Dec 27 22:18:39 <Dr_Kens> "Only if someone equally skilled helps the other. We'll need to be synchronized to the second." He looks for Lance. "Lance, get back to your doctor side. We'll need you to assist."
Dec 27 22:19:03 <Maddy> <No.>
Dec 27 22:19:07 <E4D> <Negative, negative…>
Dec 27 22:19:08 <Artemis> Artemis trots into the lobby. Oh, there she is. "Allo, Adyelami."
Dec 27 22:19:18 <Maddy> <Tau specifically asked to k-keep numbers down.>
Dec 27 22:19:25 <E4D> <Alice is right. Tau was damn-spe- yeah.>
Dec 27 22:19:27 <Maddy> <You, m-me, and her.>
Dec 27 22:19:28 * Light nods.
Dec 27 22:19:39 <Adhelami> Wave. Adhelami taps at her iTouch.
Dec 27 22:19:46 <Light> "Good luck, then."
Dec 27 22:20:12 <PaulS_laptop> «You have water now, guys»
Dec 27 22:20:36 <Maddy> «Awwwww yiss.»
Dec 27 22:21:31 <Dr_Kens> "Copy."
Dec 27 22:21:35 <Adhelami> "I am throwing birds at pig fortresses." She shows the item to Artemis and Tau. Angry Birds.
Dec 27 22:21:38 * Light runs a nearby tap for a second.
Dec 27 22:21:50 <Artemis> Artemis looks. "Oh."
Dec 27 22:22:00 <Ragazzo> Lancius pokes his head into wherever alice and kens are.
Dec 27 22:22:01 <PaulS_laptop> The water spurts and sputters and foams for a moment, coming out with some black gobs
Dec 27 22:22:05 <PaulS_laptop> and then runs clear
Dec 27 22:22:06 <Ragazzo> "I am not needed…?"
Dec 27 22:22:07 <Maddy> «Wondt drink it t-thought»
Dec 27 22:22:19 <Maddy> <Cool for showering.»
Dec 27 22:22:32 <PaulS_laptop> «Filters down here're good»
Dec 27 22:22:35 * Light tastes a drop or two, once the gobs clear up.
Dec 27 22:22:37 <PaulS_laptop> «Water's potable»
Dec 27 22:23:46 <Maddy> «H-hope you're n-not offended if I test it a few m-million times. OCD.»
Dec 27 22:23:55 <Praetor> "Where'd you find an iPod?" Furrow.
Dec 27 22:24:28 <Ragazzo> Lancius looks around.
Dec 27 22:24:32 <Ragazzo> "No….?"
Dec 27 22:24:33 <Artemis> "She found it on zhe boat."
Dec 27 22:24:53 <Dr_Kens> "Stay nearby, but we'll be doing the operation without you." He looks at lance.
Dec 27 22:24:54 <Adhelami> "I found it under a bunk." She puffs.
Dec 27 22:25:07 <Maddy> <Not r-right now, Lancius.>
Dec 27 22:25:08 <PaulS_laptop> «Feel free.»
Dec 27 22:25:59 <Ragazzo> Lancius blinks, but starts to nod, and his fizzes softly. "Nnnh…ah…ok…uhh…" He shakes his head, briefly, and pulls himself together.
Dec 27 22:26:08 <Ragazzo> Hello Dr. Cole.
Dec 27 22:26:17 <Ragazzo> "Uh…right."
Dec 27 22:26:17 <Adhelami> "Oh, it fell over. look." She then tap tap tap… ooookkay. She shuts that shit off.
Dec 27 22:26:22 * Dawny has quit (Broken pipe)
Dec 27 22:26:30 <Praetor> "Huh. Strange. I just have not seen anything approaching a decent computer since we left Aus. Struck me as strange."
Dec 27 22:26:44 <Ragazzo> *his eye
Dec 27 22:26:51 * Dawny (~moc.ishcm.tneilc.FC165C98-CRInys|alliztahc#moc.ishcm.tneilc.FC165C98-CRInys|alliztahc) has joined #afteraction
Dec 27 22:27:09 <Adhelami> "What is Party Rock? And Which house is it in? They only say 'the house'. I do not understand."
Dec 27 22:27:29 <Ragazzo> "I uh, it's just plain old lance now. Figured I should stay on hand…but uh…if you guys think you can handle the surgery on oyur own…?"
Dec 27 22:27:34 <Ragazzo> *your
Dec 27 22:27:41 <Ragazzo> He nods.
Dec 27 22:27:45 <Ragazzo> Back up.
Dec 27 22:27:52 <Ragazzo> To go do whatever.
Dec 27 22:28:21 * MisterFlames has quit (Quit: Pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo - Catullus 16)
Dec 27 22:29:01 <Praetor> "It is…just dance music, love. I would not think about it too hard."
Dec 27 22:29:04 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Dexanote
Dec 27 22:29:23 <Adhelami> "Hm…" Frown. "Ok, let us go to the others…"
Dec 27 22:31:05 <Ragazzo> Lance sits around somewhere near the operating room.
Dec 27 22:31:28 * MisterFlames (~ten.tsacmoc.aw.1dsh.6E7591CF-CRInys|SD#ten.tsacmoc.aw.1dsh.6E7591CF-CRInys|SD) has joined #afteraction
Dec 27 22:31:28 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to MisterFlames
Dec 27 22:31:33 <Artemis> Artemis huffs a breath and starts upstairs to the operation floor.
Dec 27 22:32:39 <Ragazzo> Lancius nods at Art a he comes up.
Dec 27 22:32:49 <Ragazzo> Lance, rather
Dec 27 22:32:51 <Ragazzo> Derp
Dec 27 22:32:57 * Dexanote has kicked Ragazzo from #AfterAction (derp in OOC)
Dec 27 22:33:06 * Ragazzo (ten.llebcap.ac2tks.lsd.8E12EB47-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.llebcap.ac2tks.lsd.8E12EB47-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #afteraction
Dec 27 22:33:12 <Dr_Kens> Illia walks into the operating floor, calm and focused. Assume she follows all directions.
Dec 27 22:33:22 <Maddy> Alice and the others have made the theater ready.
Dec 27 22:33:41 <Dr_Kens> Kens is ready.
Dec 27 22:33:55 * Praetor2 (moc.rr.ser.submuloc.20734F86-CRInys|tibbiM#moc.rr.ser.submuloc.20734F86-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #afteraction
Dec 27 22:34:15 <Maddy> <J-just waiting on Tau and Artemis. E-everyone else out, please.>
Dec 27 22:34:22 <Maddy> <Wait. Jason?>
Dec 27 22:34:35 <Ragazzo> Lance goes to the observation room, assuming their is one.
Dec 27 22:34:59 <Artemis> Artemis stops in the hall outside the op theater. He turns to Adhelami and smiles.
Dec 27 22:35:09 <E4D> <Yeah?>
Dec 27 22:35:30 <Maddy> <How to i m-make my faceplate clear?>
Dec 27 22:35:33 <Adhelami> Adhelami stands, looking nervous. Very nervous. She's been distracting herself, but now, here it is. She gulps. "Adrien."
Dec 27 22:35:44 * Praetor has quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
Dec 27 22:36:19 * Bouncl (~ten.nozirev.soif.cdhsaw.F89E38BE-CRInys|alliztahc#ten.nozirev.soif.cdhsaw.F89E38BE-CRInys|alliztahc) has joined #afteraction
Dec 27 22:36:38 * Praetor2 is now known as Praetor
Dec 27 22:36:41 <E4D> Jason takes her hand in his, extends a finger, and double taps right in the center. It goes transparent a moment later.
Dec 27 22:36:58 * Light , hanging just a bit outside, nods to the others. To Alice and Kens, she says, "I know a little about, well, the clockwork and where it meets with normal flesh. I think both of you know what you're doing but if I can possibly help with anything, I'll be outside."
Dec 27 22:37:08 <Maddy> <…derp.> Now you can see she feels like an idiot.
Dec 27 22:37:12 <Dr_Kens> He nods.
Dec 27 22:37:18 <Maddy> <T-thanks light.>
Dec 27 22:37:37 <Light> She then steps outside, and joins Lance in the observation room.
Dec 27 22:38:16 <Artemis> "It is happening very quickly… I did not expect it to be so soon…" he chuckles nervously.
Dec 27 22:38:36 <Adhelami> Adhelami tried to give a smile, "It is, isn't it… Are you scared?"
Dec 27 22:39:06 <Maddy> Alice takes off her gloves and hands them to Jason before he goes.
Dec 27 22:39:22 <Ragazzo> Lance nods at sophie. "This is dumb, but I feel almost left out." He rubs his cheek. "I can't understand why they'd only want two for something like this…"
Dec 27 22:39:32 <Ragazzo> "I'm sure there's a reason."
Dec 27 22:39:45 <E4D> He steps behind her and puts both of her palms flat on the front, sliding each back toward her ears, splitting the faceplate in the middle, each panel moving with her hands to lock on the side. <There ya go.>
Dec 27 22:39:51 <E4D> He pushes them back closes.
Dec 27 22:40:02 <Artemis> "A little. I have never been under such medical care before… But I have faith." He smiles with warmth and assurance, then hugs her.
Dec 27 22:40:40 * Light looks over. "I'll be honest- I don't know much about the Church's bonding practice, physically- but knowing clockwork, I imagine it's extremely delicate."
Dec 27 22:40:46 <Maddy> <…wait.>
Dec 27 22:40:56 <Maddy> <My f-faceplate /opens/????>
Dec 27 22:41:02 <Adhelami> Adhelami squeezes him tightly, shutting her eyes. "Well…" She whispers something to him.
Dec 27 22:41:11 <Ragazzo> "Mmnm…true."
Dec 27 22:41:12 <Maddy> Alice is SHOCKED!
Dec 27 22:41:46 <E4D> <Well yeah. Different helmet than mine. Couldn't open the same way.>
Dec 27 22:41:49 <Ragazzo> "I'm more concerned about the sedatives…but then I would be…"
Dec 27 22:41:59 <Ragazzo> "Professional bias."
Dec 27 22:42:11 <E4D> He flips his own up. "You ready?"
Dec 27 22:42:11 <Praetor> Tau goes to swap her gloves for clean ones, scrubbing them down quickly in the women's restroom sink before coming out and going down to the operating theater.
Dec 27 22:42:20 * Dawny has quit (Connection reset by peer)
Dec 27 22:42:24 <Artemis> Artemis whispers back, before pulling away and bonking her head with his.
Dec 27 22:42:48 <Artemis> He smirks. "Not even God."
Dec 27 22:42:57 <Adhelami> Adhelami presses their foreheads together a little harder than usual, her eyes tightly shutting, "I believe you."
Dec 27 22:43:05 * Light nods. "I don't think it'll take long, but remind them if something looks wrong."
Dec 27 22:43:17 <Adhelami> "Go, ok? Let's stop this stalling…"
Dec 27 22:43:23 * Dawny (~moc.ishcm.tneilc.FC165C98-CRInys|alliztahc#moc.ishcm.tneilc.FC165C98-CRInys|alliztahc) has joined #afteraction
Dec 27 22:43:38 <Ragazzo> "I'm sure they'll handle it fine…"
Dec 27 22:43:41 <Maddy> <Ready as I'll ever be, babe.>
Dec 27 22:43:52 <Dr_Kens> Kens washes down and sets the tools out for both him and Alice. They're prepped, ready for use. Sterlized and /everything/
Dec 27 22:44:04 <Artemis> "Okay. See you soon." He steps into a side room to remove his gear and robes.
Dec 27 22:44:37 <Maddy> Alice makes sure she's scrubbed down and takes a breath, going over the notes in her mind one last time.
Dec 27 22:44:44 <E4D> Jason kisses her a steps back, closing her helmet as his gloves slide back over its surface, then closes his own.
Dec 27 22:44:44 <Adhelami> Adhelami goes to sit in the observation room, looking nervous.
Dec 27 22:44:54 <E4D> He leaves the room, standing outside by Light.
Dec 27 22:45:17 * Light nods to him and Adhelami. "Dahn Adhelami, are you sure you want to watch?"
Dec 27 22:45:50 <Dr_Kens> Kens takes a deep breath and sighs slowly.
Dec 27 22:46:06 <Praetor> 4df+6 Tau puts her head against a wall and mutters a prayer. She knows this better than anyone. Engineering to Magic.
Dec 27 22:46:07 <Glacon> Praetor: Tau puts her head against a wall and mutters a prayer. She knows this better than anyone. Engineering to Magic.: 4 (4df+6=-, -, +, -)
Dec 27 22:46:33 <Dr_Kens> "Let's do this, Alice…"
Dec 27 22:46:42 <Maddy> She nods.
Dec 27 22:47:10 <Praetor> "…teach my hands to repair."
Dec 27 22:47:24 <Praetor> "Amen."
Dec 27 22:47:39 <Maddy> She checks the moitors about a million times. <Art, Gonna have to hook y-you up.>
Dec 27 22:48:33 <Adhelami> "…Yes." Adhelami finally says after some time.
Dec 27 22:48:40 <Artemis> Artemis comes out from behind the curtain, wearing nothing but his sleep pajamas, smiling at Alice. "Do what you need to."
Dec 27 22:48:50 <Artemis> He sits on the table and lays down.
Dec 27 22:48:53 * Light nods.
Dec 27 22:49:24 <Artemis> Where is Illia?
Dec 27 22:49:27 <Adhelami> Adhelami puffs. Topless Art. Slight Hng in the back of the brain.
Dec 27 22:49:28 <Dr_Kens> Illia does the same on Kens' side, hooked up and ready. She doesn't say much, but glances over at Artemis, then at Tau, and finally at Adhelami.
Dec 27 22:49:42 <Dr_Kens> She sends a ping of anxiety to Artemis, but also one of comfort.
Dec 27 22:49:43 <Artemis> Artemis reaches a hand out to Illia.
Dec 27 22:50:02 <Dr_Kens> She takes his hand, giving it a squeeze.
Dec 27 22:50:12 <Adhelami> Adhelami waves from the observation room a little.
Dec 27 22:50:27 <Praetor> Tau goes to the tool table, ready to hand them what they need at a moment's notice. She quickly recounts the names of the tools in her head.
Dec 27 22:50:29 <Artemis> Coursing faith, is what she feels, crushing the helpless pangs of fear within him.
Dec 27 22:50:40 <Maddy> Alice hooks up the heartr rate monitor and checks the anesthetic about a gazilion times.
Dec 27 22:50:57 <Dr_Kens> She nods, and follows suit, lying back and staring up at the ceiling. Faith.
Dec 27 22:51:05 <Artemis> Artemis' heart rate is slow and steady.
Dec 27 22:51:37 <Ragazzo> Lance examines the anesthetic, and it's inevitable application as best as he can from his spot.
Dec 27 22:51:53 <Dr_Kens> As Kens hooks her up to the heart rate monitor and checks the sedatives and aneshetics, he breathes out slowly as he puts on a facial mask.
Dec 27 22:52:00 <Maddy> Alice places the face mask over Art's face. <Countdown f-from 100.>
Dec 27 22:52:19 <Dr_Kens> Kens follows suit for Illia.
Dec 27 22:53:16 <Artemis> Artemis utters a small prayer to himself and opens his eyes to Alice, smiling, counting in french. He makes it to 94. Not bad.
Dec 27 22:53:54 <Dr_Kens> Illia's out by 93. She wins.
Dec 27 22:54:35 <Maddy> <N-need a tube.> Alice turns to get the intebation kit.
Dec 27 22:55:18 <Dr_Kens> "Got it." He gets the one on his side, working as close to Alice's speed as possible.
Dec 27 22:56:12 <Dr_Kens> "Ready to make the first incision when you are."
Dec 27 22:56:29 <Praetor> "I will count down."
Dec 27 22:57:06 <Praetor> "On 'now.'"
Dec 27 22:57:12 <Maddy> Alice works quickly to isert the breathing tube, finding it only slightly simpler than doing it to a dog.
Dec 27 22:57:46 <Maddy> <ok, w-we're good, and I'm ready.>
Dec 27 22:58:45 <Maddy> <Need a scalpel.>
Dec 27 22:59:25 <Dr_Kens> "Tools should be to your left, on the tray. All sanitized and ready." Kens picks up his.
Dec 27 22:59:42 <Praetor> "3." She hands off scapels. Lord, give us the strength to recognize our sins. "2." Teach our hands not to war. "1." Recognize our failings in your Body. "Cut now." Make us whole again.
Dec 27 23:00:31 <Dr_Kens> Kens cuts at the proper point.
Dec 27 23:00:34 <Maddy> Alice cuts, hands suddenly startlingly steady. She's never had shakey hands, but this is something different.
Dec 27 23:04:04 <Maddy> She keeps moving fluidly, reaching for the spreader and starting to crack him open. And When I say crack, I mean CRACK.
Dec 27 23:04:55 * Light leans back and watches.
Dec 27 23:04:58 <Ragazzo> Lance watches hawk-eyed, as both doctors do their thing.
Dec 27 23:05:30 <Dr_Kens> Kens, of course, follows along side. Timing is everything, so he tries to match Alice as best he can. He takes his spreader and pushes it in to spread her ribs. He doesn't react when the crack happens.
Dec 27 23:05:59 <Dr_Kens> JUst that calm, steady breathing and smooth scalpel work.
Dec 27 23:06:19 <Maddy> Alice peers in, this is the first time she's ever seen the inside of a living human's chest, let alone one with neato clockwork inside.
Dec 27 23:07:02 <Dr_Kens> Kens waits for Alice to orient herself, preparing himself for getting to the right cog.
Dec 27 23:07:09 <Praetor> Lord, why in our darkest hours did you abandon us? Lord, why were we born imperfect? Why do you not answer us?
Dec 27 23:07:32 <Praetor> Tau hands the tools off when they call for it, mouth moving silently under her mask.
Dec 27 23:08:02 <Maddy> <Ok, t-this is it.>
Dec 27 23:08:17 <Dr_Kens> "Count down for us, Tau. We need to be synchronized."
Dec 27 23:08:31 <Praetor> "On now."
Dec 27 23:08:41 <Dr_Kens> He nods, ready.
Dec 27 23:08:48 <Artemis> The clockwork very complex. There, on the inner ribcage is the black cog near the heart.
Dec 27 23:09:33 <Maddy> 4df+4 life science to medical, seeing it in the flesh so to speak, Alice adds last minute tweaks to her plan of extraction and aproach.
Dec 27 23:09:34 <Glacon> Maddy: life science to medical, seeing it in the flesh so to speak, Alice adds last minute tweaks to her plan of extraction and aproach.: 3 (4df+4=-, 0, -, +)
Dec 27 23:10:34 <Praetor> "3." Because the burned hand teaches best. "2." Because all tools require time in the forge. "1." Because I would have you walk for yourselves, and see your mistakes in your own eyes.
Dec 27 23:11:38 <Praetor> Exhale. Because you are weak, and I will make you strong.
Dec 27 23:11:55 <Praetor> 4df+9 "Now."
Dec 27 23:11:55 <Glacon> Praetor: "Now.": 10 (4df+9=0, +, +, -)
Dec 27 23:12:08 <Artemis> Kens, Alice, Medical.
Dec 27 23:12:37 <Dr_Kens> 4df+10 Using AP. Kens reaches in to remove the black cog near the heart. He tries to be as steady and careful as he can without losing speed. "May luck be on my side tonight."
Dec 27 23:12:37 <Glacon> Dr_Kens: Using AP. Kens reaches in to remove the black cog near the heart. He tries to be as steady and careful as he can without losing speed. "May luck be on my side tonight.": 13 (4df+10=0, +, +, +)
Dec 27 23:13:15 <Maddy> 4df+9 Alice moves fluidly to remove the gear, slow is smooth, smooth is fast. <Goddess Bless us.>
Dec 27 23:13:16 <Glacon> Maddy: Alice moves fluidly to remove the gear, slow is smooth, smooth is fast. <Goddess Bless us.>: 7 (4df+9=0, -, 0, -)
Dec 27 23:13:35 <E4D> Compelling scene aspect, The Pressure's On for a reroll.
Dec 27 23:13:39 <Artemis> No rerolls.
Dec 27 23:14:14 <Praetor> Tau grinds the Adjutant's bodies to a halt even as she quickly takes the deposit tray and moves it between the two.
Dec 27 23:14:38 <Maddy> Alice deposits the gear. TINK!
Dec 27 23:14:56 <Dr_Kens> Kens drops his gear into.
Dec 27 23:14:59 <Dr_Kens> *deposits to
Dec 27 23:15:28 <Artemis> The gear in Artemis' chest resists Alice's pull, but gives way after a moment.
Dec 27 23:16:37 <Praetor> As soon as the gears touch the tray, Tau releases her grip on the two's hearts.
Dec 27 23:16:54 <Maddy> She lets out a small breath. Done what she could. <Safe to close them?>
Dec 27 23:17:13 <Dr_Kens> Kens doesn't say anything, but breathes a little easier.
Dec 27 23:17:39 <Light> Light gives Adhelami a glance.
Dec 27 23:17:56 <Praetor> "Yes." She takes the tray as far away from Kens as possible while still being in accessible range.
Dec 27 23:18:17 <Ragazzo> Lance still has his eyes on the surgery, staring intently.
Dec 27 23:18:41 <Adhelami> Her face is covered by her hands. Inside, her stomach is down to her feet, her heart is pounding rather rapidly. She gulps.
Dec 27 23:19:30 <Dr_Kens> He begins the process of removing the spreader, closing the incision. He takes the sutures and begins to sew the skin together. In, loop out, three twists, tie it off. In, loop out, three twists, tie it off.
Dec 27 23:20:01 <Praetor> "Signal when you are done closing."
Dec 27 23:20:16 <Maddy> Alice nods, removing the gauze, sponges, and spreader, wireing the ribcage back togethera dn closing the incision, making sure everything is clean and safe all the while, watching the monitors.
Dec 27 23:20:47 <Dr_Kens> He ties the final knot, trimming the thread and cleaning the wound. "I am done, Tau."
Dec 27 23:20:51 <Maddy> She puts some antibactirial gel and a bandage over the incision as well. <I'm done.>
Dec 27 23:21:55 <Praetor> "Then we are done. Success."
Dec 27 23:22:41 <Praetor> Tau turns and holds the two gears up to the theater watchers, then a thumbs up.
Dec 27 23:22:57 <Dr_Kens> He checks the bandages one last time, steps back, and glances at Alice and Tau. He gives them both a thumbs up.
Dec 27 23:23:23 <Maddy> Alice nods. She check to make sure Artemis is breathing on his own before removing the tube and cutting back the sedation. She gets ready to set up a morphine pump, cause Art is going to feel like he was hit by a bus.
Dec 27 23:24:08 <Praetor> "Prep painkillers. I need to step outside for a moment."
Dec 27 23:24:32 <E4D> Jason's waiting for her.
Dec 27 23:24:54 <Dr_Kens> He takes off his gloves and replaces them before taking out the breathing tube, inserting the morphine pump into her arm, and covering her with a light blanket.
Dec 27 23:25:19 <Maddy> <Of course.> IV, morphine, Artemis wont hurt for long when he wakes.
Dec 27 23:25:28 <Praetor> She has the tray with the gears on it. "Move."
Dec 27 23:25:39 <Praetor> 4df+6 Sincerity tap for Tau's MDEF
Dec 27 23:25:39 <Glacon> Praetor: Sincerity tap for Tau's MDEF: 7 (4df+6=0, +, 0, 0)
Dec 27 23:26:06 <Dr_Kens> He takes off his mask and gloves, disposing of them properly before going to wash his hands and changing.
Dec 27 23:27:36 <Maddy> Alice does the same, finally taking her helmet off and moving the two to a recovery room
Dec 27 23:27:53 <Ragazzo> Lance exhales, and leans against a wall.
Dec 27 23:28:09 <Praetor> 4df+4 She approaches the surgical sinks, throwing aside the tray and taking the gears in each hand. She lowers her hands into the sink.
Dec 27 23:28:09 <Glacon> Praetor: She approaches the surgical sinks, throwing aside the tray and taking the gears in each hand. She lowers her hands into the sink.: 4 (4df+4=-, 0, 0, +)
Dec 27 23:28:51 <Praetor> Her eye widens a bit and she grips the gears so tightly they begin to bleed her. "Hah…"
Dec 27 23:29:35 <E4D> Jason follows her.
Dec 27 23:29:35 <Praetor> 4df+8 Be dust, you vile things.
Dec 27 23:29:36 <Glacon> Praetor: Be dust, you vile things.: 6 (4df+8=-, 0, -, 0)
Dec 27 23:29:37 <Dr_Kens> Kens walks out to the viewing room. "So, it's done." He has a small smile from the good news.
Dec 27 23:30:00 <Light> "Nice work." Light looks over.
Dec 27 23:30:35 <Praetor> The gears boil red hot, flakes of black dust now mixing into Tau's blood as it dribbles into the sink.
Dec 27 23:31:02 <Praetor> 4df+4 MDEF
Dec 27 23:31:03 <Glacon> Praetor: MDEF: 4 (4df+4=+, 0, -, 0)
Dec 27 23:31:15 <Dr_Kens> "I hope they'll be better off when they come out of anesthesia. I've never seen unbonded pairs, before.
Dec 27 23:31:19 <Dr_Kens> "
Dec 27 23:31:31 <Praetor> 4df+7 Last AP.
Dec 27 23:31:33 <Glacon> Praetor: Last AP.: 8 (4df+7=0, 0, 0, +)
Dec 27 23:31:46 <Ragazzo> "You two did great…I can't imagine they'll be in pain for terribly long…"
Dec 27 23:32:17 * Ragazzo has quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
Dec 27 23:32:24 <Praetor> The gears make an audible screech like dying rats as Tau boils them alive, her hands going raw with blood, dust, and viscera.
Dec 27 23:32:37 <E4D> Jason stands a few paces behind.
Dec 27 23:33:24 <Maddy> "Man…I've never seen a beating human h-heart like that before. Amazing."
Dec 27 23:34:08 <Dr_Kens> "It is, isn't it? Work of art. Could be improved, but still one of the best machines around."
Dec 27 23:34:18 <Praetor> After a few long seconds, she stops panting, and leaves the twin piles of coal dust in the sink, weakly reaching up to turn on the facet.
Dec 27 23:34:45 <E4D> <You all right?>
Dec 27 23:34:53 <Adhelami> Adhelami sits in the observation room, still. Even though they are gone. Her eye flicks about with thought and wonder and worry and anxiety.
Dec 27 23:35:11 * Dawny has quit (Ping timeout)
Dec 27 23:35:13 <Praetor> She stays there for a few seconds more, leaning heavily, her face in the sink as the last of the black cogs wash away to a shithole of a sewer system in the asshole of China.
Dec 27 23:35:25 * Ragazzo (ten.llebcap.ac2tks.lsd.8E12EB47-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.llebcap.ac2tks.lsd.8E12EB47-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #afteraction
Dec 27 23:36:00 <Dr_Kens> Kens notices Adhelami's anxiety, and nudges Alice. "You may want to let her know everything went extremely well and that he'll be fine."
Dec 27 23:36:21 <Light> "A fairly incredible machine, yes. Alice, you too, that was well done."
Dec 27 23:36:21 <Praetor> You will walk through the fire, and you will be stronger for it. Tau vomits into the sink.
Dec 27 23:36:39 <Praetor> "I…I am now…"
Dec 27 23:37:10 <E4D> <What was all that about?> Jason does the gentlemanly thing and holds her hair.
Dec 27 23:38:09 * Dexanote is now known as Dexaway
Dec 27 23:38:17 * Dexaway is now known as DexCraft
Dec 27 23:38:29 <Praetor> "I killed them. The gears." She turns over her hands to reveal second degree burns.
Dec 27 23:38:34 <Maddy> Alice nods, moving over to Adhelami. "Vhen. It's d-done, and they made it throught the surgery."
Dec 27 23:39:26 <Adhelami> Adhelami looks to Alice, and smiles, nodding, "I saw…" She still looks nervous.
Dec 27 23:40:01 <E4D> Jason reaches back into his gear and comes out with a pouch of watergel. He tears the top off and squeezes half the contents onto each hand. <Fuck, hold still for a second.>
Dec 27 23:40:10 <E4D> <Don't run water over them.>
Dec 27 23:40:26 <Maddy> She puts a gentle hand on her arm. "You can see him s-soon, but hse's still sleeping."
Dec 27 23:40:41 <Praetor> "I'm not, I'm not - " Pain tears her voice as she moves her hands away.
Dec 27 23:41:03 <Ragazzo> Lance pulls out a journal and begins to write in it, leaning against a wall of the observation room.
Dec 27 23:41:26 <E4D> <No, fuck, put 'em out, flat for a second.
Dec 27 23:41:44 <Adhelami> "…It is all very suddenly… overwhelming and scary. And… What if he doesn't really love me, when he wakes up? What if I was just a rebellious piece for his bond..? It's… very scary."
Dec 27 23:41:55 <Praetor> She does so, holding them out.
Dec 27 23:42:04 <Maddy> <Bah, I've s-seen the way you two are together.>
Dec 27 23:42:37 <Maddy> "You c-cannot covince me that man has a-anything other than love for you in h-his heart."
Dec 27 23:43:24 <E4D> He pulls out a roll of gauze from the same pouch, wrapping it *lightly* over her palms, keeping the fingers separate, and then going back over her thumb to secure it. «Alice, Tau needs some immediate attention. Presumed second degree thermal to both hands, in the washroom. Watergel applied, loose gauze covering at the moment.»
Dec 27 23:43:52 <Adhelami> "I suppose you are right… I just…-" Adhelami looks at the radio, "A-Ah!!" «What happened??»
Dec 27 23:43:53 <Dr_Kens> Kens walks up to her too. "This is true. I've seen the way you are together. Artemis is a good man. He will love you, regardless of state of being.|
Dec 27 23:44:14 <E4D> «Not now, Adhel.»
Dec 27 23:44:29 <Praetor> "Oh, don't broadcast it over the radio, Adhle - " She flinches in rain.
Dec 27 23:44:46 <Maddy> «On my way.» Alice gives Adhelami a reasurring pap on the arm. "She'll be fine, Vhen." and she goes.
Dec 27 23:45:09 <Praetor> *pain not rain that'd be weird
Dec 27 23:45:25 <Maddy> "Alright, l-lets see it."
Dec 27 23:45:47 <Dr_Kens> Kens gives Adhelami a hug. "Tell you what, come with me. I'll get you a seat to sit right next to him. He can tell you how much he loves you when he wakes up."
Dec 27 23:46:57 <Praetor> She still has her hands out from Jason's first aid.
Dec 27 23:47:00 <Adhelami> Adhelami blinks and then smiles a little, "O-Ok." Now she's worried about Tau!! Double worry!! She's going to blow up and cookies are going to fly everywhere because that is what she is made of, cookies and cat pants.
Dec 27 23:47:12 <Maddy> "Oh, nice wrapping job, Jason."
Dec 27 23:47:18 <PaulS_laptop> «How'd the surgery go?»
Dec 27 23:47:25 <PaulS_laptop> John is still down in Plant
Dec 27 23:47:36 <Dr_Kens> «Swimmingly. Alice and I did a great job of iremoving the cogs.»
Dec 27 23:50:21 <Praetor> "Could you please admire each other's first aid skills when I do not have burns on my hands - "
Dec 27 23:50:58 <Maddy> "Sorry! Gah, adreniline…." Alice moves over to her. "I'm going to have to take these off. M-might hurt."
Dec 27 23:51:16 * Dawny (~moc.ishcm.tneilc.FC165C98-CRInys|alliztahc#moc.ishcm.tneilc.FC165C98-CRInys|alliztahc) has joined #afteraction
Dec 27 23:51:30 <E4D> <She's gellin' like a felon. Shouldn't be any pain from that."
Dec 27 23:51:37 <E4D> *>
Dec 27 23:52:25 <Maddy> "ah ok." Alice goes to remover the bandages, pulling out the new gauze and disinfectent.
Dec 27 23:52:35 * Light smiles a little at the scene in the observation room. All of this is way too happy for her, in face, so she steps out to go make herself useful elsewhere.
Dec 27 23:53:31 <Ragazzo> Lance shuts his journal, and tucking it away, goes also to find somewhere to be useful.
Dec 27 23:53:56 * Light has quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
Dec 27 23:54:01 <Ragazzo> Failing that, find an empty room to do nothing in.
Dec 27 23:54:38 <Dr_Kens> Kens leads Adhelami to the recovery room housing Illia and Artemis. He finds her a chair and sets it next to him.
Dec 27 23:55:12 <Praetor> "Ah - ah, ah, okay, thank you."
Dec 27 23:55:49 <Adhelami> Adhelami goes and slowly sits next to him, grasping her hands together in her lap. She looks up to Kens and smiles, "Thank you." She's always got smiles hiding somewhere.
Dec 27 23:55:50 <Praetor> She looks at her hands and sighs.
Dec 27 23:56:22 <Maddy> She rewraps them, satified that the wrounds are clean. "Only think I c-can suggest, is a-asking is Adhelami h-has any bloodcloth l-leftover after Art and Illia."
Dec 27 23:56:44 <Dr_Kens> He nods and walks a little ways away to give them some privacy, but still close enough to help if needed.
Dec 27 23:57:16 <Praetor> "I will," she says. I won't, she thinks.
Dec 27 23:57:46 <Maddy> Alice nods. "S-shall we check on them?"
Dec 27 23:59:25 <Praetor> "Aah…" She makes one last glance at the sink, then turns back and nods. "Alright."
Dec 28 00:00:00 <Adhelami> Adhelami is going to give it to her ANYWAY. :|
Dec 28 00:00:16 <Maddy> Alice heads to the recovery room.
Dec 28 00:01:14 <Dr_Kens> Kens nods at Alice and Tau. "They're inside, with Adhel. They're stable."
Dec 28 00:01:57 <Praetor> She says nothing, and pushes through the recovery room door.
Dec 28 00:02:03 <Adhelami> Adhelami just sits dainty and patient, trying to keep the worry off her face, but failing miserably.
Dec 28 00:02:38 <Praetor> "Sehlvi."
Dec 28 00:02:41 <Artemis> Artemis breathes easy.
Dec 28 00:02:44 <Maddy> "Vhen? Y-you hungry, or thirsty?"
Dec 28 00:04:28 <Adhelami> "I am ok. I couldn't eat anyway." She says quietly. Her voice is soft. She looks up to them and offers a smile.
Dec 28 00:05:19 <Praetor> Tau says nothing more and goes to sit down next to Adhelami.
Dec 28 00:05:56 <Maddy> Alice gives them some space, checking monitors, reorganizing things etc etc.
Dec 28 00:08:53 <Adhelami> Adhelami simply quietly watches Artemis. She plays with the edge of her eye-wrap.
Dec 28 00:09:11 <Artemis> It looks as if he's sleeping.
Dec 28 00:09:29 <Ragazzo> Lance locates the nearest dispensary and checks if there are any medical supplies left for raiding.
Dec 28 00:11:33 <Praetor> Tau quietly considers her bandaged hands, unsure what to say.
Dec 28 00:14:18 <Adhelami> Adhelami looks to her, placing a hand on her arm, "Are you ok?"
Dec 28 00:15:31 <E4D> The hospital is completely intact.
Dec 28 00:15:51 <Praetor> "I tried to kill the gears and they fought back." She shakes her head. Burned hand teaches best. How ironic. "I will be fine."
Dec 28 00:17:11 <Adhelami> Adhelami frowns, "I will give you bloodcloth."
Dec 28 00:17:36 <Praetor> "Save for Artemis."
Dec 28 00:18:03 <Adhelami> "I have enough, Sehlvi."
Dec 28 00:19:53 <Praetor> She exhales, closing her eyes. "Do as you please." Head bumps against the wall.
Dec 28 00:20:57 <Adhelami> Adhelami frowns a little.
Dec 28 00:21:43 <Praetor> "Sorry. I am exhausted."
Dec 28 00:22:15 <E4D> They both hear a fart down the hall.
Dec 28 00:23:24 <Dr_Kens> Illia blinks slowly, coming out of her sleep. She winces as she moves her arm slightly. "He…succeeded."
Dec 28 00:24:42 <Dr_Kens> She attempts to send Artemis a ping of joy when she's struck by a realization…something's missing.
Dec 28 00:25:11 <Artemis> She feels nothing from him.
Dec 28 00:25:16 <Dr_Kens> Her brows furrow as this emptiness fills her.
Dec 28 00:26:40 <Adhelami> Adhelami hugs an arm around Tau.
Dec 28 00:26:55 <Adhelami> And pulls her against herself, rather than letting her sit on that cold wall.
Dec 28 00:26:59 <Dr_Kens> She glances over at Adhelami, Tau, and Artemis and smiles softly. "Thank you, Tau…"
Dec 28 00:28:33 <Praetor> "You are free to live your life. My Church has no hold over you, nor do I, nor does Oswalt's."
Dec 28 00:28:43 <Adhelami> Adhelami stands and goes over to Illia, "Are you feeling ok?" Smile.
Dec 28 00:29:07 <Dr_Kens> "I am…fine." She forces a smile, despite the emptiness.
Dec 28 00:29:27 <Dr_Kens> "I am happy for both you and Artemis. He loves yo uvery much, young one."
Dec 28 00:31:36 <Adhelami> "Ah, don't worry about that, I am worried about you."
Dec 28 00:31:55 <Adhelami> "You are feeling truly ok? Or are you lying to make me happy?"
Dec 28 00:32:00 <Dr_Kens> She shakes her head. "Do not worry. I will get over any pain."
Dec 28 00:32:44 <Maddy> "If it g-gets to be too much, h-hit that switch and g-get some lovely morphine."
Dec 28 00:32:58 <Maddy> "I also h-have the childrens' chewables."
Dec 28 00:33:47 <Dr_Kens> She chuckles, then winces. "No, I will get through this. An adjutant always will."
Dec 28 00:33:53 <Dr_Kens> "Bonded or otherwise."
Dec 28 00:33:56 <Artemis> Artemis stirs.
Dec 28 00:36:51 <Praetor> Tau looks, then quickly moves to go stand over him. "Sehlvi."
Dec 28 00:38:50 <Adhelami> Adhelami blinks and looks over, her eye widening a little. She smiles to Illia and goes over to him.
Dec 28 00:39:06 * Bouncl has quit (Broken pipe)
Dec 28 00:39:07 <Dr_Kens> She nods and turns her own gaze to Artemis.
Dec 28 00:43:03 <Artemis> His face winces and hishead turns this way and that slowly.
Dec 28 00:43:54 <Dr_Kens> "Hey, Artemis. How are you feeling?
Dec 28 00:44:18 <Artemis> He groans. He's still quite out of it.
Dec 28 00:44:42 <Praetor> "Sssh. Wait." Hiss hiss hiss. Tau's a bitch.
Dec 28 00:46:03 <Adhelami> Adhelami puts a gentle hand on his arm, her eye flicking over his face.
Dec 28 00:47:45 * Bouncl (~ten.nozirev.soif.cdhsaw.F89E38BE-CRInys|alliztahc#ten.nozirev.soif.cdhsaw.F89E38BE-CRInys|alliztahc) has joined #afteraction
Dec 28 00:52:34 <Artemis> His eyes flash open wide, staring at the ceiling.
Dec 28 00:53:06 <Maddy> "Hit the s-switch if you hurt t-to much."
Dec 28 00:55:35 * Dr_Kens has quit (Quit: 404 user not found.)
Dec 28 00:56:01 <Praetor> Tau frets slightly. "Artemis…?"
Dec 28 00:56:49 <Maddy> Alice stands by, incase shes needd
Dec 28 00:57:35 <Adhelami> Adhelami's brow raises, a soft frown forming. She reaches her hand out, hesitantly lowering it to his bald head.
Dec 28 00:57:51 <Artemis> Artemis' face slowly crinkles in panic and he speaks raspily. "Put me back…"
Dec 28 00:58:07 * E4D has quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
Dec 28 00:58:32 <Adhelami> Adhelami's suddenly removes her hand and then looks worriedly between Alice and Tau…
Dec 28 00:59:13 <Maddy> "…"
Dec 28 00:59:22 <Praetor> Tau puts a burned hand to her forehead, pale rising in her cheeks.
Dec 28 01:00:35 <Artemis> That panic melts into a pure fright. "Put me back, let me sleep!"
Dec 28 01:01:14 <Adhelami> He's broken. He's broken, he's broken, he's broken and there's nothing anybody can do— Oh god, oh god… Adhelami backs away, tears eminent in her eyes.
Dec 28 01:01:58 <Praetor> "Artemis! Look at me. Focus. Focus." She leans down.
Dec 28 01:02:35 * E4D (PI.B08D965B.1516CFF9.1D5D756|tibbiM#PI.B08D965B.1516CFF9.1D5D756|tibbiM) has joined #afteraction
Dec 28 01:04:26 <Artemis> His eyes are frantic, as if he's not quite all there.
Dec 28 01:06:50 <Praetor> "Artemis, come on, you are a stronger person than this." Snap. Snap. She clicks her fingers - ow - in front of his face.
Dec 28 01:07:26 <Adhelami> Adhelami fights back tears— but… this is terrifying. More terrifying than anything she's ever experienced here. They failed /something/. He's broken, and he won't be the same again, will he? He'll become frantic and crazy and want to be alone all the time, or asleep, or not feeling reality. Her teeth chatter under her cheeks. Everything that could go badly pounds through her mind.
Dec 28 01:09:21 <Artemis> Artemis rambles swiftly and loudly in french, not all of it coherent. He wants to sleep, put him back to sleep, please, it hurts to be awake, leave, no, i have to sleep.
Dec 28 01:09:56 <E4D> «Adhelami, it'd probably be best if you just stayed out of the recovery area for now.»
Dec 28 01:10:31 <Maddy> "I can give him some more morphine…n-not knock him out, b-but calm and numb him."
Dec 28 01:10:39 <Adhelami> And with that, Adhelami quickly scurries— more like jogs out.
Dec 28 01:11:07 <Praetor> Tau answers back in French - yelling. No, she won't put him back to sleep, no, she is stronger than that.
Dec 28 01:11:48 <Artemis> Artemis screams out, crying now in utter fear.
Dec 28 01:11:58 <Adhelami> Popping out of the room, she looks for some place to go. She wanders around in a daze, hand on her forehead.
Dec 28 01:12:38 <Praetor> She tries to hold him - no, the hands are burned. "ALICE, THE MORPHINE."
Dec 28 01:12:56 <Maddy> Alice hits the switch.
Dec 28 01:13:29 <Artemis> Artemis lifts and bangs his head down on the bed once. Twice… then he seems to calm a bit, huffing and puffing.
Dec 28 01:14:46 <Praetor> Tau goes and gets a chair, moving it to his bed side.
Dec 28 01:14:53 * DexCraft is now known as Dexanote
Dec 28 01:17:29 <Adhelami> Adhelami finds the Theater again, going into the observation room. Rather than taking a seat, she plops herself into a corner under the viewing window.
Dec 28 01:18:52 <Praetor> She can do nothing. She puts a hand on his leg, and tries to hum a hymn - a broken thing puncuated by sobs.
Dec 28 01:19:29 <Maddy> Alice shakes her head. Nothing she can do.
Dec 28 01:19:31 <Artemis> Artemis calms considerably, staring at the ceiling. "Wha… [What is this…?]
Dec 28 01:19:33 <Artemis> "
Dec 28 01:20:20 * Dexanote is now known as Dexaway
Dec 28 01:25:11 * Dexaway is now known as Dexanote
Dec 28 01:32:54 <Praetor> "[…You idiot man…]"
Dec 28 01:44:58 <Artemis> Artemis shakes his head, shutting his eyes tight. "Please… leave me… I want to sleep…"
Dec 28 01:45:56 <Praetor> "Not until you tell me who I am and who you are, and who the love of your life is."
Dec 28 01:48:51 <Artemis> "You are Tau and I am empty and I do not want to be awake, I do not want to feel anything."
Dec 28 01:49:44 <Praetor> "Artemis…"
Dec 28 01:50:17 <Praetor> She is crying now, no use hiding it.
Dec 28 01:52:34 <Artemis> "Leave me.."
Dec 28 01:53:32 <Maddy> Alice leaves the room and goes to fnd Jason.
Dec 28 01:54:07 <Praetor> Tau sobs heavily and leaves the ward.