Wilcannia Sundered

(4:58:23 AM) Nusquam: The ground quakes. It's a slight tremor, brief and hardly noticeable, but noticeable nonetheless.
(4:58:48 AM) Dexanote: the eyepods scootle around
(4:59:22 AM) E4D: Jason pokes his head out of his tent. "The fuck?"
(4:59:37 AM) Dawny: Kay grumbles about god damn earthquakes and goes back to her book. "Chill Corporal, earthquake"
(4:59:44 AM) Dexanote: oh don't worry it was just Ward farting
(5:00:05 AM) Dexanote: or maybe samil's giant balls fallingt out of his pants
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(5:01:50 AM) E4D: "Huh, Doc?"
(5:02:38 AM) Dawny: "Earthquake…the shifting of plates underneath the earth's crust…"
(5:03:40 AM) E4D: Jason's already out of his tent, looking around. "Yeah, I know what an earthquake is, Doc. I ain't *that* stupid."
(5:04:23 AM) Dawny: "You sure?"
(5:04:27 AM) Nusquam: Perception, Jason.
(5:04:53 AM) E4D: 4df+4 "Does Australia even *have* earthquakes?"
(5:04:54 AM) Quidmore: E4D: "Does Australia even *have* earthquakes?": 5 (4df+4=+, -, 0, +)
(5:06:15 AM) Dawny: "Everywhere has earthquakes, Corporal…there was one in Illinois a few years back…first one in ages."
(5:06:48 AM) Nusquam: Jason easily notices the jagged fissure which now runs through the camp, running directly beneath the LAV. It's not particularly large - just a three centimeter crack in the earth.
(5:06:54 AM) E4D: "Shit… I dunno."
(5:07:32 AM) E4D: "WHOA! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Doc! Get your ass over here!"
(5:08:14 AM) E4D: Jason shivers in the cool night air in a pair of basketball shorts and a Marine Corps t-shirt as he steps over to the armoed vehicle.
(5:08:31 AM) Dawny: Kay closes her book and tucks it away. She stands and walks over. "What Corpo…holy fuck"
(5:08:44 AM) E4D: "Yeah, see?"
(5:08:50 AM) E4D: "Told ya."
(5:09:08 AM) Dawny: "What are you, five?"
(5:11:06 AM) E4D: "Something like that."
(5:11:35 AM) Dawny: "Timmy"
(5:11:52 AM) E4D: "Shit, Doc, could you move all the vehicles closer to the road? I'll get the two armored ones."
(5:12:10 AM) Nusquam: The fissure runs from the southwest to the northeast, stretching as far as the eye can see.
(5:12:28 AM) Dawny: "Yeah, no problem Timmy" Kay heads off to the smaller vehicles.
(5:16:11 AM) E4D: "Call me that again and I'll send your ass out into the Desert."
(5:16:40 AM) Dawny: "Copy, Timmy"
(5:17:17 AM) E4D: "All right, Wookie."
(5:17:33 AM) Dawny: "Wookie? What's the base for that one?"
(5:18:18 AM) E4D: "A disgusting, hairy, female sailor or Marine."
(5:18:40 AM) E4D: "Could go with Walking Mattress. That's one's popular, too."
(5:19:23 AM) E4D: Jason clambers into the LAV, slamming the hatch.
(5:19:56 AM) Dawny: Kay moves the smaller vehicles and stays inside the last one. «Fuck you»
(5:20:49 AM) E4D: «What's that, Wookie? Did not copy your last transmission. Suggest radio check, how copy?»
(5:21:11 AM) Dawny: Kay shuts her radio off and stays inside the vehicle.
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(5:22:30 AM) E4D: Jason moves the LAV, then the MEV, and heads back to Kay's truck, climbing in the passenger side. "Hey, Doc."
(5:22:51 AM) Dawny: Kay gets out and heads back to her tent. "Fuck off"
(5:22:55 AM) Nusquam [ten.tenreitnorf.ai.ddtf.10rd.25F5BCBC-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.tenreitnorf.ai.ddtf.10rd.25F5BCBC-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(5:23:25 AM) E4D: Jason follows after her. "What's the matter, Doc, can't take one back?"
(5:24:30 AM) Dawny: "Take one back?" Kay turns to face him. "Mine was in good fun. Your's…you called me disgusting, harry, and a slut in under thirty seconds."
(5:25:20 AM) Nusquam: There's a loud *crack* sound, and the front right side of the MEV sinks six inches into the ground, becoming bathed from below in a dull orange glow.
(5:26:00 AM) Dawny: "What the *fuck*"
(5:26:42 AM) Dawny: Kay sprints to it and hops in. She fires it up and guns reverse.
(5:27:02 AM) E4D: Jason hauls ass to the LAV, scrambling desperately up the side ad back into the vehicle, firing it up, and hauling ass forward, away from the MEV.
(5:27:13 AM) E4D: «You all right back there, Doc?»
(5:27:19 AM) Dawny: «Fine»
(5:28:01 AM) E4D: «Earthquakes everywhere, huh?»
(5:28:22 AM) Dawny: «Shut up, I'm still pissed at you»
(5:29:23 AM) Nusquam: Where the MEV had been, a roughly two meter diameter hole now sits, giving off a dull orange glow from within. The air above shimmers as the burning air rising from below mixes with that of the cool desert.
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(5:30:12 AM) E4D: Jason bangs his head back against the seat, then looks at the rear-view. «Aight, hold up on being pissed for a few minutes.»
(5:30:44 AM) E4D: He crawls back out the hatch, easing up carefully to the spot.
(5:31:23 AM) Dawny: «Trying»
(5:32:00 AM) Nusquam: As Jason approaches, the heat grows more and more unbearable until it feels like he's standing in an oven and the heat begins robbing him of breath.
(5:32:26 AM) Nusquam: It's difficult to close within three meters of the opening.
(5:32:57 AM) E4D: «Shit, this thing's like a fucking volcano or something.»
(5:33:31 AM) Nusquam: A dull orange glow begins emanating from the previously mentioned fissure, though the heat rising from it is not nearly so powerful.
(5:33:35 AM) Dawny: Kay hops out and advances slowly toward the spot. <Emergency evac?»
(5:34:44 AM) E4D: «Start waking everyone up, get 'em moved up to the road, and get the vehicles on the highway as well, copy?»
(5:36:01 AM) Dawny: «Copy» Kay runs from tent to tent. "Pack you shit, we're out now! Five minutes, or you're here on your own!"
(5:37:05 AM) Dawny: She hops into the lighter vehicles and moves them to the highway one by one.
(5:37:43 AM) E4D: Jason repeats the process with the two heavies, forming the vehicles up in a column.
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(5:40:12 AM) Nusquam: More rumbling is heard, and more tremors are felt. More fissures can be seen forming in the distance, winding cracks radiating the same dull glow, setting innumerable small fires amongst the dry shrubbery of the outback. Several appear to be snaking through Wilcannia in the distance, setting fire to a number of structures.
(5:40:48 AM) E4D: «Doc, where you at? Get up here. You might want to see this.»
(5:41:54 AM) Dawny: Kay heads back to Jason and looks out. "Holy mary mother of christ"
(5:43:15 AM) Nusquam: As the rumbling dies down, shouting is heard coming from the town, barely a whisper in the wind by the time it reaches the camp. Muffled *pop* sounds are heard, followed by a few more powerful explosions.
(5:43:34 AM) E4D: "The *fuck*? Are those gunshots?"
(5:43:41 AM) Dawny: "I…I don't like this…we need to go…"
(5:45:48 AM) E4D: "Go where?"
(5:46:16 AM) Dawny: "Fuck…I don't know…away?"
(5:46:47 AM) Dawny: "We *have* to keep these people safe Jason…you know that as well as I do."
(5:47:36 AM) Nusquam: There's a brilliant orange flash from the town as a massive fireball erupts skyward. The sound of the explosion takes several seconds to reach the camp.
(5:48:35 AM) E4D: "Holy *fuck*!" Jason reflexively spins away from it and dive to the ground, skinning up his knees and elbows on the pavement. "Ow, goddamnit."
(5:49:44 AM) Dawny: Kay drops as well, the knees in her pants ripping and her arms getting torn up. "Fuck…I'll clean them later…"
(5:50:24 AM) Nusquam: A large fire rises from the point of the explosion, which appears to have set several buildings alight.
(5:53:56 AM) E4D: Jason uncovers his head looking up.
(5:54:46 AM) Dawny: "Clear?" Kay lifts her head cautiously.
(5:54:55 AM) Nusquam: The city is still burning, with a few occasional small flare ups and sounds of small explosions.
(5:55:53 AM) Dawny: "Okay…I really think we should load up and head out…"
(5:56:00 AM) E4D: Jason rolls over to his side, looking back at Kayleigh. "You all right, Doc?"
(5:56:30 AM) Dawny: "Fine, a few cuts…I'm going to need new pants…"
(5:56:35 AM) Dawny: "You?"
(5:59:47 AM) E4D: "Ugh, tore my elbows and knees up hittin' the deck."
(6:00:10 AM) Dawny: "I'll clean you up in a minute."
(6:03:53 AM) E4D: "Ugh, sooner rather than later."
(6:04:28 AM) Dawny: Kay gets her med kit out and pulls out some alcohol and gauze. "I'm working on it, keep your pants on."
(6:06:16 AM) E4D: Jason gets up, walking over to the MEV and sitting on a bitch in the back, leaning back against the hull.
(6:07:19 AM) E4D: *bench
(6:07:32 AM) Dawny: "I hope this hurts, Corporal, I'm still pissed at you" Kay cleans and covers his scrapes. "Keep them dry, change the dressings, blahblahblah"
(6:11:00 AM) Nusquam: People can be seen fleeing the city, visible by the silhouettes they cast against the dancing flames behind them. Some appear uninjured; others are being dragged or carried to safety.
(6:13:25 AM) Nusquam: There's not many, only a dozen or so.
(6:14:52 AM) Dawny: "Dude, injured…Jason, we have to help."
(6:17:17 AM) E4D: Jason looks back at the humvee, nodding her to follow, leaving the personnel who would obviously be awake by now up and handling things.
(6:18:17 AM) Dawny: Kay follows and keeps stride with him, carrying a medic kit.
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(6:21:15 AM) E4D: Jason nods back at the Humvee, leaving the obvuiously awake people at their camp to handle things. "You wanna go, Doc?"
(6:21:22 AM) Nusquam: The air takes on a sudden chill, the enveloping warmth and light given off by the fissures suddenly fading as the fires raging in town are suddenly snuffed out. An inky blackness settles over the desert and the town, punctuated by a chorus of screams cut short and the fleeting, far off sound of a single laughing voice.
(6:21:45 AM) Dawny: Kay follows and keeps stride with him, carrying a medic kit.
(6:22:18 AM) E4D: Jason pulls her down. "Stay low."
(6:22:49 AM) Nusquam: A moment later, the heat and light of the fissures returns, but the town remains dark. The silhouettes which had been visible are now gone.
(6:23:31 AM) Dawny: Kay's breath pauses. She crouches next to Jason, trembling slightly.
(6:25:52 AM) Nusquam: Perception, please.
(6:26:12 AM) Dawny: 4df+3 holy fuck
(6:26:13 AM) Quidmore: Dawny: holy fuck: 0 (4df+3=0, -, -, -)
(6:26:25 AM) E4D: 4df+4 "Stay quiet. Stay still."
(6:26:26 AM) Quidmore: E4D: "Stay quiet. Stay still.": 5 (4df+4=0, 0, 0, +)
(6:26:44 AM) Dawny: no
(6:26:51 AM) Dawny: 4df+2 derp
(6:26:52 AM) Quidmore: Dawny: derp: 1 (4df+2=0, -, -, +)
(6:30:05 AM) Nusquam: Kay can't see much else. Jason notices someone carefully picking their way out of town, a chem light in each hand. Judging by their movements and the way they keep looking around, they seem convinced there's something nearby.
(6:34:02 AM) E4D: Jason runs to his gear pile, snatching his rifle up and sighting in.
(6:34:16 AM) E4D: Range?
(6:34:47 AM) Nusquam: About 3/4 of a mile.
(6:34:49 AM) Dawny: "Jason…" Kay whispers, her voice a bit shaky.
(6:35:22 AM) E4D: "Yeah, Kay?"
(6:35:31 AM) Nusquam: There's nothing visible near the individual, but they seem convinced otherwise.
(6:35:41 AM) Dawny: "What's going on…"
(6:35:48 AM) Nusquam: 1d3
(6:35:48 AM) Quidmore: Nusquam: 2 (1d3=2)
(6:35:52 AM) E4D: "Kay? Go get the humvee."
(6:37:07 AM) Dawny: "You're out of your mind."
(6:37:24 AM) Dawny: redact.
(6:38:17 AM) Dawny: "Bring it here?"
(6:38:25 AM) Nusquam: They hurl one of the chem lights forward. Upon landing fifteen yards away from the individual, a dead body is visible within its sphere of illumination. Through the scope, even from this distance, the illuminated corpse appears mangled, limbs bent the wrong way.
(6:39:03 AM) Dawny: Kay covers her mouth and whimpers.
(6:39:11 AM) Dawny: gah
(6:39:12 AM) E4D: "DO IT, DOC."
(6:39:19 AM) Dawny: redact again
(6:39:33 AM) Dawny: Kay moves as quickly and quietly as she can to the humvee. She fires it up and hauls ass back to Jason.
(6:39:49 AM) Nusquam: Are the headlights on?
(6:40:09 AM) E4D: Jason jumps on board, climbing up into the gun turret.
(6:40:11 AM) Dawny: no
(6:40:21 AM) Dawny: she has her NVGs on.
(6:40:45 AM) Dawny: "What is going *on* Corporal?"
(6:41:24 AM) E4D: "No idea, take it out to that individual. We're picking him up."
(6:42:16 AM) Dawny: "Copy…turn the headlights on?"
(6:42:27 AM) Nusquam: The figure cautiously inches forward to the chem light. They slip the one still in their hand into a pocket and take up a rifle slung across their back. *Pop* *pop*. They fire two shots into the corpses head, slinging the rifle, and picking up the chem light on the ground. They remove the light from their pocket, and throw it back the way they came.
(6:43:45 AM) E4D: "Yeah, light it up."
(6:44:08 AM) Dawny: Kay takes off her NVGs and flips the head lights on.
(6:44:18 AM) E4D: Jason activates the Hellfighter on the .50.
(6:44:19 AM) Nusquam: Another corpse is bathed in the sickly green glow. It wasn't there when the person made their way to the first corpse.
(6:45:25 AM) Nusquam: The individual whirls around and crouches as the headlights come on, trying to stay low. It doesn't accomplish much, given there's nothing to hide behind.
(6:45:56 AM) Dawny: how many bodies and how far apart?
(6:46:27 AM) E4D: Jason activates the externals. «*Civilian*! *Advance* *to* *be* *recognized*.»
(6:46:32 AM) Nusquam: Two bodies visible, about twenty yards apart. One illuminated by the chem light the individual is carrying, the other illuminated by the chem light they threw back the way they came.
(6:47:09 AM) Dawny: "How close do you want me to get?"
(6:47:48 AM) E4D: "Take us right up. *Slow*"
(6:48:06 AM) Nusquam: They hesitantly stand, holding the chem light high overhead as they carefully begin approaching, stepping over a few fissures as they approach.
(6:48:38 AM) Dawny: "No shit" Kay eases down to about fifteen MPH
(6:50:04 AM) Nusquam: The figure continues approaching, casting several glances back over their shoulder. As they get closer, they can be heard shouting something.
(6:51:18 AM) Nusquam: "The lights aren't enough! It can short them out!"
(6:51:58 AM) E4D: "What? *What* can short them out?"
(6:52:22 AM) Nusquam: They reach into a vest pocket and crack another chem light, hurling it at the humvee's windshield.
(6:52:46 AM) Dawny: "Fuck! He's throwing shit at us"
(6:52:47 AM) Nusquam: It bounces off harmlessly with a dull *thunk*.
(6:53:00 AM) Nusquam: "I don't fuckin' know!"
(6:53:10 AM) E4D: "Uhh… it's a chemlight, Doc."
(6:54:30 AM) Dawny: "I know that, but he's still throwing shit at us. You don't think a light being throw at the windshield is going to fuck with my ability to concentrate on driving?"
(6:55:09 AM) E4D: "Yo, dude, get the fuck in, or on the hood or something. We got armor half a mile down the road."
(6:56:44 AM) Nusquam: Illuminated by the humvee's headlights, they can be seen wearing unmarked black tactical gear. They jog the last fifteen meters to the humvee and climb in the back, a riot shield strapped to their back catching on the door momentarily.
(6:57:21 AM) E4D: Jason bangs on the top. "Get us back, Doc."
(6:57:40 AM) Dawny: Kay flips a bitch and heads back to camp.
(6:58:21 AM) Nusquam: Once inside, they remove a pack from their back, setting several unopened packages of chem lights on the floor of the humvee and setting the bag beside them, leaning back in the chair and breathing a sigh of relief.
(6:59:54 AM) Nusquam: As the humvee makes its way back to camp, several corpses are illuminated in its headlights, all twisted in grotesque ways. It's difficult to see exactly how from a moving vehicle at night, though.
(7:00:27 AM) E4D: Jason shouts back. "What's up with the dead bodies?"
(7:00:42 AM) Nusquam: "They're only dead in the light."
(7:00:49 AM) Dawny: "Any hopes at survivors?"
(7:01:24 AM) Nusquam: "… I… maybe. I don't think so, but maybe."
(7:01:48 AM) Dawny: "I don't like leaving them Jason"
(7:01:54 AM) E4D: "Only dead in the light… what? Come on, man, I need details."
(7:03:42 AM) Nusquam: "Listen man, I don't know what the fuck, all I can tell you is that the bodies not the light move, and shit happens when people go out in the dark."
(7:04:23 AM) E4D: "It been gettin' dark like that before?"
(7:06:11 AM) Nusquam: "Yeah. We had set up watches around town." They pause a moment, sounding exasperated. "Lights shorted out, fires died to cold ashes, and… that… happens." They gesture back toward the town.
(7:06:54 AM) Nusquam: "It's been fucking with us, man."
(7:08:29 AM) Nusquam: "It fucks people up, but they don't die. We tried to kill them, I tried, but as soon as the lights go out, it's… it doesn't matter any more.
(7:08:30 AM) Nusquam: "*
(7:08:57 AM) E4D: "Jesus… All right, well, I've got people that can handle that sort of thing."
(7:09:38 AM) Dawny: "Are you injured?"
(7:11:21 AM) Nusquam: "Good fuckin' luck with that, mate, I mean it. I told 'em we shouldn't stay, we couldn't, we'd run out of shit, but they insisted, they said rescue had to be coming, said I knew what happened to the last ones that fled… buncha fuckin'…" he trails off a moment before regaining his composure. "Oh… yeah, gash on my left arm. I think it's getting infected."
(7:12:27 AM) Dawny: "I'll look at it when we get back."
(7:14:01 AM) Nusquam: As the humvee arrives back at camp, the individual in the back stays in his seat, patting down his pouches nervously. His hands are shaking slightly.
(7:14:13 AM) E4D: "US Navy Corpsman. She'll be able to take care of ya."
(7:14:19 AM) Dawny: Kay parks the humvee back in it's spot in line. She cuts the engine and climbs out.
(7:14:29 AM) E4D: "What'd you get the gash from?"
(7:14:45 AM) Nusquam: "Stupidity."
(7:15:01 AM) E4D: "Lot of that goin' around."
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(7:16:38 AM) Dawny [ten.sndomt.37258549-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.sndomt.37258549-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(7:16:51 AM) Nusquam: They feign a chuckle, pulling a pack of cigarettes from one of their pouches. As they flip the pack open, the smell clearly evinces they are not tobacco. "You mind?"
(7:18:05 AM) E4D: "Go for it."
(7:18:39 AM) E4D: "Got a dozen or so cartons of a few different brands in the back f one of our trucks if you need more."
(7:19:10 AM) Dawny: Kay parks the humvee and cuts the engine. "I want to check your arm"
(7:19:14 AM) Nioki [~ten.tniopriafym.tsae.ngn.A65439E3-CRInys|alliztahc#ten.tniopriafym.tsae.ngn.A65439E3-CRInys|alliztahc] entered the room.
(7:19:57 AM) Nusquam: He places one in his mouth and lights up, inhaling deeply as the smell of marijuana wafts through the humvee. "…all right."
(7:20:17 AM) Dawny: "Umm…"
(7:21:08 AM) Nusquam: "…right." he offers the joint to Kay. "It's fine, I got more."
(7:21:21 AM) E4D: "Yo, Bob Marley, you got a name?"
(7:21:48 AM) Dawny: Kay blinks at it. "Um…no thanks…gotta stay sharp."
(7:22:27 AM) Nusquam: "Joshua Samil." He takes another puff. "What about you, Captain America?"
(7:23:35 AM) Dawny: Kay snorts.
(7:24:33 AM) Nusquam: He rolls up his sleeve, revealing a gash about four inches long. Deep enough to need stitches.
(7:24:43 AM) E4D: "No fuckin' shit… you were in the Springs."
(7:25:17 AM) Nusquam: "…I was."
(7:25:46 AM) E4D: "Shit. Small world."
(7:26:15 AM) Nusquam: "…fuck… I think I remember you people." He takes another long drag, exhaling through his nostrils. "You're the ones who said this shit was all your fault. Goddammit."
(7:26:43 AM) E4D: "I don't know who told ya this was our fault, but if they did, they're either dumbasses or liars."
(7:26:47 AM) Dawny: "Not me…"
(7:27:44 AM) Dawny: "God damn…Corporal…I'm gonna need the bigger med kit."
(7:28:06 AM) E4D: "Hell, go het it, Doc. He ain't goin' anywwhere."
(7:28:28 AM) Nusquam: "Short lady with a stutter, I think. Some dude with huge ears. Crazy lady with gears for a leg."
(7:29:20 AM) E4D: "Short lady with a stutter's my wife. Dude with huge ears ain't with us no more. Crazy lady don't talk much now."
(7:29:37 AM) Dawny: Kay walks over and grabs the larger med kit, then returns. "This is going…well…" She eyes the joint. "It might not hurt as much."
(7:29:44 AM) Nusquam: "No shit…"
(7:30:18 AM) E4D: Jason looks over at his rifle. "How you doin' on ammo?"
(7:30:59 AM) Nusquam: He pats the M4A1. "All right. Three or four mags."
(7:31:31 AM) E4D: "Where'd you find that?"
(7:32:53 AM) Nusquam: He takes a deep breath. "After I left, I circled back around into the Springs. Guy flagged me down, looked like he was in a bad way. This was his," he says, gesturing to his gear.
(7:33:12 AM) Nusquam: "Could hardly breathe, had trouble talkin', but wouldn't shut up."
(7:34:17 AM) Nusquam: "Told me it was best to lie low for the time being, said it was safer with 'im than out on my own, said he was with the same people the crazy lady said she was."
(7:34:49 AM) E4D: "You ran into Lucky."
(7:34:53 AM) Nusquam: "He said a lot of shit." He takes another drag. "Can't say I understood most of it."
(7:35:17 AM) Nusquam: "…yeah."
(7:35:36 AM) E4D: "What got him?
(7:37:25 AM) Nusquam: "He was spittin' up blood when I met him. It was pretty terrible to watch. Said he'd stay up on watch one night. He was dead when I woke up."
(7:38:43 AM) Dawny: "Sucks" Kay sets out some medical supplies. "Any allergies?"
(7:39:07 AM) E4D: "You run into a female?"
(7:39:12 AM) Nusquam: "Said somethin' jumped him, somethin' big an' red with entirely too many teeth. The front plate," he taps the body armor, "is cracked."
(7:39:28 AM) Nusquam: "Nah, no allergies, and no, I didn't."
(7:39:54 AM) Dawny: "Any reactions to any medications?"
(7:40:41 AM) Nusquam: "No."
(7:41:20 AM) Nusquam: "I think Lucky's ribs musta been busted up pretty badly, musta pierced a lung."
(7:41:32 AM) Dawny: "Anything I should know?" Kay slips of a pair of gloves and takes a good long look at the wound.
(7:44:18 AM) Nusquam: He thinks a moment. "Not really."
(7:46:10 AM) Dawny: "Okay" Kay takes out a needle and fills it with lidocaine. "Little pinch"
(7:46:31 AM) Dawny: 4df+4 maneuver for medical
(7:46:32 AM) Quidmore: Dawny: maneuver for medical: 3 (4df+4=-, -, +, 0)
(7:46:53 AM) Nusquam: He winces slightly, tossing away the remnants of the joint. "Fuckin' hate needles."
(7:47:19 AM) Dawny: "Stop being a pussy"
(7:48:12 AM) E4D: "She can get mean, Samil. Don't piss her off."