox: «Acknowledge hold fire.»
(12:58:34 AM) Maddy: Alice grabs her gun as well.
(12:58:43 AM) Dawny: Jillian puts her rifle up "Ready and holding Sir"
(12:58:45 AM) Sabitsuki: Akane rushes off to go do something important because her player needs to bring in her other character.
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(12:58:54 AM) Sabitsuki is now known as Tau
(12:59:30 AM) Nydali: Kens crashed from the monster earlier, so is in Florence.
(12:59:34 AM) Dexanote: Shank looks up. Has a cardboard box with holes cut in it in his hands. "Oh yea."
(12:59:36 AM) Artemis: As they draw near, their heavy black robes and metal masks become quite apparent. The pair is armed, but with no visible firearms. One clutches a spear-thing, the other a sword on its hip.
(1:00:19 AM) Dexanote: He pulls the globe off, and replaces it with the box. A mouth cleanly splits from the middle of the left side, around to the right.
(1:00:31 AM) Heiden: "Oh, joy."
(1:00:31 AM) Tox: "Halt." Vance's voice comes from his covered position.
(1:00:49 AM) Artemis: The pair stop as commanded.
(1:01:03 AM) Tox: "Identify yourselves!"
(1:01:39 AM) Nydali: The one with the sword glances at the one with the spear, as if unsure.
(1:03:01 AM) Artemis: The two share a brief glance. "We seek aid," a man's deep voice calls out. Whichever one said it is hard to tell.
(1:03:23 AM) Dexanote: "Lemme 'ave em."
(1:03:26 AM) Tox: Several moments pass. "What aid do you need?"
(1:03:34 AM) Dexanote: Shank sticks a nail over the left eye
(1:04:09 AM) Tau: Tau stands near the campfire, looking into it with her hands clasps behind her back.
(1:04:27 AM) Tau: *clasped
(1:04:45 AM) E4D: Jason eases closer with his rifle, rawn from the back of the LAV by the shouts. <Talk quick.>
(1:05:01 AM) Tau: *the embers of the campfire
(1:05:06 AM) Artemis: "We requ-" The man stops midword, staring into the camp before sharing another glance with his partner. He points back into the camp.
(1:05:07 AM) Nydali: "We require medical aid. We have sustained injuries."
(1:05:19 AM) Nydali: [[Redact]]
(1:05:43 AM) Tox: "What do you require?" His voice seems a little irritated.
(1:06:18 AM) Ragazzo: Lance is half-asleep in a corner of florence. He seems somewhat dazed.
(1:06:31 AM) Artemis: The two share another long look, then…
(1:06:44 AM) Nydali: "We require medical aid. We have sustained injuries."
(1:06:58 AM) Tox: "Orders, Jason?"
(1:07:23 AM) Dexanote: "Lemme."
(1:07:35 AM) Tox: "Stand down, Shank."
(1:07:36 AM) Dexanote: Shank climbs onto the LAV.
(1:07:37 AM) E4D: <Stand by. Shank? Check 'em out.>
(1:07:41 AM) Tox: [[redact]
(1:08:18 AM) Dawny: Jillian bites her lip "I don't want to see this…"
(1:08:29 AM) Dexanote: Shank glances at Jason, and leaps off the LAV. Covering much of the distance to the two newcomers isn't difficult; he lands, and approaches slowly.
(1:08:59 AM) Artemis: Both of them suddenly tense in readiness at approach of the demon. "Halt, demon!"
(1:09:21 AM) Artemis: "What is this?"
(1:09:22 AM) Nydali: "Don't move a fiber."
(1:09:24 AM) Dexanote: He slows, and stops. His lights flicker. "Whazzat…?"
(1:09:50 AM) Heiden: "Oh. This will be /rich/."
(1:09:59 AM) Dexanote: "Heh."
(1:10:20 AM) Dexanote: "… Priests, eh?"
(1:10:58 AM) Artemis: "The Cog slows for no blasphemy, demon, but we are not here to destroy you. Do not make it so."
(1:11:07 AM) Dexanote: "… Huh."
(1:11:14 AM) Nydali: "As much as it pains me, this is true."
(1:11:22 AM) Tau: The inhale from Tau is audible.
(1:11:35 AM) Dexanote: He looks back at the Convoy. "Well? Whazzis?"
(1:11:37 AM) Dawny: Jillian tilts her head and looks to Tau
(1:12:01 AM) Tau: Tau turns, slowly, to look at the two figures in robes. Her eye goes wide. "You."
(1:12:10 AM) Maddy: "Lovely."
(1:12:20 AM) Tox: "This will end perfectly."
(1:12:24 AM) Strelnikov: «Church. We should shoot them and save ourselves the trouble.»
(1:12:26 AM) Nydali: Nydali tenses, staring at Tau.
(1:12:31 AM) Tox: "Nothing bad can possibly happen now."
(1:12:37 AM) Artemis: The two share another glance.
(1:12:44 AM) Dexanote: "Well? Can I?"
(1:12:57 AM) E4D: <Negative. We're not murdering anyone.>
(1:13:09 AM) Dexanote: "Fuck."
(1:13:13 AM) Artemis: "Please move aside, Demon."
(1:13:17 AM) Maddy: "I'm g-guessing you know these g-guys, Tau?"
(1:13:20 AM) Nydali: "Our quarrel is not with you."
(1:13:57 AM) Tau: Her hand shakes somewhat as she runs it through her hair. "Yes. You could. Say that."
(1:13:58 AM) Dexanote: "An yet ya wanna come round here uninvited. Thaz just not polite."
(1:14:11 AM) Maddy: Alice keeps her sights on the two. "If y-your quarrel is with Tau, w-we're going to have a problem."
(1:14:24 AM) Ragazzo: Lance comes out of his daze at the mention of church. "Bluh…broken god?"
(1:14:26 AM) Heiden: "Clicker zealots. Delightful."
(1:14:27 AM) E4D: <Lady's right.>
(1:14:39 AM) Dawny: Jillian readjusts "I got a clear shot"
(1:14:40 AM) Heiden: "We can't dig them a shallow grave and be done with it, can we?"
(1:14:44 AM) Dexanote: "Thiz more bullshit bout that fuckin mechanical arm?"
(1:14:47 AM) Tox: Vance stays sighted in.
(1:15:05 AM) Tox: Vance inwardly curses.
(1:15:06 AM) Tau: Tau exhales. "All of you. Stand down. By the Laws, I must entreat with them."
(1:15:15 AM) E4D: <Depends on what their brand of bullshit is. What'd you say you're here for again?>
(1:15:25 AM) Tau: "Please, Jason."
(1:15:27 AM) E4D: <And sorry, we don't follow any goddamn Church laws.>
(1:15:30 AM) Artemis: The two share a glance, then say nothing.
(1:15:56 AM) Maddy: "Entreat w-with them all you like. M-my gun is s-staying pointed w-where it's at."
(1:16:01 AM) Dexanote: Shank shifts just a tiny bit. He estimates how fast he could hit them if prompted.
(1:16:02 AM) *Heiden /seethes/.
(1:16:06 AM) Dawny: "Still got a clear shot Sir"
(1:16:14 AM) E4D: <We're not gonna shoot, but you've got 5 goddamn seconds to turn your asses around and get the fuck out of here.>
(1:16:14 AM) Dexanote: "Nah, these are mine."
(1:16:27 AM) Tau: "God fucking…une rouille sur ce lieu putain!
(1:16:42 AM) E4D: <It's not nice to curse at us in French.>
(1:17:15 AM) Artemis: The two are clearly unsure. they know the disadvantage they're at right now.
(1:17:26 AM) Ragazzo: <Such language froma lady.> Murmurs Lance in french over his radio.
(1:17:32 AM) Ragazzo: *from a
(1:17:52 AM) Tau: <Cog, yes? Speak! Tell me why you are here, Inquisitors, Architect dogs.>
(1:17:53 AM) Nydali: The one with the sword glances at the other.
(1:17:56 AM) Dawny: "Sir, clearance to fire"
(1:18:06 AM) Tau: Tau is advancing and shouting.
(1:18:29 AM) Nydali: <We were assigned to find you.>
(1:18:48 AM) Tox: Vance tracks the pair.
(1:18:52 AM) Dexanote: <Hold on Jil. I want em.>
(1:19:01 AM) Artemis: <You are Tau Vriska,> the man says, his voice quite apprehensive. <You… are sought a heret-…> he stops.
(1:19:25 AM) E4D: <A heretic? For what?>
(1:19:27 AM) Dawny: Jillian growls slightly "We'll share"
(1:19:30 AM) Heiden: <A heretic? Your dead God seeks trouble with others even in this damned world?>
(1:19:39 AM) Nydali: The female glances at him, then snaps back to Tau.
(1:19:39 AM) E4D: Jason laughs, the sound mudulating.
(1:19:48 AM) Heiden: <Lackeys of a hollow shell, you /disgust/ me.>
(1:20:12 AM) Nydali: <Yes, a heretic. We were told she betrayed the Church. The Broken God.>
(1:20:17 AM) Tau: [Shut the fuck up, Heiden, you abomination.]
(1:20:31 AM) Artemis: The man turns to the other. "We should leave. We did not find her."
(1:20:52 AM) Heiden: [You too! Delightful. Another machine-bent madman in this world set aflame.]
(1:20:54 AM) Dawny: "Mr. Shank, once we get the clear, you get the chick, I'll get the guy"
(1:21:01 AM) Nydali: "But she is /right there./ I do not understand why we do not just take her."
(1:21:13 AM) Tox: "Try it and there'll be trouble."
(1:21:31 AM) Dexanote: < OI! Erryone!> Shank calls into his radio. < TALK IN ENGLISH.>
(1:21:41 AM) Artemis: "Father is gone!" the man shouts suddenly. "We are aimless!"
(1:21:50 AM) Dexanote: His voice reflects a measure of annoyance.
(1:21:53 AM) Artemis: The two are arguing now, great.
(1:22:01 AM) Nydali: The female steps back from the male for a moment, confused.
(1:22:26 AM) Dawny: "Sir! Clearance?!"
(1:22:27 AM) Dexanote: "NOW you're civilized. Fuck's goin on?"
(1:22:51 AM) Strelnikov: <Dodge Ridge, are you going to let them argue or are you going to issue some orders?>
(1:23:10 AM) Nydali: "We /still/ have our /mission."/
(1:23:15 AM) Ragazzo: "It's like listening to a bunch of people argue in french and english…"
(1:23:18 AM) E4D: <Strelnikov, Jill, detain the both of them, Chain, Alice, back 'em up.>
(1:23:35 AM) Ragazzo: "I suppose it /is/ listening to a bunch of people argue in french and english…"
(1:23:40 AM) Maddy: «Right.» Alice moves forward.
(1:23:41 AM) Dawny: "Rog" Jillian keeps her rifle up and advances
(1:23:49 AM) *
Strelnikov stows his sidearm and secures it in the holster, moving forward to apprehend.
(1:23:53 AM) Tox: Vance covers them all.
(1:24:00 AM) Tau: "Do not harm them, please."
(1:24:02 AM) Artemis: "Our mission has fai-" The man steps back, levelign the pommel end of his spear at the advancing foes.
(1:24:07 AM) Dexanote: "Kay!" Shank walks up, arms outstretched."
(1:24:15 AM) Dexanote: "Come along then."
(1:24:18 AM) Nydali: The female follows, hand on the sword's hilt
(1:24:19 AM) Artemis: "Please do not approach. We would cause no harm."
(1:24:21 AM) Heiden: "If it were up to me, Mr. Dodridge, I would have ordered these two shot ten minutes ago."
(1:24:23 AM) Dexanote: "Ironman wants ta see ya."
(1:24:25 AM) Dawny: Jillian keeps her rifle up "I would put that down if I were you"
(1:24:42 AM) Artemis: He is notably not pointing the spear end at anyone.
(1:24:51 AM) Artemis: "Please."
(1:24:54 AM) Nydali: "Stay back, we have not attacked any one of you. We are /trying/ to make a point."
(1:25:20 AM) Dawny: "As am I, I will shoot you if you move. On your fronts"
(1:25:37 AM) Ragazzo: "Ugh…cogs…the Pieces were one of the first things /he/ went for, you know? Nearly every time…"
(1:25:46 AM) Maddy: "D-don't be stupid, I'm a p-pretty damn good s-shot."
(1:25:52 AM) Strelnikov: "Drop those weapons and I will not kill you."
(1:26:02 AM) E4D: <Drop your goddamn weapons or I'll fucking wreck the both of you.>
(1:26:14 AM) E4D: <You've got 5 seconds.>
(1:26:24 AM) E4D: <Four.>
(1:26:27 AM) Nydali: The female looks at the male, and screams in frustration.
(1:26:29 AM) E4D: <Three.>
(1:26:30 AM) Artemis: "Submit, Illia," the man says to the woman. Slowly, he lowers his spear to the ground.
(1:26:34 AM) Nydali: She drops the weapon.
(1:26:39 AM) Dawny: "It's not a request, or a suggestion, on your fronts"
(1:26:43 AM) E4D: <Take 'em.>
(1:27:02 AM) Strelnikov: Dmitri walks up to the girl, kicking the sword aside as he approaches.
(1:27:07 AM) Nydali: "Damage that and I will…" She shakes her head.
(1:27:22 AM) Dawny: Jillian walks up to the guy "Good choice"
(1:27:34 AM) Tau: Tau has her hands in front of her. They shake nervously. Her calm facade is rather shattered.
(1:27:35 AM) Artemis: The man says nothing, not resists. He's got a gun on his thigh.
(1:27:36 AM) Dexanote: SHank takes the spear. "Cool."
(1:27:46 AM) Dexanote: "Oh nice." Gun too.
(1:27:53 AM) Artemis: Though he can't hel but level a stare at the demon…
(1:27:54 AM) Maddy: Alice picks up the sword.
(1:27:57 AM) Nydali: She has no other weapons save her fist.
(1:27:59 AM) Strelnikov: Dmitri approaches her cautiously, starting to check the girl for weapons.
(1:28:29 AM) Nydali: She grumbles but offers no resistance.
(1:28:45 AM) Dawny: Jillian checks the man for weapons "Gun" she hands it off "Clean"
(1:29:01 AM) Ragazzo: "They're not very zealous zealots…"
(1:29:06 AM) Dexanote: The spear feels uncomfortable in Shank's hands. "Here's a thingy." He hands it off.
(1:29:13 AM) Strelnikov: "This one is clear," he says to Jason. He turns back to the girl. "Keep your hands in the air."
(1:29:14 AM) Ragazzo: "To just surrender…"
(1:29:36 AM) E4D: Jason nods at Dmitri.
(1:29:38 AM) Dawny: "I need zip cuffs"
(1:29:41 AM) Nydali: She growls at Lance.
(1:29:52 AM) Tox: Vance steps forward. "Got 'em." He hands off two pairs.
(1:30:11 AM) Artemis: "We ask kindly that you do not remove our masks," the man says with respect.
(1:30:13 AM) Ragazzo: Lance is inside, completely not at all in hearing distance of Nydali.
(1:30:37 AM) Dawny: Jillian hand one to Dmitri and puts the other on the guy "He's cuffed"
(1:30:37 AM) Maddy: Alice looks to Jason and back to them.
(1:30:41 AM) Tau: "Please listen to them, regarding their masks. It is…a taboo."
(1:30:49 AM) Strelnikov: Dmitri takes one of the ties and loops them around the girl's wrists in a figure eight fashion.
(1:30:53 AM) Strelnikov: Zip!
(1:30:56 AM) Tau: "They hide nothing underneath it, I assure you."
(1:31:15 AM) E4D: <I have an idea. I don't care of a fuck.>
(1:31:40 AM) Dexanote: Shank circles the group like a shark.
(1:32:14 AM) Maddy: Alice passes the sword off to someone, still covering the two.
(1:32:42 AM) Dexanote: Compell Hrafnkell's Scion, Frederick Heiden.
(1:32:57 AM) Heiden: Accepting the compel.
(1:33:14 AM) Dexanote: you have 4 fate
(1:33:39 AM) Dawny is now known as DawyDoesANiceTing
(1:33:45 AM) Heiden: Frederick's lip curls scornfully as he eyes the two newcomers. He reaches into nothingness and pulls out a pair of thin, shimmering threads.
(1:33:51 AM) DawyDoesANiceTing is now known as DawnyDoesANiceThing
(1:34:14 AM) Tau: Tau looks over at Heiden, recognizing the gesture. She hisses. [You will not.]
(1:34:16 AM) Heiden: The two threads wind around each other, tied together at several points, but remain distinct.
(1:34:27 AM) Artemis: The masked man stares at Heiden.
(1:34:29 AM) Tox: Vance accepts the sword. "A fine weapon." His SCAR dangles from its sling as he draws back, observing the pair.
(1:34:39 AM) Nydali: The masked female stares as well.
(1:35:30 AM) *Heiden meets Tau's look levelly. [I will. Best pray to your clockwork master that the Fates leave you in peace.]
(1:35:41 AM) *
Heiden drags a hand against the twined threads, fraying them ever so slightly.
(1:35:51 AM) Heiden: Fatespinner. -2 to the next roll for Artemis and Nydali.
(1:36:12 AM) Dexanote: Shank watches out of the corner of his eye as he circles. "… so cool…"
(1:37:29 AM) Ragazzo: Lance observes the adjutant twins with mild disgust, and then glances at what heiden is up to. He shrugs, goes back to being curled up in a corner, and half-sleeping, half-fighting off delusions.
(1:37:42 AM) E4D: "Colonel? The prisoners are yours."
(1:37:52 AM) E4D: <Alice? Help him?>
(1:38:08 AM) Strelnikov: "Move forward, both of you."
(1:38:21 AM) Nydali: She does so.
(1:38:24 AM) Maddy: "Will d-do." Alice moves over "D-don't keep us waiting."
(1:38:25 AM) Artemis: Artemis does as told, with a fluid, even gait.
(1:39:15 AM) Strelnikov: Dmitri walks them closer to the center of the camp, inside the perimeter. He stops them in a small clearing.
(1:39:42 AM) Strelnikov: "Sit, away from each other."
(1:40:09 AM) Nydali: She glares at Strel, but complies.
(1:40:11 AM) Artemis: Artemis steps away from the woman and lowers himself to his knees.
(1:40:13 AM) Tox: Vance carries the sword in his left hand. "Colonel, what should I do with the recovered weapon?"
(1:40:32 AM) Strelnikov: "Stow it away from them."
(1:40:38 AM) Tox: "Yes, sir."
(1:41:04 AM) Ragazzo: <Weren't they hurt? Or at least, they claimed to be?> Lance rubs his temples, sounding oddly more sympathetic for the two than he had a moment before.
(1:41:07 AM) Tox: Vance retires to Florence, leaning the weapon in the drivers' compartment. He seals the hatch, then returns.
(1:41:56 AM) Artemis: The man's robes are cut up a bit in places. Looks like they might have tanlged with something in the Outback.
(1:42:01 AM) Tox: "The weapon has been stored in Florence's driver compartment, sir."
(1:42:02 AM) Tau: [I will see you broken, Dr. Heiden. I will see your circuits ripped apart for this.]
(1:42:11 AM) Nydali: The female's left shoulder has similar cuts, but slightly stained.
(1:42:15 AM) Strelnikov: "Very good. Spasibo."
(1:42:45 AM) *Heiden stows the threads back… wherever they came from. [I was a broken man a long time ago. You hold no fears for me.]
(1:43:00 AM) Maddy: [Tau, stop. We can't be at each other's throats.
(1:43:02 AM) Maddy: ]
(1:43:14 AM) Heiden: [We already are.]
(1:43:24 AM) Tau: 4df+4 [He started this, Director. I will finish it.]
(1:43:25 AM) Quidmore: Tau: [He started this, Director. I will finish it.]: 7 (4df+4=+, 0, +, +)
(1:44:00 AM) Ragazzo: [You all know such fluent french. I'm impressed.]
(1:44:06 AM) Heiden: Tapping I Am Legion, For We Are Many.
(1:44:16 AM) Dexanote: yes
(1:44:25 AM) Heiden: 4df+6
(1:44:26 AM) Quidmore: Heiden: 6 (4df+6=+, -, -, +)
(1:44:43 AM) *
Artemis turns and watches the exchange. He can't help it.
(1:44:48 AM) Maddy: "I d-don't know."
(1:45:02 AM) E4D: <You speak it, what'd they say?>
(1:45:14 AM) Ragazzo: Lance schleps out to watch.
(1:45:38 AM) Maddy: "Tau is m-mad that Heiden d-did his…w-whatever on th-them." she points at the two.
(1:45:59 AM) E4D: <Tau?>
(1:49:01 AM) Heiden: The sound of tearing flesh is heard as Heiden's shirt stains red. The bronze cords embedded in his right shoulder and all the way up his forearm pull themselves out of his skin and towards Tau.
(1:49:15 AM) E4D: 4df+6 Expending Fate. Jason fires a single round into Tau's mechanical leg.
(1:49:15 AM) Quidmore: E4D: Expending Fate. Jason fires a single round into Tau's mechanical leg.: 7 (4df+6=0, 0, 0, +)
(1:49:21 AM) Maddy: "J-jesus! Tau, stop!"
(1:49:25 AM) E4D: <*TAU*! You *will* stand down!>
(1:49:32 AM) Tau: 4df+3
(1:49:33 AM) Quidmore: Tau: 2 (4df+3=-, 0, +, -)
(1:49:36 AM) Artemis: "DON'T HURT HER!"
(1:49:42 AM) Dexanote: "Whazzis?" Shank is suddenly in front of Heiden.
(1:49:54 AM) Tox: "Jesus Christ, what the hell?!"
(1:49:56 AM) Dexanote: Between him and Tau
(1:50:01 AM) Maddy: "You s-shut up!" she points her gun back at Artemis.
(1:50:05 AM) E4D: Jason draws his handgun, aiming it at the two as the rifle stays leveled at Tau.
(1:50:08 AM) Dexanote: "Fred, ya okay?"
(1:50:24 AM) Strelnikov: Jason is shooting, and someone has attacked Heiden. This is unacceptable. Dmtiri draws his sidearm and levels it at Tau.
(1:50:42 AM) *Heiden smiles wanly at Tau. "Clever. Really, it was." He looks at Chainshank. "I will be fine. Just… fine. It is good to know that I have friends in this nest of vipers."
(1:50:50 AM) Nydali: "You will NOT hurt her!"
(1:51:01 AM) Tau: The ammo digs deep into Tau's leg, going through her pants, and into the clockworks of the leg. She screams quietly. "I see. So the good Doctor is allowed to do whatever to my comrades."
(1:51:28 AM) Strelnikov: Dmitri decides it'd be better served to shift his aim to Nydali's head, so he does that.
(1:51:31 AM) *
Nydali mouths to herself, "…comrades?" She's confused.
(1:51:34 AM) Tau: The bullet grinds into the leg, being crushed by a cog. She exhales heavily.
(1:51:36 AM) E4D: <They're a bunch of goddamn fruitcakes trying to bring back a mechanical piece of shit that does God knows what. They're not any fucking comrades I'd want.>
(1:51:43 AM) Tox: "Jesus."
(1:52:02 AM) Dexanote: He glances at Jason, and growls.
(1:52:22 AM) Maddy: "H-heiden, do you need medical? I'm n-not sure…how you work."
(1:52:24 AM) Strelnikov: "If you attack Doktor Heiden again, I am going to execute your comrades."
(1:52:27 AM) Tau: "I am vilified for simple belief."
(1:52:34 AM) Tau: "You are cowards and bigots."
(1:52:36 AM) Tau: She spits.
(1:52:47 AM) Tox: "Can we please all calm down."
(1:52:49 AM) Ragazzo: Lance sighs, pushing himself up from his seat near florence. He flollops over to Heiden.
(1:52:53 AM) E4D: <You are vilified for attacking Doctor Heiden.>
(1:53:09 AM) Ragazzo: "Let me take a look?"
(1:53:25 AM) Tau: "He cursed these two. I am not sure if you are aware."
(1:53:44 AM) Maddy: "W-we don't even know who t-they are, Tau."
(1:53:53 AM) E4D: <It'll pass.>
(1:53:55 AM) Maddy: "N-no one's t-told us shit."
(1:54:15 AM) Tau: "It is a hostile action no different from shooting them."
(1:54:23 AM) Tau: "I simply responded in kind."
(1:54:57 AM) Nusquam: Everyone, perception.
(1:55:02 AM) E4D: 4df+4
(1:55:03 AM) Quidmore: E4D: 3 (4df+4=+, -, 0, -)
(1:55:04 AM) Tox: 4df+3
(1:55:05 AM) Quidmore: Tox: 3 (4df+3=0, -, 0, +)
(1:55:06 AM) Nydali: 4df+2
(1:55:06 AM) Quidmore: Nydali: 2 (4df+2=0, -, 0, +)
(1:55:09 AM) Heiden: 4df+4 Perception
(1:55:09 AM) Quidmore: Heiden: Perception: 3 (4df+4=+, -, -, 0)
(1:55:11 AM) Dexanote: 4df+2 Shank's focused on Tau.
(1:55:11 AM) Quidmore: Dexanote: Shank's focused on Tau.: 1 (4df+2=-, 0, 0, 0)
(1:55:17 AM) Artemis: will Survival work?
(1:55:23 AM) Nusquam: No.
(1:55:25 AM) Maddy: "S-so these guys wander u-up, call you a heretic, and H-heiden curses them…a-and you attack him?"
(1:55:26 AM) Dexanote: … never been asked that. No.
(1:55:27 AM) Ragazzo: 4df+2 Perc
(1:55:28 AM) Quidmore: Ragazzo: Perc: 0 (4df+2=-, -, 0, 0)
(1:55:29 AM) Maddy: 4df+2
(1:55:29 AM) Quidmore: Maddy: 1 (4df+2=+, -, -, 0)
(1:55:33 AM) Artemis: 4df
(1:55:34 AM) Quidmore: Artemis: 0 (4df=+, 0, -, 0)
(1:55:36 AM) Tau: 4df+3
(1:55:36 AM) Quidmore: Tau: 1 (4df+3=-, 0, 0, -)
(1:55:47 AM) *Artemis is quite distracted by the spectacle.
(1:55:53 AM) Strelnikov: 4df+2 Perception
(1:55:54 AM) Quidmore: Strelnikov: Perception: 5 (4df+2=0, +, +, +)
(1:56:04 AM) *
Nydali is distracted by the gun on the back of her head.
(1:56:28 AM) Strelnikov: Well to be fair it isn't touching her!
(1:56:52 AM) Nusquam: Jason, Vance, Frederic, and Dmitri can hear a scratching sound coming from beneath the Stryker, like something scraping on metal. It's fairly quiet.
(1:57:22 AM) Tom90deg [||ged09moT] entered the room.
(1:57:28 AM) Tox: "Whoa." He turns and heads towards the Stryker, lowering himself to his front. Can he see anything underneath>
(1:57:28 AM) Tox: ?
(1:57:31 AM) Strelnikov: "Vance. Go see what that noise is. It is coming from the vehicles."
(1:57:45 AM) Strelnikov: Dmitri tightens his grip on his sidearm.
(1:57:48 AM) Tox: "On it, sir."
(1:57:53 AM) Nusquam: He can't see anything from where he's at, between the darkness and the distance.
(1:58:13 AM) Tox: He crawls forward, closing to within three feet of the vehicle. He still has his NVGs on.
(1:58:32 AM) E4D: <Alice?>
(1:58:37 AM) Maddy: "Y-yes?"
(1:58:45 AM) Nusquam: Physical defense, Vance.
(1:58:50 AM) E4D: <Shit… check that out? Vance? Cover her.>
(1:59:03 AM) Tox: 4df+3 PDef
(1:59:03 AM) Quidmore: Tox: PDef: 3 (4df+3=0, 0, -, +)
(1:59:08 AM) Maddy: "V-vance is already on it. I'll c-cover him." she moves over.
(1:59:45 AM) Nusquam: 4df+5
(1:59:45 AM) Quidmore: Nusquam: 7 (4df+5=+, +, 0, 0)
(2:00:26 AM) Nusquam: Something small and ridiculously agile leaps from beneath the LAV, clinging to Vance's goggles. He can feel tiny, needle-like things digging into his scalp, but can't see a thing.
(2:00:36 AM) Tox: "Ah! FUCK!"
(2:00:39 AM) Maddy: 4df+2 what is?
(2:00:40 AM) Quidmore: Maddy: what is?: 1 (4df+2=+, 0, -, -)
(2:00:56 AM) Tox: Vance sweeps the goggles off his head and throws them to the ground.
(2:01:12 AM) Dexanote: Shank is looking at Tau. Eh, just Vance.
(2:01:13 AM) Nusquam: It's too dark for Alice to tell.
(2:01:25 AM) Tox: He stumbles backwards, effectively blind. "Something latched onto my goddamn NVGs!"
(2:01:52 AM) Maddy: Alice turns on the light from her gun. Black out shmack out.
(2:01:56 AM) Nusquam: It's thrown to the ground and scurries about in a circle, a dark, rapidly moving shape on the desert floor.
(2:02:16 AM) Tox: 4df+3 I can shoot at it
(2:02:17 AM) Quidmore: Tox: I can shoot at it: 0 (4df+3=-, 0, -, -)
(2:03:02 AM) Maddy: 4df+4 taking a shot.
(2:03:02 AM) Quidmore: Maddy: taking a shot.: 5 (4df+4=-, +, 0, +)
(2:03:04 AM) Heiden: "And the camp is thrown into pandemonium."
(2:03:23 AM) Dexanote: "yep."
(2:03:31 AM) Dexanote: Shank relaxes a bit. "Good times, eh?"
(2:03:42 AM) Ragazzo: "Look, while all the chaos is happening, can i see to your arm? I ought to check Tau as well."
(2:03:43 AM) Tau: Tau exhales, and stands back up.
(2:04:00 AM) Strelnikov: Dmitri gives a hard nudge into Nydali's back. "Did you have anything to do with this?"
(2:04:06 AM) Artemis: Artemis is watching the young woman intently, wary of the critter and the shooting.
(2:04:29 AM) Nydali: "I did no such thing. I have only my blade…and you took that away from me."
(2:05:05 AM) E4D: 4df+7 tapping a fate point for small and nimble
(2:05:06 AM) Quidmore: E4D: tapping a fate point for small and nimble: 6 (4df+7=-, 0, +, -)
(2:05:25 AM) E4D: The things springs around, chittering and hauling ass back under the Stryker.
(2:05:54 AM) Tox: "What the fuck. Can I get a driver in that thing? I don't want it pouncing on my head again."
(2:06:05 AM) Tox: Vance retrieves his NVGs and slips them back on.
(2:06:05 AM) Ragazzo: 4df+7 Tapping Fate for it doesn't have to hurt, VS Heiden's perplexing wound
(2:06:05 AM) Quidmore: Ragazzo: Tapping Fate for it doesn't have to hurt, VS Heiden's perplexing wound: 8 (4df+7=+, +, 0, -)
(2:06:10 AM) Maddy: "Ok. ok. Shhhh. L-let me take a peak. It c-could just be a lizard or s-something."
(2:06:17 AM) Dexanote: "Oh you big baby." Shank walks over and looks underneath
(2:06:22 AM) Nusquam: Vance's NVGs are covered with slobber.
(2:06:26 AM) *Heiden frowns, but doesn't argue as Dr. Cole examines the wound.
(2:06:28 AM) Maddy: 4df+2 flashlight
(2:06:28 AM) Quidmore: Maddy: flashlight: 4 (4df+2=+, +, +, -)
(2:06:49 AM) Tox: "Hey look, just because - aw, sonofabitch." He pulls it off. "Just because you have a goddamn replaceable head…"
(2:07:11 AM) E4D: As it scrambles away, Alice catches a glimpse of…
(2:07:21 AM) E4D:
(2:07:26 AM) E4D: That.
(2:07:28 AM) Maddy: "S-spaz?"
(2:07:37 AM) Maddy: "What."
(2:07:44 AM) Maddy: "WHAT!"
(2:07:47 AM) Tox: "What? You named this thing?"
(2:07:49 AM) E4D: Shank does as well.
(2:07:49 AM) Dexanote: "Spazzy alright…"
(2:07:51 AM) Ragazzo: Lance lays the cords back in place gingerly, setting them in the grooves, and cleaning the ripped flesh. He bandages the whole arm up. Then he strips off his gloves with a grimace. He didn't seem to enjoy touching the metal.
(2:07:57 AM) E4D: Shank! Defense!
(2:07:58 AM) Maddy: Alice flatfaces. "Jason."
(2:08:10 AM) Dexanote: 4df+3 "Fu- izzat a Xenomorph?"
(2:08:10 AM) Quidmore: Dexanote: "Fu- izzat a Xenomorph?": 3 (4df+3=0, -, +, 0)
(2:08:12 AM) E4D: 4df+5
(2:08:13 AM) Quidmore: E4D: 6 (4df+5=0, 0, 0, +)
(2:08:14 AM) Tox: "It tried to eat my goddamn head and you **named
(2:08:19 AM) Strelnikov: Dmitri sighs, staying with the prisoners.
(2:08:25 AM) Maddy: "G-get a hot d-dog."
(2:08:35 AM) Tox: "A—a what?"
(2:08:39 AM) Maddy: "Just do it."
(2:08:48 AM) E4D: The thing springs out, snapping its jaws around the globe, but finding no purchase. It slide off as Shank flails, and runs back under the vehicle.
(2:08:51 AM) *Nydali mutters under her breath. "Crazy people.
(2:09:04 AM) Tox: Vance sighs, and rummages through the supplies for the requested dog. "Here, Alice."
(2:09:10 AM) Tox: He hands it off.
(2:09:13 AM) Dexanote: Box now, but ok. Shank silently flails, blind and mute.
(2:09:20 AM) Strelnikov: "For the first time, we agree."
(2:09:20 AM) Ragazzo: Then lance wanders over to Tau.
(2:09:32 AM) Maddy: Alice hold the hot dog under the car. "C-come her you l-little fucker."
(2:09:45 AM) Ragazzo: [Excuse me, can I see to your leg?]
(2:09:48 AM) Tom90deg left the room (quit: Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - ~).
(2:10:00 AM) Ragazzo: (Redact)
(2:10:01 AM) Tau: [It's fine.]
(2:10:03 AM) Tau: asdas
(2:10:26 AM) Ragazzo left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(2:10:37 AM) E4D: It skitters out, snapping its four jaws around her arm.
(2:10:44 AM) E4D: It holds tight.
(2:10:48 AM) Tox: "What the fuck?!"
(2:10:58 AM) Maddy: Alice pulls it out calmly.
(2:11:05 AM) Maddy: "M-meet Spaz."
(2:11:07 AM) Tox: "Jesus, what is that thing?"
(2:11:08 AM) Dexanote: He feels around, to the spot where the guns and ammo are kept. He feels around, grabs an ammo crate, and dumps it out. He takes a claw hammer out of his leg and digs two holes into one side, and one on the bottom. He sticks it on his shoulders, a zigzag mouth splitting across. "Ir dead yet?"
(2:11:13 AM) Strelnikov: «Do you want me to shoot these prisoners or what, Dodge Ridge?»
(2:11:35 AM) Dexanote: "The fuck did i miss?" His voice has a metallic ring.
(2:11:43 AM) Maddy: "B-bad news, Shanky. This thing is p-practically unkillable."
(2:11:57 AM) Tox: "What is it?"
(2:12:02 AM) Dexanote: "Fuck it."
(2:12:24 AM) Maddy: Alice wanders over to Jason, holding the arm with Spaz on it out. "It's a c-creature created b-by an SCP."
(2:12:25 AM) E4D: <SHIT! Strel, get the prisoners on their face! Off a hundred meters. Hogtie 'em and watch 'em! Alice? Take care of Spaz."
(2:12:42 AM) Dexanote: "Stick it in a box or somethin."
(2:12:47 AM) E4D: Jason grabs Spaz and pulls it off.
(2:12:58 AM) Maddy: "Right."
(2:13:00 AM) Strelnikov: "Come on, then. Up, both of you." Dmitri motions with his pistol.
(2:13:13 AM) Nydali: She complies, grumbling.
(2:13:28 AM) E4D: <Goddamn, what a fucking trainwreck…>
(2:13:42 AM) Artemis: Artemis stands, unable to turn his gaze from Tau.
(2:14:06 AM) Maddy: Alice takes Spaz from Jason and finds a box to put it in.
(2:14:42 AM) Strelnikov: Dmitri motions for them to move, and marches them off a ways before indicating that they should lay on their stomachs.
(2:14:43 AM) Tau: [Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.]
(2:14:56 AM) Tau: Tau runs her hands through her hair continually.
(2:15:22 AM) Tox: "What the shit is this," Vance shakes his head.
(2:15:40 AM) Nydali: "Tout des personnes sont fou." She lies down.
(2:15:56 AM) Strelnikov: "Yab tomat voyu."
(2:16:13 AM) Artemis: "Quiet, Illia." Artemis lays down as told.
(2:16:39 AM) *
Nydali lies down, face first in the sand.
(2:18:03 AM) Strelnikov: "I apologize for the delay. In my country, this is much more efficiently handled."
(2:20:27 AM) Artemis: Artemis lies silent, pondering on what he'd just seen.
(2:23:22 AM) Strelnikov: «So am I to shoot them, or what.»
(2:26:26 AM) E4D: «Negative. Post watch. I'm sending Tau over. If anything stupid happens, you know what to do. This convoy will *not* be compromised by a bunch of zealots.>
(2:26:48 AM) Strelnikov: <I regret to inform you that it already has been.>
(2:27:35 AM) Maddy: «It w-won't be compromised /f-further/ then.»
(2:27:37 AM) E4D: « … Noted. Don't take any shit.»
(2:28:22 AM) Tau: "What? What do you want me to ascertain, exactly?"
(2:28:35 AM) Strelnikov: Dmitri holsters his sidearm and walks around them idly.
(2:29:06 AM) E4D: <Find out why your friends are here. See if it's safe to keep them around.>
(2:29:51 AM) Tau: "God. God." She turns and walks over to Strelnikov, Artemis, and Nyadali.
(2:29:57 AM) Tau: *Nyadali
(2:30:02 AM) Tau: fasop
(2:30:07 AM) Tau: *Nydali
(2:30:51 AM) Artemis: Artemis rolls himself and flops over on his side so that he can look at the girl.
(2:31:17 AM) Tau: "You…will identify your Make and Abbey immediately." She is stressed as fuck.
(2:32:04 AM) Nydali: "Why should I tell you anything, Heretic? You betrayed the Church."
(2:32:38 AM) Tau: "I did nothing of the sort!" Tau raises her voice. It is unaccustomed to the change in pitch.
(2:32:41 AM) Artemis: "Ardennes," Artemis says unexpectedly. "Of the Black Cog."
(2:33:16 AM) *Nydali shoots a look at Artemis.
(2:33:24 AM) Tau: "Cog. Oh, hell." She turns in circles, running her hands through hair in a nervous tic. "You are Adjutants."
(2:33:33 AM) Artemis: "Yes."
(2:33:41 AM) Nydali: "That is correct."
(2:33:57 AM) Dexanote: Shank walks around the camp.
(2:35:13 AM) Tau: "There is…there is so much to say. I can tell you this. I never betrayed the Church. The Foundation was a ruse to get at The Oracle."
(2:35:59 AM) Artemis: Artemis blinks from behind his mask. "…What… of the Oracle then?"
(2:36:18 AM) Nydali: "Is it safe?"
(2:37:21 AM) Tau: "It is…I have no idea. I had it, almost. A man named Nathaniel. I was to track him down for more information. But the fucking GOC." She stops, holding her arms out as to say 'this is what happened.'
(2:38:17 AM) Artemis: "Who… who are you?"
(2:38:38 AM) Nusquam left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(2:39:19 AM) Tau: "I am Tau Vriska, daughter of the same. I am a former Adjutant of the Black Cog. My lover and Bonded was killed in the GOC raid in '99."
(2:40:31 AM) Tox: Vance leans against Florence's hood, listening to this exchange, NVGs pushed up on his head.
(2:42:36 AM) Artemis: "She of loss and loss again, The Broken Lord shall take her hand," Artemis recites breathlessly. A vague scripture on the nature of God's supposed lover. Maybe he's getting ahead of himself.
(2:44:34 AM) Tau: She continues her rant, unhearing. "I am Tau Vriska, and I am sick of this shit, of being thrown into a world with a power that casts doubts on all my achievements."
(2:45:21 AM) Strelnikov: Dmitri doesn't understand any of this.
(2:46:22 AM) Nydali: "And those who cast doubt upon her shall be them that depend upon her the most." Nydali mutters into the sand…years of faithful studies surfacing once again.
(2:47:16 AM) Tau: "And you come to me, call me heretic. The nerve. The /audacity/. I spent a year under suspsicion, waiting for some fucko with a gun and vengeful streak to come racing into the Site 23 cafe and shoot me in the head."
(2:47:58 AM) Artemis: "She will brea(k) her Broken lord, and make him whole with suffering word." Artemis is headed in the completely opposite direction that his bonded..
(2:48:08 AM) Artemis: than
(2:48:37 AM) Tau: "I will argue for your release and escort out of this place. I can do no more. I offer you this kindness out of respect."
(2:48:55 AM) Tau: She slumps slightly, defeated.
(2:49:13 AM) Tau: "I am so sick of being alone." It's a mutter.
(2:49:23 AM) Artemis: "You called the metal from his body…"
(2:50:20 AM) Tau: "Yes. A joke. A cruel one, at that. I woke up one morning and found myself with the ability." She doesn't look. "The Broken God has a sense of humor, it seems."
(2:50:45 AM) Artemis: "You called to it and it answered…"
(2:51:16 AM) Nydali: "Who else has such command…."
(2:51:27 AM) Tau: "I speak the language." She sounds bitter.
(2:51:49 AM) Artemis: "You called to us and here we came, despite being lost."
(2:51:58 AM) Nydali: "Forgive me, I did not realize…no heretic can…"
(2:52:46 AM) Tau: She turns slowly, catching on. "You were deceived by the Artificer. It would not be the first time someone was executed for heresy in the name of politics."
(2:52:51 AM) DawnyDoesANiceThing is now known as Dawny
(2:52:59 AM) Artemis: "… You're the Enlightened One," Artemis says reverently.
(2:53:28 AM) Tau: She blinks.
(2:53:38 AM) Nydali: "May the Broken God have mercy on me…" She's crying, regretful of calling her a heretic.
(2:53:54 AM) Strelnikov: Dmitri sighs, with an 'oh jeez' expression on his face.
(2:54:15 AM) Tau: "No, no. Oh, lord. Colonel, they are regretful, please allow them to get out of the dirt."
(2:54:38 AM) Strelnikov: "Go ahead, sit up, I guess."
(2:54:55 AM) Artemis: "She walks on the ashes of man's mistakes, behind she weaves Broken mistakes…" Some of these scriptures are -banned- in some churches.
(2:55:04 AM) Artemis: wakes
(2:55:08 AM) Tau: Tau walks over and helps Nydali up.
(2:55:09 AM) Artemis: Broken wakes .
(2:55:19 AM) Nydali: "Thank…thank you, my lady…"
(2:55:55 AM) Tau: "I - this is not a conversation we should have in front of unbelievers. What are your names?"
(2:56:17 AM) Artemis: "Artemis Harrow."
(2:56:20 AM) Dexanote: Where are they? outside?
(2:56:20 AM) Nydali: "I am Illia Nydali."
(2:57:09 AM) Tox: Vance listens to the conversation with unbridled interest.
(2:57:38 AM) Dexanote: Shank walks by. He scoffs at the inferior metal people.
(2:58:01 AM) Tau: "Lady Nyadali, Lord Harrow. Good." She looks into Illia's eyes for a moment and then turns. "What do you wish? I can ask for them to let you go."
(2:58:56 AM) Nydali: She glances at Artemis.
(2:59:05 AM) Artemis: For once, Artemis does not return Illia's look. "Please… please let us come with you…"
(2:59:33 AM) Tau: She pauses, running her hands down her face. Heiden and Jason will /love/ this.
(3:00:21 AM) Artemis: Behind the iron mask, Artemis' eyes are lit with wonder and worship.
(3:01:18 AM) Nydali: "I wish only to accompany you, to offer my skill to protect you."
(3:01:26 AM) *
Strelnikov sighs.
(3:01:35 AM) Strelnikov: «They want to join our party.»
(3:01:56 AM) Tox: «I heard as much. Heiden and Jason are going to /love/ this.»
(3:03:07 AM) Tau: "Stay here, you two." She strides off towards Jason, muttering.
(3:03:42 AM) Dawny: "Can I smoke now?"
(3:04:03 AM) Strelnikov is now known as Waxx
(3:04:18 AM) Waxx left the room (quit: Quit: A bear is just a man who made a choice.).
(3:05:01 AM) E4D: Jason's sitting by the LAV on a can of ammo he hauled out, smoking a cigarette, the cherry concealed inside a cupped hand.
(3:05:09 AM) Dexanote: Shank walks over and sits down in front of the prisoners. He has the ammo case head.
(3:05:24 AM) Tau: "Jason. I won't fuck around. I want them to come with us."
(3:05:46 AM) Dawny: Jillian lights her's and uses the same tactic as Jason "Fuck"
(3:07:57 AM) Tau: "They are excellent fighters, capable of following orders, intelligent, and survivalists by nature. I will keep them in line if they become an issue."
(3:09:59 AM) E4D: <Excellent fighters. With a sword and a spear. I'm sure they know a lot about fire and maneuver, too. Intelligent? Nothing says intelligent about building a giant machine that might fuck the world up worse than it already is. I'm not seeing a downside here." Sarcasm.
(3:10:51 AM) Dawny: "I could still go for killing something…"
(3:10:56 AM) Tau: "They had guns. And Jason, this isn't a the time or place for philosophy or religion."
(3:11:48 AM) Tau: "Please, Jason. I will beg. I do not want to see them turned out in to the wastes, alone and broken."
(3:11:50 AM) Nioki left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
(3:12:41 AM) Dawny: Jillian climbs up with Jason and whispers "I don't like this boss"
(3:14:10 AM) E4D: He nods at Jill. "No time for religion? This isn't a religion. It's putting together a big machine. One that no one knows the capabilities of. And the other points still stands."
(3:14:19 AM) E4D: "Survivalists? What are they coming to us for?
(3:14:49 AM) Tau: "They were looking for me. To kill me. The circumstances in that matter is resolved."
(3:16:41 AM) E4D: "No… you said they're survival experts." He shakes his head. "Anyway. I'm asking *you* what benefit there is to taking in a bunch of people who worship things that corrode and destroy minds. It's not like they were benevolent before."
(3:17:11 AM) Dawny: Jillian takes another drag "Fuck…it's time for tea, Jason?"
(3:17:53 AM) Dexanote: "Fuck off with tha damn yea, Jill." Shank walks by.
(3:18:44 AM) Dawny: Jillian looks a bit hurt "You don't have to be mean about it"
(3:19:21 AM) Tau: "It does not - they were walking for weeks - oh for fucks' sake. Do you forget I *am* part of the people who worship said things? Have I *once* tried to hurt you? Jason, if I wanted to sabotage this whole operation, I'd make your suits and the vehicle scrap with my goddamn mind, and then put a bullet in my head. Look, they're good fighters
(3:20:00 AM) Tau: and are trustworthy, pious people. The Adjutants are dedicated to protection, not destruction."
(3:21:25 AM) Tau: "Make a decision. I would rather not argue with a man I admire."
(3:21:31 AM) Tau: She waits.
(3:22:32 AM) Doctor_Light [||alliztahc] entered the room.
(3:23:06 AM) E4D: "… Goddamnit…"
(3:23:20 AM) E4D: "They're gonna have an eye on them."
(3:23:56 AM) Tau: "/Thank/ you."
(3:24:10 AM) Dawny: Jillian half chokes on her cigarette "Seriously?"
(3:24:45 AM) Heiden: A vein in Heiden's forehead is /not/ pulsing so hard it might pop right now.
(3:24:45 AM) Heiden: Nope.
(3:25:06 AM) Tox: "Well, this is going to be fun…"
(3:25:16 AM) Dawny: "Fucking kill me now" Jillian makes tea "Who else?"
(3:25:36 AM) Nusquam [||tibbiM] entered the room.
(3:25:52 AM) mode (+ao Nusquam Nusquam) by ChanServ
(3:25:55 AM) Tox: "Please."
(3:26:37 AM) Dexanote: "Oi Jill." shank is suddenly RIGHT THERE>
(3:27:01 AM) Dawny: Jillian jumps a bit "Yes Mr. Shank?"
(3:27:02 AM) Dexanote: "Ya said somethin?"
(3:27:14 AM) Tau: She walks off, going to the masked people. "We have an agreement. You will stay with me. You will follow my orders, and Jason's. We will walk together, for now." She rubs her forehead. "There is much to discuss."
(3:27:18 AM) Tox: "Back off, Shank."
(3:27:21 AM) Dexanote: "Or'm I bein too literal?"
(3:27:34 AM) Dawny: Jillian looks down "I said that you don't have to be so mean all the time"
(3:27:38 AM) Artemis: "Thank you, Your Holiness."
(3:27:41 AM) Tox: Where did his SCAR come from? Who knows, but it's sort of pointed at Shank.
(3:27:54 AM) Nydali: "We are forever indebted."
(3:27:55 AM) Dawny: "Vance, chill, right the fuck now"
(3:28:03 AM) Dexanote: He obviously sees this, Vance.
(3:28:11 AM) Dexanote: Doesn't react. No facial expressions.
(3:28:22 AM) Tox: Yes. Death threats? Not taken lightly, but the barrel drops.
(3:28:25 AM) Dexanote: "Yea Vance, jus a joke."
(3:28:42 AM) Dexanote: it's obviously not a joke
(3:28:54 AM) Tox: Vance obviously knows this
(3:29:11 AM) Tau: "Do not trust the scarecrow, or the man in bronze. Doubt everything they say. The others are trustworthy."
(3:29:12 AM) Dexanote: He slinks back a bit and roots.
(3:29:36 AM) E4D: Jason leans over, whispering something to Jill.
(3:29:54 AM) Nydali: "I see…"
(3:30:11 AM) Artemis: Artemis nods. "I care not for demons nor heretics any further." What a strange statement.
(3:30:19 AM) Nydali left the room (quit: Quit: night).
(3:30:52 AM) Tau: "Well." She claps both of them on the shoulders. "Come, I will share my food and water with you." And they walked off
(3:31:18 AM) Dawny: Jillian nods "New guys, tea?"
(3:31:42 AM) Artemis: The pair followed obediently back to the camp. Artemis' eyes darting about to each wary face.