Three Sisters War: Part IV

Jun 28 22:31:44 <Maddy> You regain a dream like conciousness, but you seem to be disembodied for now, and your character brains haven't loaded. It's dark, and there's sounds of underground things happening.
Jun 28 22:32:20 <Tox> Cana shakes what passes for his head, struggling to see.
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Jun 28 22:34:01 <Echo> Chandler!Mitchell tries to feel around for his body, weirded out by the sensation.
Jun 28 22:34:05 <Maddy> Before your eyes, your point of veiw starts to shift up, like you were on an elevator, and you pass by grimlocks scrabbling through a cave, then you shift up higher, seeing some Kuo-Toa prepping their sheilds with their sticky mucous.
Jun 28 22:34:16 <Tox> "Fuck those guys."
Jun 28 22:34:22 <Maddy> You start to fly through the cave the fishmen are - you cant talk.
Jun 28 22:34:26 <Maddy> stop it
Jun 28 22:35:30 <Maddy> You start to fly through the cave the fishmen are in, over a river and twisting through winding caves.
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Jun 28 22:37:42 <Maddy> Eventually the caves open to a large city, where drow mill about, and your flight takes you into a room in the largest, most opulant looking home.
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Jun 28 22:39:23 * Echo invited Vorcha into the channel.
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Jun 28 22:40:12 <Maddy> Inside, a stout looking drow is speaking to another, more elegant looking one. The elegant drow is familiar to all but U-475. She looks llike a younger version of the Matriarch you dealt with the very first day of your journey, though she wears a cover across her eyes.
Jun 28 22:42:33 <Maddy> "Sister, I am about to head out to the frog's mouth cavern. I believe this may be the time to send the whip into the farmland. If he can draw out the people King Ir-" the elegant drow raises her hand to strike her younger sister, but stops with the warning.
Jun 28 22:43:09 <Maddy> "I'm sorry sister, if he can draw out the people the Nameless King has employed, I may be able to assist in their disposal."
Jun 28 22:47:10 <Maddy> The elegant elf nods and the stout one departs. The scene fades out.
Jun 28 22:49:48 <Maddy> It fades back in with the sun setting in the sky behind the castle. The king voice speaks all voice over style.
Jun 28 22:51:14 <Maddy> "Dunedin. A place of relitive peace. Untill 20 years ago. The drow in our region lived peacefully alongside the other races, sometimes even in our cities."
Jun 28 22:52:53 <Maddy> "That changed, when there was an attack on a powerful drow family, who humans had felt had taken the peaceful co-mingling too far. All the drow left in droves, back to their dark tunnels and closed spaces."
Jun 28 22:54:03 <Maddy> The veiw sails into the castle, where you can see your own bodies standing before the king, ecept for U's body, who is standing a little off to the side from the king. You all shift into you bodies as the king is telling his story.
Jun 28 22:54:33 <Maddy> "I thought perhaps we would have peace again when Lady Deliantha would meet with you…"
Jun 28 22:55:28 <Maddy> "But it seems our course is now war with her daughters." he looks incredibly sad about this. "I only hope we can save as many peple on each side, and perhaps find peace in the aftermath."
Jun 28 22:55:59 <Maddy> You can move an talk no, but talking while the king is blathering is probably not a good idea.
Jun 28 22:56:48 <Maddy> "You've all done much while you've been here," which you get the feeling has been like 3 weeks since you saved Ben'Jun, and helped Flint find a new home.
Jun 28 22:58:18 <Maddy> "But I fear I must ask for your help again." He pulls out the scrolls you got when you killed the fish men. "We were not able to fully translate these, but we identified who sent them. Delmithra. She is the youngest of the three sisters."
Jun 28 23:00:12 <Maddy> "We have told The State, and they feel it's best if you join them for her arrival."
Jun 28 23:00:54 <Maddy> "My aide has told me Dame Sparrow has left your company?"
Jun 28 23:01:33 <Gara> Armok nods.
Jun 28 23:01:39 <Tox> Talwyn looks over at Mr Spokesman Chandler Guy, then nods.
Jun 28 23:01:54 <Echo> "She has."
Jun 28 23:02:24 <Echo> "And we're ready to do what we can to help."
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Jun 28 23:03:22 <Maddy> "A shame." he motions to U, though you guys don't know thats him yet har har. "I couldn't send you to fight a foe such as her alone, however, and have heard much of young Alek here from the druid's circle."
Jun 28 23:03:52 <Tox> Talwyn's eyes light at the mention of another druid.
Jun 28 23:04:02 <Vorcha> Alek looks at the group and smiles.
Jun 28 23:05:16 <Maddy> "I have fought Delmithra once, and it's only a mutual understanding that stayed either of us from killing the other. She will not likely be alone, either. Please, take Initiate Alek with you."
Jun 28 23:08:59 <Echo> "Of course. And where are we traveling?"
Jun 28 23:12:22 <Maddy> "Back to the Frog's Mouth Cavern. The State will have made themselves scarce, and so if she should show up, you will not have to worry about colateral damage."
Jun 28 23:13:15 <Tox> Talwyn nods.
Jun 28 23:13:20 <Gara> "Understood."
Jun 28 23:14:33 <Maddy> "Please make haste. Dunedin isn't ready for war yet, and if you can kill, or better yet capture Delmithra, this will send a message to Deliantha the Younger."
Jun 28 23:14:44 <Maddy> "And she will stay her hand a while longer."
Jun 28 23:16:57 <Maddy> And the king takes his leave without really making sure you guys actually leave.
Jun 28 23:17:20 <Vorcha> Alek meanders over to the group.
Jun 28 23:17:54 <Tox> Talwyn steps forward to meet him. She look like dis!
Jun 28 23:18:08 <Tox> "Ehlonna's blessings be upon you, Alek."
Jun 28 23:18:34 <Echo> Mitchell apparently wasn't very creative when he came up with Chandler. He basically looks like Mitchell, except taller and bulkier, and dressed in period armor.
Jun 28 23:19:20 <Gara> Armok is a massive lightly green skinned half ork with three two greataxes and a battleaxe.
Jun 28 23:20:24 <Echo> Chandler the Paladin gives Alek a polite nod along with a half-bow. "Hello, Alek. Would you care to introduce yourself?"
Jun 28 23:21:52 <Vorcha> This is basically Alek without the greenmo hair pieces
Jun 28 23:22:48 <Vorcha> He returns the gesture to Chandler. "I am Alek Scotfeld. I hope you will all find me worthy of the circle's praise."
Jun 28 23:23:26 <Maddy> Time freezes arounf them for a second. "Holy shit the robot got in, this is so cool." says the Jani god voice.
Jun 28 23:23:39 <Maddy> "Ok ok ok enough gushing, have fun, hit things." time starts again.
Jun 28 23:24:08 <Tox> "Hitting things I can do," Talwyn says, pitched so that only their group can hear it.
Jun 28 23:24:08 <Gara> "I'm Armok."
Jun 28 23:26:33 <Echo> "Armok, you want do us the honor and lead the way?"
Jun 28 23:26:49 <Gara> "Sure." Armok leads them out!
Jun 28 23:27:35 <Tox> Talwyn follows.
Jun 28 23:27:41 <Maddy> You head into the square, where most shops are starting to close but if you really anted to spend money before you left you could or you could just leave now.
Jun 28 23:28:23 <Vorcha> "Do you need to settle your supplies?"
Jun 28 23:28:55 <Echo> "We're doing fairly well at the moment. I don't suppose it'd hurt to stop in after we're back, though."
Jun 28 23:29:54 <Tox> "Hmm. I could….hm. Is there a potion shop around here?"
Jun 28 23:31:29 <Tox> "I could get a potion or two of Shillelagh; extend my magic."
Jun 28 23:31:46 <Echo> Chandler shrugs. "Probably. Hard to tell if it'd be open, though. Looks like everyone's putting in for the evening."
Jun 28 23:32:04 <Maddy> There is a potions shop!
Jun 28 23:32:07 <Maddy> It\s still open!
Jun 28 23:32:12 <Maddy> If you hurry~
Jun 28 23:32:31 <Tox> "Oh! Hey, there's one! See it? I won't be but like, five minutes."
Jun 28 23:32:46 <Tox> "Or whatever time they use here."
Jun 28 23:33:13 <Echo> "I'll wait here with Alek if you want to see about it."
Jun 28 23:33:32 <Gara> "I'll go with her."
Jun 28 23:34:50 <Tox> "That'd be great." Talwyn grins. "Alright, let's go." And so they go!
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Jun 28 23:35:29 <Vorcha> Alek stands with tall!Mitchell
Jun 28 23:36:05 * Mere|SS13 (ten.maertsdniw.pi.cimanyd.0581A3FD-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.maertsdniw.pi.cimanyd.0581A3FD-CRInys|tibbiM) has left #afteractionmission
Jun 28 23:36:33 <Echo> In the meantime, Mitchell decides to make some small talk. "Have you ever fought before? Seems to be something that follows us around."
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Jun 28 23:37:18 <Maddy> In the potion shop, there's a thin, whispy looking half elf dusting while a broom sweeps all by itself. "Last minute customers." theres a whistful sight. "They're always either the bet or the worst."
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Jun 28 23:38:03 <Vorcha> "I do what I have to." He answers with a cocky smile.
Jun 28 23:38:27 <Tox> Talwyn inclines her head. "I hope to be the former. I was wondering if you had potions of…Shillelagh and Mage Armor in?"
Jun 28 23:38:30 * Raga (~moc.rr.ser.xtas.4E29B28E-CRInys|araG#moc.rr.ser.xtas.4E29B28E-CRInys|araG) has joined #afteractionmission
Jun 28 23:40:03 <Echo> "That doesn't quite answer the question."
Jun 28 23:40:53 <Raga> Armok stands there while Talwyn shops.
Jun 28 23:41:00 <Maddy> "Hmmm no, I don't at the moment." they have a welsh sort of lilt to their voice. "I'm a supply and demand kind of person, though I do made the odds and ends to keep practice up." they lean on the counter they're dusting. "Demands says cure minor wounds."
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Jun 28 23:41:38 <Maddy> "Though I have a small batch of bless weapon oils, a smallers of magic fang, and a single remove paralysis potion."
Jun 28 23:41:52 <Vorcha> He pats the scimitar at his side. "I've only done what I've had to."
Jun 28 23:45:11 <Tox> Talwyn hears the shopkeep out. "Hmm. How much do you want for two of the Magic Fang potions?"
Jun 28 23:45:19 <Tox> Talwyn scratches Lokir's ears idly.
Jun 28 23:45:56 * Raga is now known as Gara
Jun 28 23:46:56 <Echo> "I see. Just be prepared to use that. As I said, trouble seems to have followed us once we arrived here."
Jun 28 23:47:25 <Maddy> "That woul be 100 gold pieces, but if you buy the whole lote ill give them all to you half off."
Jun 28 23:48:30 <Tox> "How many do you have?" Talwyn asks, interested.
Jun 28 23:48:38 <Tox> 'Half off' is always a good number.
Jun 28 23:48:44 <Maddy> "Five."
Jun 28 23:50:05 <Tox> Talwyn nods. "Done." She fishes in her gold pouch and gets out 125 GP, setting the sum on the counter.
Jun 28 23:50:10 <Vorcha> He nods.
Jun 28 23:50:57 <Maddy> The shop keep gets the bottles out. They have the colour of liquified bone, and have an oily texture. "They taste awful, fair warning."
Jun 28 23:52:01 <Tox> "I appreciate the warning," Talwyn responds, exchanging GP for potions of winning.
Jun 28 23:54:40 <Maddy> yay
Jun 28 23:54:43 <Gara> Armok heads back out.
Jun 28 23:55:08 <Tox> ~yay~
Jun 28 23:55:19 <Tox> as does Talwyn and Lokir, rejoining their compatriots.
Jun 28 23:55:51 <Vorcha> Alek holds out his arm for his hawk to finally swoop down and perch. It didn't feel like being in the building.
Jun 28 23:56:06 <Maddy> The door locks behind her and the shopkeep hums to themselves. They seem oddly pleased about something.
Jun 28 23:56:26 <Maddy> All the shops are closed now.
Jun 29 00:00:04 <Echo> Time to start out!
Jun 29 00:00:25 <Echo> "Get everything you were looking for?"
Jun 29 00:01:04 <Tox> "No, I didn't get what I went in there for, but I found some Magic Fang potions, half off, so."
Jun 29 00:01:16 <Tox> She shrugs. "All comes out in the wash, I guess."
Jun 29 00:02:40 <Vorcha> Alek preens his pretty burdy.
Jun 29 00:03:46 <Echo> "Armok, you wanna lead us off?"
Jun 29 00:04:02 <Gara> He leads again.
Jun 29 00:05:52 <Maddy> It doesnt take them terribly long to get to the cave again, but its quite dark when they get there.
Jun 29 00:06:32 <Gara> Armok doesn't believe in the dark.
Jun 29 00:07:20 <Maddy> Its quiet.
Jun 29 00:08:03 <Tox> Talwyn scratches Lokir's ears in a calming way as they proceed.
Jun 29 00:09:10 <Vorcha> He looks at Talwyn. "What is his name?"
Jun 29 00:10:16 <Tox> "Her name is Lokir," she responds.
Jun 29 00:10:58 <Maddy> Spot checks?
Jun 29 00:11:19 <Echo> 1d20+4 !
Jun 29 00:11:19 <CROM> Echo: !: 15 (1d20+4=11)
Jun 29 00:11:29 <Maddy> Er wait
Jun 29 00:11:30 <Maddy> listen
Jun 29 00:11:33 <Maddy> im fucking dumb
Jun 29 00:11:47 <Vorcha> 1d20+7 what do your elven ears hear
Jun 29 00:11:48 <CROM> Vorcha: what do your elven ears hear: 10 (1d20+7=3)
Jun 29 00:11:51 <Vorcha> fuck all
Jun 29 00:11:56 <Echo> 1d20+4 Same score!
Jun 29 00:11:56 <CROM> Echo: Same score!: 24 (1d20+4=20)
Jun 29 00:12:01 <Maddy> :|||||||
Jun 29 00:12:01 <Echo> O_o
Jun 29 00:12:11 <Echo> I'm gonna go ahead and say Chandler'
Jun 29 00:12:17 <Echo> s detecting evil as well.
Jun 29 00:13:08 <Vorcha> Alek stumbles over his words at his blunder. " apologies Lokir."
Jun 29 00:13:36 <Tox> 1d20+8 I don't even fucking know anymore :||| goddamn myth weavers
Jun 29 00:13:37 <CROM> Tox: I don't even fucking know anymore :||| goddamn myth weavers: 20 (1d20+8=12)
Jun 29 00:14:09 <Gara> d20+3 My ears
Jun 29 00:14:09 <CROM> Gara: My ears: 18 (d20+3=15)
Jun 29 00:14:32 <Vorcha> HIS EARS ARE LIKE SATELLITES
Jun 29 00:15:02 <Tox> 1d20+5 Woof!
Jun 29 00:15:03 <CROM> Tox: Woof!: 15 (1d20+5=10)
Jun 29 00:16:33 <Maddy> Ok so yeah everyone but the elf hears the sound of angry dark elf swearing nar the back of the cave you're standing outside of.
Jun 29 00:16:46 <Maddy> Chandler you defintely sense evil back there.
Jun 29 00:17:08 <Gara> Armok pulls his priority greataxe.
Jun 29 00:17:12 <Echo> I'm going to take another turn, focusing on that area.
Jun 29 00:17:50 <Tox> Talwyn draws her club, also readying one of her POTIONS OF MAGIC FANG WOOP WOOP
Jun 29 00:18:26 <Echo> That should give Chandler a number of bad stuffs.
Jun 29 00:18:43 <Maddy> 4.
Jun 29 00:19:19 <Echo> "I think we've found our mark already. Whatever's back there, there's four of them."
Jun 29 00:19:38 <Echo> He draws his greatsword from the massive scabbard across his back.
Jun 29 00:22:36 <Maddy> There's some shuffling about, and the sound of thins being tossed.
Jun 29 00:22:59 <Tox> Talwyn nods. "Let's get 'em." She takes possibly the last noncombat action to FEED LOKIR THE POTION.
Jun 29 00:23:37 <Maddy> Lokir gets +1 to bite bite bite
Jun 29 00:23:40 <Maddy> for like one minute
Jun 29 00:23:45 <Tox> yeah
Jun 29 00:23:53 <Tox> because potions are minimum caster level
Jun 29 00:24:05 <Gara> "Are we ready to go?"
Jun 29 00:24:18 <Echo> Chandler starts into the cave, blade of the greatsword resting over his right shoulder.
Jun 29 00:24:18 <Tox> "Let's do it."
Jun 29 00:24:25 <Maddy> Lokir doesnt mind the taste. Apparently it's only gross to people
Jun 29 00:24:27 <Tox> Talwyn follows riiiight behind.
Jun 29 00:24:49 <Maddy> It's dark as hell unless someone takes out a torch.
Jun 29 00:24:56 <Gara> Armok goes! He also doesn't care about the dark.
Jun 29 00:25:37 <Echo> Chandler looks back at Talwyn and quietly whisper, "You mind lighting a torch? It's a little hard for me to see in here."
Jun 29 00:26:33 <Tox> Torches would be a really great way to alert whoever's ahead. Plus the half-orc has darkvision. She looks back at Chandler and bites her lip. "It'd ruin what stealth we have, but I can if you want me to."
Jun 29 00:27:08 <Maddy> How about that, the group deeper in seems to be comeing towards you now.
Jun 29 00:27:31 <Echo> Chandler's going to detect evil again, see how far away they are.
Jun 29 00:28:10 <Echo> "Right, if we get set on, light one and throw it to the ground."
Jun 29 00:28:52 <Tox> "Mhm."
Jun 29 00:29:03 <Maddy> hmmmm lets say 50 ft, but if you remember there's a corner coming up
Jun 29 00:29:33 <Tox> "Wait wait," Talwyn whispers. "We can ambush them around this corner."
Jun 29 00:29:41 <Echo> "I can't tell exactly where they are. Or…"
Jun 29 00:29:50 <Echo> "There's only one way out."
Jun 29 00:30:08 <Echo> "Why don't we just wait at the entrance. We'll have flat ground, and at least some decent light."
Jun 29 00:30:10 <Gara> "Magic."
Jun 29 00:31:08 <Maddy> The sound of Yosemite Sam style Undercommon swearing gets closer still.
Jun 29 00:31:44 <Echo> Chandler starts backing up. He gestures at the others to follow.
Jun 29 00:32:25 <Gara> Armok follows.
Jun 29 00:32:39 <Tox> Talwyn follows suit.
Jun 29 00:33:09 <Vorcha> Alek follows, his burd seems a bit perturbed by cave stuff anyways.
Jun 29 00:33:09 <Echo> As he reaches the mouth, Chandler places himself out of view of anyone in the cave on the left side of the mouth, as facing it.
Jun 29 00:33:26 <Maddy> Last chance to read actions and all dat shit.
Jun 29 00:33:40 <Vorcha> Would detecting magic even help
Jun 29 00:33:48 <Gara> I raedy SLASH
Jun 29 00:33:51 <Maddy> Maybe?
Jun 29 00:33:53 <Tox> Talwyn slips out, and readies an action to beat a motherfucker.
Jun 29 00:34:05 <Tox> Lokir Readies to trip.
Jun 29 00:34:36 <Echo> Chandler's going to detect evil one more time, to be sure the approaching voices are the source of it.
Jun 29 00:34:58 <Vorcha> Alek is going to detect magic because he wants to feel useful
Jun 29 00:35:01 <Maddy> Voice, and oh yeah. There' some evil shit here.
Jun 29 00:35:36 <Echo> "Be ready. The ones coming out are what I was sensing."
Jun 29 00:35:37 * Mere|SS13 (ten.maertsdniw.pi.cimanyd.0581A3FD-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.maertsdniw.pi.cimanyd.0581A3FD-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #afteractionmission
Jun 29 00:35:43 <Maddy> Alek can tell theres magic involved with the aproaching people.
Jun 29 00:36:27 <Vorcha> "There's some magic coming with them."
Jun 29 00:36:35 <Vorcha> He takes out his scimitar
Jun 29 00:38:52 <Maddy> Suddenly, a stout looking drow armed wth a heavy mace, joined by 3 skellies comes into veiw.
Jun 29 00:39:00 <Maddy> Go go surprise attack.
Jun 29 00:39:07 <Gara> RAAAGH~
Jun 29 00:39:08 <Tox> How are we ordering it
Jun 29 00:39:11 <Gara> RAGE AS FREE!
Jun 29 00:39:15 <Gara> MURDER THE DROW!
Jun 29 00:39:48 <Tox> Lokir moves to Trip!
Jun 29 00:39:52 <Tox> The Drow.
Jun 29 00:40:50 <Echo> 1d20+7 on skelly #1, holding back 2 for power attack
Jun 29 00:40:51 <CROM> Echo: on skelly #1, holding back 2 for power attack: 27 (1d20+7=20)
Jun 29 00:41:03 <Tox> JESUS.
Jun 29 00:41:21 <Maddy> Roll damage, Chandler.
Jun 29 00:42:35 <Echo> 2d6+10
Jun 29 00:42:35 <CROM> Echo: 21 (2d6+10=6, 5)
Jun 29 00:43:12 <Echo> Chandler swings out from around the corner, bringing his greatsword down in a mighty cleave at the first skelly he sees.
Jun 29 00:43:28 <Maddy> He powders the damn thing.
Jun 29 00:43:34 <Gara> d20+9 Power attacking for 2, giving me plus 4.
Jun 29 00:43:35 <CROM> Gara: Power attacking for 2, giving me plus 4.: 22 (d20+9=13)
Jun 29 00:44:01 <Echo> SPEAKING OF CLEAVE
Jun 29 00:44:01 <Echo> He takes a step toward the second skelly and swings again,
Jun 29 00:44:56 <Echo> 1d20+7 Chandler wheels about on the second skelly, continuing the swing.
Jun 29 00:44:56 <CROM> Echo: Chandler wheels about on the second skelly, continuing the swing.: 18 (1d20+7=11)
Jun 29 00:45:14 <Maddy> roll damage
Jun 29 00:45:18 <Echo> 2d6+10
Jun 29 00:45:19 <CROM> Echo: 16 (2d6+10=4, 2)
Jun 29 00:45:41 <Maddy> This one isn't dusted but it kinda falls apart after you knock it's head off.
Jun 29 00:45:56 <Maddy> ok Gara roll damageio
Jun 29 00:47:50 <Gara> d12+14 I kill shit.
Jun 29 00:47:50 <CROM> Gara: I kill shit.: 25 (d12+14=11)
Jun 29 00:50:16 <Vorcha> Alek stares at the third skeleton, the apparent sole survivor
Jun 29 00:51:47 <Maddy> Armok's mighty magic axe comes down with fury onto Delmithra, diging into her shoulder and actually getting stuck for a second. She cries out, but doesnt go down just yet
Jun 29 00:52:36 <Maddy> Anyone else doing a thing?
Jun 29 00:53:17 <Vorcha> Burd is going for the skeletons eyeholes
Jun 29 00:53:56 <Maddy> Go for it
Jun 29 00:55:00 <Vorcha> 1d20+5 SKREEEEEE
Jun 29 00:55:00 <CROM> Vorcha: SKREEEEEE 23 (1d20+5=18)
Jun 29 00:55:44 <Maddy> Roll damage
Jun 29 00:55:59 <Vorcha> 1d4-2 bird not strok :<
Jun 29 00:56:00 <CROM> Vorcha: bird not strok :<: 1 (1d4-2=3)
Jun 29 00:57:00 <Maddy> The hawk's talon's scrape horribly on the skeleton's skull, irritating in a little.
Jun 29 00:57:11 <Maddy> Anyone else?
Jun 29 01:04:56 <Maddy> Roll initiative
Jun 29 01:05:28 <Vorcha> 1d20
Jun 29 01:05:28 <CROM> Vorcha: 18 (1d20=18)
Jun 29 01:06:00 * Tom90deg has quit (Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - ~)
Jun 29 01:06:32 <Gara> d20+2
Jun 29 01:06:32 <CROM> Gara: 3 (d20+2=1)
Jun 29 01:07:00 <Echo> 1d20+3
Jun 29 01:07:01 <CROM> Echo: 17 (1d20+3=14)
Jun 29 01:07:37 <Maddy> Alek and burd go first.
Jun 29 01:08:56 <Vorcha> Burd circles around for another attak on skulton
Jun 29 01:09:02 <Vorcha> 1d20+5 skraw
Jun 29 01:09:03 <CROM> Vorcha: skraw: 18 (1d20+5=13)
Jun 29 01:11:32 <Maddy> damage
Jun 29 01:11:38 <Vorcha> 1d4-2
Jun 29 01:11:39 <CROM> Vorcha: 1 (1d4-2=3)
Jun 29 01:13:10 <Maddy> You annoy him more.
Jun 29 01:14:06 <Maddy> Does alek do anything else?
Jun 29 01:14:17 <Vorcha> 1d20 well I guess Alek better step up to plate with his sword
Jun 29 01:14:18 <CROM> Vorcha: well I guess Alek better step up to plate with his sword: 16 (1d20=16)
Jun 29 01:14:26 <Maddy> roll damage.
Jun 29 01:14:57 <Vorcha> 1d6 scimitard
Jun 29 01:14:58 <CROM> Vorcha: scimitard: 5 (1d6=5)
Jun 29 01:16:45 <Maddy> Alek's scimitar slices through the air effortlessly, and connects with the skeleton, only to bounce off uselessly.
Jun 29 01:16:54 <Maddy> Chandler you're up.
Jun 29 01:16:57 <Vorcha> A+
Jun 29 01:17:01 <Echo> 1d20+9 Holding back 2 for Power Attack. Smite Evil! Chandler steps in to brutally erase the last weakened skeleton in a mighty display of power intended to cowl the drow into total surrender.
Jun 29 01:17:01 <CROM> Echo: Holding back 2 for Power Attack. Smite Evil! Chandler steps in to brutally erase the last weakened skeleton in a mighty display of power intended to cowl the drow into total surrender.: 13 (1d20+9=4)
Jun 29 01:17:10 <Maddy> AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Jun 29 01:17:22 <Echo> noooooooooo~
Jun 29 01:17:42 <Maddy> Unfortunately, Alek's attack nudged the skelly out the way and you miss.
Jun 29 01:17:50 <Echo> Damnit Alek
Jun 29 01:18:04 <Vorcha> b-but the trees..
Jun 29 01:19:31 <Maddy> d20 The skelly waves its shield uselessly at the annoying bird and swings it's scimitar at the druid who called it
Jun 29 01:19:31 <CROM> Maddy: The skelly waves its shield uselessly at the annoying bird and swings it's scimitar at the druid who called it: 20 (d20=20)
Jun 29 01:19:36 <Gara> …
Jun 29 01:19:40 <Vorcha> fuckin
Jun 29 01:19:40 <Maddy> d20
Jun 29 01:19:41 <CROM> Maddy: 15 (d20=15)
Jun 29 01:19:41 <Vorcha> alek
Jun 29 01:19:48 <Gara> Bird dead
Jun 29 01:19:48 <Gara> ded
Jun 29 01:19:56 <Vorcha> my AC is 16 mads
Jun 29 01:19:59 <Vorcha> if you need that info
Jun 29 01:19:59 <Maddy> Not bird
Jun 29 01:21:09 <Maddy> The blad slices across his arm, 3 damage.
Jun 29 01:22:00 <Maddy> …
Jun 29 01:22:38 <Maddy> Del takes up her mace and turns to strike Chandler with it. The evil coming off the weapon itself is almost overwhelming.
Jun 29 01:22:52 <Echo> gah!
Jun 29 01:23:05 <Maddy> However, she is horribly injured and she stumbles…
Jun 29 01:23:06 <Vorcha> At least it's not a fucking skeleton
Jun 29 01:23:29 <Maddy> …and kills her own skelleton.
Jun 29 01:23:50 <Gara> …
Jun 29 01:23:53 <Vorcha> A+
Jun 29 01:23:56 <Vorcha> based Drow
Jun 29 01:24:58 <Maddy> Go Armok go
Jun 29 01:25:43 <Gara> d20+10 GRAPPLE. AOO incurred.
Jun 29 01:25:44 <CROM> Gara: GRAPPLE. AOO incurred.: 27 (d20+10=17)
Jun 29 01:26:43 <Maddy> Still horribly injured, Del doe lash out at the prospect of an orc hug.
Jun 29 01:26:53 <Maddy> But she just kinda flails hopelessly.
Jun 29 01:27:45 <Gara> Okay. Now we make an opposed check. Roll strength + BaB, plesae.
Jun 29 01:27:50 <Gara> I already rolled.
Jun 29 01:28:47 <Maddy> She fails so hard
Jun 29 01:29:37 <Gara> 1d3+7 I now do unarmed damage. For subduel.
Jun 29 01:29:37 <CROM> Gara: I now do unarmed damage. For subduel.: 10 (1d3+7=3)
Jun 29 01:30:22 <Maddy> She's just too exhausted to even fight the idea of unconciousness.
Jun 29 01:32:05 <Maddy> You win! yay
Jun 29 01:32:58 <Vorcha> Alek and Burd A+
Jun 29 01:34:22 <Maddy> She lays there
Jun 29 01:34:27 <Maddy> all unconcious.
Jun 29 01:34:29 <Maddy> and stuff
Jun 29 01:34:36 <Gara> Armok stands up.
Jun 29 01:35:49 <Echo> "Tie her up. I'm going to heal her, make sure she doesn't die, but we need to make sure she's not going to try to bash us when she comes to."
Jun 29 01:35:55 <Vorcha> Alek might as well cure minor wounds on his arm.
Jun 29 01:36:06 <Gara> He bear hugged her to being unconscious.
Jun 29 01:36:49 <Maddy> There's still an uncomfortable amount of evil coming off her dropped mace.
Jun 29 01:38:04 <Echo> Chandler kicks it away from her. "She's probably going to wake up when I do this."
Jun 29 01:38:16 <Gara> "Then I'll kick her in the ribs a little."
Jun 29 01:38:17 <Vorcha> Alek picks it up to keep it out of the way wow he is considerate.
Jun 29 01:38:49 <Maddy> Beng a druid and all, he's not aware of the evil, and being neutral it doesnt burn him. Yaaaay.
Jun 29 01:38:58 <Vorcha> A+
Jun 29 01:39:11 <Echo> Chandler kneels down beside her, resting his hands on the axe wound and jolts 8HP into her, also removing 8 nonlethal damage.
Jun 29 01:40:39 <Maddy> Assuming someone tired her up, her eyes fluter awake and she tries to get up. Failing she grits her teeth and spits in Chandlers face, uttering something in Undercommon.
Jun 29 01:40:58 <Echo> He can understand that just fine.
Jun 29 01:43:02 <Echo> There a translation>
Jun 29 01:43:03 <Echo> ?
Jun 29 01:44:12 <Maddy> She basically called you the back end of a horse.
Jun 29 01:44:38 <Echo> In Undercommon: "That's not a very nice thing to say to the person that just put you back together."
Jun 29 01:47:18 <Maddy> "Like I give a shit, human." she says in common. "Guess you'll torture me or something similar. Well I got news for you, you're not getting anything out of me."
Jun 29 01:48:11 <Vorcha> He looks at Chandler. "Do you need assistance?"
Jun 29 01:48:34 <Echo> "We're not interested in torturing anyone." He hauls her up so that she's sitting what he hopes is more-or-less comfortably.
Jun 29 01:49:30 <Maddy> "So then kill me and get it over with. I have no desire to spend any more time in the presence of your kind."
Jun 29 01:50:20 <Vorcha> Alek is shifting the mace around. Any writing on it?
Jun 29 01:50:24 <Gara> "Sounds like a personal issue."
Jun 29 01:52:20 <Maddy> There is some, but its in drow
Jun 29 01:52:41 <Vorcha> Any 'Read Magic' gonna be useful?
Jun 29 01:53:07 <Maddy> Na
Jun 29 01:54:02 <Echo> "Not gonna kill you, either."
Jun 29 01:54:51 <Vorcha> He shrugs and puts it in his bag. Maybe he will sell it. He doesn't know it's useless to him /and/ the trees.
Jun 29 01:57:33 <Maddy> "So what then."
Jun 29 01:58:47 <Echo> "We're taking you to meet someone."
Jun 29 01:59:32 <Vorcha> Alek collects what he can from the left over equipment.
Jun 29 01:59:45 <Maddy> "Well on with it, then. I'm quite done talking to you."
Jun 29 02:01:03 <Echo> Chandler pulls her straight up to her feet and starts walking, pushing her slightly ahead of him. "You heard the lady, Armok."
Jun 29 02:01:36 * Gara has quit (Broken pipe)
Jun 29 02:03:45 * Gara (elttil.oot.leef.hcum|oot.kniht#elttil.oot.leef.hcum|oot.kniht) has joined #afteractionmission
Jun 29 02:05:09 <Maddy> Delmithra trundles along grumblng the whole time.
Jun 29 02:05:53 <Vorcha> Alek trudges along holding literally everything he could grab.
Jun 29 02:06:30 * Arag (~PI.BC557B54.85073F03.EDB2C3B6|araG#PI.BC557B54.85073F03.EDB2C3B6|araG) has joined #afteractionmission
Jun 29 02:06:43 * Gara has quit (Broken pipe)
Jun 29 02:08:49 <Maddy> Eventually they're greeted at the castle and guards haul Del off.
Jun 29 02:09:01 <Echo> :D
Jun 29 02:09:15 <Maddy> The kings aide thanks them, explaining the king is asleep now, but he will see them in the morning.
Jun 29 02:10:07 <Maddy> The familiar face of Jani-Elf come to see them once the aide has left. "Good job you guys."
Jun 29 02:10:50 <Vorcha> Alek gives Jani-Elf a thumbs up. "I need to sell all of this."
Jun 29 02:11:36 <Maddy> "Well the stores aren't open, but there's always "tomorrow."" she airquotes
Jun 29 02:11:44 <Vorcha> He nods.
Jun 29 02:12:04 <Echo> "Sounds good. I'm surprised we didn't murder the elf."
Jun 29 02:12:18 <Maddy> "I'm glad you could make it." she pats Alek on the shoulder. "How's it feel to be fleshy?"
Jun 29 02:12:51 <Vorcha> "I think that, if anything.. I'll miss inflection the most."
Jun 29 02:13:48 <Echo> "Well… you can always come back along next time we play."
Jun 29 02:14:24 <Vorcha> He looks at the burd. "I think I prefer JACS to this as well." Burd is butthurt.
Jun 29 02:15:25 <Maddy> "Well, we ready to go home? Too much more meta and the NPC might revolt."
Jun 29 02:15:40 <Arag> "Fun times."
Jun 29 02:15:56 <Maddy> "To be fair I don't actually kow if they do that."
Jun 29 02:15:57 <Vorcha> He raises an eyebrow. "Wait.. Is this JACS? Or is JACS physically a part of me?"
Jun 29 02:16:14 <Maddy> "Does JACS have an AI like you?"
Jun 29 02:16:29 <Vorcha> "Simulated Curiosity."
Jun 29 02:16:40 <Maddy> "Then it's probably not JACS."
Jun 29 02:17:41 <Maddy> "Brock's dog got in, but since your little aircraft is part of you it probably got all lumped in."
Jun 29 02:17:52 <Vorcha> "It's.. Confusing."
Jun 29 02:18:31 <Maddy> "Well I'm sure we can figure it out later. Get ready to get home!" the lines of the world around you start to fade.