Unfinished Story: Prologue

Mar 06 20:30:54 <Lilah> In Myrtle's room…
Mar 06 20:31:33 <Dexanote> Myrtle's flipping through the book she found in that one suite; is it a diary…? Or some manuscript…?
Mar 06 20:31:47 <TroyL> Lament looks for her whole bag of Heh. After finding it, he burns it. He burns it in a pyre made from the bones of dead gods. Not the /good/ gods, either. The bad ones. And the "Heh"s were sentenced to a horrible eternity of void and nether.
Mar 06 20:31:54 <TroyL> Then he eats a cherry.
Mar 06 20:32:03 <Ragazzo> «Zoe is gone.»
Mar 06 20:32:24 <Lilah> It's a novel, very obviously, about a woman named Emilie, and her attempts to survive what seems to be her fated death.
Mar 06 20:32:27 <Liebe> somewhere
Mar 06 20:32:30 <PaulS_worktop> «Fuck»
Mar 06 20:32:36 <Liebe> T'sa cries.
Mar 06 20:32:56 <Maddy> «What?»
Mar 06 20:35:22 <Ragazzo> «Just up and left. Left behind her sword, but nothing else, as far as I can see.»
Mar 06 20:36:04 <TroyL> Lament opens his journal, scribbles down a note, and then continues walking.
Mar 06 20:36:52 <Ragazzo> He looks around, finds the sheath and sling for it, puts it on his back.
Mar 06 20:38:03 <Dexanote> Myr flips through, skimming the book. No author, sadly. She flips to the end, to see if it was finished.
Mar 06 20:38:34 <Lilah> Blank pages. It's like… the writing just suddenly ended.
Mar 06 20:39:17 <Lilah> 'She went into hiding, where nobody could find her.'
Mar 06 20:39:47 <Lilah> 'Where not even Fate could know to follow. She was safe, for if only a moment's time.'
Mar 06 20:42:22 <Dexanote> She sighs, flipping back through the pages. Still worth a read, what else is she doing these days.
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Mar 06 20:46:49 <Ragazzo> Lance considers the second sword on his back. «…anyone want this sword? I don't actually need two.»
Mar 06 20:49:04 <TroyL> «Sure.»
Mar 06 20:49:28 <Lilah> As Myrtle flips… the book frustratingly flips back.
Mar 06 20:49:51 <Lilah> The pages move as if they have some kind of weight to them, and insist on going to the end.
Mar 06 20:50:12 <Dexanote> Eyebrow quirk. "… Oh well then. A living document." She flips back to the end. "Want a finish, huh?"
Mar 06 20:51:20 <Lilah> The pages stop short at the half-blank end.
Mar 06 20:53:08 <Dexanote> She prods the end with a fingertip. "Nothing?"
Mar 06 20:53:36 <Lilah> After a long moment, fancy black writing begins to bleed into the paper, 'But nobody can run away from a fated death. This is all it is, really, is running. Emilie Moroux was meant to die from the moment her story began here. She would be found, and she would die.'
Mar 06 20:54:13 <Ragazzo> Lance finds troy. Hands off the sword.
Mar 06 20:54:27 <Dexanote> "… Well. That's interesting…" She breathes, with an air of curiosity. «Troy, I found a self-writing book. Come see.»
Mar 06 20:55:31 <Ragazzo> "…" Blink. "Can I come as well?" To troy.
Mar 06 20:58:21 <Lilah> 'Emilie was a clever girl. She always seemed to escape what was meant to be. In every last moment, she cheated death. A quiet, but admiriable woman, it seemed she was ready to live forever. She was intertwined with everything the forest was. She became one with it. One with the trees and the snakes and the insects and the grasses. But all creatures slow down. All creatures trip.'
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Mar 06 20:59:12 <TroyL> Lament looks at Lance… then to his radio. «Is this a code peaches?»
Mar 06 21:01:59 <E4D> «What?»
Mar 06 21:02:09 <E4D> «Code peaches?»
Mar 06 21:02:26 <TroyL> «Nothing, Jason. Nothing…»
Mar 06 21:02:40 <Ragazzo> "….."
Mar 06 21:02:46 <TroyL> Lament looks at Lance. "Alright. But… uh… wait outside the door at first. So I can make sure it's safe."
Mar 06 21:02:57 <Ragazzo> "….wait. Talking…the daevites?"
Mar 06 21:03:10 <Ragazzo> *Self-writing, not talking
Mar 06 21:04:27 <Dexanote> «Where are you?»
Mar 06 21:05:15 <Ragazzo> He nods at lament at his request. "Might want to…hurry."
Mar 06 21:06:02 <TroyL> «On my way, peaches» He nods to Lance. "Room 113."
Mar 06 21:06:41 <Ragazzo> "Ask her what's in the book?" As they set off.
Mar 06 21:06:42 <Nioki> Alanoch sits in his room, door open, staring outwards.
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Mar 06 21:07:48 <TroyL> Lament sighs and shakes his head. "It’s self writing," he said. "Probably nothing important."
Mar 06 21:08:12 <TroyL> «Anything interesting so far?»
Mar 06 21:08:22 <Ragazzo> "…you -do- know that we got attacked by something out of one of those self-writing ones."
Mar 06 21:08:50 <E4D> «HAHA, peaches.»
Mar 06 21:08:50 <Lilah> 'But how would she trip? It was an interesting question. The Fates would surely be waiting for her on her next misstep. One could only withstand so muhc injury, pain, and sickness.'
Mar 06 21:09:01 <E4D> «Did you really just call someone peaches»
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Mar 06 21:09:19 <TroyL> «I call people lots of things. I call you Butt Lord occasionally.»
Mar 06 21:09:30 <TroyL> "Really? What was it?" Lament asked Lance.
Mar 06 21:09:43 <Ragazzo> "…you were there, weren't you?"
Mar 06 21:09:57 <Ragazzo> "The ones who gutted me, practically, and killed off launce."
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Mar 06 21:10:52 <TroyL> "Those didn’t come out of a book. Those came out of history. They're real, Dr. Cole." He knocks on the door. "Trust me. You just had a Frenchman in your head die. I was tortured for two weeks."
Mar 06 21:11:27 <Ragazzo> "History book is still a book. But I see your point." Lance waits back a few steps, looking at a wall.
Mar 06 21:16:12 <Lilah> 'Emilie was a shocking girl, however. Transformed from her timid nature, she became a lithe beast of survival and wit. Like a predator chasing it's prey- the more graceful and agile the target, the more entertaining and exciting the chase; the more fulfilling the kill.'
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Mar 06 21:19:14 <TroyL> And then Myrtle vanished. :|
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Mar 06 21:19:36 <Liebe> got too close to troy. 'excess flood'
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Mar 06 21:22:50 <Dexanote> Myr opens the door to Troy and… Lance, correct? The book's on the desk, open to the last page.
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Mar 06 21:23:22 <Ragazzo> Lance is there, yes.
Mar 06 21:23:40 <Ragazzo> A few steps back, as per troy's caution.
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Mar 06 21:23:50 <TroyL> Lament coughs. "Is…" He leans over and whispers. "You want me to get rid of him?"
Mar 06 21:24:16 <Dexanote> She glances at Lance and sighs. "Whatever. Just look at the book."
Mar 06 21:24:46 <Lilah> NOW IS NOT SEXY TIME, LAMENT
Mar 06 21:24:49 <TroyL> "Oh. It's… it's seriously a self writing book?" Well, damnit. "Neat. Yeah, lets take a look."
Mar 06 21:25:12 <Ragazzo> Lance blinks. "What's in it?" Looking toward the two now.
Mar 06 21:26:17 <TroyL> Lament steps around Mry, walking into the room and toward the book. "Hmm… Do you think the story is interesting? We got some of these from MC&D once that wrote a story tailor for each person," he said.
Mar 06 21:27:00 <Ragazzo> Lance follows lament in, looking over the book with his cat's eye.
Mar 06 21:27:07 <Ragazzo> For ~magic~
Mar 06 21:27:16 <Dexanote> She fights a grin, and looks at the book. "I saw one of those before, but my name's not Emilie. Look at the last page."
Mar 06 21:27:51 <TroyL> He looks down at the book. "Emilie… Emilie… That sounds famililar… Lance? Anyone you know?"
Mar 06 21:28:06 <Ragazzo> "I…yes….but…"
Mar 06 21:28:08 <Ragazzo> "…."
Mar 06 21:28:22 <Ragazzo> He hastens to the book.
Mar 06 21:28:30 <Ragazzo> "Last name, what was it?"
Mar 06 21:28:41 <Ragazzo> Flip flip flip. Scanning pages.
Mar 06 21:28:50 <Lilah> The book resists him
Mar 06 21:29:00 <Lilah> and insists on being on the currently-written page for now.
Mar 06 21:29:23 <Ragazzo> He reads it, frowning.
Mar 06 21:30:12 <Lilah> The last name is on this page. »>'But nobody can run away from a fated death. This is all it is, really, is running. Emilie Moroux was meant to die from the moment her story began here. She would be found, and she would die.'
Mar 06 21:30:40 <TroyL> "Lance? Earth to Lance?"
Mar 06 21:31:51 <Ragazzo> "Emilie Moroux. She was in record keeping at 23 back during my time there."
Mar 06 21:32:29 <Ragazzo> "She's stuck in here, or something. We need to get her out."
Mar 06 21:32:45 <Dexanote> "And how do we do that?"
Mar 06 21:32:47 <TroyL> Lament frowned. "Site 23? How'd she get into a book in Japan…" he mused.
Mar 06 21:33:20 <Ragazzo> "I don't -know-. We all got shuffled out en masse after the ceremony with jager…."
Mar 06 21:33:40 <Lilah> Suddenly, however, the book fliiippppeddd, and snapped shut, indicating that it was finished writing. For now.
Mar 06 21:33:43 <TroyL> Lament sighs. "Well, what the hell do you want to do?" he asked.
Mar 06 21:33:56 <Ragazzo> "…" He tries to hopen it.
Mar 06 21:34:09 <Lilah> The book is now freely opened and easily looked through.
Mar 06 21:34:12 <Ragazzo> "I want to get her out. I don't know how."
Mar 06 21:34:28 <Ragazzo> He reads through each page skimming intently.
Mar 06 21:34:51 <TroyL> Lament frowns a little. "We could always try… hell… Site… 44? 47? Something like that. Bibliosite."
Mar 06 21:35:14 <Ragazzo> "…and wherte is that?"
Mar 06 21:35:16 <Ragazzo> *where
Mar 06 21:35:24 <Dexanote> "And where would that be?"
Mar 06 21:35:27 <TroyL> Shrrrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuug.
Mar 06 21:35:45 <TroyL> "I just know the number… sorta… and what they did there."
Mar 06 21:35:52 <Lilah> …'Her arm numbing, Emilie turned scared eyes to a burning wound in her hand. The snake had won out.'
Mar 06 21:37:15 <Ragazzo> Nononononononono. Lance's eyes tear across the pages searching for some clue or hint that she survived. Or at least someway to do -something-. Not jsut read…and wait.
Mar 06 21:37:17 <Lilah> 'She didn't even feel it, her adrenaline pumping through her veins wildly and at a practically high-inducing rate. Would she die now? After all this? After everything she had avoided and accomplished and out-witted?'
Mar 06 21:38:41 <Ragazzo> Idea! Crazy, frantic idea. He dug in his coat pocket, and pulling out the golden pen from alex, tried to write on the page. Just seeing if the pen would take tot he paper..
Mar 06 21:39:35 <Ragazzo> "Something bit her."
Mar 06 21:39:53 <Lilah> Where does he write? On a blank page or on the current page?
Mar 06 21:40:00 <Ragazzo> Current.
Mar 06 21:40:33 <Lilah> On the edges? or does he try to scribble out something?
Mar 06 21:42:06 <Ragazzo> As soon as he sees the ink on the paper he tries to scribble out 'the snake had won out'
Mar 06 21:42:57 <Lilah> As he scribbles it out, the area suddenly goes blank… but in a moment's notice, the book retaliates 'YOU WILL REGRET THIS.'
Mar 06 21:43:25 <TroyL> "…"
Mar 06 21:43:35 <TroyL> "Lance. Lance… What did you do?"
Mar 06 21:44:00 <Ragazzo> 'FUCK YOU.' He writes. "I'm stopping this damn book from killing emilie."
Mar 06 21:44:35 <Dexanote> "Oh that's probably the most idiotic thing I have ever seen you do, Lance." Myrtle groans in monotone.
Mar 06 21:44:53 <TroyL> "Myr… Let's… Let's go to another room."
Mar 06 21:44:59 <TroyL> He stares at Lance.
Mar 06 21:45:07 <TroyL> Stares a hole right through him,
Mar 06 21:45:14 <Dexanote> She's already backing away. "Come on then."
Mar 06 21:45:17 <Ragazzo> "Fine, go, I honestly don't care."
Mar 06 21:45:29 <Ragazzo> He's staring at the book intently.
Mar 06 21:45:38 <TroyL> Lament is backing away smoothly, looking at the book. "Lance. Put the book down."
Mar 06 21:46:04 <Ragazzo> Considering for a moment. He sketches a door on the book, near the edge of a page.
Mar 06 21:46:16 <Lilah> The book scribbles out his FUCK YOU and erases it. It also scribbles out its warning, attempting to fix the text.
Mar 06 21:46:27 <Dexanote> Myr slips around the doorway. «Warning, Lance just wrote in a living book.»
Mar 06 21:46:38 <Ragazzo> LAnce fights the attempts. Crossing out whatever the book writes.
Mar 06 21:46:58 <TroyL> «Lima. Alpha. November. Charlie. Echo.» He pauses, still backing away. «Jason? Alice? Do you copy?»
Mar 06 21:47:02 <Lilah> Then, the book merely begins to flip pages, going to the blank.
Mar 06 21:47:13 <Ragazzo> «There's a friend of mine in this book.»
Mar 06 21:47:27 <TroyL> «Put down the book, Lance.»
Mar 06 21:47:46 <Ragazzo> He slams a fist on the table when it flips to the blank pages.
Mar 06 21:48:03 <TroyL> «DOCTOR. COLE. PUT DOWN THE BOOK.»
Mar 06 21:48:09 <Lilah> 'You cannot stop what has already happened. You will merely harm the course of events, and potentially kill my protaganist. She must not die in such a sloppy way. DO NOT INTEREFERE.'
Mar 06 21:48:58 <TroyL> Lament pulls out his sidearm. "Myr… If something happens right now…" He looks at her, then leans over, kissing her cheek.
Mar 06 21:49:03 <Ragazzo> "SHE IS NOT A CHARACTER IN YOUR GOD DAMN STORY." Uh, lance, you have to write that.
Mar 06 21:49:36 <TroyL> He pulls the hammer back, then steps into the room, raising it and pointing at the back of Cole's leg. "Dr. Cole. Lance. Step away from the book. Now."
Mar 06 21:50:18 <Ragazzo> "Hang on a god damn second. It's talking to us. See for yourself."
Mar 06 21:50:44 <TroyL> "DOCTOR COLE. What did you learn from Harry Potter?! STEP AWAY FROM THE BOOK."
Mar 06 21:51:34 <Ragazzo> "Fine, fuck you." He steps away from the book.
Mar 06 21:52:20 <TroyL> He keeps the gun leveled. "Step out of the room, Dr. Cole."
Mar 06 21:52:37 <Lilah> The book scribbles out what it spoke, and the page goes blank. It then proceeds to flip, flip, fix fix, flip flip, fix.
Mar 06 21:52:44 <Ragazzo> "What are you going to d-"
Mar 06 21:52:50 <Ragazzo> His eyes snap to the book.
Mar 06 21:53:45 <TroyL> "Doctor Cole. I'm asking you to get back. I'm asking you nicely. I will not ask you again."
Mar 06 21:53:56 <TroyL> «Anyone? I might need some help here.»
Mar 06 21:54:06 <TroyL> «Preferably someone who can stop bleeding.»
Mar 06 21:54:11 <Ragazzo> "God fucking damn it."
Mar 06 21:54:16 <Ragazzo> Lance backs out slowly.
Mar 06 21:54:31 <Ragazzo> Checking in case he bumps into stealth'd myrtle.
Mar 06 21:54:37 <TroyL> "Please keep an eye on him, Myr."
Mar 06 21:54:49 <TroyL> Lament walks… slowly. Carefully. Closer to the book.
Mar 06 21:55:02 <Dexanote> "Lance, how did you know Emilie?" She's around the corner, leaning over to keep an eye on Lance. "Dammit Troy, don't be a moron. Send someone else in."
Mar 06 21:55:22 <Ragazzo> "Site 23 was a big place. Lots of cafeterias."
Mar 06 21:55:33 <TroyL> 4df+4 (Analyze. Scholarship: Occult to grant my potential bonus).
Mar 06 21:55:33 <CROM> TroyL: (Analyze. Scholarship: Occult to grant my potential bonus).: 4 (4df+4=-, -, +, +)
Mar 06 21:55:42 <Ragazzo> He's barely outside, keeping an eye on lament, and the book.
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Mar 06 21:59:45 <Dexanote> Myrtle leans in close to Lance, eyes locked on his face; she's not wearing sunglasses today. She whispers quietly; "if he's hurt by that book because of your idiocy, i'm going to cause you unique levels of pain."
Mar 06 21:59:48 <Laito> Lament doesn't know any goddamned thing about this book. Only lots of theories about what it -could- be. Is it Bookend related? Fuck, he doesn't know. Educated guessing at this point. This isn't something likely encountered by the Foundation before.
Mar 06 22:01:11 <Ragazzo> "I could give less of a shit about myself right now." He doesn't bother whispering.
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Mar 06 22:02:26 <TroyL> Lament eyes it carefully. He looks around the room for a mirror or something…
Mar 06 22:02:37 <Ragazzo> Still watching lament and book.
Mar 06 22:03:38 <Nioki> Alanoch steps out of his room, gathering light. There's always gotta be bleeding, hasn't there.
Mar 06 22:04:18 <Nioki> «Are we being attacked again?»
Mar 06 22:04:35 <Ragazzo> «No.»
Mar 06 22:05:01 <Ragazzo> «There's a book here that apparently has an old friend of mine trapped inside.»
Mar 06 22:05:09 <Dexanote> «Lance just wrote in a living book. with unknown abilities."
Mar 06 22:05:11 <Dexanote> »
Mar 06 22:06:13 <TroyL> He finds one, then uses it to get a better angle on what the book is writing. Lament secret talent of the day? Kinda sorta being able to read backward text. A little. He's not PROFICIENT, but he can try, damnit.
Mar 06 22:06:15 <Ragazzo> "It was trying to kill my friend. I didn't plan on allowing that."
Mar 06 22:07:25 <Nioki> «It is just as likely a book which pretends to have old friends of its prey trapped inside as one that actually does have an old friend trapped inside. I suggest you keep it under watch until you can discuss this with Jason or Alice.»
Mar 06 22:07:29 <TroyL> «Shut up, Lance. Concentrating.»
Mar 06 22:08:33 <Lilah> 'Where was she? Like a wood-winged moth, she seemed to melt into her surroundings. The Fates wondered, how could we pull her out? Was it possible to trick her?'
Mar 06 22:09:05 <Nioki> A few moments later, Alanoch turns the corner to walk towards the room's doorway. He doesn't try to go in.
Mar 06 22:09:10 <TroyL> He tosses the mirror aside, then steps closer. Looking at the pages. It's writing again?
Mar 06 22:11:30 <Lilah> Yes. 'Clever girl, they mused, what a clever girl. Cheating god, cheating what was meant to be.'
Mar 06 22:11:55 <Ragazzo> LAnce is still watching from the doorway.
Mar 06 22:14:47 <TroyL> Lament looks down at Lance's pen, still sitting there. He picks it up slowly.
Mar 06 22:15:33 <Lilah> 'What bait would lure her out from the trees…?'
Mar 06 22:16:08 <Nioki> "Is touching a magical book with unknown properties wise?"
Mar 06 22:16:42 <TroyL> He took a slow breath, then leaned over the book, pressing the pen to it. At the end of the line, he wrote in very, very neat print. "It would have to be something interesting. Something wonderful and delightful. She wasn't a fool after all, was she?"
Mar 06 22:18:11 <TroyL> "Alanoch? Can you take a step in?"
Mar 06 22:18:30 <Lilah> The book is silent for a moment… 'Emilie never struck anyone as a fool, not even creatures trying to take her to the other side. Emilie was a wimsical woman, full of wit and life.'
Mar 06 22:18:31 <Nioki> "Clearly, I should not ask rhetorical questions."
Mar 06 22:18:36 <Nioki> He steps in the room.
Mar 06 22:19:11 <TroyL> "If it does something… too weird… get ready to torch it."
Mar 06 22:19:23 <Nioki> "I have been since before I arrived."
Mar 06 22:20:02 <TroyL> He writes: "Strongly full of life. She was vibrant and quite clever. Even if she was given to talking to herself aloud in times of lonliness. Times like these."
Mar 06 22:21:59 <TroyL> "Doctor Cole? If you can stay calm…"
Mar 06 22:23:43 <Nioki> "I have also been prepared to torch him, just in case." Alanoch says it like it's a natural precaution.
Mar 06 22:23:46 <Lilah> …'Emilie laid quietly against the hard, rough bark of a great tree. Her body ached, everything hurt. She took a deep breath, the fire in front of her warm and calming. She looked at a new bruise on her arm, and huffed, 'I zink I've tricked it. For now. Zank god.''
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Mar 06 22:24:43 <Ragazzo> "What."
Mar 06 22:24:46 <TroyL> Lament took a slow breath, writing: The fire warmed her, easing away the pains and hurts.
Mar 06 22:25:09 <Ragazzo> "What are you doing, Agent Lament."
Mar 06 22:25:16 <TroyL> "Come back inside… I have a… well, quite frankly it's a terrible idea."
Mar 06 22:25:21 <Ragazzo> Lance steps into the room, moving over to him.
Mar 06 22:25:35 <TroyL> "We should burn the book and never look back. You know that. You're a Foundation operative."
Mar 06 22:25:39 <Ragazzo> His eyes fix themself on the page and what he's writing.
Mar 06 22:25:56 * PaulS_worktop (~moc.rr.zib.es.07C911E6-CRInys|_nrehtuoS#moc.rr.zib.es.07C911E6-CRInys|_nrehtuoS) has joined #afteraction
Mar 06 22:26:03 <Dexanote> Myr sighs sharply, glaring at the book. "Troy."
Mar 06 22:26:08 <TroyL> "The book… responds… if the writing helps it. Telling the book to fuck itself was a bad idea."
Mar 06 22:26:24 <Ragazzo> "The book is trying to murder my friend."
Mar 06 22:26:36 <Ragazzo> "It can go fuck itself."
Mar 06 22:26:41 <Ragazzo> "Stop writing."
Mar 06 22:26:42 <TroyL> "You were doing more harm than good, Lance."
Mar 06 22:26:54 <TroyL> "No. And calm down."
Mar 06 22:27:06 <Ragazzo> "What are you trying to do."
Mar 06 22:27:19 <TroyL> "Help her… It seems to want… drama."
Mar 06 22:27:31 <Lilah> 'The dark-haired woman rubbed her face, pressing her palm into her right eye. She felt tired, but almost afraid to come out of the constant panic she'd been living in. But this was it. This is how it'd been. She would need to find food in the next few days or risk losing all energy.'
Mar 06 22:27:41 <Ragazzo> "…what kind of drama."
Mar 06 22:27:54 <Ragazzo> "What are you going to do."
Mar 06 22:28:19 <TroyL> "If you're willing…. and you can find people dumb enough to go with you… I want to give it more protagonists."
Mar 06 22:28:33 <Ragazzo> "I'll go. I won't speak for anyone else."
Mar 06 22:28:50 <TroyL> "Then let them speak for themselves. I'm going to keep your friend alive in the meantime."
Mar 06 22:29:01 <Nioki> "why not simply write the friend a way out of the book?"
Mar 06 22:29:24 <TroyL> "I… don't think it would like that…" he said. "But…"
Mar 06 22:29:40 <Ragazzo> "It canf ix itself. We know that from before."
Mar 06 22:30:39 <TroyL> "It'll correct things it doesn't like too much."
Mar 06 22:30:53 <Ragazzo> Lance lifts his radio. «Does anyone want to go on a rescue mission into a hostile book world with me?»
Mar 06 22:31:17 <TroyL> Lament slaps his face. "You're not selling it well, Lance."
Mar 06 22:31:25 <Ragazzo> "I'm not going to lie."
Mar 06 22:31:34 <Ragazzo> "And I'd rather be prepared."
Mar 06 22:32:40 <Nioki> "You are making wild assumptions about this… artifact."
Mar 06 22:32:57 <TroyL> Lament nods. "Yep. Sure am."
Mar 06 22:33:10 <Nioki> "We cannot predict what effect, if any, writing names in will do."
Mar 06 22:33:11 <Ragazzo> "I'm fairly certain I'm not going to get anyone, just write me in, or whatever. And yes, I'm assuming it's dangerous, and that if I get in, I'll be able to getout again."
Mar 06 22:33:33 <Nioki> "Why not experiment by first creating a new character, sympathetic to the protagonist?"
Mar 06 22:33:34 <TroyL> Lament examines the book. How close is it to the ending?
Mar 06 22:34:03 <TroyL> Lament shrugs at Alanoch. "I can try that, I guess…"
Mar 06 22:34:05 <Ragazzo> "And run the risk of the book turning the new character nito a antagonist?"
Mar 06 22:34:09 <Nioki> "After that, see if it is even possible to… send objects into this thing at all."
Mar 06 22:34:30 <Ragazzo> "Who says we'll be able to keep control over anything we write in?"
Mar 06 22:34:44 <TroyL> "Lance. Calm down."
Mar 06 22:34:50 <Ragazzo> "I am calm."
Mar 06 22:34:56 <TroyL> "No. You're not."
Mar 06 22:35:13 <Ragazzo> "No. I'm not. But I'm not wrong either."
Mar 06 22:35:22 <Ragazzo> "Why add more variables then we have too."
Mar 06 22:35:41 <TroyL> "Lets go with something small… easy…"
Mar 06 22:35:51 <Nioki> "Keeping control is one thing I am worried about. Suppose we can send people in, but the book then takes over?"
Mar 06 22:35:58 <Ragazzo> "…Food."
Mar 06 22:36:09 <Ragazzo> "She needs that, right?"
Mar 06 22:36:13 <Nioki> "Who's to say we would have more of a way out than what's already in there?"
Mar 06 22:36:14 <TroyL> He writes: "Thankfully, there was a small bush of heathy berries nearby. Those should keep her in good spirits and excellent health!"
Mar 06 22:38:29 <Lilah> …'But little did she know that the berries were very, very dangerous uncooked. Deadly even…'
Mar 06 22:38:43 <Ragazzo> "…god damn it troy."
Mar 06 22:39:08 <Lilah> 'Emilie considered the advntages, if any. They were bright red, and damn she was hungry. Her limited experience with botany was troublesome.'
Mar 06 22:39:23 <TroyL> Lament's eyes go wide. "Thankfully, the berries were also the favorite snack of the birds in the forest. They were all gone before she could get them! Alas!"
Mar 06 22:39:58 <Nioki> Alanoch is silent for a moment, watching.
Mar 06 22:40:18 <Ragazzo> "…ok. Just….hang on…a second…"
Mar 06 22:40:23 <Lilah> 'Emile could only watch as a group of hungry starlings attacked the book… She huffed and plopped back against the tree, rubbing her forehead.'
Mar 06 22:40:25 <Nioki> "If the book thrives on dramatic conflict, then we cannot solve anything from out here. Everything we try to write in will only be incorporated and altered to keep the story going."
Mar 06 22:40:31 <TroyL> "Alright, then. It subverts what we write in, but Emilie… can apparently act on her own. So… theoretically… others could as well, right?"
Mar 06 22:40:40 <Ragazzo> Lance hurriedy exits, then returns some minutes later with a casevac bag.
Mar 06 22:43:04 <Nioki> "It would seem the only way to have a real influence is to join her. However, if we somehow do, we have no clear way out."
Mar 06 22:43:16 <Nioki> "That is a major risk."
Mar 06 22:43:35 <Ragazzo> "Yes, it is."
Mar 06 22:43:39 <TroyL> Lament nods, then turns back to the book. "Well… if she was researching it…"
Mar 06 22:43:51 <Dexanote> "Troy, what do you say?"
Mar 06 22:44:06 <Nioki> "On the other hand, she is trapped. I do not like that kind of thing. Write me in."
Mar 06 22:44:12 <Dexanote> Myr's quietly watching the book.
Mar 06 22:44:38 <Ragazzo> "Thank you, Alanoch. i'll appreciate your help."
Mar 06 22:44:57 <TroyL> He writes: "But perhaps Emilie's knowledge of her omnipresent foe was more complete? If only she could think things through again. Perhaps think them over carefully and consider how everything might play out… what could be done… How might she ever escape?"
Mar 06 22:45:15 <TroyL> "Lets… see what that does…"
Mar 06 22:45:22 <Nioki> "This is not to help you. It is merely that the reasons for attempting this slightly exceed the reasons for not doing so."
Mar 06 22:45:33 <Ragazzo> "I'm still thanking you."
Mar 06 22:46:42 <Lilah> "'If only I had… something. Company. Someone to help. Then maybe I could overwhelm this thing…'"
Mar 06 22:46:57 <Ragazzo> Lance peers at the the book. "That's all I need. Just write us in."
Mar 06 22:48:34 <TroyL> Lament sighed. "Then… who is going? Alanoch? Lance? Are you two it?"
Mar 06 22:49:50 <Nioki> «Does anyone wish to undertake a potentially dangerous experiment and possible rescue mission?»
Mar 06 22:50:02 <Ragazzo> He looks around. Myrtle vanished?
Mar 06 22:50:06 <Laito> «I do.» Alex.
Mar 06 22:50:28 <Ragazzo> "Oh, great. This is great. Alex is here."
Mar 06 22:50:38 <Dexanote> She's right next to him. "I'm in."
Mar 06 22:50:40 <Ragazzo> Mostly honestly relieved.
Mar 06 22:51:11 * Heiden (~ten.htuoslleb.mem.2F1276FC-CRInys|nedieH#ten.htuoslleb.mem.2F1276FC-CRInys|nedieH) has joined #afteraction
Mar 06 22:51:11 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Heiden
Mar 06 22:51:20 <TroyL> Lament nods. "Laito, Lance, Myr, and Alanoch… Right…" he said, sighing and staring at Myr. His eyes asked her not to do this.
Mar 06 22:51:21 <Nioki> «Myrtle's room.»
Mar 06 22:52:49 <Laito> The door opens then and Alex strides in, as if he were waiting there this whole time. Maybe he was. That would be silly.
Mar 06 22:52:49 <Laito> "What's all this then?"
Mar 06 22:53:29 <TroyL> "Book is trying to kill a french woman who Lance knows. He wants to save her. Potentially a suicide mission."
Mar 06 22:53:50 <Ragazzo> "It's emilie, he quiet woman from 23, record keeping."
Mar 06 22:53:54 <Nioki> "Magic book, writes itself, takes input, may have someone trapped inside, we will try sending ourselves inside to help."
Mar 06 22:53:56 <Ragazzo> *the
Mar 06 22:55:35 <Dexanote> Myrtle glances at Lament, as if to ask if he wanted her to stay.
Mar 06 22:56:49 <TroyL> Those eyes. They're sceaming "please don't gooooo!"
Mar 06 22:58:33 <Laito> "Emilie? What, that Moroux girl? What's she doin' in a book?" Alexander leans against mini fridge and takes a bite out of an apple.
Mar 06 22:58:41 <Laito> A mysterious apple.
Mar 06 22:58:58 <Ragazzo> "Yes. Her. And I don't know. Surviving. Are you coming or not?" Impatient.
Mar 06 22:59:22 <Laito> "Uh. Yeah."
Mar 06 22:59:38 <Ragazzo> "Ok. Let's go. Lament?"
Mar 06 22:59:45 <Nioki> "Send Lance in first. He is the most eager, and may be able to show if there are any hazards in the process."
Mar 06 22:59:54 <Ragazzo> "Fine by me."
Mar 06 23:00:29 <Dexanote> 4df+4 Myrtle stretches; Stealth.
Mar 06 23:00:30 <CROM> Dexanote: Myrtle stretches; Stealth.: 2 (4df+4=0, 0, -, -)
Mar 06 23:00:36 <Dexanote> It failed!
Mar 06 23:00:42 <Lilah> She's too hot
Mar 06 23:00:45 <Lilah> to be stealthy
Mar 06 23:01:02 <Dexanote> yes.
Mar 06 23:01:37 <TroyL> Lament nods, then turns back to the book: "But little did she know that a team of faithful companions where coming to her aid! The first was an old friend, Dr. Lance Cole. Lance was dashing and a potential love interest, since lost loves showing up is one of the most dramatic turns a story can take! He wielded a sword, and his very presence filled other's with confidence and pride to be
Mar 06 23:01:37 <TroyL> in his company."
Mar 06 23:02:00 <TroyL> Lament leaned back. "Lets see if it knows when I'm lying…" he said, almost whistfully.
Mar 06 23:03:29 <Ragazzo> "…you are an awful person."
Mar 06 23:03:42 <TroyL> "I'm the best person."
Mar 06 23:03:43 <Nioki> "…Do not directly inform the book of a character's role. That is just bad writing."
Mar 06 23:03:51 <Ragazzo> "No. And what he said."
Mar 06 23:04:04 <TroyL> "Have you been READING this book?"
Mar 06 23:04:05 <Dexanote> "Alanoch's got a point, Lament."
Mar 06 23:04:11 <Lilah> Suddenly, across Cole's arm, ink- 'YOU'RE MINE.' and Lance suddenly turns into a… pile of black letters. They all plink to the floor.
Mar 06 23:04:17 <Dexanote> "Don't show the book what it's doing wrong."
Mar 06 23:04:37 <TroyL> Lament looks at the letters plinking to the floor. "Well."
Mar 06 23:04:45 <Dexanote> !! "Aaah that's a new one." A surprised yelp turns into monotone.
Mar 06 23:04:50 <Ragazzo> Lance plinks.
Mar 06 23:06:09 <Nioki> "Hm. That was somewhat worse than I had hoped."
Mar 06 23:06:19 <Nioki> He looks down at the book, waiting.
Mar 06 23:06:20 <TroyL> Lament looks down at the book.
Mar 06 23:07:14 <Lilah> 'In the distance, Lance Cole approached the camp…'
Mar 06 23:07:32 <TroyL> Lament nods. "That's that, then."
Mar 06 23:07:55 <Nioki> "I wonder what its range is? This could be a remarkable dangerous artifact if you could trap anyone in it simply by writing their name."
Mar 06 23:08:28 <TroyL> Pen in hand! He writes: He was accompanied by the Grand Sorcerer Alanoch, high magus of light, and Dr. Laito, a mysterous traveller with a penchant for fruit.
Mar 06 23:08:48 <Nioki> Alanoch doesn't seem to mind that title.
Mar 06 23:09:48 <Lilah> They too have 'YOU'RE MINE' scrawled across their arms, and plink into little piles of letters.
Mar 06 23:11:35 <TroyL> He looks over a Myrtle for a moment, then back at the book. "And finally, the Lady Myrtle, a beautiful young woman in demeanor and style, fashion and wit. She was every bit as wonderful on the page as she might be in real life, though perhaps more vibrant, as the imagination could fill in the gaps that words could not hope to capture."
Mar 06 23:11:38 <Dexanote> "Are you going in, or are you staying out?"
Mar 06 23:11:42 * Liebe is now known as Bronzeworked_Tyrant
Mar 06 23:11:58 <TroyL> He turns back to her for a moment. "I love you. Be safe. And if you have to… make the book forget you."
Mar 06 23:12:05 <TroyL> "I'll fill in the blanks."
Mar 06 23:12:20 * Bronzeworked_Tyrant is now known as Liebe
Mar 06 23:12:33 <Dexanote> "Write me between the lines." She looks at her arm.
Mar 06 23:12:45 <Dexanote> She pauses for a moment.
Mar 06 23:13:11 <TroyL> He smiled. "Just keep your head down…"
Mar 06 23:13:30 <Lilah> The words suddenly scrawl across her arm
Mar 06 23:13:36 <Lilah> It tickles a little, and it's wet.
Mar 06 23:14:09 <Lilah> And she is changed into a little black pile of letters.
Mar 06 23:14:21 <TroyL> "Oh God… please be safe.."
Mar 06 23:14:27 <TroyL> He turns back to the book… and reads.
Mar 06 23:05:31 <Lilah> Lance then suddenly forms in the forest, rising up from letters coming out from the ground. He is some 50 feet away from the camp.
Mar 06 23:06:22 <Ragazzo> He squints, and then ponders waiting for his companions. Blow that. He moves swiftly for camp.
Mar 06 23:10:47 <Lilah> Emilie, spooked by the sound of footsteps, suddenly jumps up, pulling the shotgun with the messily wrapped and worn handle off the ground, aiming it in the direction of the noise.
Mar 06 23:10:58 <Lilah> Did the book find her?? God Dammit.
Mar 06 23:11:40 * Liebe (moc.rr.ser.submuloc.D8AEF7E5-CRInys|tibbiM#moc.rr.ser.submuloc.D8AEF7E5-CRInys|tibbiM) has left #afteractionmission
Mar 06 23:12:53 <Ragazzo> Lance stops a small distance from the camp, hesitating. "….Emilie Moroux?" He calls out distinctly.
Mar 06 23:13:27 <Laito> Alexander scans his new surroundings. Perfect. He tosses his whole apple up once and catches it.
Mar 06 23:14:22 * Liebe (moc.rr.ser.submuloc.D8AEF7E5-CRInys|tibbiM#moc.rr.ser.submuloc.D8AEF7E5-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #afteractionmission
Mar 06 23:15:30 <Nioki> Alanoch stands completely still, only turning his head to look at their surroundings.
Mar 06 23:16:23 <Dexanote> Myrtle opens her eyes. A moment of pause, as she notices Alex and Alanoch beside her.
Mar 06 23:18:56 <Lilah> Breathing heavily, adrenaline filling her… The woman before Lance is… She looks so different.
Mar 06 23:18:56 <Lilah> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/29430106/AAstuff/Emilienew.jpg
Mar 06 23:18:56 <Lilah> No longer the fair-skinned, bun-haired, neat and tidy women with a fear of all social interaction, she stood strongly with the shotgun aimed. Her body bruised, cut, dried blood and sweat and dirt all over her once perfect skin. She stared at Lance for a moment with wide and confused eyes, "…."
Mar 06 23:19:29 <Lilah> "Doctor Cole…?" Her voice less weak and timid than expected.
Mar 06 23:20:32 <Ragazzo> He stared back, eye patch down over his cat's eye, in gladiator plate with a doctor's coat over it. He nods. "Ms. Moroux. You're looking…I…we came to get you. Some others and I….they shouldn't be far behind…"
Mar 06 23:20:43 <Ragazzo> "It's a long story…."
Mar 06 23:22:00 <Lilah> "Is it really you..?" The gun slowly lowers, her chest breathing heavy and steady from the panic. Her eyes flick to see another group of people, to which she raises her gun…
Mar 06 23:22:58 <Ragazzo> "It is, it's me. Emilie, please…I don't know what you've been through but they're friends…they're people I know. And Alex."
Mar 06 23:23:10 <Ragazzo> "I promise they're trustworthy."
Mar 06 23:24:19 <TroyL> He writes: "They were trustworthy. Trustworthy and well prepared for the battle ahead."
Mar 06 23:23:32 <Laito> Alex and probably the others approach before too long.
Mar 06 23:24:09 * ChanServ sets mode +q #afteractionmission E4D
Mar 06 23:24:09 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to E4D
Mar 06 23:24:26 <Lilah> "…Director Aleeks?" She huffs, slowly lowering her weapon. Her eyes flick from the group, to Cole, to the group and back, "…How did you get stuck in this hell?"
Mar 06 23:25:01 <Laito> "Unanimous decision, I think."
Mar 06 23:25:14 <Laito> Alex shrugs as if to say 'whaddya gonna do'
Mar 06 23:25:15 <Lilah> Her mind shifts… Could they really help, she wonders? "You chose to come in here?"
Mar 06 23:25:34 <Nioki> Alanoch's eyes glow with a pale indigo, and black threads flicker into sight around him.
Mar 06 23:25:36 <Ragazzo> "Yes. We found you. In this hotel we bedded down in. You're trapped in a-" He wodners briefly aobut the problems of getting meta. Does he have to stay IC? What does being IC mean in this situation? "…in a book."
Mar 06 23:26:59 <Lilah> "…I know." She gulps, and then looks to Alanoch. Ok, what the hell is this… She takes a step back, "I-Is that… Is he one of those SCPs..?" Emilie was a librarian and a record-keeper.
Mar 06 23:27:21 <Dexanote> Myrtle quietly stands off behind a bit, trying to shift in between the lines. An implied character, if you will.
Mar 06 23:27:25 <Dexanote> 4df+4 Stealthing again.
Mar 06 23:27:25 <CROM> Dexanote: Stealthing again.: 2 (4df+4=-, -, -, +)
Mar 06 23:27:32 <Dexanote> She trips on a knot of grass.
Mar 06 23:27:35 <Ragazzo> "…we had him in containment. But he won't hurt you. OVer there, failing to hide, is myrtle."
Mar 06 23:27:58 <Dexanote> "Erk- Hi." She straightens up.
Mar 06 23:28:13 <Nioki> "I suggest you do not call me that. Now, do you know of any immediate threats?"
Mar 06 23:29:21 * Light (ten.tsacmoc.aw.1dsh.5300FD19-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.tsacmoc.aw.1dsh.5300FD19-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #afteractionmission
Mar 06 23:30:24 <Lilah> "Well, then what am I to call you? There is no need to be completely rude." She huffs, shifting on her booted feet.
Mar 06 23:31:00 <Laito> "Don't mind him, he's special. Tell us about the book."
Mar 06 23:31:31 <Ragazzo> "Are you injured? I can treat you."
Mar 06 23:32:45 <Dexanote> Myr takes a deep breath, looking Emilie up and down. "What have you encountered?"
Mar 06 23:33:02 <Nioki> "Alanoch. Also, internal conflicts within a group are a staple of dramatic writing. If they do not form, I expect physical conflicts to occur more often."
Mar 06 23:33:17 <Laito> "Alright, alright, one question at a time, guys."
Mar 06 23:33:19 <Nioki> "Though I suppose this book may not follow such rules."
Mar 06 23:33:37 <TroyL> He rolls his eyes. "God damnit, Alanoch…"
Mar 06 23:33:38 <Laito> Alex moseys away from the trio a bit, looking around Emilie's little camp.
Mar 06 23:34:03 <TroyL> He writes: "Something about the way Laito ate fruit set Lance's teeth on edge."
Mar 06 23:34:12 <TroyL> "Lets try to keep the damage minimal."
Mar 06 23:34:27 <Laito> And he takes a confident bite of his apple.
Mar 06 23:34:36 <Lilah> It's a simple camp. A tent fire, a tent that's good for one person made of tarp and sticks and metal rods, her weapons in a pile beside her sitting tree. A bow, a shotgun, a pistol, an axe.
Mar 06 23:34:42 <Ragazzo> Lance silently adds one more thing to his lengthy roster of reason's to ahte alex laito.
Mar 06 23:34:47 <Ragazzo> *hate
Mar 06 23:37:42 <Lilah> "Well…" She shifts. She looks to Lance, "I am ok." She has a lot of dirty bandaging on random wounds on her hands and arms. Lots of bruises and cuts and scrapes. Doesn't this girl have Primary Immunodeficiency disorder? At least, he thinks he remembers that. "Well… It's a book that tries to kill you in dramatic and creative ways. I am in hiding, so currently the author is choosing not to
Mar 06 23:37:42 <Lilah> know where I am. The things I've encountered…? Many. I've been in here for what feels like years and years."
Mar 06 23:38:08 <Lilah> "This place is truly a hell… But honestly…" She throws the shotgun down, "I have never felt more alive." A smile.
Mar 06 23:39:28 <Ragazzo> Concern. Sadness. Surprise. Lance raises an eyebrow. "You…you look like you've gotten tougher…emilie, you could be picking up any number of infections right now. Let me look you over, at least?"
Mar 06 23:40:13 <TroyL> Writes: "She looked like she was in the best heath of her life. Checking her would be, at best, a superfluity."
Mar 06 23:40:19 <Nioki> "Do you know of a way out of the book?"
Mar 06 23:40:29 <TroyL> "Damn. I hope that's what superfluity means…"
Mar 06 23:41:30 <Laito> Alex rolls his eyes.
Mar 06 23:42:41 <Lilah> Emilie blinks at Alanoch, and then laughs, shaking her head. He looks to Lance, "I guess so… Oui, if you want."
Mar 06 23:42:49 <Laito> With a fluid motion, Alex swings his arm out and tosses Emilie his apple with a brief forewarning of 'Hey'.
Mar 06 23:43:17 <Ragazzo> As tough and…strong, and well muscled…as emilie seemed….he should still do his duty. As a doctor. Yes.
Mar 06 23:44:41 <TroyL> "Hmm… So, I can mostly just make suggestions on them, then… But it worked on Emilie… Maybe it's related to how long they've been in the book?"
Mar 06 23:44:46 <Lilah> Emilie quickly catches it with one hand. Chick's got some reflexes. She smiles, and then takes a bite. YYYESS.
Mar 06 23:45:02 <Laito> "Take it easy, Doctor," the observant Alex says, stowing some of Lance's eager momentum.
Mar 06 23:45:40 <TroyL> Writes: "Alex Laito's pocket held a piece of paper that he knew he should read. It said: 'If you need anything, please make sure to voice it out loud. And dramatically.' My… What a mysterious message!
Mar 06 23:45:59 <Ragazzo> "…I'm a little wound up, yeah…thanks alex." Gives Alex a -look-. |: Before going over to emilie. "Can I see your hands?"
Mar 06 23:46:45 <Lilah> Emilie smiles and nods, gently offering her bandaged hand. The bandage is grey-brown, covered in blood, sweat, dirt, mud, everything.
Mar 06 23:46:58 <Laito> Alex was consciously aware of the note in his pocket but thought nothing more of it. He knew what it said.
Mar 06 23:46:58 <Laito> This was a man a step ahead of everyone.
Mar 06 23:47:37 <TroyL> Lament grins. "Good man, Laito."
Mar 06 23:47:43 <Nioki> "If you do know a way out that is not death, can you tell us what it is?"
Mar 06 23:47:45 <TroyL> "Alright… Lets try something… different…"
Mar 06 23:48:09 <Ragazzo> He takes the hand, gingerly unwrapping it, and checking the state of things underneath. Smiling at her in return, then focusing on her hand.
Mar 06 23:48:20 <Laito> "She doesn't know, Al," Alex answers.
Mar 06 23:48:56 <TroyL> He writes: "Alanoch smiled."
Mar 06 23:48:57 <Lilah> She shrugs, "If I knew, would I be in here..?" Her palm has a pretty good gash on it that's sorta starting to heal, and the back of the hand contains the old snake-bite which is finally healing over.
Mar 06 23:49:18 <TroyL> "I wonder how powerful it is…"
Mar 06 23:49:55 <Nioki> "I do not know. The method could have required something you were unable to do, and you have already stated that you have a certain attachment to this place."
Mar 06 23:50:33 <Ragazzo> Lance cleans her hand and both wounds as best he can, wrapping it up in fresh bandages. After checking for signs of infection.
Mar 06 23:51:04 <Lilah> "I am not that attached, Monsieur Alanoch. Hell is still hell, even if it is a hell that allows me to be creative."
Mar 06 23:51:16 <Nioki> Alanoch's mouth smiles. It's not a pleasant sight. While the smile is there, it lacks any sort of feeling.
Mar 06 23:51:29 <Lilah> The wounds are dirty, but their not infected. The ghostauthor doesn't want her to die of something so lame…
Mar 06 23:51:37 <TroyL> Lament looks down at what he has created. He is not happy.
Mar 06 23:52:14 <Nioki> "Do you know if the author is aware of our thoughts and internal mental states?"
Mar 06 23:52:29 <Ragazzo> After a slight moment's hesitation, he lets go of her hand.
Mar 06 23:52:39 <Laito> Alex breaths a short, impatient chuckle for the sociopathic teenager's tenacious logic. Strength without touch is powerless in the end, after all. Alex knew it would end in the boy's demise some day.
Mar 06 23:52:39 <Laito> "We're dealing with an artist," Alex states assuringly.
Mar 06 23:53:27 <Laito> "I'd explain it to you, Al, but you might have a coronary trying to wrap your head around it."
Mar 06 23:53:40 <Laito> He turns away to look Emilie up and down.
Mar 06 23:53:40 <Ragazzo> "They're insane, at least." Cuts in lance, looking over emilie for anything that might be particularly dangerous left unchecked.
Mar 06 23:53:56 <Laito> "Ass of you and me, Lance."
Mar 06 23:54:02 <Lilah> "Art is not logic." Maybe that nasty-looking Arm wound…
Mar 06 23:54:15 <Lilah> It's messily wrapped with something like t-shirt.
Mar 06 23:54:27 <Lilah> And that bandage is practically black by now.
Mar 06 23:54:36 <Ragazzo> "What, alex?" His hand goes to the shirt. Then he looks at Emilie. "Can I?"
Mar 06 23:54:41 <TroyL> Lament puts another note in Laito's pocket: "Tell Lance to quit giving the story ideas. Dear God."
Mar 06 23:54:53 <Nioki> "You are remarkably convinced of your own intelligence. I am considering every possibility I can, and asking questions that bear the greatest influence on the greatest number of them."
Mar 06 23:55:12 <Lilah> "Oh, of course Doctor." She offers her arm, "This one is a little nasty."
Mar 06 23:55:50 <Ragazzo> "You're bearing ti well then. I should at least do the same." Unwraps the shirt gently, looking at what's under.
Mar 06 23:59:02 <Lilah> It's a slight puncture wound. It looks like something sharp or pointy screwed her up a bit, but it doesn't look like a bullet or a knife wound.
Mar 06 23:59:15 <Lilah> It's not infected, but it needs cleaning bad, and isn't healing very well.
Mar 07 00:00:06 <Laito> Alex ignores the kid for the more interesting fire burning before Emilie's tent.
Mar 07 00:01:08 <Ragazzo> He starts cleaning it, as gently as he can while still being thorough. Glances up at her, he seems to think hard for a moment, then, in broken, very archaic french, slowly inquires. "[Arrow wound? Barbed head?]"
Mar 07 00:03:14 <Nioki> "Regardless of what entity is running this, regardless of its aesthetic sensibilities, if it is capable of discerning internal thoughts as well as external actions we are most likely helpless. Anything we know would be part of the narrative. Any clue to the operation of this world could benefit us."
Mar 07 00:04:11 <Laito> "We need to be clear right now,Al, and you need to listen. Our only enemy is peril within the story. Worry about that other stuff later."
Mar 07 00:04:54 <Laito> "So do your calculations -quietly-, and only ask questions that other people can answer practically."
Mar 07 00:05:11 <Nioki> "I do hope you know what you're talking about. I will assume, for now, that you do."
Mar 07 00:05:36 <Ragazzo> "If he doesn't, he'll pretend he does until it no longer matters."
Mar 07 00:06:10 <Lilah> "…Oui." She chuckles a little bit, leaning over a little in her laugh. She then looks Alanoch, "I don't know, Monsieur, I really do think you're thinking too hard about this. Let's just enjoy the break the book is giving, oui? This kind of time is really precious."
Mar 07 00:06:27 <Dexanote> Myrtle sighs, leaning up against a tree.
Mar 07 00:07:14 <TroyL> Lament writes quietly, inserting the word: "Peach" in front of tree.
Mar 07 00:07:20 <Ragazzo> Lance treats the arm wound as best as he can, and then wraps it in nice clean bandages.
Mar 07 00:08:58 <Laito> Alex meanders over to Myrtle and plucks a ripe peach from its low-hanging branches, joining her in the leaning. "These fuckin' guys," he mutters lowly.
Mar 07 00:08:58 <Dexanote> She glances up at the branches. A moment passes, and she smiles, taking a fruit.
Mar 07 00:09:09 <Dexanote> "Could be worse."
Mar 07 00:09:23 <Nioki> "…Never say things like that. A statement of appreciation for a period of peace is a chance to tear it away. It's one of the most ubiquitous literary cliches."
Mar 07 00:09:44 <Nioki> Asking Alanoch not to overthink things is like asking him not to breathe.
Mar 07 00:09:51 <Lilah> "The book is choosing to not know where I am right now. Who has been living here for years?" She waves her hand at Alanoch.
Mar 07 00:10:13 <Laito> "… I seriously doubt we could do much worse. Maybe if Dmitri were here."
Mar 07 00:10:31 <Lilah> And then, oh my lord, fruit. * A* "…I'm so hungry."
Mar 07 00:10:38 <Dexanote> "That scarecrow I hear so much about."
Mar 07 00:10:49 <Lilah> "I haven't eaten in days." She laughs and stands to go to the tree.
Mar 07 00:11:20 <Laito> "Scarecrow'd listen to me if it meant his survival. -And- he has a flair for the dramatic."
Mar 07 00:11:32 <Nioki> He walks to stand against a tree, scanning the forest over and over again.
Mar 07 00:11:35 <Dexanote> "Maybe… yeah, you're right." She hands the peach to Emilie and picks another.
Mar 07 00:11:38 <Ragazzo> Lance does not watch her go. He's walking behind her, yes. But only barely.
Mar 07 00:11:52 <Ragazzo> Grabs a peach for himself.
Mar 07 00:12:58 <Lilah> Emilie takes it, and just bites into it, fuzz and all. Fffuuu
Mar 07 00:13:08 <Ragazzo> Staaaaare.
Mar 07 00:13:35 <Dexanote> Myr quietly peels hers. She can't help but notice Lance's creepy fucking stalker stare. God damn it's like the barber's back.
Mar 07 00:13:46 <Ragazzo> He blinks. EAts his peach.
Mar 07 00:14:08 <Ragazzo> Looks around the forest(?) again.
Mar 07 00:14:47 <Lilah> Emilie looks around at them all, "Well, Make this place your home. As home as you can in the woods with few materials, anyway." The forest is quiet and peaceful. Crickets chrip and the weather is lovely.
Mar 07 00:16:07 <Ragazzo> "Spent six months in a 'barracks' with about a hundred gladiators…this will be lovely in comparison."
Mar 07 00:17:37 <Lilah> The dark-haired woman smiles at Lance as she eats. Man, everyone here is so clean, and she's all bruised and nasty.
Mar 07 00:18:00 <Lilah> Oh well, Survialist, "I suppose I look a little different, don't I?"
Mar 07 00:18:29 <Nioki> Alanoch just stands there, clearly keeping watch.
Mar 07 00:19:06 <Ragazzo> He smiles back, and tries to think of a not awful way to reply. "You do, but the only bit about it that bothers me is all the injuries."
Mar 07 00:20:11 * Dexanote has quit (Quit: night)
Mar 07 00:20:59 * E4D has quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
Mar 07 00:21:21 <Ragazzo> "I've changed a bit too…so…." Shrug.
Mar 07 00:21:48 <Lilah> "I noticed." She looks him up and down and chuckles gently, going over to her tree and sliding to the ground.
Mar 07 00:22:16 <Lilah> She readjusts her shirt after that, "What is the armor about..?"
Mar 07 00:22:28 * Seth_Fighting (~ten.labolgcbs.omslts.deepsthgil.5CE9768D-CRInys|7tahCecI#ten.labolgcbs.omslts.deepsthgil.5CE9768D-CRInys|7tahCecI) has joined #afteractionmission
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Mar 07 00:23:59 <Ragazzo> The doctor's not exactly a hardened badass like Emilie, but he's a bit more athletically built then the simple doctor she knew. "Oh…time travel memorabilia. Fought in a gladiator arena, led uprising. Just something I like to hang on to…the sword's form, there too."
Mar 07 00:24:14 <Ragazzo> He plops down across from her. Clink.
Mar 07 00:25:14 <Lilah> "You have lead a life almost as interesting as mine." She smiles warmly.
Mar 07 00:27:06 <Ragazzo> "Almost?" He grins. "Well, I'd love to hear about what you've been up to. Of course, if you want to tell that story after we end the one we're in at the moment, I'll understand."
Mar 07 00:27:11 <Ragazzo> You hammy bastard.
Mar 07 00:29:01 <Lilah> "Well. We'll catch up on that later. It's good to see you, Doctor."
Mar 07 00:31:40 <Ragazzo> "Good to see you too. It's been a while." Swallows the last of his peach. And rubs under his eyepatch. Itchy.