To Glendambo

(12:29:58 AM) Dodridge: «Ladies and gents, anyone ready to get this party started?»
(12:30:23 AM) Dexanote: Shank stands up. "«Yes!»
(12:30:43 AM) Dodridge: «Up to you people. We can set out tonight, or take off early tomorrow.»
(12:30:55 AM) Tox|Laptop: «I'm fine either way.»
(12:30:56 AM) DawnyGoes: «Depends on if I get another hug from Mr. Shank or not…»
(12:31:07 AM) Maddy: «I'm r-ready. I cleaned t-the fat off the v-vehicles.»
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(12:32:01 AM) Dexanote: Shank goes up to the lobby.
(12:32:18 AM) Maddy: Alice is already there, in El-ahrairah.
(12:32:28 AM) E4D: «Jillian, be advised, do *not* hug the scarecrow. I say again, do not hug the scarecrow, copy?»
(12:32:34 AM) Tox|Laptop: Vance makes for the lobby as well, after making a final stop at the shopping center to load up on snacks and soda. "Alright!"
(12:32:45 AM) Dexanote: "Oi Alice."
(12:33:29 AM) Maddy: <Hello S-shank.>
(12:34:29 AM) E4D: Jason steps out of the back of the Piranha. <Shank?> He pops the faceplate up. "Got a proposition for you."
(12:34:41 AM) Dexanote: "Whazzat?"
(12:35:26 AM) Bright: .nick JoeyDrood
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(12:36:10 AM) Nioki: Alanoch follows the other diners back to the vehicles.
(12:36:11 AM) *Heiden walks over to the Hummer, keys in hand.
(12:36:21 AM) *
JoeyDrood shows up. A small sack over his back, more stuffed then it looks, and most of his stuff stashed away in his clothing. Again, his face is covered by his turban and his eyes by dark glasses.
(12:37:00 AM) Maddy: Alice glances at Joey. <H-hey…c-can I talk to you?>
(12:37:01 AM) E4D: "Well… you ever driven an RV?"
(12:37:32 AM) Dexanote: "… Nnnooo…?"
(12:38:12 AM) E4D: "A caravan?" He nods over to the RV. "Found it here. Taking it with us."
(12:38:34 AM) *JoeyDrood nods to Alice. "of course."
(12:38:39 AM) Tox|Laptop: Vance looks at the newcomer. This must be the person who popped up due to time shit. He nods.
(12:38:57 AM) Maddy: She motions for them to move off somewhere away from the other.
(12:38:58 AM) Maddy: s
(12:39:14 AM) Dexanote: "… Sure. Whoz comin?"
(12:39:41 AM) Flames: Midnight's hanging on Jill, relaxed.
(12:39:49 AM) Maddy: <I n-need some things c-cleared up, if y-you don't mind.>
(12:40:28 AM) E4D: "Well, we've got pretty much everything packed into the armored vehicles. Safer that way, to an extent, but anyone that wants to tag along in the RV'll have a pretty comfy ride."
(12:40:31 AM) *
JoeyDrood follows her, doing his best to look inscrutable.
(12:41:00 AM) Tox|Laptop: "Oh. Right." Vance sets his shit into Florence and leaves, returning with Geier in a fireman's carry. He sets her down in Florence's crew compartment.
(12:41:08 AM) Dexanote: "Aha…" He looks it over. "Needs a paintjob. I say orange an' red."
(12:42:38 AM) E4D: "…"
(12:42:43 AM) E4D: "Orange and red?"
(12:43:00 AM) JoeyDrood: "Like what m-ma'am?"
(12:43:33 AM) Dexanote: "I dunno, mebbe some purple innit."
(12:43:43 AM) Maddy: <I n-need to know the s-score, a-as far as how I s-should act around you. W-what I s-should c-call you and…t-this is difficult for me. If it's s-safer for m-me to p-pretend you're not T-travis I w-will…>
(12:43:44 AM) Dexanote: "BLazin angry faces an fire."
(12:43:44 AM) E4D: No, he doesn't. Individuals don't have to be carried around by Vance, or manipulated by other characters unless requested.
(12:43:55 AM) Maddy: It was requested
(12:46:10 AM) E4D: "Trippy-ass RV…"
(12:46:10 AM) Doc_Kens [ten.enilnotpo.nyd.C1AC529B-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.enilnotpo.nyd.C1AC529B-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(12:46:18 AM) Nioki: Alanoch walks to the hummer.
(12:46:28 AM) Maddy: <I m-must admit, I n-never thought I'd be in this s-s-situation.>
(12:46:35 AM) Doc_Kens: Illia steps out of her room and into the cafe for some food.
(12:46:47 AM) Nioki: "Can I ride in front?"
(12:46:49 AM) *JoeyDrood rests a hand on her shoulder. "Just call me Joey in public. if it helps… we can pretend i'm a nephew or something."
(12:47:23 AM) Dexanote: Shank walks over to the RV and climbs in.
(12:47:23 AM) Doc_Kens: She notices Tau and Artemis, so she sits within arm's reach of each of them.
(12:47:36 AM) Maddy: She nods, thank god for the helmet. <I'll l-let Jason know. Y-you ready to head out?>
(12:47:52 AM) *
JoeyDrood nods. "Clean underwear and I went before we left."
(12:48:21 AM) Maddy: <Hehe, g-good.> She heads back to the loby.
(12:48:37 AM) Laito: Alex likely escorts the sleepy Geier to Florence, rather. This has been established as okay.
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(12:49:42 AM) Doc_Kens: "Artemis. Tau." She nods curtly at them while sipping her tea.
(12:50:29 AM) *JoeyDrood follows, adjusting his scimitar absently
(12:50:31 AM) Laito: "Hello Illia." Doubt and guilt surge Artemis' formerly radiant heart.
(12:50:45 AM) E4D: «Tau, Artemis, Illia, need ya out front.»
(12:50:56 AM) E4D: «We're steppin' off in a few.»
(12:51:03 AM) Maddy: <W-watch out, it r-rained fat last n-night before you a-arrived.>
(12:51:15 AM) Doc_Kens: She stands up and walks out to the front, ignoring Artemis completely.
(12:51:18 AM) Laito: "I will gather our things," he says quickly, and scurries off.
(12:51:22 AM) E4D: «Artemis, Illia, I need to see you separately afterwards in the LAV.»
(12:51:23 AM) Dexanote: «Anyone else comin in tha RV»
(12:51:46 AM) Doc_Kens: She reappears at the front lobby wearing her robes and her hip pack, which seems oddly balanced without her sword.
(12:51:53 AM) Nioki: Alanoch runs back to the gift shop to grab an extra set of clothes, then sits in the passenger seat of the hummer.
(12:51:55 AM) Maddy: <Also w-watch out for Chainshank. H-he like to kill people.>
(12:52:02 AM) *
JoeyDrood salutes jason. "Where would you like me, sir?"
(12:52:05 AM) Doc_Kens: "As requested." She nods slightly at Jason and at Alice, respectively.
(12:52:20 AM) Sabitsuki: Tau runs her hand through her hair and comes out front.
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(12:52:53 AM) Dexanote: «… Jus wonderin, is this thing gonna blow up or some shit?»
(12:53:00 AM) E4D: Jason throws a two-fingered salute back, grinning a little. "Don't worry about the sir stuff. Ain't a Director anymore. Can you fire a gun?"
(12:53:14 AM) Tox|Laptop: «No, Shank. Jill and I checked it out when we picked it up.»
(12:53:31 AM) JoeyDrood: "Is there any doubt about that? I'm better than average."
(12:53:43 AM) Laito: Artemis arrives outside with the Clicker's few possessions.
(12:54:05 AM) Doctor_Light: Birdman crawls off the wall and drops onto the ground, walking towards the group.
(12:54:09 AM) E4D: "You can set up in Eve. Big one. Turret on top. Up front."
(12:54:24 AM) Maddy: Alice grins a little under her helmet. <Am I s-still spotter?>
(12:54:41 AM) E4D: Jason nods at Artemis and Illia. "Come with me please? You as well, Tau?"
(12:54:56 AM) Dr_Kens: "Very well." Illia follows.
(12:54:58 AM) E4D: He steps off into the back, up toward the cargo box. "Sure thing, Alice."
(12:55:00 AM) *JoeyDrood makes his way to his spot.
(12:55:07 AM) Laito: Artemis looks at Tau, then follows.
(12:55:15 AM) *
JoeyDrood settles in, grinning beneath his mask. This is going to be FUN!
(12:55:23 AM) Dexanote: «ANyone?»
(12:55:25 AM) Maddy: <W-where are you going to go, hun?>
(12:55:39 AM) E4D: After working on the combo lock, he raises the lid, removing a sword, a spear, a Smith and Wesson, and a Remington shorty.
(12:56:06 AM) E4D: He passes the sword to Illia first, pommel toward her.
(12:56:19 AM) Doctor_Light: "Hell-o," The tall man with the head of a giant black hawk greets Joey. It walks around, then climbs up and hangs on the back of Eve.
(12:56:40 AM) Dr_Kens: "Thank you." She takes it, and hooks it back to her belt. She bows slightly in appreciation.
(12:56:54 AM) E4D: Jason passes the lance to Artemis right afterward, following with the firearms.
(12:57:33 AM) Laito: Artemis nods in appreciation and takes them, securing them into their rightful places.
(12:57:40 AM) Dr_Kens_ [~ten.enilnotpo.nyd.C1AC529B-CRInys|alliztahc#ten.enilnotpo.nyd.C1AC529B-CRInys|alliztahc] entered the room.
(12:57:56 AM) Dr_Kens left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
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(12:57:58 AM) *JoeyDrood nods absently to the birdman.
(12:58:17 AM) JoeyDrood: "You're not related to the Halls, by any chance, are you? Or the Hols?"
(12:58:30 AM) E4D: He nods at the two of them. "Hard to fuckin' tell what's out there, 'specially after last night. Won't do to not have everyone set to fuck shit up. I trust you won't be causing mischief." He glances over at Tau. "Think you can drive this?"
(12:58:52 AM) Maddy: Alice climbs up into the spotter place in the turret. <D-don't go firing that w-willy nilly. A-ammo's s-scarce at the e-end of the world.>
(12:59:31 AM) Sabitsuki: Tau goes, and watches the passing of the weapons with a sort of relief. "Thank you. And yes, I can drive."
(12:59:50 AM) Laito: Artemis smiles at Tau. Yay weapons.
(1:00:14 AM) Tox|Laptop: "I could use a spotter in Florence, if someone's free."
(1:00:21 AM) Dr_Kens: Illia nods an afirmative, and glances at Artemis' smile. She sends a ping of anger.
(1:00:22 AM) Laito: Then to Illia, Yay weapons, right? Illia? Yes?
(1:00:40 AM) Laito: The smile fades around the edges.
(1:00:42 AM) Dr_Kens: She allows a small smile at the familiar weight again.
(1:00:46 AM) Doctor_Light: "Was a hall in the hotel?" His voice is like a bird's call, screeching but comprehensible.
(1:01:09 AM) Maddy: «Jason, w-where are you r-riding?»
(1:01:18 AM) E4D: "She's yours until Jill wakes the fuck up."
(1:02:01 AM) *
JoeyDrood waves it off. "Nevermind. Wrong Universe."
(1:02:36 AM) Tox|Laptop: "Stupid bloody…." He shakes his head.
(1:02:44 AM) E4D: "I'll turret, for now."
(1:02:59 AM) E4D: Jason climbs up into the vehicle, powering up the gun systems.
(1:03:03 AM) Laito: Alex, Geier, Dmitri, and Misha, as per usual, pile into Florence. Artemis follows his companions to whatever appropriate vehicle.
(1:03:38 AM) Dr_Kens: Illia follows Tau into Eve (Right?)
(1:03:40 AM) Dexanote: Chainshank is alone in the RV. Probably a good thing for now.
(1:03:56 AM) Tox|Laptop: "Hey, Alex. Could I convince you to get on the minigun up top?"
(1:04:25 AM) Dr_Kens: «Hey, uh, Jason, think Kens could tag along with this?»
(1:04:59 AM) Laito: "Can I sit on top instead," Alex asks, somewhat dryly.
(1:05:01 AM) Nioki: Alanoch sits in the passenger seat of the hummer, staring straight ahead.
(1:05:22 AM) Doctor_Light: "Wrong what?"
(1:05:39 AM) *Tox|Laptop glances at Alex. "I'd prefer if you were actually using the gun, Alex. Please and thank you?"
(1:05:46 AM) Dexanote: «Dead rat in tha fridge in here, so ya know.»
(1:05:46 AM) E4D: «Aight, can I get a sound off? I want to know who my drivers and shooters are.»
(1:05:53 AM) Dr_Kens: Kens saunters into the front lobby, and looks at the commotion. "Hrm." He goes into the RV.
(1:05:56 AM) Dexanote: «Nevamind, s'gone.»
(1:06:02 AM) Laito: "Nah, I'm gonna sit up top," he says, folding his book away.
(1:06:35 AM) Maddy: «Alice h-here.»
(1:06:46 AM) Sabitsuki: «Driving.»
(1:06:47 AM) Tox|Laptop: "Wh—Alex, damn it." He walks over to the RV. "Hey, Kens, could I ask you to take the minigun spot on Florence, please?"
(1:06:47 AM) Laito: Despite his words, Alex is getting into the gunner position.
(1:06:49 AM) Heiden: «This is Frederick Heiden. I'm driving the Hummer.»
(1:06:57 AM) Tox|Laptop: "Oh. Nevermind."
(1:07:02 AM) *
Laito lols quietly.
(1:07:04 AM) Dr_Kens: "Uh, I've never fired a minigun."
(1:07:08 AM) Dexanote: «Got tha RV.»
(1:07:12 AM) Dr_Kens: "Are you sure you want me to do that?"
(1:07:23 AM) Tox|Laptop: "Alex is there. Nevermind."
(1:07:35 AM) E4D: «Copy. Tau? Take 'er out.»
(1:07:47 AM) Tox|Laptop: Vance returns to Florence and locks the rear ramp before sliding into the driver's seat and sealing the front hatch.
(1:07:51 AM) Dr_Kens: "Smart move.." Kens sits back in the RV.
(1:08:13 AM) Tox|Laptop: He starts up Florence. «Good start, Florence is good to go.»
(1:08:18 AM) Dexanote: "Oi Kens."
(1:09:00 AM) Dr_Kens: "Yeah?" Kens saunters up.
(1:09:09 AM) Sabitsuki: Tau drives out!
(1:09:35 AM) Dexanote: "… I was jus' sayin hello." He keys the ignition.
(1:09:38 AM) Tox|Laptop: Vance follows!
(1:09:42 AM) Dexanote: Shank too!
(1:09:53 AM) Dr_Kens: Illia is on Eve, uncomfortable in such a confined place. And the rumbling.
(1:12:46 AM) Doctor_Light: Birdman holds onto Eve's back, bracing his feet on a jutting bar. He never got the idea of being inside cars anyways.
(1:13:15 AM) Flames: Midnight's with Jill, she's cool like that.
(1:14:13 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty is chilling somewhere in a vehicle.
(1:15:07 AM) Dexanote: One would notice Shank's not a consistent driver at all.
(1:15:40 AM) Nioki: "If you need light, I can make some."
(1:16:04 AM) E4D: «Geed evening ladies and gentlemen, this is your tour guide speaking. At the moment, we're leaving Coober Pedy traveling south-southwest on Stuart highway on the way to Glendambo. If at any time you feel you need a break, just key the radio you've been provided, and request a courtesy stop.»
(1:16:14 AM) E4D: *Good
(1:16:24 AM) Sabitsuki: geeeeed
(1:16:31 AM) Maddy: Alice snickers a little.
(1:16:48 AM) Laito: «I forgot my guuuummmmm» Alex whines.
(1:17:00 AM) E4D: «No bitching allowed.»
(1:17:12 AM) *JoeyDrood checks his perch, seeing what options are open to him.
(1:17:21 AM) E4D: «Oh shit, Laito, I meant to ask…»
(1:17:41 AM) Laito: «Go for it»
(1:18:04 AM) E4D: Joey's got a pretty good view from the top of the LAV, assuming he's riding on the turret where he fire a weapon from.
(1:18:16 AM) E4D: «You ever get the sand out of that clit?»
(1:18:24 AM) Maddy: «Rude.»
(1:18:31 AM) Tox|Laptop: Vance snickers.
(1:19:09 AM) Dexanote: «The fuck?»
(1:19:12 AM) Laito: «You should know, Jason, the clitoris is a small fleshy nub with no openings. I am sorry, Alice, for your husbands lack in understanding of female biology.»
(1:19:13 AM) Sabitsuki: «I will turn this vehicle around, young men.» Tau lazes in the seat.
(1:19:18 AM) JoeyDrood: Wherever he got told to go, he is. So, he holds on tight, and checks his pitol.
(1:19:21 AM) Dr_Kens: «Heh.»
(1:20:00 AM) Dexanote: Shank cackles loudly into the radio
(1:20:18 AM) Maddy: «Oh he d-does…» Alice stops, glances at Joey from behind her hemet and decides not to make this joke.
(1:20:39 AM) Laito: «My -vagina- however? Shit dude. Full of sand. Don't know where it comes from.»
(1:20:54 AM) Laito: «Guys, I need you all to look at my vagina. It's getting bad.»
(1:21:05 AM) Laito: «Can we stop for this? I'm really concerned.»
(1:21:13 AM) Dexanote: «Ya really want me ta I will.»
(1:21:18 AM) Laito: «I can feel it… pouring out…»
(1:21:25 AM) Maddy: Alice is having a hard time keeping it together.
(1:21:26 AM) Nioki: Alanoch stares straight ahead, wishing he could safely turn off the radio.
(1:21:36 AM) *
JoeyDrood most purposefully does not put his fingers in his ears and go 'lalala' at the thought of his parents having sex. But it is a close thing.
(1:21:41 AM) Laito: «It's ruining my life, Jason.»
(1:21:51 AM) Tox|Laptop: Vance facepalms. «Is this going to be a constant thing, Alex?»
(1:22:03 AM) E4D: «You can blame me for starting it.»
(1:22:04 AM) Laito: «All the embarrassment and time-consumption with clean up…»
(1:22:04 AM) Sabitsuki: Tau pointedly does not look at Artemis and Illia!
(1:22:30 AM) Dr_Kens: Illia does not do anything. She closes her eyes and meditates.
(1:22:32 AM) Tox|Laptop: «Oh, believe me, I will, Jason.» His voice is playful, however.
(1:22:47 AM) Laito: «I trust you all as my dear friends to help me through this tough time in my life.»
(1:22:57 AM) Laito: «Because I will need it.»
(1:23:08 AM) Laito: «Because my vagina is full of sand.»
(1:23:47 AM) Doctor_Light: BIrdman, listening to the radio conversation, considers. "Can that happen?" He squawks at Joey.
(1:23:50 AM) Dr_Kens: «Dear Christ, folks. Try to keep the airwaves virgin?»
(1:23:53 AM) JoeyDrood: «A sandblaster can double as a Douche…"
(1:24:21 AM) *JoeyDrood turns to Birdman. "Well. Yes. It can. But, in this case, i believe it more of a joke."
(1:24:28 AM) Tox|Laptop: «Wouldn't that just put more sand in his vagina?»
(1:24:32 AM) Laito: Alex absently rotates the chaingun turret in aimless circles.
(1:24:50 AM) Maddy: «Ok ok, e-enough c-chatter. Jesus.»
(1:24:55 AM) Flames: «Centipedes are more of a problem, so I've heard. Fortunately, I'm not human.»
(1:25:12 AM) JoeyDrood: «Yes, My Child?»
(1:25:15 AM) Sabitsuki: «Shank…»
(1:25:21 AM) Dr_Kens: «Okay, that's enough talk about centipedes and vaginas. Please stop.»
(1:25:23 AM) Maddy: «……….Midnight. Ew.»
(1:25:23 AM) Doctor_Light: Birdman blinks.
(1:25:27 AM) Dr_Kens: Kens is shuddering.
(1:25:36 AM) E4D: «You heard the lady. And someone take Midnight's radio… please…»
(1:25:37 AM) Maddy: «I'm g-going to get a squirty g-gun for that one.»
(1:25:39 AM) Sabitsuki: «How do you feel about tongues? Because some people really don't need them at the moment.»
(1:25:49 AM) Laito: Satisfied with his creation, Alex sits back and listens.
(1:25:54 AM) Dexanote: «Whazzat? Bliped out.»
(1:26:11 AM) Sabitsuki: «Nothing. Nevermind.»
(1:26:16 AM) Flames: Midnight snuggles up to Jill and purrs.
(1:26:20 AM) Nioki: "If they keep doing that I am going to cover their car with bears."
(1:26:21 AM) Dexanote: «Nah, whatizzit?»
(1:26:35 AM) Sabitsuki: spotter perception, please.
(1:26:50 AM) Flames: ~I don't need a radio anyway, Jason,~ she thinks to him.
(1:26:56 AM) Maddy: 4df+6 EYES!
(1:26:56 AM) Quidmore: Maddy: EYES!: 8 (4df+6=+, +, 0, 0)
(1:27:54 AM) DawnyGoes is now known as Dawny
(1:28:13 AM) Laito: Whiirrrr. Whir. Whir. Whiiiirrrrr. Alex spins the turret about.
(1:28:16 AM) Doctor_Light: 4df+3 Birdman's perception, just in case
(1:28:16 AM) Quidmore: Doctor_Light: Birdman's perception, just in case: 4 (4df+3=+, 0, 0, 0)
(1:28:24 AM) Laito: 4df+6 Whiiiiirrrrr
(1:28:25 AM) Quidmore: Laito: Whiiiiirrrrr: 7 (4df+6=+, -, +, 0)
(1:28:50 AM) JoeyDrood: 4df+4 do you see what i see…
(1:28:50 AM) Quidmore: JoeyDrood: do you see what i see…: 4 (4df+4=+, -, 0, 0)
(1:28:56 AM) Sabitsuki: anyone who can see out of their vehicle can probably see the…garden of what seems to be 50 feet tall sunflowers in the distance. Up ahead, about a half a mile out from the left side of the road.
(1:29:10 AM) Nioki: "Whoah."
(1:29:13 AM) Dexanote: 4df+2
(1:29:14 AM) Quidmore: Dexanote: 2 (4df+2=-, +, -, +)
(1:29:14 AM) Maddy: <…That ain't right.>
(1:29:14 AM) JoeyDrood: <Giant sunflowers, up ahead.»
(1:29:20 AM) Tox|Laptop: <…The hell's all that shit?»
(1:29:21 AM) Nioki: "What is that?"
(1:29:27 AM) Dexanote: «… Oh man.»
(1:29:27 AM) Sabitsuki: Alice notes the black flies buzzing back and forth between their buds
(1:29:31 AM) Doctor_Light: "Plants?"
(1:29:36 AM) Sabitsuki: They're hellflies, unmistakably.
(1:29:46 AM) Maddy: «Fuck! Hellflies!»
(1:29:54 AM) Tox|Laptop: «Oh god damn it.»
(1:29:56 AM) Dexanote: «Look… at those flowers. Oh wow.»
(1:29:57 AM) Dr_Kens: «OH GOD BEES. THE BEES.>
(1:30:11 AM) E4D: Jason zooms the chaingun. «Jesus fucking Christ…»
(1:30:14 AM) Tox|Laptop: Vance's right arm tenses on the wheel.
(1:30:23 AM) Dawny: «Bees?» Jillian twitches slightly.
(1:30:32 AM) Dexanote: «Thas just fuckin brilliant. Whazat, like 50 foot flowers!»
(1:30:35 AM) Sabitsuki: They're a fair distance from the Convoy at any point.
(1:30:40 AM) Nioki: "Um. Can't we just go around?"
(1:30:51 AM) Heiden: «Recommending detour.»
(1:30:52 AM) Tox|Laptop: «The hellflies. The thing that laid a baby in my arm.» He sighs.
(1:31:00 AM) Maddy: «I'm w-with Heiden on this one.»
(1:31:16 AM) E4D: «Yeah, fuck those goddamn things…»
(1:31:17 AM) Doctor_Light: "Far away," he shrugs.
(1:31:20 AM) Heiden: Dr. Heiden is all alone in the Hummer. He likes it this way. He keeps the static playing.
(1:31:32 AM) Nioki: "Think they'll come after us?"
(1:31:36 AM) E4D: «Stand by, bring her to a halt, rerouting.»
(1:31:50 AM) Sabitsuki: Tau does so
(1:31:57 AM) Tox|Laptop: Vance halts.
(1:32:04 AM) Dr_Kens: Kens dances.
(1:32:04 AM) Dexanote: «Well, since normal bees jus ignore ya if ya don' pissem off…» Shank slams on the brakes.
(1:32:22 AM) E4D: «Shit, I can't get anything on the BFT at the moment, just cut south off the highway.»
(1:32:33 AM) Maddy: «Fuck bees.»
(1:32:39 AM) Heiden: «Acknowledged.»
(1:32:46 AM) Dawny: «I have a pen on me…»
(1:33:09 AM) Dexanote: «Bees like me.»
(1:33:28 AM) E4D: «That one was enough. And Shank, I doubt that, bees hate everyone.»
(1:33:44 AM) Maddy: «Oh! T-that reminds me. J-jill? Emily is a-allergic t-to nuts, c-can you keep an e-eye on her, s-since you got p-pens?»
(1:33:50 AM) Dawny: «I think he's saying that so I'll leave him alone.»
(1:34:01 AM) Maddy: «Oh…oh god. Guys…»
(1:34:02 AM) Dawny: «I told her I would»
(1:34:09 AM) Nioki: "I can probably distract them if they come after us. But that might not be easy."
(1:34:11 AM) Maddy: «Guys.»
(1:34:18 AM) Tox|Laptop: «What?»
(1:34:18 AM) Maddy: «Queen.»
(1:34:19 AM) Dawny: «What's up Alice?»
(1:34:34 AM) Tox|Laptop: «A Queen hellfly?»
(1:34:50 AM) Dr_Kens: «You're shitting me. A Queen?»
(1:34:55 AM) E4D: «Wait, huh, *what*? *WHERE*»
(1:34:56 AM) Dexanote: «… Oh man.»
(1:35:06 AM) Maddy: Alice shudders at the hideous mass that is the queen being dragged around by a few flies. «Eeeuuugh»
(1:35:14 AM) Nioki: Alanoch turns to stare at the flower patch, a slight distortion in the space in front of him shows that he's getting a closer look.
(1:35:16 AM) Dawny: Jillian starts to tremble slightly «I'm not getting out»
(1:35:23 AM) Dexanote: «I want that stinger.»
(1:35:25 AM) Dr_Kens: «It's like Jabba the Hut.»
(1:35:26 AM) Tox|Laptop: «…Think we can detour?»
(1:35:35 AM) Sabitsuki: The queen is easily triple the size of the EVE
(1:35:42 AM) E4D: «We *are* detouring. Pay the hell attention, Vance.»
(1:35:50 AM) Maddy: «Gross.»
(1:36:13 AM) Doctor_Light: "…" Birdman keeps looking at them. "Keep moving?"
(1:36:15 AM) Tox|Laptop: «Yeah, I'm saying, can we go now? I'm not liking what I'm seeing.»
(1:36:17 AM) Dr_Kens: «I just wanna see Boba Fett zoom in around the Jabba Queen.»
(1:36:42 AM) JoeyDrood: «You know, Hellyfly honey can cause quite benficial mutations in humans. Sometimes."
(1:36:55 AM) Dr_Kens left the room.
(1:37:11 AM) Dr_Kens [~ten.enilnotpo.nyd.C1AC529B-CRInys|alliztahc#ten.enilnotpo.nyd.C1AC529B-CRInys|alliztahc] entered the room.
(1:37:12 AM) Maddy: «…>
(1:37:19 AM) Tox|Laptop: «…»
(1:37:32 AM) Dawny: «Fuck that»
(1:37:38 AM) Maddy: «Moving on!»
(1:37:41 AM) Heiden: «Thank you, Joey. Perhaps you'd like to regale us with the tales of the /other/ times?»
(1:38:12 AM) Laito is now known as Laito-brb
(1:38:19 AM) JoeyDrood: «Well, as long as you can deal with multipel genitalia that have been known to grow minds of thier own. It's really sad when a mans penis is smarter than he is.»
(1:38:31 AM) Tox|Laptop: «….Ew, ew, ew.»
(1:38:37 AM) Nioki: "I wonder if there's a way to kill them all. Pesticides, or, or fire or something."
(1:38:48 AM) Dexanote: Shank looks at the other vehicles, then at the flowers. «… But tha flowers… so massive. A wonda.»
(1:39:02 AM) E4D: «25 mike mike High Explosive Incendiary should fuck 'em up.»
(1:39:02 AM) Dawny: «Isn't a man's penis /usually/ smaller than he is?»
(1:39:06 AM) Doctor_Light: "Are we waiting for them?" He looks up.
(1:39:22 AM) Tox|Laptop: «Jill, he said 'smarter.'»
(1:39:27 AM) Maddy: «Can w-we please go?»
(1:39:45 AM) E4D: «Jill, get up in Tau's place.»
(1:39:57 AM) Sabitsuki: The queen lazily floats about, her black carapace wet with dew and some sort of transparent yellow bile. The entourage of adult flies carrying her deposits her on a flower, where she lounges like only a slightly uglier Jabba the Hutt.
(1:40:12 AM) Dawny: «Rog» Jillian climbs into the driver's seat. «Oh fuck that thing»
(1:40:22 AM) JoeyDrood: «Usually miss. Not always. In fact, in the Hiameda trieb of South Howil, the men are only three feet tall, but their penises average six feet.»
(1:40:27 AM) Tox|Laptop: «You're telling me.»
(1:40:33 AM) Dexanote: «Oh fuckin- repulsin.»
(1:40:41 AM) Heiden: «They use them as bludgeons.»
(1:40:44 AM) Dr_Kens_ [~ten.enilnotpo.nyd.C1AC529B-CRInys|alliztahc#ten.enilnotpo.nyd.C1AC529B-CRInys|alliztahc] entered the room.
(1:40:46 AM) Dawny: «…Ow…»
(1:40:47 AM) Dr_Kens left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
(1:41:00 AM) Dr_Kens_ is now known as Dr_Kens
(1:41:06 AM) Tox|Laptop: «…that's quite enough…»
(1:41:07 AM) E4D: «Kinda reminds me of mahself.»
(1:41:11 AM) Nioki: «What happens if the queen dies?» Alanoch asks, speaking directly into the radio for the first time.
(1:41:14 AM) Sabitsuki: Tau switches, going to sit with Artemis and Illia, politely not saying anything about the current conversation.
(1:41:23 AM) Dexanote: «Everythin goes psycho, Al.»
(1:41:23 AM) JoeyDrood: «Of course, they have to use them as bludgens, considering whena female member of the tribe is awake, her vagina is filled with dozens of rows of serated teeth.»
(1:41:39 AM) Doctor_Light: "I heard a story about that once."
(1:41:41 AM) Dawny: «Jason, what would you do with a dick bigger than Alice?»
(1:41:44 AM) *
Heiden dwells content in the knowledge that Joey's father is talking about his penis over a live radio communication.
(1:41:58 AM) Tox|Laptop: «Oh my god, are we really having this conversation.»
(1:41:58 AM) E4D: «*Whoops*, look at time.»
(1:41:58 AM) *Heiden knows this is more traumatic for him than it is for /anyone/ else.
(1:42:19 AM) Maddy: «Joey, hun. I'm s-sure your m-mom is p-proud of your w-wealth of s-strange knowledge, b-but c-can we change t-the subject?»
(1:42:23 AM) Doctor_Light: "If we're not leaving soon, can I get in the eev?"
(1:42:26 AM) Doctor_Light: "Those are very big."
(1:42:27 AM) Nioki: "…Why do they talk like this?"
(1:42:42 AM) Nioki: "Shouldn't we be leaving?"
(1:42:43 AM) E4D: They *are* moving.
(1:42:43 AM) JoeyDrood: <,…Oh, sure.»
(1:43:04 AM) Dr_Kens_ [~ten.sndomt.C7DB39C3-CRInys|alliztahc#ten.sndomt.C7DB39C3-CRInys|alliztahc] entered the room.
(1:43:13 AM) Dexanote: «Well if you bleeders are talkin bout killin that thing I'm outta here. I don' wanna die ta giant bees.»
(1:43:26 AM) Dr_Kens left the room (quit: NickServ (GHOST command used by Dr_Kens_)).
(1:43:50 AM) Dr_Kens_ is now known as Dr_Kens
(1:43:55 AM) Dawny: «I'm not touching it»
(1:44:02 AM) E4D: «I don't know about you guys, but I am *not* up for fightin' more of the damn bees. I *would* like to know where the goddamn things came from…»
(1:44:11 AM) Laito-brb is now known as Laito
(1:44:25 AM) Tox|Laptop: «An old lady with bugs in her teeth.»
(1:44:39 AM) Maddy: «Also g-gross.»
(1:44:40 AM) JoeyDrood: «Although, getting some of those stingers to put on the front of these vehicles could be useful.»
(1:44:44 AM) Nioki: «Not now. But we might have to get rid of them at some point. Thinking about it now is good.»
(1:45:03 AM) Dawny: «No, I'm not getting stung working on my babies.»
(1:45:07 AM) Dr_Kens: «From a scientific standpoint, I'd say they were some mutant bug. From Hell.»
(1:45:33 AM) E4D: «That an official observation, Doctor?»
(1:46:32 AM) Maddy: Alice just shakes her head and smiles as they drive.
(1:46:33 AM) Dr_Kens: «Given similarities to a number of other insects? That's what I would say. But then there's magic, fucking with everything I know.»
(1:46:44 AM) Dr_Kens: Kens says that deadpan.
(1:46:44 AM) Laito: Artemis looks at Tau as she joins them. What loose tongue these people have. he thought to ask her about it. No, no, she looked uncomfortable. Artemis says nothing.
(1:46:46 AM) E4D: «Jillian, give us about 50 klicks, and we'll check our surroundings.»
(1:46:54 AM) JoeyDrood: «While they are called Hellflies, they are not, in fact, from hell. And closer to bees, than flies. And niether a pea, nor a nut.»
(1:47:02 AM) Dawny: «Rog» Jillian keeps driving!
(1:47:20 AM) Tox|Laptop: Vance follows right behind.
(1:47:21 AM) Nioki: «You kept records of everything you caught, right? What about these?»
(1:47:39 AM) Maddy: «W-well we only c-call them hellflies, c-cause that's what I c-called them. W-who knows w-what their a-actual taxinomy is.»
(1:47:47 AM) Dawny: «I knew it would fucking kill me»
(1:48:00 AM) E4D: «I ain't never seen nothin' like these things until a week ago when one crawled out of Vance's arm.»
(1:48:21 AM) Maddy: «Yeah Alanoch, if t-these were scips, I n-never knew a-about them.»
(1:48:29 AM) Dr_Kens: «I still can't believe I missed it with the goddamned saw. Could've killed it before it fucked with Vance.»
(1:48:31 AM) Doctor_Light: "How did it get in there?"
(1:48:36 AM) Tox|Laptop: «Don
(1:48:36 AM) Heiden: «They're newly minted creatures, almost certainly.»
(1:48:51 AM) Tox|Laptop: «Don't beat yourself up over it, Kens. What happened, happened.»
(1:48:51 AM) Dexanote: «Neva seen em before meself.»
(1:49:24 AM) E4D: Jason climbs up out of the turret, sitting next to Alice. <Hey, Joey? mind climbing up in the turret?>
(1:49:38 AM) JoeyDrood: «Sure?»
(1:49:56 AM) *
JoeyDrood climbs out, doing his best to look suave and together. He mostly manages.
(1:50:02 AM) E4D: He holds onto a bustle rack, swaying with the vehicle's jouncing across the desert. «Doctor Heiden?»
(1:50:16 AM) Heiden: «Yes?»
(1:50:36 AM) E4D: «You got any ideas on what happened? Why the Sites melted and shit bricks and nuked themselves and shit?»
(1:50:41 AM) E4D: «Educated guesses?»
(1:51:01 AM) E4D: «Disjointed, insane ramblings?»
(1:51:40 AM) *JoeyDrood stares off into the distance, his hands in his sleeves, crossed across his chest.
(1:52:31 AM) Dr_Kens: Nydali gently caresses the worn leather scabbard, now complete with the sword. She could cut so many demons apart with it.
(1:52:41 AM) Heiden: «The amount of discrete events happening simultaneously points to an ur-cause that I have yet to identify.»
(1:53:18 AM) JoeyDrood: «A butterfly flapped its wings.»
(1:53:44 AM) Heiden: «*Clever*, Joey.» God, Heiden, that tone was /biting/.
(1:54:17 AM) E4D: «Easy, tiger, he's just a kid.»
(1:54:19 AM) Dr_Kens: Ouch. Someone should get Joey medical attention.
(1:55:13 AM) JoeyDrood: «Well, no, uhm, I mean, it's quite a literal possibility. A Chaos Butterfly, released in the right area, could cause amazing damage. Especially ina Foundation routing station.»
(1:56:04 AM) Laito: Alex keys his radio… then releases the button without saying anything.
(1:56:50 AM) JoeyDrood: «although….» Joey sounds thoughtful.
(1:57:30 AM) *
JoeyDrood ignores the radio for a moment. "Did the House meltdown before or after everything went to hell?" He asks Jason.
(1:57:39 AM) Flames: Midnight just keeps listening.
(1:57:55 AM) Dexanote: «Chaos Butterfly sounds brilliant.»
(1:58:27 AM) E4D: <After. I think. He said you died, and then things started going to hell. He took the Fates' toys, and his "containment structure failed".>
(1:58:57 AM) Ragazzo left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(1:59:02 AM) JoeyDrood: "Cause, shit going to hell like thise could easily be the result of a powerful entity leaving the planet."
(1:59:05 AM) Ragazzo [ten.llebcap.ac2tks.lsd.0B542CF5-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.llebcap.ac2tks.lsd.0B542CF5-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(1:59:22 AM) E4D: "He said the Prisoner was gone."
(1:59:36 AM) Maddy: <F-from this p-plane of r-reality, at least.>
(1:59:44 AM) Nioki: Alanoch watches the hive, waiting to see if the hellflies react to the convoy's presence.
(2:00:04 AM) JoeyDrood: "Right. Him leaving could stir shit up horribly, without even, y'know, trying."
(2:00:40 AM) Flames: Midnight considers, then opens her mind up to *listen*, rather than send.
(2:00:49 AM) Maddy: <It's s-something to think a-about.>
(2:01:38 AM) JoeyDrood: "But I'm guessing here. I wasn't around. I could look back and see what happened… but i don't think that would be healthy."
(2:02:51 AM) Maddy: Alice nods. <W-we'll figure it out, Tra…ugh! Joey. W-we're O-23 plus. w-we always figure i-it out.>
(2:04:06 AM) *JoeyDrood nods. "Don't I know it." He pulls his sleeve down to show her his wrist. There's an omega symbol, with a 23 in the middle of it on his left wrist… and behind the symbol and numbers, a tattoo just like the one on the back of Alices neck. "O-23 always goes on."
(2:05:13 AM) Doctor_Light: "What always goes on?" Oh, birdman is still hanging onto the back of the tank.
(2:05:35 AM) Dexanote: «Are we gonna move or not?»
(2:05:51 AM) Dexanote: »If we're not Imma gonna go an kill some of em and take their stingers for weapons.»
(2:06:01 AM) Dexanote: nevermind
(2:06:06 AM) Maddy: She grins and touches her neck, her tattoo copied on the back of her suit neck.
(2:06:57 AM) Dawny: «Jason, we're at fotry five clicks»
(2:09:16 AM) E4D: He bangs on the roof.
(2:10:25 AM) Flames: 4df+4 Midnight listens for other sapient thoughts in the area.
(2:10:25 AM) Quidmore: Flames: Midnight listens for other sapient thoughts in the area.: 2 (4df+4=0, -, 0, -)
(2:10:50 AM) Dawny: «You know, you /can/ use your words like a big boy»
(2:10:53 AM) E4D: Midnight picks up nothing out of the ordinary. A couple of lizards.
(2:11:37 AM) Dexanote: 4df+2 Shank is looking through the darkness.
(2:11:38 AM) Quidmore: Dexanote: Shank is looking through the darkness.: 1 (4df+2=-, 0, -, +)
(2:11:40 AM) JoeyDrood: 4df+2 Joey checks for time-wimey hijinks in the vicinity
(2:11:40 AM) Quidmore: JoeyDrood: Joey checks for time-wimey hijinks in the vicinity: 4 (4df+2=0, +, 0, +)
(2:12:16 AM) Dawny: «We're going to slow to a stop, copy back there?»
(2:13:08 AM) Dexanote: «Kay.»
(2:13:14 AM) E4D: Thankfully, for the time being, the only timey-wimey stuff hijinks that happened anywhere nearby recently is the one that brought him here.
(2:13:55 AM) Dawny: «Florence, you copy» "God damn it"
(2:14:32 AM) Laito: Whiiiirrrr. «Yah sure.»
(2:14:49 AM) Dawny: «Dr. Heiden?»
(2:15:13 AM) Dawny: ~Why can't they use a god damn radio girly?~
(2:16:21 AM) Flames: ~No idea, Jill~
(2:16:42 AM) Heiden: «Yes?»
(2:17:19 AM) Dawny: Jillian takes a breath ~godfuckingdamnshit~ «We're slowing to a stop, copy?»
(2:17:31 AM) Heiden: «Copy.»
(2:17:58 AM) Dawny: Jillian cuts her speed and slows. «Eve resting»
(2:18:06 AM) *
JoeyDrood ponders, as he pulls out a small amber looking smulet and fiddles with it in his hands
(2:18:10 AM) E4D: 4df+4 As the lead vehicle stops, Jason scans behind them through his thermals for hellwasp pursuit.
(2:18:10 AM) Quidmore: E4D: As the lead vehicle stops, Jason scans behind them through his thermals for hellwasp pursuit.: 7 (4df+4=+, 0, +, +)
(2:18:26 AM) Nioki: 4df+4 Illusion maneuver -> Perception. Alanoch pulls at the surrounding light, clarifying his view as he looks around the convoy.
(2:18:26 AM) Quidmore: Nioki: Illusion maneuver -> Perception. Alanoch pulls at the surrounding light, clarifying his view as he looks around the convoy.: 7 (4df+4=0, +, +, +)
(2:18:48 AM) Nioki: 4df+6 Perception.
(2:18:49 AM) Quidmore: Nioki: Perception.: 8 (4df+6=-, +, +, +)
(2:18:55 AM) Sabitsuki: No hellwasps are in pursuit. They seem to be busy fawning over their queen!
(2:19:24 AM) Dawny: «What does the BFT say?»
(2:19:36 AM) Nioki: "If anything besides us is here, it's invisible."
(2:19:51 AM) E4D: <That's not very comforting.>
(2:20:18 AM) E4D: «Ugh, well, I haven't checked it yet, but we're way off the damn road.»
(2:20:23 AM) JoeyDrood: <So, what we need is somekind of reuseable paint or powder bomb, to make invisible things show up.»
(2:23:37 AM) Maddy: «W-well, if they're n-not chasing us out t-this far, w-we could just k-keep going a-around, g-get back on the r-road and c-continue t-to Glendambo?»
(2:23:55 AM) Flames: "Sounds like a plan."
(2:24:00 AM) Doctor_Light: Birdman hooks his hands over the top of Eve to get a better view at the people sitting on top. "Would show up in road dust, probably."
(2:24:07 AM) Doctor_Light: "So maybe don't exist."
(2:24:39 AM) JoeyDrood: "Depends on the type of invisibility."
(2:25:18 AM) Doctor_Light: "Not existing is one kind." Birdman shrugs.
(2:25:21 AM) JoeyDrood: "I did once have a friend who liked to put his penis in peanut butter jars. He was fracking nuts."
(2:25:22 AM) Doctor_Light: "I can do it, sometimes."
(2:25:42 AM) Maddy: <…>
(2:26:08 AM) Doctor_Light: "Why would he do that?"
(2:26:42 AM) JoeyDrood: "It's a pune, or play or words."
(2:27:45 AM) Doctor_Light: Birdman doesn't see what words have to do with peanut butter at all. He turns around, instead, and stares behind the vehicles, keeping a good eye on the hellflies.
(2:28:14 AM) E4D: <Jillian, give me a 90 degree offset, back onto the road. Haul ass.>
(2:28:47 AM) Dawny: «Rog» Jillian goes!
(2:30:53 AM) Dexanote: Shank follows.
(2:31:49 AM) Ragazzo left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(2:32:14 AM) E4D: Jason watches behind the LAV, seated on the top, holding onto a bustle rack, watching the pale, canary-yellow RV bounce over bumps in the scrub.
(2:36:18 AM) *JoeyDrood rubs his little amulet some more, waiting.
(2:37:54 AM) Dawny: «How far are you wanting me to go?»
(2:37:57 AM) JoeyDrood: «So, this might be a bad question… btu where are we headed?»
(2:39:14 AM) Maddy: «Ultimately, t-the coast, and o-off of this c-continent.»
(2:39:21 AM) E4D: We're on our way to Potts Point. Got a naval base there."
(2:39:37 AM) Dr_Kens: «Does anyone here know how to pilog a boat?»
(2:39:59 AM) JoeyDrood: «WIn theory.»
(2:41:24 AM) Dexanote: «I can drive anythin.»
(2:41:41 AM) E4D: «Bring us to the outskirts of Glendambo.»
(2:42:27 AM) Dawny: «Rog, can someone hand me a Blue Demon?»
(2:42:41 AM) Maddy: Alice takes off her helmet. "Jason, Joey? Y-you two going to b-be ok up here? I n-need some rest."
(2:44:10 AM) E4D: «Alice is on her way down, Jill.»
(2:44:21 AM) JoeyDrood: "I'm good."
(2:44:36 AM) Maddy: She nods, finding the drink for Jill and passing it to her.
(2:44:56 AM) Maddy: Alice also realizes there are too many J names in the LAV right now.
(2:45:05 AM) E4D: «I'll get us a tent set up when we stop, hun.»
(2:45:14 AM) Dawny: "Love you Alice" Jillian cracks it open and takes a sip
(2:45:43 AM) Maddy: "T-thanks, love. A-and you're welcome Jill." She curls up somewhere to get a little shut eye.
(2:47:03 AM) Dawny: Jillian hums quietly
(2:49:18 AM) Maddy left the room (quit: Quit: WOOSH!).
(2:49:41 AM) Dawny: «Jason, we should be there soon»
(2:50:08 AM) Laito: Artemis lightly falls asleep, slumping unconsciously into Illia's shoulder.
(2:50:34 AM) Dexanote: Shank is driving rather erratically, but keeping pace.
(2:51:23 AM) Dr_Kens: Nydali sighs, and leans against a head cushion.
(2:55:25 AM) *
JoeyDrood absently pulls out one of his clove cigerettes…then stops. "Smoking allowed in here?"
(2:56:24 AM) Dawny: «Jason, ten minutes out»
(2:56:50 AM) E4D: "Fire it up."
(2:56:54 AM) Sabitsuki: Tau rolls her eye at the two, and then removes a battered book from her bag, opening it to a dog-eared page and starting to read.
(2:56:54 AM) E4D: "Pass me one?"
(2:57:09 AM) *JoeyDrood lights up. "Son of a bacchai, it's quiet out."
(2:57:26 AM) Dr_Kens: Kens stares out at the dark skies.
(2:57:37 AM) E4D: Perception.
(2:57:44 AM) Dawny: everyone?
(2:57:49 AM) Dexanote: 4df+2 "Think I jus' hit a dingo."
(2:57:50 AM) Quidmore: Dexanote: "Think I jus' hit a dingo.": 3 (4df+2=-, +, +, 0)
(2:58:02 AM) Dawny: 4df+2 hurr durr
(2:58:02 AM) Quidmore: Dawny: hurr durr: 4 (4df+2=+, +, +, -)
(2:58:09 AM) Flames: 4df+4 Looking through with Jill.
(2:58:10 AM) Quidmore: Flames: Looking through with Jill.: 4 (4df+4=+, +, -, -)
(2:58:31 AM) E4D: Oi, stone tha flamin' crows, mate, ya did hit a dingo!
(2:58:37 AM) Dr_Kens: 4df+4 perception
(2:58:38 AM) Quidmore: Dr_Kens: perception: 4 (4df+4=+, 0, 0, -)
(2:58:45 AM) Nioki: 4df+4
(2:58:45 AM) Quidmore: Nioki: 6 (4df+4=+, +, +, -)
(2:58:51 AM) Laito: 4df+6
(2:58:54 AM) Laito: 4df+6
(2:58:54 AM) Quidmore: Laito: : 6 (4df+6=0, +, -, 0)
(2:59:19 AM) JoeyDrood: 4df+4
(2:59:19 AM) Quidmore: JoeyDrood: 7 (4df+4=+, +, 0, +)
(2:59:27 AM) JoeyDrood: Daaaaym
(3:00:20 AM) Doctor_Light: 4df+3 Birdman eyes!
(3:00:20 AM) Quidmore: Doctor_Light: Birdman eyes!: 2 (4df+3=0, -, -, +)
(3:01:36 AM) E4D: Dr. Laito and Alanoch will notice that there are no natural sounds, no creatures of the night. Flames and Jill get nothing but the road ahead. Even on the breeze, Joey would realize there's… a strange scent in the air. Metallic. Tangy.
(3:02:14 AM) Dawny: Jillian takes another sip of her drink.
(3:02:17 AM) Nioki: "Is it supposed to be this quiet?"
(3:02:55 AM) JoeyDrood: «Hold up folks. There's something in the air. It smells… it smells bad. Like metal."
(3:02:57 AM) JoeyDrood: »
(3:03:22 AM) Dawny: «Mother whore…can't we have /one/ quiet night?»
(3:03:34 AM) Dexanote: «Therer never any quiet nights.»
(3:04:10 AM) Dawny: «I can't hear you over the happiness from earlier Mr. Shank»
(3:04:17 AM) Laito: «Crickets go silent when the cat stalks by…»
(3:04:31 AM) JoeyDrood: "She was not!… Oh. it's a saying."
(3:04:34 AM) JoeyDrood: «»
(3:04:42 AM) Nioki: "I could give us some light. But I think the flies would see."
(3:05:25 AM) Dexanote: «Prolly.»
(3:05:49 AM) E4D: Jason drops down into the vehice's turret, bringing its FBCB2 system online.
(3:06:15 AM) E4D: «We're here, ladies and gents. Jill?»
(3:06:29 AM) Dawny: «We stopping?»
(3:07:36 AM) E4D: «We sure as hell ain't pushing into Glen at night. You want to just waltz into town?»
(3:07:57 AM) *
JoeyDrood slips back to the gunner seat.
(3:08:07 AM) Dexanote: «Yeah.»
(3:08:19 AM) Dawny: «Fine, I need another hug anyway and Mr. Shank is a few vehicles back…» Jillian slows to a stop.
(3:08:23 AM) JoeyDrood: «You do not just walk into Glendor.»
(3:09:17 AM) Sabitsuki: Tau clicks her tongue and sighs, turning a page in the book.
(3:09:48 AM) Dexanote: «Oh, silly Jill.»
(3:10:18 AM) Dawny: «You want another hug Mr. Shank? I can do that for you…»
(3:10:23 AM) Nioki: «Why is it so quiet? Did everything here die?»
(3:10:40 AM) Dawny: «Most likely»
(3:11:20 AM) E4D: Jason drops out of the turret, leaning up into the driver compartment.
(3:11:25 AM) Laito: Artemis shifts, turning from Illia to lean on Tau. He sleeps so soundly in the vehicles.
(3:11:26 AM) Dexanote: «… SO ya guys don' want me ta kill anyone, right? Keep Jillian away from me or I'll hafta do somethin drastic. I don' wanna get shot again but she's kinda makin it hard.»
(3:12:17 AM) JoeyDrood: «Do not hug the tanjit monster who despises human life. Please.»
(3:12:36 AM) Flames: Midnight twitches her tail. ~Wise words, there, Jill.~
(3:12:39 AM) Dexanote: «The fuck's a tanjit?»
(3:12:51 AM) Dawny: «But I'm /just/ starting to break through…»
(3:14:04 AM) JoeyDrood: «… An expletive that has no equivalent in this language.»
(3:14:21 AM) Sabitsuki: Tau clams up as the the man leans on her and silently keeps reading.
(3:14:26 AM) Nioki: «He wants to kill you. He keeps saying so and he isn't lying.»
(3:15:40 AM) Dawny: «Fine» Jillian turns her radio off ~Fuck. I'm a big god damn girl I can make my own fucking choices.~
(3:15:47 AM) Dexanote: «I'm not usually so forthright but I was jus' shot with magical fire guns. Y'know.»
(3:16:21 AM) E4D: «Is that what those rounds were? Tau gave a few magazines.»
(3:16:36 AM) Flames: ~You can, yes, but Shank is not someone that responds to such kindnesses. He likes killing.~
(3:17:34 AM) Dexanote: «… I fuckin hate you all.»
(3:17:38 AM) JoeyDrood: «Magic AND fire? AWESOME!»
(3:17:38 AM) Dawny: "Arg!" Jillian slumps in her seat.
(3:18:04 AM) Dexanote: «Prolly her fuckin clockmagic.»
(3:18:14 AM) Sabitsuki: «Fire, holy, garlic, sulfic gels, etc. Number four is blessed cat piss. I call it the Kondraki Special.»
(3:18:22 AM) Flames: Midnight purrs softly.
(3:18:42 AM) Dexanote: «… Well i akshully love garlic. But fuck tha rest.»
(3:19:47 AM) Dawny: ~No one takes me seriously out here, what's the fucking point?~
(3:20:21 AM) JoeyDrood: « You made a kondraki special? Skev, that stuff is wicked useful. Works great in almsot any banishment ritual.»
(3:20:59 AM) Flames: ~What do you want to be taken seriously about? Trying to show affection to a murderous golem is not something to be done carelessly, after all.~
(3:21:11 AM) Sabitsuki: «Does it? I was just going to use it to irritate things with heightened sense of smell. Hrm.»
(3:21:33 AM) Dawny: ~Neverfuckingmind~ Jillian stops talking to even Midnight
(3:22:20 AM) Dawny: Jillian turns her radio back on «Can I get the /fuck/ out of this thing yet?»
(3:22:50 AM) Dr_Kens left the room (quit: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 5.0/20110615151330]).
(3:23:05 AM) JoeyDrood: «Well, to anything with a sense of smell, and good taste. Actually, it's funny, the origins of using cat piss in rituals is long and storied, mostly descending from the use by Egyptians, who thought it would work as a kind of 'elixir of life' they actually drank it, can you believe that?»
(3:23:10 AM) Laito: Artemis blinks and sits up suddenly, looking around, and at Tau. "Oh."
(3:23:52 AM) Dexanote: «I wonder why they're gone…»
(3:23:57 AM) Nioki: Alanoch curls up in his seat in the hummer, pulling his spare change of clothes up like a blanket.
(3:23:58 AM) Dexanote: sarcasm dripping
(3:24:34 AM) Sabitsuki: «No. But I am hardly one to judge on strange religious tastes.» She smiles bad humoredly and looks up at Artemis. "Morning, sunshine."
(3:25:58 AM) Laito: "Are… are we stopped?" He stares blearily around.
(3:26:47 AM) Sabitsuki: "No. You simply succumbed to the human curse of being easily lulled to sleep by moving vehicles."
(3:27:25 AM) Sabitsuki: *Yes
(3:28:50 AM) Laito: This was true enough. He yawns.
(3:33:25 AM) E4D: Jason removes the mag from his Eaglem waving it down at Joey. "Besides, if it doesn't work, they're still covered in cat piss."
(3:33:59 AM) Dawny: «Can I step out of not god damn it?»
(3:34:55 AM) E4D: «Go for it.»
(3:35:10 AM) *JoeyDrood finds aplace to curl up
(3:35:36 AM) Dawny: Jillian throws the hatch open and gets out, after removing Midnight from her shoulder. She lights a cigarette muttering to herself.
(3:35:48 AM) Doctor_Light: Birdman sits on top of Eve, for the night.
(3:36:09 AM) Dexanote: Shank steps outside, and looks around. Then twists into a scarecrow shape and is still.
(3:39:20 AM) Dawny: Jillian rubs the bridge of her nose «Jason, if you're not to busy, can I have a moment?»
(3:39:39 AM) Laito: Alex wanders out of the LAV and scopes the land.
(3:40:09 AM) Flames: Midnight hops out of Eve and stretches, then looks around the area.
(3:41:41 AM) Dexanote left the room (quit: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 3.6.18/20110614230723]).
(3:43:48 AM) E4D: Jason hops down, heading over to Jill, popping the faceplate up as he heads over. "What's up?"
(3:44:40 AM) Laito: Artemis excuses himself from the vehicle and starts to assemble Tau's signature tent structure himself.
(3:44:50 AM) Dawny: "Don't treat me like an idiot, please" she offers her cigarettes
(3:47:08 AM) E4D: "When did I do that?" He takes one, lighting it.
(3:48:14 AM) Dawny: "You don't have to tell me what to do, I'm a big girl."
(3:49:50 AM) E4D: Jason looks back at Shank, gnarled up beside the RV.
(3:50:51 AM) Sabitsuki: Tau goes to help because she's not a complete dickhole
(3:52:26 AM) Laito: Artemis smiles at her. It's a standard by now. Of course he didn't mind doing the work himself, but he wasn't going to protest her company either.
(3:54:18 AM) Dawny: Jillian takes a drag off her cigarette "You act like I've never dealt with anything dangerous"
(3:55:15 AM) E4D: "I don't think you've ever dealt with someone whose explicit personal intention is to kill you, no."
(3:57:19 AM) Dawny: "He wants to kill /everyone/. It's not just me, it's every one. Damn it, never fucking mind"
(4:00:05 AM) E4D: "Listen, Jillian, I know what you're saying, but there's no sense in provoking a response. He stabbed Dusty the other day."
(4:00:57 AM) Dawny: "Fine, I'll leave him the hell alone. Anyone else I can't be friends with?"
(4:01:24 AM) Sabitsuki: yes
(4:01:31 AM) Laito: "Oh my fucking god.." mutters a nearby Alex.
(4:02:02 AM) Dawny: "What Alex, what the fuck is your issue?" Jillian turns to him
(4:03:48 AM) Laito: Alex looks at her from a few meters away, standing up from sorting out his tent stuff. In the bare light, she can't see his face, but his voice hints to a wide grin or smile. "Seriously?" he asks, incredulous.
(4:04:08 AM) Laito: "Eheh!"
(4:04:20 AM) *
Laito starts to laugh and goes back to his tent stuff.
(4:05:08 AM) Dawny: "You want to tell me what to do now too?" Jillian takes a drag "Come on Alex, everyone else knows how to run my life better than I do. Tell me, what glimmers of truth do you have for me?"
(4:06:06 AM) Laito: "If I tell you my honest professional opinion, are you going to listen or just bitch some more?"
(4:06:08 AM) Nioki: Alanoch gives up trying to sleep and gets out of the hummer. Dull threads of light illuminate the ground in front of him as he walks.
(4:06:28 AM) Dawny: "I'm all ears"
(4:07:36 AM) Laito: Alex stands up straight again and looks at her firmly for a moment before speaking.
(4:16:57 AM) Laito: "You're a -ridiculous- person. I have never seen someone try so hard to be useful and caring, and then so quick to hostility the very moment someone does something you don't fucking like. Don't think I haven't been watching and listening. I have. The Adjutants, Vance, Jason." He laughs, stepping forward a bit as he continues.
(4:16:57 AM) Laito: "You've been more respectful to the psychotic scarecrow than you have your cherished 'batts'." He says that word with more than a little ridicule. "One moment, the sweet little tea maid as sweet and innocent as can be, and the next a grizzled, sardonic, exhausting, trigger-fondling bitch who ~just can't understand~ why ~anyone~ would treat her ever so like a child."
(4:18:36 AM) Dawny: Jillian takes a step back, his words harsher than if he had hit her. "Fine" she whispers. "Is that all?"
(4:20:44 AM) E4D: Jason looks at him for a moment, not quite sure what to say.
(4:25:48 AM) Laito: "I wasn't gonna say anything, you know? I wasn't going to fucking bother. I was well-prepared to watch you fawn over the what is basically the primordial representation of violence without pause. I thought, maybe, as one point, you might be able to hear yourself -say things- some day, but I'm not so fucking sure. So I'm -sorry-, Jillian, that I have to be this harsh to you.
(4:25:48 AM) Laito: But if this is a slap in the face, good, I hope it hurts. Because it's better than a scarecrow pulling your intestines out because you don't have any fucking sense of when to stop while you're ahead."
(4:27:28 AM) Dawny: Jillian nods a few times and licks her lips "Now, are you finished?"
(4:28:02 AM) Laito: Alex offers a great, arm-waving shrug with a big 'oh-well' smile, then turns and goes back to his tent stuff.
(4:28:42 AM) Dawny: "I'm going to…I'm just going to go" Jillian walks in a random direction.
(4:30:03 AM) E4D: Jason follows after her. "Jill, you shouldn't go off like this. Not at night, especially. You know better."
(4:30:19 AM) E4D: He grabs her arm. "Come on. Let's just go back and cool down."
(4:30:45 AM) Dawny: "I'll stay in site" Jillian pulls away "And I'm cool, I'm not mad at him."
(4:31:10 AM) Dawny: sight, rather…but both work I guess
(4:31:50 AM) E4D: "We don't know if there are any more of those things. And the swarm…"
(4:32:43 AM) Dawny: Jillian looks up at Jason, her eyes wet "Can I just go somewhere and break down alone?"
(4:33:47 AM) E4D: "Helps to have someone around." He presses the butt of his rifle to the dirt, easing down to a sitting position."
(4:35:02 AM) Dawny: "I promise I'm not going off the deep end again" Jillian sits by him and lights another cigarette "Was all that true?" she passes the pack
(4:36:56 AM) E4D: He takes another, blowing the smoke away from her. "Well, you go hot and cold. He's right there. And I'll be honest. There's a lot of things that I figure you'd make better decisions about. That's why I was the way I was toward you at 23. I expected better out of you. You're US military. You're better than that. This crap with Shank? He *will* kill you."
(4:37:08 AM) E4D: "You got mad at me for trying to tell you to ease back."
(4:37:47 AM) Dawny: Jillian nods a few time, silent.
(4:39:47 AM) E4D: "The thing with Misha? I'm not blind, but it's like you're *trying* to make the wrong choices. It's almost as bad as with Chris. This one can't even speak English, outside of his own name. You can sit and talk to him, you say you're comfortable with him, but that's because he can't understand a word you say…"
(4:40:54 AM) E4D: "Yeah, he can listen, but he can't understand the problems you're having, or give you advice, or a word of encouragement, or anything. Hell, any desire on that end is coming from the fact that you happened to look at him and happened to be warm."
(4:41:24 AM) E4D: It's nothing against you, really, it's not, but come *on*, Jillian."
(4:42:18 AM) Dawny: Jillian's hand shakes as she takes another drag.
(4:42:42 AM) E4D: "You're good at what you do. And it's great having you around. But… some of the decisions you make. Laito's right there."
(4:42:52 AM) E4D: *,
(4:43:56 AM) E4D: "He's worried about you, too. Nobody wants to see you wrecked over a random crash survivor who can't even speak the same language you do or gutted by an animate scarecrow."
(4:45:33 AM) Dawny: Jillian's quiet for a moment "I'm sorry"
(4:49:02 AM) E4D: "I don't want you to be sorry. I want you to do better for yourself. You want to take care of everyone? Fine.Go for it. You do a great job. Vehicles are in tip-top shape. But… there's a point where it reaches. Showering an evil scarecrow with admiration and courtesies isn't likely to do much more than piss him off. Hell, we already saw the result there."
(4:51:58 AM) Dawny: Jillian nods a few times, thankful for the cover of darkness…does wonders at hiding tears. "Anything else?"
(4:53:46 AM) E4D: She wishes. She's sitting right next to him. "Just don't want to see ya hurt."
(4:54:50 AM) Dawny: Jillian nods and bites her lips. She takes a shaky breath "It's a bit late for that"
(4:57:23 AM) E4D: He reaches as arm across her shoulder, giving her a shake as he stands up. "Hey, c'mon. Look at what's going on around us. We're all going a little nutty. Don't worry about it. Just pick up and keep going."
(4:57:56 AM) Dawny: "Yeah" Jillian keeps sitting "Have a nice night"
(5:00:09 AM) E4D: He reaches a gloves hand down to her. "Ah, come on. No use sitting out here on your own. 'Sides, I ain't sleeping. Figure we can take first watch, huh? Tea would be nice."
(5:00:41 AM) Dawny: "Yeah" Jillian takes the hand and stands "Chai?"
(5:00:57 AM) E4D: "If we got what you need for it."
(5:01:09 AM) E4D: "You load up anything in Florence?"
(5:02:15 AM) Laito: Alex is about done erecting his tent.
(5:02:24 AM) Sabitsuki: heehee
(5:02:28 AM) Laito: He slides the last rod into place.~
(5:02:36 AM) Dawny: "Yeah, I look the Chai and all the soy milk" She heads back to Eve, still a bit shaky. She pauses seeing Alex and walks up to him "I'm sorry."
(5:02:45 AM) Dawny: took*
(5:05:57 AM) Sabitsuki: Tau crawls into the clicker tent once it is completed, laying down on a bed roll and looking at the cloth ceiling.
(5:07:40 AM) Dawny: Jillian sighs "I know this isn't what you want to hear, but would you like some tea? Jason and I are about to start a patrol and I'm already going to be making some…"
(5:08:06 AM) Laito: Artemis crawls into Tau's now-erect tent, a little more spacious now with some crafty engineering. He shifts the pillow he'd taken from the hotel a bit and lays down a modest distance away from Tau.
(5:09:49 AM) E4D has changed the topic to: Welcome to After Action. Please refer OOC text to #afteractionooc | Secondary room: #afteractionmission | Route Map: Point A: Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia Point B: Potts Point, New South Wales, Australia - Current Location: Outskirts of Glendambo
(5:09:56 AM) Sabitsuki: "Good night, love." She exhales and turns away, her breathing soon becoming shallow and regular.
(5:11:24 AM) Laito: "Good night…" Love? Stop that, Artemis. Go to sleep.
(5:17:01 AM) Laito: Alex caps the hole on the air-mattress he was blowing up, shaking his head. "Ain't me you should be sorry to."
(5:18:37 AM) Dawny: Jillian looks away "Yeah, I get it…I've been stupid and bitchy." Her voice is a bit shaky, but not accusing. "I'm going to try and be better. Would you like some tea or not?"
(5:20:01 AM) Laito: "Do it for yourself and no one else," he says. "And no, I'm good."
(5:21:01 AM) Dawny: "Okay" Jillian takes a drag off her cigarette "Have a good one" she flicks the butt and turns back to Jason "You know how to make Chai?"
(5:21:35 AM) E4D: "*Nope*."
(5:22:02 AM) Dawny: "Would you like to learn?"
(5:22:28 AM) E4D: "Sure."
(5:24:59 AM) Dawny: Jillian climbs into Eve and comes back with a box of soy milk, a box of tea, and two mugs. "I'll show you the field way, it's easy to pick up." She pulls out her canteen cup and a bottle of hand sanitizer. "This technique should be familiar to you."
(5:27:06 AM) Dawny: She squirts the hand sanitizer on the ground and puts the canteen cup in the puddle. She fills it with soy milk and lights it. After about a minute she adds the tea bags. Once the fire burns out she uses her gloves to pick it up and split it between the two mugs. "See, easy"
(5:29:41 AM) E4D: "So, soy milk insttead of water. *Brilliant*."
(5:30:25 AM) Dawny: "It evens the flavor" Jillian shrugs and hands him a mug, then offers her cigarettes.
(5:31:46 AM) E4D: He shakes his head. "Nah, I think I'm gonna kill this and hit the rack."
(5:33:20 AM) Dawny: "Oh…okay then." Jillian sips her tea "And, for the record, I think you're being unfair to Misha. I care about him as more than being there and being warm…"
(5:38:42 AM) E4D: "I'm sure you do. But I wasn't talking about you. Again, you can ramble, talk, and disclose all you want. He can't form an honest opinion of you, nor understand anything you're going through, offer insight, or relate. I'd just hate to see you fall back into the same damn trap."
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(5:39:57 AM) Dawny [ten.xoc.ds.ds.A6BD9D39-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.xoc.ds.ds.A6BD9D39-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(5:41:57 AM) E4D: "I'm sure you do. But I wasn't talking about you. Again, you can ramble, talk, and disclose all you want. He can't form an honest opinion of you, nor understand anything you're going through, offer insight, or relate. I'd just hate to see you fall back into the same damn trap."
(5:43:02 AM) E4D: He kills the cup in a few gulps, and checks his watch, stepping off. "Get some sleep, Jill."
(5:43:42 AM) Dawny: "I'm first watch, remember?" She climbs onto Eve "And I don't think I'm going to sleep much tonight"
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(5:44:29 AM) Flames: Midnight's on top of Eve, curled up and napping.
(5:44:59 AM) Doctor_Light: Birdman is also sitting on the hood, not moving.
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(5:46:26 AM) Dawny: ~Hey girly~
(5:47:22 AM) Laito [~ten.labolgcbs.ligchc.lsd.FFC2EC84-CRInys|sirhc#ten.labolgcbs.ligchc.lsd.FFC2EC84-CRInys|sirhc] entered the room.
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(5:51:01 AM) Flames: ~Hello, Jill. How are you feeling?~ Midnight yawns and stretches.
(5:51:40 AM) Dawny: ~Like shit~ Jillian takes a drag ~I guess I'm doing everything wrong…with everyone~
(6:01:09 AM) Nioki: A thread of light drifts in front of Jillian, corkscrewing the air. It slowly unfurls wings, turning in to a small butterfly.
(6:02:14 AM) Nioki: Alanoch is nowhere to be seen.
(6:02:31 AM) Dawny: Jillian reaches her hand out to it, smiling softly. "I don't know where you are, but thanks Alanoch."
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(6:07:28 AM) Flames: ~You're not hated, but some of your choices are worrying. I'm sorry.~ Midnight sleepily replies. She goes over to snuggle next to her.
(6:08:12 AM) Dawny: Jillian sighs and pets Midnight, her tears threatening to return.