Three Sisters War: Part III

Apr 18 19:33:58 <Maddy> The world starts to come into focus around you and your dudes are right where you left them last time. It's still just after 2pm.
Apr 18 19:34:35 <Tox> Talwyn shakes her head and looks around, re-acquiring her bearings.
Apr 18 19:35:11 <Arag> Armok would be in the weapon shop?
Apr 18 19:35:19 <Maddy> Yeah
Apr 18 19:36:09 <Maddy> Recap: you went and kilt some fish dudes then came back to town, assumadely someone took the writings you found tot he king and got your money
Apr 18 19:36:33 <Arag> Armok is going to go look for his friends.
Apr 18 19:37:45 <Echo> Chandler follows behind Armok, still a little pissed that his awesome sword got stolen by a shield.
Apr 18 19:37:58 <Maddy> …he got it back
Apr 18 19:38:05 <Arag> Suddenly Chandler?
Apr 18 19:38:13 <Tox> Talwyn follows behind, running a hand through her hair.
Apr 18 19:39:03 <Arag> "Okay. So. We need to go and try to find that thing."
Apr 18 19:39:20 <Tox> "Which thing again?"
Apr 18 19:41:04 <Arag> "It's a sigil with a minotaur, belonged to Pella's friend who used to own the axe I now carry."
Apr 18 19:41:23 <Tox> "Oh. Do we have any leads on where it is?"
Apr 18 19:43:00 <Echo> "Wait, what?"
Apr 18 19:43:01 <Arag> Do we? I don't htink we do.
Apr 18 19:43:17 <Arag> "Wait what what?"
Apr 18 19:43:30 <Maddy> You have no leads.
Apr 18 19:43:51 <Echo> "What's the thing again now?"
Apr 18 19:44:19 <Maddy> Though you kno Ben'Jun was a fighter of some repute. People may know where she was headed when she went missing.
Apr 18 19:44:30 <Arag> "It is a sigil. Minotaur is engraved."
Apr 18 19:45:02 <Tox> "We should probably ask around."
Apr 18 19:45:38 <Echo> Chandler looks more than a little confused. "For what?" A little quieter, he adds, "I'm not gonna lie, I don't remember completely what was up with that."
Apr 18 19:46:16 <Maddy> John was the only one to hear about that so chandler wouldnt have known
Apr 18 19:46:23 <Arag> "It was Ben'Jun's. She was a friend of Pella's, who died recently."
Apr 18 19:46:37 <Arag> "The axe I have here? It was her's."
Apr 18 19:46:39 <Echo> "The dwarf weaponsmith."
Apr 18 19:46:44 <Tox> "Yeah."
Apr 18 19:46:52 <Tox> "As far as I remember, anyway."
Apr 18 19:47:01 <Arag> "Yes."
Apr 18 19:47:04 <Echo> "Right. Okay, I think I'm good."
Apr 18 19:47:15 <Echo> He gives them both a thumbs up.
Apr 18 19:47:18 <Arag> "Right. We should ask around, see what we can dig up."
Apr 18 19:47:25 <Arag> "She had to have been going somewhere."
Apr 18 19:47:49 <Echo> "Maybe we should start with Pella?"
Apr 18 19:48:56 <Arag> "Well it's not a bad place to start."
Apr 18 19:49:04 <Arag> Armok walks back into the shop.
Apr 18 19:49:49 <Maddy> The weapon place whch is open air is still there, Pella is still working and singing, though with a lot less zazz than before.
Apr 18 19:50:22 <Echo> Chandler gestures for Armok to head in first. "You got it, right? The sigil?"
Apr 18 19:52:03 <Arag> "Got it?"
Apr 18 19:52:14 <Arag> Armok holds at the door for a second.
Apr 18 19:52:22 <Maddy> Theres no door :| its open air
Apr 18 19:52:44 <Arag> Oh
Apr 18 19:53:16 <Arag> He holds… he just stops moving to look at Chandler.
Apr 18 19:53:48 <Echo> "The sigil. Are you the one that has it, or is it Cana?"
Apr 18 19:54:35 <Tox> "I think, uh, we have to go out and /find/ the sigil, Chandler."
Apr 18 19:54:41 <Arag> "No one has it. The sigil is what we're going to try to get."
Apr 18 19:54:46 <Echo> "Ah… right."
Apr 18 19:55:18 <Arag> With that Armok makes his way further inside. "Pella? Do you know where Ben'Jun was going when she disappeared?"
Apr 18 19:56:08 <Maddy> She thinks a moment. "She said something about dealing with some highwaymen. They've been bothering lone travelers a while, and I guess she's scared up where their camp might be."
Apr 18 19:56:28 <Tox> "Sounds like a good group of people to deal with."
Apr 18 19:56:34 <Arag> "A direction would be helpful."
Apr 18 19:56:49 <Maddy> "Sorry, we didn't talk about the where, just the what."
Apr 18 19:58:33 <Echo> "Did you know any of the people they might have attacked?"
Apr 18 20:00:31 <Maddy> "Not personally, no. I don't much leave the city."
Apr 18 20:01:49 <Echo> "Personally. Perhaps by way of association?" He glances over at Armok.
Apr 18 20:02:18 <Arag> Armok isn't sure how to sort the signifigence of that glance.
Apr 18 20:02:47 <Maddy> She shrgs. "Your best bet might be to go to whoever she got her info from. People are attacked on roads, but I'd think they wouldnt camp there."
Apr 18 20:02:58 <Arag> "We'll see."
Apr 18 20:03:02 <Maddy> "Though they could. Can't say I know much about robbery."
Apr 18 20:03:53 <Tox> "It's not something decent people should generally know much about," Talwyn agrees, leaning over to pet Lokir.
Apr 18 20:04:39 <Echo> "Other merchants." Chandler nods at Pella. "Thanks for your assistance." With a smile, he heads out of her shop.
Apr 18 20:04:56 <Tox> Talwyn/Lokir follow behind.
Apr 18 20:05:10 <Arag> Armok nods, and walks out.
Apr 18 20:06:06 <Echo> Mitchell the paladin glances up and down the way, looking for other shops.
Apr 18 20:06:50 <Maddy> Theres a jewlers, which is still closed, the potions shop, weapons, armour, fishmongers, pawn shop
Apr 18 20:06:57 <Maddy> Tavern
Apr 18 20:07:56 <Echo> "There." Chandler points at the pawn brokers'. "You think?"
Apr 18 20:08:34 <Echo> "They'd have inventory coming in from all over the place, and if there was a bunch of people trying to hock something off they stole from somebody, that'd be the place, yeah?"
Apr 18 20:09:00 <Arag> "Yep."
Apr 18 20:09:10 <Arag> Armok keeps behind the paladin
Apr 18 20:09:17 <Tox> "Sounds logical to me.
Apr 18 20:09:20 <Tox> "
Apr 18 20:10:06 <Echo> "… Sparrow'd probably be better at this particular bit. I'm not uh, exactly well-versed on criminal underworld…"
Apr 18 20:10:53 <Arag> "We don't have Sparrow."
Apr 18 20:10:57 <Arag> Armok shrugs.
Apr 18 20:11:05 <Arag> "My methods aren't as uh… polite."
Apr 18 20:11:41 <Echo> "Okay, I'll just wing it, but be polite about it. I think I could be pretty convincing."
Apr 18 20:11:52 <Tox> "You're a paladin. How can they not trust you?"
Apr 18 20:12:21 <Arag> "Well."
Apr 18 20:12:37 <Arag> "If your buying things pryed from the hands of still warm corpses…"
Apr 18 20:12:44 <Echo> "Because they don't have any reason to tell me who they're dealing wi-… Wait, they have every reason to tell me who they're dealing with. Cuz I could get the guard on them."
Apr 18 20:12:47 <Echo> "Or just me on them."
Apr 18 20:12:50 <Echo> "With you guys."
Apr 18 20:12:55 <Tox> "Yeah."
Apr 18 20:12:59 <Echo> "Like, righteous justice and all, right?"
Apr 18 20:13:05 <Arag> "Of course."
Apr 18 20:13:06 <Tox> "I'd buy it."
Apr 18 20:13:29 <Arag> "Lead the way."
Apr 18 20:13:33 <Echo> Chandler grins broadly and steps off toward the pawn shop.
Apr 18 20:13:52 <Tox> Talwyn and dog follow behind.
Apr 18 20:14:01 <Arag> Armok follows behind.
Apr 18 20:15:58 <Maddy> When they get in, there's a gnome sitting behind some bars on a stool, looking at a necklace. He looks up. "'Ey! No dags." he points at Lokir.
Apr 18 20:16:34 <Echo> "…" Chandler looks where the little man's pointing, then back at the man.
Apr 18 20:17:41 <Tox> A flicker of annoyance crosses Talwyn's face. "As you wish." She withdraws with Lokir.
Apr 18 20:18:25 <Maddy> "Thankee." he puts down hi stuff. "'Ow kin I help you."
Apr 18 20:18:30 <Maddy> *'elp
Apr 18 20:19:17 <Echo> "My friend here is looking for something in particular." Chandler gestures at Armok.
Apr 18 20:20:28 <Arag> "I'm looking for a sigil. Minotaur on it. Have you seen it?"
Apr 18 20:21:10 <Maddy> "I don deal in sigils. That's magicer shit ain't it?"
Apr 18 20:21:20 <Arag> "Not that I'm aware of."
Apr 18 20:21:46 <Maddy> "what the fook is a sigil then?"
Apr 18 20:22:13 <Arag> "An emblem."
Apr 18 20:22:40 <Arag> "It might be magic. I don't know. Didn't ask."
Apr 18 20:23:03 <Maddy> "Oh. Just a sec." he jumps off his stool, dissapearing from view a moment and rumaging through something.
Apr 18 20:23:14 <Maddy> "Minotaur yeh?"
Apr 18 20:23:20 <Arag> "Yes."
Apr 18 20:23:59 <Maddy> "No dice." he pops back up. "This one's gotta bugbear on it though. 50 copper."
Apr 18 20:24:07 <Arag> "No."
Apr 18 20:24:14 <Echo> Chandler raises an eyebrow, frowning.
Apr 18 20:24:37 <Maddy> "Maybe you could ask the jewler to make yah one. I don't really choose my stuff."
Apr 18 20:24:59 <Tox> Meanwhile, banished outside by the evils of gnomes, Talwyn and Lokir look around at their surroundings.
Apr 18 20:25:02 <Echo> "Do you know when you might get more inventory?"
Apr 18 20:25:20 <Arag> Armok looks for other exits.
Apr 18 20:26:04 <Maddy> "This is a pawn shop. It comes in when someone needs to pay a loan shark, or git back ata boyfriend." theres a door back where the gnome is, behind the bars.
Apr 18 20:27:08 <Maddy> Tal, roll spot.
Apr 18 20:27:21 <Arag> Armok walks outside to Telw- Nevermind then.
Apr 18 20:28:10 <Tox> 1d20+8 what do my druid eyes see
Apr 18 20:28:11 <CROM> Tox: what do my druid eyes see: 16 (1d20+8=8)
Apr 18 20:28:48 <Arag> d20+2 FIND? KILL.
Apr 18 20:28:48 <CROM> Arag: FIND? KILL.: 14 (d20+2=12)
Apr 18 20:28:54 <Echo> 1d10+11 Diplomacy "Got any regulars? I'm sure you get plenty of merchandise from out of town. Gotta be a good way to stay in business. People can only sell the same things to each other so many times."
Apr 18 20:28:55 <CROM> Echo: Diplomacy "Got any regulars? I'm sure you get plenty of merchandise from out of town. Gotta be a good way to stay in business. People can only sell the same things to each other so many times.": 17 (1d10+11=6)
Apr 18 20:29:43 <Maddy> A noble-ish looking lady was looking at the fish and turns to leave. She bumps into a street urchin, who start to apologize, but the lady turns up her nose and wanders off. Talwyn, you notice that urchin pick-poketed the lady.
Apr 18 20:29:46 <Maddy> Armok sees nothing
Apr 18 20:30:07 <Echo> …
Apr 18 20:30:18 <Arag> "Talwyn, there's a backdoor. You should stand there. In case."
Apr 18 20:30:19 <Echo> 1d20+11 derp
Apr 18 20:30:19 <CROM> Echo: derp: 30 (1d20+11=19)
Apr 18 20:30:22 <Echo> …
Apr 18 20:31:08 <Tox> Talwyn and Lokir start moseying off that way. "No…you stay here. I'm gonna go talk to that kid over there."
Apr 18 20:31:13 <Maddy> "Eeeeh I got one guy. Comes it all the time with dfferent things." He looks side to side a little.
Apr 18 20:31:30 <Maddy> Tox, go to #Alleyway
Apr 18 20:32:00 <Arag> "Bu-" Armok sighs.
Apr 18 20:32:06 <Arag> He goes back inside.
Apr 18 20:32:19 <Tox> *You stand there"
Apr 18 20:32:30 <Arag> He does not do that.
Apr 18 20:32:39 <Arag> He's fast enough to catch a gnome.
Apr 18 20:32:45 <Echo> Chandler leans in, six feet plus and over 200 pounds of paladin towering at the gnome.
Apr 18 20:33:12 <Echo> "Go on."
Apr 18 20:34:01 <Maddy> "Ok, so I thought 'e might be a merchent traveler, right? But I swear I sawr'im in the floodwards once. No one from outa town goes ther."
Apr 18 20:34:18 <Arag> "Tell us about him."
Apr 18 20:36:01 <Maddy> "'E's a weird looking 'uman fellow, big ole scar on 'is neck." he makes a throat slashing motion. "Didn't watch him long. Nothing good to be 'ad by idiling in Floodwards."
Apr 18 20:36:37 <Echo> "Where and what are these 'Floodwards?'"
Apr 18 20:37:07 <Maddy> "You're not from around 'ere I guess. It's the place in town where we keep all the poor people."
Apr 18 20:39:05 <Echo> "Sounds like a place where I should spend more time. What's this guy usually selling you? All different kinds of things is a little broad."
Apr 18 20:41:03 <Maddy> "Mostly trinkets, jewlery and the like. Old stuff, so I thought 'e was a pawn dealer too maybe. 'Aven't seen him since Floodwards, guessin 'e saw me seein'im."
Apr 18 20:42:11 <Echo> "This guy have any friends he travels with?"
Apr 18 20:42:19 <Maddy> "Not that I know."
Apr 18 20:44:31 <Echo> "Jewelry salesman with no escort, and no appearance of a jeweler. Thanks. What's your name?"
Apr 18 20:44:56 <Maddy> "Chad."
Apr 18 20:46:33 <Arag> Armok looks at him.
Apr 18 20:46:39 <Arag> "…… Okay."
Apr 18 20:47:16 <Echo> "Chad. We might have some business for you later, Chad. Legitimate business."
Apr 18 20:47:35 <Echo> Chandler smiles at him, and heads out of the shop, looking around for their druid.
Apr 18 20:47:37 <Maddy> "Thank the god, Im sick'othis fence shite."
Apr 18 20:47:49 <Tox> Gone like yesterday~
Apr 18 20:48:00 <Echo> "…"
Apr 18 20:48:24 <Echo> He clears his throat. "Armok?"
Apr 18 20:48:27 <Arag> Armok walks out. "She went to talk to someone."
Apr 18 20:48:48 <Arag> And Armok goes down to where he saw the druid go off.
Apr 18 20:49:10 <Echo> "… did he-.. she say where she was-…" Chandler follows close behind him, question apparently answering itself.
Apr 18 20:49:34 <Maddy> There's an aleyways, but there's so many twists and turns, and you cant actally seen ny proof of where she went.
Apr 18 20:50:18 <Arag> "…"
Apr 18 20:50:28 <Arag> "I vote we leave her."
Apr 18 20:50:59 <Echo> "That doesn't seem right."
Apr 18 20:52:15 <Arag> "No."
Apr 18 20:52:17 <Arag> "Okay."
Apr 18 20:52:23 <Arag> He sighs. "Stupid…"
Apr 18 20:53:48 <Echo> Chandler cups his hands around his mouth. In his biggest and most-boomingest, paladin-y/Marine Corps NCO command voice. "*TELWYN*."
Apr 18 20:55:14 <Arag> "That didn't work."
Apr 18 20:55:43 <Arag> Armok looks around. Any easily climbable buildings?
Apr 18 20:55:59 <Maddy> Som people look at him. No they're really flat on the sides
Apr 18 20:56:18 <Arag> How high are they?
Apr 18 20:58:17 <Maddy> two storries mostly.
Apr 18 20:58:38 <Arag> "Ghmmmmm."
Apr 18 20:59:00 <Echo> ""We're not going get anything but stares if we just stand around here." Chandler heads off down the alleyway.
Apr 18 20:59:12 <Arag> Armok keeps with him.
Apr 18 20:59:25 <Echo> "She didn't say anything about what she was doing?"
Apr 18 20:59:29 <Maddy> listen checks
Apr 18 20:59:56 <Echo> 1d20+4 :o
Apr 18 20:59:57 <CROM> Echo: :o: 9 (1d20+4=5)
Apr 18 21:00:01 <Echo> :(
Apr 18 21:00:44 <Arag> d20+2 Hearing.
Apr 18 21:00:44 <CROM> Arag: Hearing.: 5 (d20+2=3)
Apr 18 21:00:48 <Arag> :(
Apr 18 21:00:49 <Echo> …
Apr 18 21:00:59 <Arag> "She was going to see some one. NOt sure why."
Apr 18 21:01:38 <Echo> "So she just ran off…"
Apr 18 21:01:49 <Arag> "Effectively."
Apr 18 21:01:52 <Arag> "Yes."
Apr 18 21:01:54 <Maddy> You dont hear anything that could help you find Talwnn how sad
Apr 18 21:01:58 <Arag> "Stupid."
Apr 18 21:03:11 <Echo> 1d20+4 Spot check. Chandler looks around for anything that might have indicated she passed the way they're headed, or went any particular direction really. A dropped personal item, pawprints of Lokir, anything. Hail Mary.
Apr 18 21:03:11 <CROM> Echo: Spot check. Chandler looks around for anything that might have indicated she passed the way they're headed, or went any particular direction really. A dropped personal item, pawprints of Lokir, anything. Hail Mary.: 21 (1d20+4=17)
Apr 18 21:03:17 <Echo> …
Apr 18 21:04:16 <Maddy> WELL THEN
Apr 18 21:04:22 <Echo> 8D
Apr 18 21:04:34 * Arag is now known as Gara
Apr 18 21:04:43 <Maddy> you see some dog hair caught on a fench they must have taking a sharp turn around.
Apr 18 21:05:00 <Echo> Chandler points. "There. Lokir fur."
Apr 18 21:05:23 <Gara> "Hm."
Apr 18 21:05:26 <Echo> He wanders over to the bench and leans over to inspect it. "Must have been moving pretty quickly."
Apr 18 21:05:32 <Gara> He crouches down by it. "Yes."
Apr 18 21:05:33 <Maddy> And rounding that corner, you see that these alley leed to the Floodwards. Aptly named as you can see many buildings have shitty flood damage.
Apr 18 21:05:46 <Echo> "Right around the corn-… this place is a mess."
Apr 18 21:05:53 <Gara> "That's bad."
Apr 18 21:06:20 <Gara> "Kidnapping? Unlikely. What happened here."
Apr 18 21:06:58 <Echo> After glancing around at the ruined buildings ahead, Chandler heads toward the pauper section of the city, right hand resting on the hilt of the flail hanging from his belt.
Apr 18 21:07:05 <Maddy> Listen check again i swear if you fuck this up
Apr 18 21:07:15 <Gara> d20+2 PLEASE?
Apr 18 21:07:15 <CROM> Gara: PLEASE?: 5 (d20+2=3)
Apr 18 21:07:18 <Gara> FUHSDibufvbfsj
Apr 18 21:07:20 <Echo> 1d20+4 "If there was trouble, Lokir'd be making a fuss."
Apr 18 21:07:21 <CROM> Echo: "If there was trouble, Lokir'd be making a fuss.": 8 (1d20+4=4)
Apr 18 21:07:23 <Maddy> WOW
Apr 18 21:07:23 <Echo> …
Apr 18 21:07:27 <Gara> WOW.
Apr 18 21:07:52 * Tox slow clap
Apr 18 21:09:07 <Maddy> OK NOW YOU HEAR LOKIR SNARLING!
Apr 18 21:09:11 <Maddy> It came from that house
Apr 18 21:09:15 <Maddy> roll initiative
Apr 18 21:09:20 <Maddy> and tox move back in here
Apr 18 21:09:23 <Tox> kk
Apr 18 21:09:32 <Gara> d20+2 TARGET ACQUIRED.
Apr 18 21:09:33 <CROM> Gara: TARGET ACQUIRED.: 16 (d20+2=14)
Apr 18 21:10:09 <Echo> 1d20+3 Initiative
Apr 18 21:10:10 <CROM> Echo: Initiative: 4 (1d20+3=1)
Apr 18 21:10:13 <Echo> …
Apr 18 21:10:28 <Maddy> Go tox
Apr 18 21:10:55 <Tox> 1d20+6+2 flanking attack
Apr 18 21:10:56 <CROM> Tox: flanking attack: 17 (1d20+6+2=9)
Apr 18 21:11:19 <Maddy> Roll damage
Apr 18 21:11:40 <Tox> 2d6+5 Shillelagh
Apr 18 21:11:41 <CROM> Tox: Shillelagh: 12 (2d6+5=4, 3)
Apr 18 21:12:01 <Tox> Talwyn lets out a shout and cracks the dude upside the head.
Apr 18 21:13:08 <Maddy> The man cries out with a gravely voice.
Apr 18 21:14:21 <Maddy> His sword comes down, not flat anymore and bites into Talwyn's shoulder. She loses conciousness. !0 damage.
Apr 18 21:14:23 <Maddy> 10
Apr 18 21:14:35 <Maddy> Gara it's your turn
Apr 18 21:14:48 <Gara> Do I see a way into the action?
Apr 18 21:16:42 <Maddy> What with your darkvision lovelyness yes you see Tal slump onto the floor, Lokir still knnda gnawing on his shins.
Apr 18 21:16:53 <Maddy> Its easy to just fuck up thise guys shit.
Apr 18 21:19:55 <Gara> Great.
Apr 18 21:20:28 <Gara> I'm going to charge in, screaming, raging, and bring my axe down on the first person in my way.
Apr 18 21:20:57 <Maddy> Go for it
Apr 18 21:21:00 <Gara> Oh and power attack.
Apr 18 21:21:03 <Maddy> nice
Apr 18 21:21:26 <Gara> d20+6 -4/+8.
Apr 18 21:21:27 <CROM> Gara: -4/+8.: 9 (d20+6=3)
Apr 18 21:21:30 * Gara sighs.
Apr 18 21:22:17 <Maddy> Armok charges in, screaming like a crazy person and brings the axe down in between Talwyn and ????. The man looks unimpressed.
Apr 18 21:22:23 <Gara> I have an extra +2 actually.
Apr 18 21:22:26 <Gara> Because rage.
Apr 18 21:22:29 <Gara> If that helps.
Apr 18 21:22:30 <Maddy> But you do notice he has a throat scar.
Apr 18 21:22:30 <Gara> please.
Apr 18 21:22:32 <Gara> let that help.
Apr 18 21:22:34 <Maddy> It doesnt, soeey
Apr 18 21:22:36 <Gara> FUCKING
Apr 18 21:22:39 <Gara> I hate you CROM
Apr 18 21:23:00 <Tox> Is Armok flanking ???? in Talwyn's place now?
Apr 18 21:23:33 <Gara> Not determined by me? I'm not certain how that was arranged when I ran in.
Apr 18 21:23:50 <Maddy> You are
Apr 18 21:24:11 <Echo> After watching Armok's botched attack, and noticing the scar, Mitchell charges in toward the man with the scar. "DON'T KILL HIM." His greatsword's raised, though. What could this mean? (rolling in a moment)
Apr 18 21:24:19 <Tox> There's also a Lokir there.
Apr 18 21:24:27 <Maddy> Chandler doesnt notice the scar
Apr 18 21:24:31 <Maddy> cause he cant see in the dark
Apr 18 21:24:39 <Gara> Does that mean I hit now? 13 a this point.
Apr 18 21:24:46 <Maddy> Still no
Apr 18 21:24:50 * Gara sighs.
Apr 18 21:24:54 <Maddy> SORRY
Apr 18 21:24:59 <Maddy> almost though
Apr 18 21:25:53 <Echo> 1d20+9 Smite Evil + Power Attack on the big guy. Sacrificing -2 on the attack roll for +4 total damage from Power Attack and +2 for Smite Evil if he's evil.
Apr 18 21:25:53 <CROM> Echo: Smite Evil + Power Attack on the big guy. Sacrificing -2 on the attack roll for +4 total damage from Power Attack and +2 for Smite Evil if he's evil.: 29 (1d20+9=20)
Apr 18 21:26:00 <Gara> …
Apr 18 21:26:15 <Tox> …oh shit
Apr 18 21:26:23 <Maddy> roooolll ldamamfe and yeah he's evil
Apr 18 21:26:39 <Echo> 1d20+9 to confirm crit
Apr 18 21:26:39 <CROM> Echo: to confirm crit: 20 (1d20+9=11)
Apr 18 21:27:02 <Echo> 2d6+12
Apr 18 21:27:02 <CROM> Echo: 21 (2d6+12=5, 4)
Apr 18 21:27:05 <Echo> x2
Apr 18 21:27:10 <Tox> jesus
Apr 18 21:27:12 <Echo> 42 damage.
Apr 18 21:27:19 <Maddy> AND YOU KILLED HIM
Apr 18 21:27:29 <Echo> Can I pull damage?
Apr 18 21:27:31 <Echo> To leave him alive?
Apr 18 21:27:35 <Maddy> Chanlder's sword comes down- wh sure?
Apr 18 21:28:16 <Gara> Not really?
Apr 18 21:28:28 <Tox> Or could deal nonlethal, if Maddy's okay with declaring that post ex facto.
Apr 18 21:28:29 <Gara> That's not really how combat works. It also doesn't make any fucking sense.
Apr 18 21:28:34 <Gara> Because you're kind of power attacking.
Apr 18 21:29:30 <Maddy> Chandler's sword comes down and hard and as fast as it ever has, connecting with the man's head, and gets wedged in the braincase. He twiches a little, then moves no more.
Apr 18 21:30:02 <Gara> "Well. That was the man Chad traded with."
Apr 18 21:30:11 <Tox> Lokir snarls, sniffs at the fallen attacker, then posts guard on Talwyn, daring anyone to touch her mistress.
Apr 18 21:30:27 <Echo> Is that the only other combatant?
Apr 18 21:30:51 <Maddy> The mixed breed child in the corner is cowering like hell now, though only the dag and orc can see that.
Apr 18 21:30:58 <Maddy> unless someone turns on a light.
Apr 18 21:31:26 <Gara> "You. We will not harm you. Who are you. Come into the light with us."
Apr 18 21:31:30 <Tox> The dag does notice this, and probably makes the connection that this is the child that she and her mistress followed.
Apr 18 21:31:48 <Gara> Armok points.
Apr 18 21:33:13 <Maddy> The girl hesitates then comes out. She's probably no older than 10-12. Has the lower fangs of an orc, but facial features much like a half elf. She's shaking like a leaf.
Apr 18 21:34:09 <Gara> "Come with me. Lets get you out of here." Armok crouches down, so to be lower to her level.
Apr 18 21:34:27 <Maddy> "Y-you killed Boss."
Apr 18 21:34:40 <Echo> Chandler eases his way over towards Talwyn.
Apr 18 21:34:47 <Gara> "Yes."
Apr 18 21:34:51 <Tox> Lokir noses at Talwyn, licking at her shoulder wound.
Apr 18 21:35:06 <Maddy> "What will I do for food?" she looks like she's gonna cry.
Apr 18 21:35:13 <Gara> "We should really get somewhere else. We can help."
Apr 18 21:35:32 <Tox> She looks up at Chandler, whining.
Apr 18 21:35:44 <Maddy> She nods and moves towards Armok.
Apr 18 21:36:06 <Echo> "We need to notify the guards." As Chandler speaks, he lays a hand on Talwyn's shoulder. +8 HP, Talwyn!
Apr 18 21:36:08 <Gara> "Chandler, lets get Talwyn and get out of here."
Apr 18 21:36:23 <Gara> "Why? For what? We've already killed him."
Apr 18 21:36:32 <Gara> "Getting them involved is going to complicate things."
Apr 18 21:37:01 <Maddy> Talwyn can come to whenever someone jossels her away but she feels like she was hit by a truck.
Apr 18 21:37:03 <Echo> "She'll be fine. And because we can't just kill someone and leave a body. We have to let someone know what happened here and why. We're the ones who went poking around here."
Apr 18 21:37:04 <Tox> Lokir watches, bemused, as Talwyn's shoulder injury knits itself over. Talwyn stirs, moaning.
Apr 18 21:37:22 <Gara> "Well. We can."
Apr 18 21:37:29 <Gara> "Someone else will take care of it."
Apr 18 21:37:35 <Gara> "Right now? We have other priorities."
Apr 18 21:38:09 <Tox> Lokir nudges insistently at Talwyn, pawing her face and intact shoulder.
Apr 18 21:38:16 <Echo> Chandler points over at the little girl. "And we can't just leave her. This turned into our priority. Somebody just died, and a little girl's here."
Apr 18 21:38:27 <Echo> "It won't take long."
Apr 18 21:38:28 <Gara> "Exactly."
Apr 18 21:38:32 <Gara> "She is out priority."
Apr 18 21:38:35 <Gara> "Not the body."
Apr 18 21:38:40 <Maddy> "Guards dont come to the Floodwards…."
Apr 18 21:38:44 <Gara> "The body is not important."
Apr 18 21:39:40 <Echo> "We can see to both. She can come with us to a station back in town. A few minutes now isn't going to hurt anything."
Apr 18 21:39:48 <Echo> Chandler stands, offering a hand to Talwyn.
Apr 18 21:39:51 <Gara> "Unless we are arrested."
Apr 18 21:39:55 <Gara> "For murder."
Apr 18 21:40:01 <Maddy> "You wont be…"
Apr 18 21:40:04 <Tox> The druid eventually shows signs of activity, pushing herself up with her good shoulder, Lokir stands by her side. Talwyn takes Chandler's hand and rises unsteadily.
Apr 18 21:40:45 <Echo> "It's not murder. And if we're arrested, we can deal with it properly. They won't hold us. Look at me." Paladin~
Apr 18 21:40:54 <Gara> "Look at me."
Apr 18 21:41:00 <Gara> Barbarian~
Apr 18 21:41:07 <Echo> "You're with me. And she was attacked." Druid~
Apr 18 21:41:13 <Tox> ba-ba barbarian
Apr 18 21:41:30 <Gara> He sighs. "Fine. We'll do it your way."
Apr 18 21:41:41 <Echo> Chandler gestures at the little girl to follow him as he starts out of the house. "Trust me."
Apr 18 21:41:42 <Gara> He turns to the girl. "I'm Armok. Are you okay?"
Apr 18 21:42:09 <Maddy> "I'm Flint, and yeah…" she's recovering pretty fast. "Hungry though."
Apr 18 21:42:22 <Echo> Chandler stops at the door. "Part of the problem with this place is probably that nobody bothers to do this sort of thing."
Apr 18 21:43:36 <Maddy> "Nobody bothers cause nobody cares about the floods."
Apr 18 21:44:07 <Gara> "We'll take care of it. Come on." Armok offers an arm, because she's slower then the rest of them.
Apr 18 21:45:21 <Maddy> She takes the arm, seeming to relax a little more.
Apr 18 21:45:48 <Tox> Talwyn shakes her head. "Mmm. What about 'is stuff?" she asks, gesturing back towards Scar.
Apr 18 21:46:07 <Gara> "I'm going to lift you. Easier for both of us." Unless she takes issue, he lifts her up to a shoulder.
Apr 18 21:46:26 <Maddy> She actually giggles a little
Apr 18 21:46:44 <Gara> Armok walks out, being careful of her head.
Apr 18 21:46:50 <Echo> "We're not gonna rob the dead. Not these dead. He's a person, not a monster."
Apr 18 21:46:58 <Maddy> Ha ha ha ha
Apr 18 21:47:05 <Gara> John looks at him.
Apr 18 21:47:09 <Gara> Armok.
Apr 18 21:47:12 <Gara> Armok looks at him.
Apr 18 21:47:31 <Gara> "No, actually. Go ahead. Flint can have whatever we find on him."
Apr 18 21:47:44 <Echo> Chandler points. "That man back there's a far cry from some fishman in a cave. He's a thug, yeah… well… unless he's got things on him that were stolen in the first place."
Apr 18 21:48:03 <Gara> "That shouldn't matter. We're going to donate them."
Apr 18 21:48:03 <Tox> Talwyn shakes loose from Chandler and goes and takes 20 on a search check, GM permitting.
Apr 18 21:48:04 <Maddy> "He does." she glances at Talwyn
Apr 18 21:48:06 <Echo> Mitchell thinks, then nods.
Apr 18 21:48:53 <Maddy> He's got a fancy looking purse on him with 50 silver in it. Talwyn might recognize it as the one Flint took from the fancy lady.
Apr 18 21:49:28 <Maddy> He;s also wearking scale mail, and has a greatsword. And a rolled parchment
Apr 18 21:49:43 <Gara> "Now. Who was that, Flint?"
Apr 18 21:49:56 <Gara> "I mean he was the Boss, but the Boss of who?"
Apr 18 21:49:57 <Tox> "Mm. Yeah, Flint took this purse from a noblewoman before I chased her here."
Apr 18 21:50:14 <Tox> Talwyn also takes everything else because this is D&D and that's what you do in D&D.
Apr 18 21:50:26 <Maddy> "He;s not a boss. Just called Boss.
Apr 18 21:50:27 <Gara> "Why'd you do that?"
Apr 18 21:50:39 <Gara> "Well. Sure, okay."
Apr 18 21:50:53 <Gara> "Why'd you talk about eating when Chandler killed him?"
Apr 18 21:51:01 <Gara> "Did he take care of you, or…?"
Apr 18 21:51:12 <Tox> "Probably because Boss provides for her. An' probably other kids as well."
Apr 18 21:51:18 <Maddy> "If I bring boss enough money, he lets be have some of his food. I tried begging, but people don't like it when mixed breeds are out of the floods."
Apr 18 21:51:35 <Gara> Armok nods. He /gets it/.
Apr 18 21:51:51 <Tox> Talwyn seems to be recovering her bearings. She sticks the mail and parchment in her pack, and sorta lugs the greatsword.
Apr 18 21:51:53 <Gara> "So he's a profiteer."
Apr 18 21:52:02 <Tox> "Got a scroll we're gonna wanna look at."
Apr 18 21:52:11 <Gara> "Great."
Apr 18 21:52:14 <Echo> Chandler reaches out a hand for the sword. "I can get that."
Apr 18 21:52:48 <Tox> "Thanks." Talwyn smiles, and hands over the sword.
Apr 18 21:53:31 <Echo> He wraps a mailed hand around the blade, and carries it down by his side as they head back into the part of town people don't like to stray from.
Apr 18 21:55:11 <Maddy> "No one will miss him, as long as you let me have some food."
Apr 18 21:55:42 <Gara> "Feeding the others is also an issue, isn't it?"
Apr 18 21:55:51 <Gara> "Or was it just you?"
Apr 18 21:56:17 <Maddy> "Just me most of the other kids steal enough for themselves, or can beg better."
Apr 18 21:56:41 <Echo> "I'll take care of that. Three hundred of the gold pieces would help them for a while, wouldn't it? If we got it to someone trustworthy?"
Apr 18 21:57:06 <Gara> "Few are trustworthy with that much money, Chandler."
Apr 18 21:57:08 <Maddy> "I don't know any of them. They dont much like mixed breeds either."
Apr 18 21:57:34 <Gara> "Fu-ahem- That's probably more then they've ever seen."
Apr 18 21:57:38 <Gara> "Not just in one place."
Apr 18 21:58:01 <Echo> "We can think on it. What did that paper the guy had on him say?"
Apr 18 21:58:39 <Maddy> Flint looks around at the market, having never seen in from this angle, and never having been here to do more than steal.
Apr 18 21:59:02 <Gara> "Talwyn? You gonna read that?"
Apr 18 21:59:19 <Tox> "Yeah, we can do it here." Talwyn pulls the parchment out and unrolls it.
Apr 18 21:59:26 <Maddy> It's a map!
Apr 18 21:59:39 <Tox> Talwyn motions everyone over so they can read it.
Apr 18 21:59:58 <Gara> Armok looks.
Apr 18 22:00:08 <Echo> So does Chandler.
Apr 18 22:00:55 <Maddy> It's a little confusing, either written by someone who isnt completely literate, or there's some kinda cipher, but you can tell the general area of the woods this is in.
Apr 18 22:01:36 <Echo> "Meeting spot. Maybe an ambush, knowing who dropped it?"
Apr 18 22:01:49 <Tox> "It could be. A cache of goods, maybe."
Apr 18 22:01:53 <Gara> "I doubt he was planning on being killed, Chandler."
Apr 18 22:02:13 <Echo> "I meant one that he'd planned."
Apr 18 22:02:29 <Echo> "'Let's attack someone here.'"
Apr 18 22:02:29 <Maddy> "Boss doesn't plan…he's kinda dumb."
Apr 18 22:02:31 <Gara> "That is another thing."
Apr 18 22:02:43 <Maddy> "was."
Apr 18 22:02:45 <Gara> "Hm. Okay."
Apr 18 22:03:08 <Gara> "Was. And it's certainly something to deal with, soon."
Apr 18 22:03:16 <Tox> "Maybe someone else drew it up and told 'im to be there at such and such a time. No intelligence needed.'
Apr 18 22:03:37 <Maddy> "Why was you guys in the floods anyways?"
Apr 18 22:03:39 <Gara> "Then we still have to hunt down a leader."
Apr 18 22:03:54 <Gara> Armok looks at Talwyn. "She ran off on her own.'
Apr 18 22:04:04 <Gara> "Also. What was that about chasing her into the slums?"
Apr 18 22:04:15 <Echo> Chandler nods and starts off again… toward the blacksmith's. Is there a town watchman around anywhere that he can see?
Apr 18 22:04:31 <Tox> Talwyn shrugs. "I figured if this one were stealing, she might know of other thefts. Like that emblem we're after."
Apr 18 22:04:32 <Maddy> There's some guards milling about.
Apr 18 22:05:24 <Echo> He approaches the nearest one, waving for his attention.
Apr 18 22:05:41 <Maddy> He looks over. "Hail, Paladin. How can I help you?"
Apr 18 22:05:52 <Tox> "Do you know anything about a stolen emblem, Flint? One with a minotaur on it?"
Apr 18 22:05:58 <Gara> "Caravan raids are different then pick pocketing."
Apr 18 22:06:51 <Echo> "I've come to report a killing. In the Floodwards." It's probably obvious that Chandler's holding a sword with some blood on it.
Apr 18 22:07:19 <Maddy> The guard looks him over. "Safe to say he was asking for it?"
Apr 18 22:07:35 <Gara> "He was trying to assualt a woman."
Apr 18 22:07:40 <Maddy> "No…sounds like something that funny lady might have though."
Apr 18 22:07:44 <Maddy> says flfint
Apr 18 22:07:51 <Tox> "A funny lady? What funny lady?"
Apr 18 22:07:53 <Gara> Yah. "Funny lady?"
Apr 18 22:08:04 <Echo> "… it would. He attacked one of my companions, and we're inspecting a theft he may have committed."
Apr 18 22:08:08 <Maddy> "She's a mixed breed, but people like her."
Apr 18 22:08:47 <Maddy> "Ah alright. If you let me know where his body is I can hav some men dispatched to dispose of what's left." says the guard.
Apr 18 22:09:00 <Gara> "Where could we find her?"
Apr 18 22:09:23 <Echo> Mitchell waves over at the others, then points at Flint. "I need her help for a moment."
Apr 18 22:09:35 <Maddy> "She carried an axe like you, Armok!" she grins bt then shrugs. "I only saw her a couple times in the market, and once in the floods, she was shaking Boss down."
Apr 18 22:09:45 <Maddy> Wait not boss
Apr 18 22:09:52 <Maddy> one ofr bosses underlings
Apr 18 22:09:54 <Maddy> whatever
Apr 18 22:10:36 <Gara> "Ben'Jun."
Apr 18 22:10:56 <Maddy> she shrugs again.
Apr 18 22:11:04 <Gara> "This is her axe."
Apr 18 22:11:10 <Maddy> "Oh."
Apr 18 22:11:23 <Gara> "We suspect she died going after bandits."
Apr 18 22:11:28 <Maddy> "…oh."
Apr 18 22:11:45 <Maddy> This seems to make Flint sad.
Apr 18 22:11:45 <Echo> Chandler whistles, waving again at the other.
Apr 18 22:12:09 <Gara> "… I'm going to wipe them out. I'm told she was a- Yes, Chandler?"
Apr 18 22:12:29 <Echo> He points at Flint. "I need her help for a moment."
Apr 18 22:13:18 * MonkeyBomb has quit (Quit: brb)
Apr 18 22:13:32 <Gara> "Of course." Armok keeps her on his shoulder.
Apr 18 22:13:39 <Gara> Better for everyone.
Apr 18 22:14:12 <Maddy> Flint looks down at th guard
Apr 18 22:14:32 <Echo> "Could you tell the guard where the house was? Where we ran into the boss?"
Apr 18 22:15:04 * MonkeyBomb (gnihton.w|s.uoy#gnihton.w|s.uoy) has joined #afteractionmission
Apr 18 22:16:07 * Tom90deg has quit (Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - ~)
Apr 18 22:16:16 <Maddy> She nods, and gives the guard directions, and you al realize you took a really long way to get there.
Apr 18 22:16:32 <Tox> Exercise.
Apr 18 22:18:28 <Echo> With Chandler's compulsion satisfied, he bids the guard farewell, and turns back to the conversation at hand.
Apr 18 22:19:52 <Gara> "We need to sort out Flint."
Apr 18 22:21:23 <Maddy> "Just some bread would be fine, then I could go back to the floods."
Apr 18 22:21:52 <Gara> "I think there are better solutions then that."
Apr 18 22:23:02 <Echo> "No need to send you back there." Chandler thinks for a moment. "I'd almost hate to impose, but… since we're doing this for Pella, and we're already on… *decent* terms… she seems nice enough. What if we asked her to keep an eye on her for a couple hours. We go check the place out, come back, and settle it all then."
Apr 18 22:23:34 <Echo> "She seems like the trustworthy sort. Respectable. And we can make it worth her while either way. We're doing this for her anyway, right?
Apr 18 22:23:49 <Tox> Talwyn nods. "That sounds like a good idea."
Apr 18 22:23:57 <Gara> "Yes."
Apr 18 22:25:01 <Echo> He gestures over toward the smithy.
Apr 18 22:25:13 <Gara> Armok makes his way over.
Apr 18 22:25:22 <Gara> And into.
Apr 18 22:25:28 <Tox> Talwyn follows.
Apr 18 22:26:59 <Gara> "Pella?"
Apr 18 22:27:14 <Maddy> Pella looks up from her dinner. "Mhmmm?"
Apr 18 22:28:05 <Gara> "I need a favor. Me and the others were investigating… and right now we have to figure something out."
Apr 18 22:28:37 <Maddy> She puts down her food. "How can I help?"
Apr 18 22:29:33 <Gara> "We found a pickpocket living in the Floods. She had some ties, we thing, with brigands. Basically, the man she was buying food from is very dead, and we have to figure something out for her."
Apr 18 22:30:02 <Gara> "While we go and handle the bandits out there, could you take care of her? It shouldn't be more then a few hours."
Apr 18 22:30:50 <Maddy> Pella looks at Flint who tries to hide behinds Armok's big ole head. "I'm sure I could find something for her to do yeah."
Apr 18 22:31:01 <Maddy> "You like music, kid?"
Apr 18 22:32:18 <Gara> Armok tries to lift Flint off her.
Apr 18 22:32:35 <Maddy> Flint nods as she's put down. "Come with me then, I can teach you some songs."
Apr 18 22:32:45 <Maddy> "Hit'em twice for me?"
Apr 18 22:32:55 <Gara> He nods. "We'll be back."
Apr 18 22:33:12 <Tox> "More than twice."
Apr 18 22:33:19 <Maddy> Pella shares her sammich with Flint and starts singing with her and stuff.
Apr 18 22:33:31 <Gara> Armok walks out.
Apr 18 22:34:17 <Echo> Chandler reaches into a pouch on his belt, fishing out a dozen or so gold coins, and leaves them on a table nearby Pella. "For Flint. She hasn't ea- … ten."
Apr 18 22:40:35 <Gara> Armok hangs outside.
Apr 18 22:41:43 <Echo> He then heads out of the shop with the others. "How far of a trip is it?"
Apr 18 22:42:16 <Gara> "Tal?"
Apr 18 22:42:42 <Tox> "Yeah, Armok?"
Apr 18 22:43:15 <Gara> "How far."
Apr 18 22:43:36 <Tox> She consults the map again.
Apr 18 22:45:11 <Maddy> Its about a 2 hour walk probably.
Apr 18 22:45:59 <Tox> "Looks about a two-hour walk…" She looks up at the sky. "Best to start in the morning…"
Apr 18 22:47:35 <Echo> "Gonna have to adjust plans with Pella, then."
Apr 18 22:48:36 <Tox> "We also have all those scrolls and shit we should get looked at."
Apr 18 22:49:01 <Echo> "Right…"
Apr 18 22:50:34 <Echo> Chandler heads back into the smithy. "Pella?"
Apr 18 22:50:45 <Maddy> "Hmmm?"
Apr 18 22:52:27 <Echo> He clears his throat. "There's, uh, been a change of plans. It's going to be dark by the time we'd get there, and… it'd be poor form to walk into what could turn into an ambush. If it's a regular meeting spot, or a cache of some kind, it'd be better to attempt it during daylight. If it's something they set up for travelers, they'd be more likely to hit duri
Apr 18 22:52:39 <Echo> ng the day as well. More people on the road with more valuables during the day."
Apr 18 22:52:55 <Echo> "So… tonight, Flint's going to stay in the castle."
Apr 18 22:53:13 <Echo> He looks over at the girl. "If she wants to."
Apr 18 22:53:45 <Maddy> "The CASTLE!" she OuO
Apr 18 22:53:55 <Maddy> "I'm guessing that means you don't mind."
Apr 18 22:54:20 <Tox> Talwyn smiles.
Apr 18 22:55:02 <Gara> Armok comes back inside. "It's probably the best like that. We'll drop her off tomorrow."
Apr 18 22:56:05 <Maddy> "Ohmanohmanohmanbestdayever."
Apr 18 22:56:20 <Maddy> Flint is practically bouncing off the walls.
Apr 18 22:56:42 <Gara> Armok smiles, and offers his arm for more shoulder carry.
Apr 18 22:56:45 <Maddy> Pella sidles over to Armok and wispers "see if you can;t get her in the bath."
Apr 18 22:57:16 <Maddy> Flint is happy for shoulder carry!
Apr 18 22:57:20 <Echo> With that, Chandler leaves them to their conversation, heading off towards the castle.
Apr 18 23:00:04 <Gara> Armok takes her off to the castle.
Apr 18 23:00:57 <Maddy> The guards at the castle looks at the group a little odd, since they have a street urchin of indeterminant racial background with them, but say nothing to knights of the King.
Apr 18 23:01:24 <Gara> That guard can take it up with the hulking half-orc.
Apr 18 23:02:20 <Tox> Direct all complaints to his axe.
Apr 18 23:02:49 <Gara> Yeah, the axe will get to the heart of the issue.
Apr 18 23:03:08 <Tox> Or the heart of the cards guard.
Apr 18 23:03:12 <Maddy> They're fed great meals as usual, and a half elf servent offers to have Flint seen to as far as cleaning and clothes go. Cant have a street rat in rags running around the castle.
Apr 18 23:04:12 <Gara> Armok nods acknowledgement to the servent.
Apr 18 23:04:33 <Maddy> Flint actually seens delighted by the idea, getting more attention than she's probably ever gotten
Apr 18 23:04:47 <Echo> Yay, do-goodin'
Apr 18 23:05:13 <Maddy> Anyways, after dinner then only have a short ammount of time to sell things, beore all the shops close up.
Apr 18 23:06:35 <Gara> Sell the things
Apr 18 23:06:37 <Gara> Make the poins.
Apr 18 23:07:20 <Echo> THE NEXT DAY…
Apr 18 23:07:32 <Maddy> So you didnt sell anything?
Apr 18 23:07:33 <Echo> Presumably after bringing Flint back to Pella's.
Apr 18 23:07:38 <Gara> Well
Apr 18 23:07:39 <Gara> Yes
Apr 18 23:07:46 <Maddy> IM SO CONFUSED
Apr 18 23:07:54 <Tox> Talwyn swaps her suit of Leather Armor for the Studded set they're carrying around.
Apr 18 23:07:58 <Gara> Yes we're going to sell things.
Apr 18 23:08:01 <Maddy> No she doenst
Apr 18 23:08:05 <Maddy> Shes a driuid
Apr 18 23:08:17 <Tox> oh wait Studded counts as Metal?
Apr 18 23:08:25 <Gara> It has metal /on/ it.
Apr 18 23:08:42 <Tox> Enough to trip the Druid's Bullshit Alarms?
Apr 18 23:08:44 <Maddy> yes
Apr 18 23:08:47 <Echo> Yep.
Apr 18 23:08:50 <Maddy> dont be dumb we had this convo already
Apr 18 23:08:57 <Tox> We have? I forget.
Apr 18 23:09:27 <Tox> okay, she doesn't, then. "Hey, Armok, you want this scale mail?"
Apr 18 23:10:21 <Gara> He looks at it, and his player looks at the srd.
Apr 18 23:10:37 <Maddy> +4
Apr 18 23:10:41 <Maddy> -4 dex
Apr 18 23:10:49 <Maddy> max dex 3
Apr 18 23:10:51 <Gara> "No."
Apr 18 23:11:13 <Tox> "Aight. Into the bit bucket it goes."
Apr 18 23:14:18 <Maddy> Ok so you get everything identified, only to find out one of the potions is cursed so it's useless. After selling everything you add 649.5gp to your communal pouch
Apr 18 23:14:56 <Maddy> Bringing the communal pouch to 1522.5 gp
Apr 18 23:15:06 <Tox> yey
Apr 18 23:15:09 <Gara> YAY
Apr 18 23:18:25 <Echo> NOW… The day after, and after Flint's been taken care of, presumably…
Apr 18 23:18:30 * Echo looks at Maddy.
Apr 18 23:18:31 <Maddy> After they drop a much cleaner Flint off they can head out.
Apr 18 23:18:52 <Maddy> Flint is actually adroable f you dont mind the orc fangs
Apr 18 23:20:22 <Echo> Chandler waits outside, checking his daggers. "Are we ready?"
Apr 18 23:20:54 <Tox> "Yeah." Talwyn scratches Lokir's ears.
Apr 18 23:21:15 <Echo> "You got the map. Lead the way."
Apr 18 23:21:49 <Gara> Armok is ready to do killing.
Apr 18 23:21:52 <Tox> "Works for me." Talwyn unrolls it and heads off.
Apr 18 23:21:56 <Tox> AND SO THEYG OOOOOOO
Apr 18 23:23:46 <Maddy> They walk for a good long while, but eventually they start seeing what look like landmarks from le map.
Apr 18 23:24:12 <Tox> Talwyn slows down and starts proceeding WITH CAUTION
Apr 18 23:24:13 <Maddy> Choices are, forge on ahead, send a scout that you dont really have, or try to sneak.
Apr 18 23:24:18 <Echo> As they start hitting what look like recognizable points, Chandler starts up his evil detector on the trail ahead.
Apr 18 23:24:35 <Maddy> How far does that go agin?
Apr 18 23:24:46 <Echo> 60 feet
Apr 18 23:24:48 <Echo> in a cone
Apr 18 23:24:49 <Maddy> Nothing yet
Apr 18 23:25:19 <Tox> Talwyn has high Move Silently, and Lokir can scent out stuff.
Apr 18 23:25:46 <Maddy> WEll
Apr 18 23:25:48 <Tox> no wait no she doesn't
Apr 18 23:25:52 <Tox> I think my eyes slipped
Apr 18 23:25:53 <Maddy> Do something XD
Apr 18 23:26:42 <Echo> Chandler keeps going, right hand against resting on that heavy flail.
Apr 18 23:26:44 <Gara> Armok is perfectly happy with just walking forwards.
Apr 18 23:26:47 <Gara> And he does.
Apr 18 23:27:13 <Tox> Talwyn looks around as she walks.
Apr 18 23:28:00 <Maddy> Spot checks
Apr 18 23:28:48 <Tox> 1d20+8 Talwyn Spot
Apr 18 23:28:48 <CROM> Tox: Talwyn Spot: 10 (1d20+8=2)
Apr 18 23:28:54 <Tox> 1d20+5 Lokir Spot
Apr 18 23:28:55 <CROM> Tox: Lokir Spot: 21 (1d20+5=16)
Apr 18 23:29:01 <Echo> 1d20+4 :o
Apr 18 23:29:01 <CROM> Echo: :o: 19 (1d20+4=15)
Apr 18 23:30:00 <Gara> d20+2
Apr 18 23:30:00 <CROM> Gara: 14 (d20+2=12)
Apr 18 23:31:29 <Maddy> Lokir and Chandler spot someone huge move behind a boulder to their left (btw hes detecting evil now) and someone tiney dart behind a tree in the woords dead ahead.
Apr 18 23:31:36 <Maddy> *woods
Apr 18 23:32:12 <Echo> "Left and forward. Two of them. Big guy on the left."
Apr 18 23:32:22 <Tox> Lokir snaps her head over, putting her ears back.
Apr 18 23:32:54 <Tox> Talwyn follows her dog's gaze. "…Which do we deal with first?"
Apr 18 23:33:08 <Gara> Armok makes Ben'Jun come out to play.
Apr 18 23:33:23 <Echo> "Should we just keep moving? You think? Let them think everyting's normal?" Chandler's voice is low.
Apr 18 23:34:24 <Tox> "They might close ranks behind us. Taking them out one by one might work better," Tal replies.
Apr 18 23:34:51 <Maddy> listen check
Apr 18 23:35:10 <Tox> 1d20+8 Talwyn Listen
Apr 18 23:35:10 <CROM> Tox: Talwyn Listen: 27 (1d20+8=19)
Apr 18 23:35:20 <Echo> 1d20+4 ears!
Apr 18 23:35:21 <CROM> Echo: ears!: 18 (1d20+4=14)
Apr 18 23:35:25 <Tox> 1d20+5 lol Lokir Listen
Apr 18 23:35:26 <CROM> Tox: lol Lokir Listen: 17 (1d20+5=12)
Apr 18 23:35:34 <Gara> d20+2 Loud noises.
Apr 18 23:35:34 <CROM> Gara: Loud noises.: 21 (d20+2=19)
Apr 18 23:35:45 <Maddy> CArry on
Apr 18 23:36:49 <Echo> "Then let's stop here. Act like we're taking a break from the walk."
Apr 18 23:37:27 <Tox> "Alright." Talwyn takes out a trail ration and breaks it in half, kneeling down to feed half to Lokir, senses alert as she scratches her ears.
Apr 18 23:37:48 <Gara> Armok stops, leaning against a tree
Apr 18 23:38:21 <Maddy> Listen check again.
Apr 18 23:38:30 <Tox> 1d20+8 EARS!
Apr 18 23:38:30 <CROM> Tox: EARS!: 18 (1d20+8=10)
Apr 18 23:38:31 <Echo> 1d20+4 Shit
Apr 18 23:38:32 <CROM> Echo: Shit: 14 (1d20+4=10)
Apr 18 23:38:37 <Tox> 1d20+5 LOKIR EARS!
Apr 18 23:38:38 <CROM> Tox: LOKIR EARS!: 12 (1d20+5=7)
Apr 18 23:38:56 <Gara> d20+2 BUT MY EARS
Apr 18 23:38:57 <CROM> Gara: BUT MY EARS: 17 (d20+2=15)
Apr 18 23:41:30 <Maddy> You dont hear them moving but you hear a voce yell "ZILO NOW!" As a halfling LEAPS out at Chandler wth two daggers, tinking uselessly against his armour.
Apr 18 23:42:23 <Maddy> An arrow flies out of who knows where, narrowling missing Armok
Apr 18 23:42:28 <Maddy> roll init
Apr 18 23:42:45 <Tox> 1d20+7 Hnnnnggghgngh
Apr 18 23:42:46 <CROM> Tox: Hnnnnggghgngh: 25 (1d20+7=18)
Apr 18 23:43:02 <Echo> 1d20+3
Apr 18 23:43:02 <CROM> Echo: 19 (1d20+3=16)
Apr 18 23:43:09 <Gara> d20+2
Apr 18 23:43:10 <CROM> Gara: 20 (d20+2=18)
Apr 18 23:44:29 <Maddy> Go tal
Apr 18 23:44:58 <Tox> okay, so the halfling is now right in front of Chandler?
Apr 18 23:45:04 <Maddy> yes
Apr 18 23:45:25 <Tox> What sort of armor does he appear to be wearing?
Apr 18 23:45:39 <Maddy> stdded stuff
Apr 18 23:45:56 <Tox> Lokir moves to the opposite side FOR GREAT FLANKING and attacks.
Apr 18 23:46:04 <Tox> 1d20+3+2 FLANK
Apr 18 23:46:04 <CROM> Tox: FLANK: 15 (1d20+3+2=10)
Apr 18 23:47:28 <Maddy> The little man flows around the dog like it's water, never getting touched.
Apr 18 23:47:49 <Tox> Talwyn moves in next!
Apr 18 23:47:59 <Tox> 1d20+5+2 Similarly, flanked target
Apr 18 23:47:59 <CROM> Tox: Similarly, flanked target: 10 (1d20+5+2=3)
Apr 18 23:48:02 <Tox> fk
Apr 18 23:48:07 <Tox> stupid whore of a bastard
Apr 18 23:48:46 <Maddy> He nimbly leaps away from her attack
Apr 18 23:48:49 <Maddy> Armok, you're go
Apr 18 23:49:25 <Gara> d20+8 Die. Please. SLASH.
Apr 18 23:49:25 <CROM> Gara: Die. Please. SLASH.: 26 (d20+8=18)
Apr 18 23:49:37 <Gara> d12+8 Goonight.
Apr 18 23:49:38 <CROM> Gara: Goonight.: 18 (d12+8=10)
Apr 18 23:51:31 <Maddy> Ben'Jun comes across the little man, making him a quarterling…well no you fucking ruin him but he's hanging onto life and bleeding out rather qickly.
Apr 18 23:51:47 <Maddy> Chandler?
Apr 18 23:52:27 <Echo> Is the source of the arrow apparent?
Apr 18 23:53:00 <Maddy> Not more aparent than "the woods" though there's one evil person there, and one coming aroudn the boulder
Apr 18 23:55:23 <Echo> I ready an action to have Chandler attack the man hiding behind the boulder as soon as he emerges from cover.
Apr 18 23:56:31 <Maddy> Another arrow flies fromt he trees, sticking into armock's armour, but not peircing it.
Apr 18 23:56:54 <Maddy> The lady behind the boulder comes out chandler do your thing you rdied
Apr 18 23:58:52 <Echo> 1d20+7 Power Attack Smite Evil! -4 to attack, +10 total to damage from PA and SE if it hits…
Apr 18 23:58:53 <CROM> Echo: Power Attack Smite Evil! -4 to attack, +10 total to damage from PA and SE if it hits…: 15 (1d20+7=8)
Apr 18 23:58:57 <Echo> >_>
Apr 18 23:59:44 <Maddy> Roll damage
Apr 18 23:59:52 <Echo> …
Apr 18 23:59:59 <Gara> 15 is not a bad roll.
Apr 19 00:00:09 <Echo> 2d6+16
Apr 19 00:00:09 <CROM> Echo: 27 (2d6+16=5, 6)
Apr 19 00:00:23 <Tox> jesus
Apr 19 00:01:42 <Maddy> Before she can even swing her large double axe at anyone, Chandler's sword juts forward, spearing her through the middle.
Apr 19 00:02:00 <Echo> oh bb
Apr 19 00:02:01 <Maddy> She drops her weapon and grasps at the air in front of her.
Apr 19 00:02:40 <Maddy> Guess its Tals turn
Apr 19 00:03:33 <Tox> What enemies are around? Is the lady dying and the facking woods guy the only one left?
Apr 19 00:03:54 <Maddy> Well the halfling will be alive till the end of this round.
Apr 19 00:04:03 <Maddy> Then theres the dude in the woods
Apr 19 00:04:06 <Maddy> and the dying orc yes
Apr 19 00:04:16 <Tox> okay….hm
Apr 19 00:04:32 <Tox> Can Lokir use Track as a standard action to find the guy in the woods?
Apr 19 00:04:42 <Maddy> Sssuuuure?
Apr 19 00:04:55 <Tox> llllet's do it.
Apr 19 00:05:03 <Tox> 1d20+5 Scent tracking?
Apr 19 00:05:04 <CROM> Tox: Scent tracking?: 20 (1d20+5=15)
Apr 19 00:05:28 <Maddy> You got the scent, there's an elf in that tree.
Apr 19 00:07:40 <Tox> Okay, barring that, we know the general direction of the arrow, yes?
Apr 19 00:07:57 <Maddy> "the woods" yes
Apr 19 00:09:06 <Tox> Well, noting the direction of the scent is listed as a move action
Apr 19 00:10:08 <Tox> Lokir ranges out towards the direction the arrow came from, not leaving the confines of the path/clearing.
Apr 19 00:10:21 <Tox> Talwyn follows, seeing that everyone else is dying/dead.
Apr 19 00:10:31 <Maddy> ok armok your go
Apr 19 00:10:55 <Gara> I'm going to climb a tree to get a look.
Apr 19 00:11:24 <Maddy> A nearby one or one in like the woods where the arrows are coming from?
Apr 19 00:11:48 <Gara> In the woods, I think.
Apr 19 00:11:52 <Gara> DC for trees if 15.
Apr 19 00:12:00 <Gara> d20+7 Climb climb climb.
Apr 19 00:12:00 <CROM> Gara: Climb climb climb.: 23 (d20+7=16)
Apr 19 00:12:10 <Maddy> You get up that fucking tree liek you're part ape
Apr 19 00:12:32 <Maddy> And you can see there's an elf in a tree near you
Apr 19 00:12:35 <Maddy> Chandler
Apr 19 00:12:47 <Gara> Is the elf looking at me?
Apr 19 00:13:05 <Maddy> Yeah. He's like O_O ohshi-
Apr 19 00:13:28 <Echo> Hmmm…
Apr 19 00:14:06 <Echo> Can he see the elf?
Apr 19 00:14:38 <Echo> If not, he does nothing, readying an action to attack when he spots a target.
Apr 19 00:14:39 <Maddy> No but he did se armok go up a tree lik a baws
Apr 19 00:14:43 <Maddy> k
Apr 19 00:16:17 <Maddy> The elf tries to fire another arrow at the orc that is suddenly all up in his space, but his shaking hands make him dropp the arro like a fucking chump.
Apr 19 00:16:31 <Maddy> The halflin bleeds out
Apr 19 00:16:45 <Maddy> the orc is looking less than great
Apr 19 00:16:49 <Tox> Does that let Talwyn know where the elf is, when the arrow hits the dirt?
Apr 19 00:16:49 <Maddy> its tals turn
Apr 19 00:17:06 <Maddy> she knows what tree he's up sure
Apr 19 00:17:13 <Tox> Cool
Apr 19 00:18:34 <Tox> Talwyn shouts out a spell invocation, and a dazzling burst of light cooks off in front of the elf's face. Fort save, DC 13 or be dazzled for one minute.
Apr 19 00:19:04 <Maddy> He'd razle dazled
Apr 19 00:19:18 <Gara> My turn?
Apr 19 00:19:35 <Maddy> Dag's turn
Apr 19 00:20:22 <Tox> Not too much for Lokir to do, so she goes back to Chandler and the dead people.
Apr 19 00:20:28 <Tox> As does Talwyn, because she has a move action.
Apr 19 00:20:45 <Maddy> Armok agogo
Apr 19 00:21:15 <Gara> Armok is going to jump at the elf. The jump is an autosuccess: My modifier is higher then the DC.
Apr 19 00:21:24 <Maddy> awesome
Apr 19 00:23:51 <Gara> d20+7 And then throw myself at you.
Apr 19 00:23:51 <CROM> Gara: And then throw myself at you.: 18 (d20+7=11)
Apr 19 00:24:35 <Maddy> You're aiming to knock him out the trree, or ddo damage or both?
Apr 19 00:24:43 <Gara> I don't care about damage right here.
Apr 19 00:24:46 * Puppetmaster has quit (Connection reset by peer)
Apr 19 00:24:52 <Maddy> ok you knock him the fuck out the tree.
Apr 19 00:25:12 <Gara> I fall with him, cause I grabbed at him and stuff?
Apr 19 00:25:13 <Echo> … Chandler can't miss that target
Apr 19 00:25:31 * Puppetmaster (meht.gnillup|sgnirts#meht.gnillup|sgnirts) has joined #afteractionmission
Apr 19 00:25:34 <Maddy> The elf hits the ground hard, luckily not high enough to break anything, but the wind is knocked out of him. A half orc lands on top of him
Apr 19 00:26:27 <Maddy> He;s probably got broken and shit ribs now though.
Apr 19 00:26:35 <Maddy> Chandler I guess?
Apr 19 00:26:37 <Gara> "Surrender or I'm going to crush your fucking neck under my boot." I bear my teeth at him, staring at him.
Apr 19 00:27:30 <Maddy> He responds by gasping for air like a fish out of water.
Apr 19 00:27:36 <Echo> … Pass, readying an action to attack if the enemy decides that Armok's bluffing
Apr 19 00:27:57 <Maddy> He;s not really in a postion to not surrender
Apr 19 00:28:32 <Gara> "Are there more of you?"
Apr 19 00:28:37 <Maddy> Orc lady is similarly gasping now, close to death..
Apr 19 00:29:04 <Maddy> The elf shakes his head. "Just- the- cleric-"
Apr 19 00:29:18 <Gara> "Where."
Apr 19 00:29:23 <Echo> Actually, could I take my turn to stabilize the orc?
Apr 19 00:29:43 <Maddy> sure
Apr 19 00:30:12 <Echo> 1d20+9 to stabilize le orc
Apr 19 00:30:13 <CROM> Echo: to stabilize le orc: 27 (1d20+9=18)
Apr 19 00:30:39 <Maddy> He glances towars the woods, you can see there's a camp further in, and now that the fighting is overish, you can hear horses.
Apr 19 00:30:48 <Gara> "Okay."
Apr 19 00:31:06 <Maddy> The orc is no longer dying
Apr 19 00:31:13 <Gara> He stands. "What do we do about this one."
Apr 19 00:31:16 <Echo> :D
Apr 19 00:31:27 <Gara> Armok looks a little murdery.
Apr 19 00:31:41 <Echo> "We take them back to town. Neither one can fight right now. Disarm him."
Apr 19 00:32:09 <Gara> "And how do we manage them in the mean time?"
Apr 19 00:32:42 <Echo> "Tie them up? Alwyn, rope?"
Apr 19 00:32:59 <Gara> "I have rope, I don't know if we'll have enough."
Apr 19 00:33:03 <Tox> Talwyn nods, handing over rope.
Apr 19 00:33:36 <Tox> She also takes 20 on search checks on EVERYONE up in the club. Stealin' /all/ the shit.
Apr 19 00:33:53 <Echo> "I can carry the one unconscious if I have to. She's not going anywhere for now. I think we should probably check out the camp over there first, though, after we tie Armok's up. Help him out?"
Apr 19 00:34:11 <Gara> "Yeah, lets take care of them."
Apr 19 00:34:17 <Gara> "They have a spellcaster."
Apr 19 00:34:17 <Tox> "Yep."
Apr 19 00:34:22 <Gara> "We might not be able to let them live."
Apr 19 00:34:53 <Echo> "Tying hands and feet and gagging them would work pretty well."
Apr 19 00:35:15 <Gara> "Assuming we can get him to submit."
Apr 19 00:35:24 <Echo> Chandler starts off toward the camp slowly, giving the others time. "Maybe."
Apr 19 00:36:22 <Maddy> The dead dude had 2 daggers, armour thats shit now, a hand crossbow, and a baggocoins
Apr 19 00:36:33 <Maddy> The orc has scale mail
Apr 19 00:36:38 <Maddy> doudle orc axe
Apr 19 00:36:59 <Maddy> the elf has an obviously magic bow
Apr 19 00:37:04 <Maddy> a shortsword
Apr 19 00:37:06 <Maddy> buckler
Apr 19 00:37:06 <Tox> awww yeee
Apr 19 00:37:25 <Maddy> and studed armour
Apr 19 00:37:39 <Maddy> The bow has eyes carved all over it
Apr 19 00:37:46 <Echo> More pressing concerns. Cleric.
Apr 19 00:38:10 <Gara> Armok has a tied man.
Apr 19 00:38:17 <Gara> He keeps him by a tree.
Apr 19 00:38:22 <Maddy> Chandler comes to the camp, there are tents, a fire, 5 horses and a figure sitting bu the fire.
Apr 19 00:38:31 <Tox> All of it gets put into all sorts of buckets. Talwyn can carry it all; it pushes her into medium load territory but that's okay!
Apr 19 00:38:39 <Gara> Or she could leave it for now.
Apr 19 00:38:43 <Gara> And fight the cleric.
Apr 19 00:38:53 <Echo> Chandler's still moving toward the camp, where he heard the horses. "Anyone out here? If you surrender, you won't be harmed!"
Apr 19 00:38:56 <Tox> Well, she sets it down when they reach the camp.
Apr 19 00:39:03 <Gara> Armok moves along side Chandler.
Apr 19 00:39:15 <Tox> Talwyn and Lokir flank the group.
Apr 19 00:39:32 <Maddy> "Has the guard finaly deigned to take care for my captors?" says the female, with a deep, gravely voice.
Apr 19 00:40:13 <Gara> "Captors?" Lots of gravely voices. Maybe she's related to The Boss.
Apr 19 00:40:13 <Echo> "Who's that?"
Apr 19 00:41:43 <Maddy> She stands, taller than Armok, and pulls her hood back. She has green skin, looking mostly orcish, but much taller than your average female half orc, and she only has two fingers and a thumb on each hand. "I am Ben'Jun." she is also obviously blind.
Apr 19 00:42:04 <Gara> "… Oh. I have something for you."
Apr 19 00:42:23 <Gara> He walks over towards her. Do her eyes track as he approaches?
Apr 19 00:42:28 <Tox> Talwyn blinks. "Oh."
Apr 19 00:42:43 <Gara> Does she seem blind by wounds?
Apr 19 00:42:47 <Maddy> by wounds
Apr 19 00:43:10 <Maddy> Burns by te looks of it. Chemical burns
Apr 19 00:43:44 <Gara> "I have your axe."
Apr 19 00:44:39 <Maddy> She smiles a little. "You have an axe. I certainly don't own anything like that anymore."
Apr 19 00:45:01 <Gara> "I have an axe that was yours, once."
Apr 19 00:45:33 <Echo> Chandler's still concerned about the other potential enemy. "Do you know if there's another here? One of the ones we took down said there was one more."
Apr 19 00:46:24 <Maddy> "And I'm glad it's found a new weilder. A good friend made it. But I'm being rude." she bows a little. "I'm sure he only ment me. They have been keeping me here, healing them when marks put up a fight. Do any of you need healing?"
Apr 19 00:46:48 <Gara> "I don't think so."
Apr 19 00:47:07 <Echo> "We're fine, thank you. Made it through without a scratch. We've got two of them alive though, one badly hurt."
Apr 19 00:47:11 <Tox> "Pella will be glad to know you're alive," Talwyn offers.
Apr 19 00:47:19 <Gara> "Yes. Pella sent us out here. Well. She asked me to find your sigil at least. She thinks you're dead."
Apr 19 00:48:21 <Echo> Seeing that the other are dealing with Bin-Jun, Chandler goes back to check on the two incapacitated bandits by the trail.
Apr 19 00:48:28 <Maddy> "They have two others in their crew but they were sent into Dunedin." she nods to both Talwyn and Armok. "She's been much in my heart. I'll be glad to bring her closure."
Apr 19 00:49:39 <Gara> "Two?"
Apr 19 00:50:11 <Maddy> "Yes, a human and a half elf. The archer's sister, and the human's woman."
Apr 19 00:50:20 <Tox> "A man with a scar across his throat?"
Apr 19 00:50:28 <Maddy> "Boss, yes."
Apr 19 00:50:36 <Gara> "He's dead."
Apr 19 00:51:01 <Gara> "We've not met the half elf."
Apr 19 00:51:15 <Maddy> "If Boss is dead, you likely wont, now."
Apr 19 00:51:35 <Gara> He shrugs.
Apr 19 00:51:38 <Gara> "Then we don't have to."
Apr 19 00:53:25 <Maddy> "Thank you again for helping me, and anyone traveling this road in the future. I wish I had a way to repay you."
Apr 19 00:54:47 <Gara> "It's not necessary."
Apr 19 00:55:22 <Tox> "Will you accompany us back to Dunedin?"
Apr 19 00:55:57 <Maddy> "Of course. I'm excited to get home and start my new work there."
Apr 19 00:56:05 * MonkeyBomb has quit (Quit: G'night)
Apr 19 00:56:31 <Echo> Chandler takes the rest of the rope and starts binding up the orc woman, then lays his hands over where she was stabbed, healing her a little. We'll say one point at a time up until she regains consciousness.
Apr 19 00:56:39 <Tox> "First…let's strike this camp and take everything away. Return it to Ehlonna."
Apr 19 00:56:42 <Gara> "You are a cleric as well as a fighter? Are you a paladin like Chandler?"
Apr 19 00:57:20 <Maddy> "Oh, oh my no, I'm no longer a fighter. That changed when I lost my sight…it's a long story."
Apr 19 00:57:52 <Gara> "… I don't understand."
Apr 19 00:57:57 <Tox> "What happened?"
Apr 19 00:57:59 <Gara> Armok does not understand magic.
Apr 19 00:58:24 <Tox> "I'm sure there are healers in Dunedin who can fix that…"
Apr 19 00:59:27 <Maddy> "When I first came to kill these bandits, I didn't know about the half elf woman." she laughs. "No that wont be neccissary. The half-elf blinded me with some concoction she had made, and they were going to kill me. Ohgma came then, and intervened."
Apr 19 01:00:09 <Maddy> "He said if I put away my weapons, and took up his quill as my father did, he would save me. And he did, by making me useful to them."
Apr 19 01:01:17 <Gara> "Oh."
Apr 19 01:02:04 <Maddy> The orc lady eventually comes too
Apr 19 01:02:16 <Maddy> She's super mad and almost rages till the elf is like "man dont bother."
Apr 19 01:02:28 <Maddy> then she just pouts like a big baby
Apr 19 01:02:38 <Echo> XD
Apr 19 01:03:16 <Tox> lul
Apr 19 01:06:00 <Maddy> "So, shall we off? I suppose you've inherited these beasts." she motions to the horses
Apr 19 01:06:29 <Gara> "Yes, but I think Tal wanted to clear the camp."
Apr 19 01:06:50 <Maddy> There's noting in the camp really
Apr 19 01:07:13 <Maddy> since Boss was in Dunedin, selling all their shit.
Apr 19 01:07:18 <Echo> Chandler helps both of the captives to their feet, and starting marching them off toward the horses.
Apr 19 01:07:50 <Maddy> Zilo mutters in elven.
Apr 19 01:09:23 <Gara> "Quiet."
Apr 19 01:09:58 <Echo> Can we assume they get them loaded up on the horses to lead them back to town (and probably Ben-Jun too)?
Apr 19 01:10:46 <Maddy> Coitenly.
Apr 19 01:11:21 <Gara> "Pella will be thrilled."
Apr 19 01:11:55 <Maddy> Did they bring the dead harfling?
Apr 19 01:12:23 <Gara> No, I don't think we're dragging the dead halfing with us.
Apr 19 01:12:26 <Echo> We'll say yes.
Apr 19 01:12:30 <Maddy> ok lol
Apr 19 01:12:34 <Gara> Oh. We will? Okay.
Apr 19 01:12:43 <Echo> Can't just leave bodies to rot. Everybody deserves a burial and all.
Apr 19 01:13:25 <Maddy> When the get to town, one of the guards recognizes the halfling. "Is that…That's Wellby Bushgather. We've been trying to catch this scum for months!"
Apr 19 01:14:13 <Gara> "Well, we caught and killed him."
Apr 19 01:14:21 <Gara> "Along with a bandit crew."
Apr 19 01:14:28 <Gara> "The other two are captured."
Apr 19 01:14:54 <Echo> The orc lady and helf are tied firmly to the saddles of the horses.
Apr 19 01:15:18 <Maddy> "I see that." he looks impressed. "Better get you to the captains office."
Apr 19 01:15:40 <Gara> "You'll take the prisoners I'll assume?"
Apr 19 01:15:42 <Maddy> "If you don't mind, I'll be rejoining my friend int he market." says Benny.
Apr 19 01:15:51 <Maddy> The guard nods.
Apr 19 01:16:14 <Maddy> Some other guards liberate the horse from it's scummy load.
Apr 19 01:16:28 <Gara> "I think we'll end up there soon enough. Goodbye, Ben
Apr 19 01:16:35 <Gara> Benjen or whatever
Apr 19 01:16:46 <Echo> Bej Jun!
Apr 19 01:16:48 <Echo> *n
Apr 19 01:17:00 <Maddy> Benny heads off, doing pretty well considering the blindness.
Apr 19 01:17:07 <Tox> Yaaaay~
Apr 19 01:17:53 <Maddy> You gys are escorted to the guard captain, who gives you 2000gp to split between you as reward.
Apr 19 01:18:03 <Echo> :o
Apr 19 01:18:11 <Tox> oh snaps
Apr 19 01:18:25 <Tox> along with the proceeds from sale of stuff~
Apr 19 01:18:30 <Maddy> it's also like lunches
Apr 19 01:18:45 <Maddy> Do you sell everything? I mean you have an unidentified magic bow
Apr 19 01:19:09 <Gara> How much does an unidenification service cost?
Apr 19 01:19:19 <Tox> well we get that identified first, 'course
Apr 19 01:19:25 <Maddy> For knights of Dunedin, it's free
Apr 19 01:19:30 <Gara> Well.
Apr 19 01:19:36 <Tox> Don't mind if we do.