You Don't Get To Cry

Mar 18 21:49:59 <Echo> "Jani got a radio call from somebody in Ashburton, said there was some people creepin' around up in a street north of here."
Mar 18 21:50:10 * Gara (elttil.oot.leef.hcum|oot.kniht#elttil.oot.leef.hcum|oot.kniht) has joined #afteractionmission
Mar 18 21:50:20 <WalrusKing> "What kind of peoples?"
Mar 18 21:50:24 <Maddy> "No idea."
Mar 18 21:50:59 <Echo> Mitchell taps the window in the rear of the cab. "Just straight ahead on the street, left, right, an' straight ahead. That'll take us all the way up to where they was talkin' about."
Mar 18 21:51:15 <WalrusKing> "I see."
Mar 18 21:53:13 <Maddy> "Kay." VROOM
Mar 18 21:55:03 <Echo> With a little difficulty, Mitchell manages to stand up and lay his weapon over the cab of the truck, aimed dead ahead. "So! You think friend or foe?"
Mar 18 21:55:25 <WalrusKing> "I am hoping for the first."
Mar 18 21:55:45 <Devereaux> "I as well."
Mar 18 21:56:05 <Tehpillowstar> "Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Hope it's not fairies."
Mar 18 21:56:19 <WalrusKing> "Or wasps."
Mar 18 21:56:22 <Echo> "They said people, not Tinkerbell."
Mar 18 21:56:57 <Tehpillowstar> "Wrong fairies, Mitchell."
Mar 18 21:57:03 <Tehpillowstar> "I meant the Sidhe."
Mar 18 21:57:12 <MonkeyBomb> It doesn't take them long to get where they need to go. They're almost at the intersection of Tarbottons Rd. and Nixon St.
Mar 18 21:57:19 <MonkeyBomb> Perception for whoever's looking forwards.
Mar 18 21:57:44 <Echo> 4df+4 !!! Mitchell's got his weapon up and eyeballs peeled.
Mar 18 21:57:44 <CROM> Echo: !!! Mitchell's got his weapon up and eyeballs peeled.: 0 (4df+4=-, -, -, -)
Mar 18 21:57:48 <Echo> …
Mar 18 21:57:53 <MonkeyBomb> lol
Mar 18 21:57:55 <Echo> A plastic bag smacks him in the face.
Mar 18 21:57:56 <Maddy> 4df+3 I think this is my percep i dont know
Mar 18 21:57:58 <CROM> Maddy: I think this is my percep i dont know: 6 (4df+3=+, 0, +, +)
Mar 18 21:57:59 <Devereaux> lol
Mar 18 21:58:09 <WalrusKing> 4df+2 eh
Mar 18 21:58:10 <CROM> WalrusKing: eh: 2 (4df+2=0, -, 0, +)
Mar 18 21:58:11 <Tehpillowstar> 4df+3 Keeping vigilant.
Mar 18 21:58:12 <CROM> Tehpillowstar: Keeping vigilant.: 2 (4df+3=+, 0, -, -)
Mar 18 21:58:26 <Maddy> Man yall eyes are broken
Mar 18 21:58:31 <Devereaux> 4df Dax is not great at this
Mar 18 21:58:32 <CROM> Devereaux: Dax is not great at this: 0 (4df=0, 0, -, +)
Mar 18 21:58:46 <Tehpillowstar> Adelaide is slightly distracted by a plastic bag smacking Mitchell in the face.
Mar 18 21:58:51 <Echo> "Gah, fuck!" He fucks with it for a second, getting one of the loops caught on the bill of his cover, then accidentally pulls his shooting glasses off with it, and scrambles to grab them before they bounce off the side of the moving vehicle.
Mar 18 21:59:18 <Tehpillowstar> She can't stop chuckling.
Mar 18 21:59:30 <Devereaux> Dax is chuckling right along with her
Mar 18 21:59:43 <Echo> "Shut up, boot. That could have *easily* happened to anybody."
Mar 18 22:00:00 <Devereaux> "I'm /sure/."
Mar 18 22:00:06 <Tehpillowstar> "Keep telling yourself that."
Mar 18 22:00:31 <Gara> 4df+3
Mar 18 22:00:31 <CROM> Gara: 0 (4df+3=0, -, -, -)
Mar 18 22:00:37 <MonkeyBomb> …
Mar 18 22:00:39 <Devereaux> …
Mar 18 22:00:42 <Gara> …
Mar 18 22:00:44 <MonkeyBomb> JANI!
Mar 18 22:01:04 <WalrusKing> Ilya smiles to himself.
Mar 18 22:03:03 <Maddy> Jani slows down. "Got a dude up ahead, heading on to holands road. He definitly saw us. Hes also armed."
Mar 18 22:03:22 <Gara> "Fantastic."
Mar 18 22:03:38 <Echo> "Well… bring us to a halt."
Mar 18 22:03:59 <Maddy> She does so.
Mar 18 22:04:28 <WalrusKing> "Does this man go fast or slow?"
Mar 18 22:04:30 <Echo> Mitchell crouches down, the only things sticking over the cab his head and rifle. "Look like he was doin' anything? Like, did he scram, or aim at you, or what?"
Mar 18 22:05:11 <Maddy> "Jsut moseying along. Had some supplies."
Mar 18 22:05:20 <Maddy> "Looked at us and wandered on."
Mar 18 22:05:42 <Devereaux> "Strange."
Mar 18 22:05:51 <Echo> "Maybe ease up real slow, lights on? Gesture of peace, or some shit?"
Mar 18 22:06:14 <Echo> He shrugs. "Ain't all *that* weird. Just some dudes lootin' houses. I mean, that's what *we* been doin'."
Mar 18 22:06:50 <WalrusKing> "This is true. I think we should remain with the automobile, but press further."
Mar 18 22:07:04 <Maddy> "Alrighty." she nods heading forrward.
Mar 18 22:07:05 <Devereaux> "I guess so."
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Mar 18 22:08:00 <MonkeyBomb> They ease past the intersection. There's no sign of the dude anymore.
Mar 18 22:08:20 <Maddy> "Huh."
Mar 18 22:09:05 <WalrusKing> "Keep in mind the houses. We may not see watchers."
Mar 18 22:09:26 <Echo> "Maybe he went between one of the houses? Or yeah, in one?"
Mar 18 22:10:24 <Echo> "I mean, they know we're here. No harm in talkin'." Mitchell keeps his rifle aimed up at about a 45-degree angle, not pointing at ground level. "Anybody here? Friendly! We ain't gonna shoot! We just came to check out what was goin' on here!"
Mar 18 22:11:22 <WalrusKing> pause a sec dudeguys
Mar 18 22:11:29 <Echo> kk
Mar 18 22:12:32 * MonkeyBomb has quit (Quit: The clawwwwwwwww! The claw is our master. The claw chooses who will go and who will stay. The claw, it moves. I have been chosen! Farewell, my friends; I go on to a better place.)
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Mar 18 22:18:07 <Tehpillowstar> "Knew it, faeries." Adelaide mutters under her breath.
Mar 18 22:18:16 <Tehpillowstar> More in jest, raelly.
Mar 18 22:18:35 <Echo> "Shhh. Listen, see if anybody answers back."
Mar 18 22:18:39 <MonkeyBomb> They pull up next to the last house on the right. To their left is a bunch of trees.
Mar 18 22:20:26 <MonkeyBomb> "Kill the engine!" sombody yells, a man's voice, from on their left. He doesn't sound too happy.
Mar 18 22:20:58 <Devereaux> "I think we should." Dax whispers
Mar 18 22:21:05 <Maddy> "Evan?"
Mar 18 22:21:30 <MonkeyBomb> "Do it or we'll blow your fucking heads off."
Mar 18 22:21:41 <Maddy> "Let's just leave."
Mar 18 22:21:47 <Echo> "Go for it, Jani."
Mar 18 22:21:52 <Devereaux> "We should stay."
Mar 18 22:21:53 <WalrusKing> "Drive, my friend."
Mar 18 22:22:25 <Maddy> "This sounds like a fuckign awful idea." she turns it off.
Mar 18 22:22:40 <Gara> "They've probably got us surrounded."
Mar 18 22:22:48 <Maddy> She slides her gun into her lap.
Mar 18 22:22:51 <Devereaux> "I think we can do this peacefully."
Mar 18 22:22:52 <Echo> Mitchell takes the moment that Jani kills the lights to drop flat onto the bed, and rolls up sideways against the cab.
Mar 18 22:23:33 <Echo> "ALL RIGHT! ENGINE'S OFF! WE CAN TALK NOW!"
Mar 18 22:24:06 <Maddy> Jani's eyes start to get used to the darkness, and her senses start going into over drive. "Alright Three, yeah. Yeah I got it." she mumbles under her breath.
Mar 18 22:25:05 <WalrusKing> "No need to bring violence into this evening my friends!" Ilya shouts.
Mar 18 22:25:13 <MonkeyBomb> Silence for a moment, before a gruff looking man and a similarly-looking women poke out of the trees to the crew's left. The man's wielding an automatic rifle and the woman has a worn-out hunting rifle. Both of which are trained on the truck.
Mar 18 22:25:19 <MonkeyBomb> On their right,
Mar 18 22:26:13 <MonkeyBomb> Two more men, one with a shotgun and the other with a… hunting bow? show themselves from behind the hedge.
Mar 18 22:26:30 <MonkeyBomb> The guy with the shotgun is huge. Like, him and Ilya could compete for world's strongest man.
Mar 18 22:26:38 <MonkeyBomb> Perception.
Mar 18 22:26:41 <Maddy> 4df+3
Mar 18 22:26:42 <CROM> Maddy: 5 (4df+3=+, 0, +, 0)
Mar 18 22:26:45 <Gara> 4df+3 comeon
Mar 18 22:26:46 <CROM> Gara: comeon: 5 (4df+3=+, +, 0, 0)
Mar 18 22:26:46 <Tehpillowstar> 4df+3
Mar 18 22:26:47 <CROM> Tehpillowstar: 4 (4df+3=0, +, -, +)
Mar 18 22:26:50 <WalrusKing> 4df+2 I dun wanna
Mar 18 22:26:50 <CROM> WalrusKing: I dun wanna: 1 (4df+2=0, 0, -, 0)
Mar 18 22:27:00 <Devereaux> 4df Why?
Mar 18 22:27:00 <Echo> 4df+4 Mitchell slides backward off the bed, and eases to the front of the truck, hugging behind the wheel hub.
Mar 18 22:27:00 <CROM> Echo: Mitchell slides backward off the bed, and eases to the front of the truck, hugging behind the wheel hub.: 6 (4df+4=+, 0, +, 0)
Mar 18 22:27:01 <CROM> Devereaux: Why?: -2 (4df=-, +, -, -)
Mar 18 22:29:23 <MonkeyBomb> GM fiat: the woman did not have a rifle; she had a pistol. Okay, no to resolve the rolls.
Mar 18 22:29:33 <MonkeyBomb> *now
Mar 18 22:30:28 <MonkeyBomb> Dax and Ilya don't notice anything other than the 4 obviously upset individuals aiming guns at them.
Mar 18 22:33:42 <Echo> Mitchell glances up at a second-story window across the way, still kneeling down behind the wheel. "All right. Again, we got the engine off. We was just stoppin' by to see what was movin' around up here. Ain't nobody gotta get shot, yeah?"
Mar 18 22:33:43 <Maddy> "Mmmm." Jani grunts. "Feed me the trajectory, Three…if Evan can't talk us out of it…"
Mar 18 22:34:32 <Tehpillowstar> Adelaide glances at the second-story window.
Mar 18 22:34:38 <MonkeyBomb> The guy with a bow stares at the crew for a moment before speaking. "Why are you here? People don't just go for joy rides in the suburbs anymore." His voice has a think kiwi accent.
Mar 18 22:34:52 <Tehpillowstar> but she quickly turns away from the window.
Mar 18 22:35:09 <WalrusKing> "As my friend says, we are merely checking out what is moving around up here."
Mar 18 22:35:20 <Echo> "There ya go."
Mar 18 22:35:20 <Gara> "Everythings cool, we're around to check out what's going on up here."
Mar 18 22:35:55 <Echo> "An' you can tell your shooter up high there he ain't gotta point a gun at me. I ain't pointin' one at him."
Mar 18 22:40:20 <MonkeyBomb> He ignores Mitchell. The guy with the shotgun nudges bowdude. "Oi, Vick. They could be with those hardasses from Ashburton."
Mar 18 22:41:09 <Maddy> "Rght cause we'd be out in a shitty flat bed if we had swat cars."
Mar 18 22:41:15 <Maddy> BAD JANI
Mar 18 22:41:18 <MonkeyBomb> Vick grins.
Mar 18 22:41:23 <Gara> "Yeah, no."
Mar 18 22:41:40 <MonkeyBomb> The two on their left fidget uncomfortably in the brush.
Mar 18 22:41:48 <Maddy> It's not even called SWAT in your country.
Mar 18 22:42:10 <WalrusKing> "My associates speak the truth." Ilya adds helpfully
Mar 18 22:42:20 <MonkeyBomb> "If that's true, then where *are* you from?"
Mar 18 22:43:13 <Echo> "United States."
Mar 18 22:43:29 <MonkeyBomb> "That's not what I meant." He frowns. "And you know it, smart mouth."
Mar 18 22:44:31 <Echo> "Just tryin' to keep things light."
Mar 18 22:45:09 <MonkeyBomb> "The question still stands."
Mar 18 22:45:31 <MonkeyBomb> Gone is the smile on his face.
Mar 18 22:45:42 <WalrusKing> "What good will the answer do you?"
Mar 18 22:46:17 <Echo> "We don't need y'all comin' to where we are. Look, I tell you what, it's best if we just get back on our truck an' drive off. How's that sound?"
Mar 18 22:46:38 <Maddy> ~Please just admit you're gonna raid us so I can shoot someone.~ The number four says.
Mar 18 22:46:46 <Echo> "If you need water, or somethin', you might wanna try turnin' the taps. We got that runnin' a couple weeks back."
Mar 18 22:46:51 <Devereaux> 4df+4 (persuasion) "Trust us. You don't need to know where we come from. We aren't here to hurt you."
Mar 18 22:46:52 <CROM> Devereaux: (persuasion) "Trust us. You don't need to know where we come from. We aren't here to hurt you.": 6 (4df+4=+, +, -, +)
Mar 18 22:47:01 <Echo> :D
Mar 18 22:47:03 <MonkeyBomb> :D
Mar 18 22:47:41 <Tehpillowstar> \o/
Mar 18 22:48:53 <MonkeyBomb> Vick considers this for a moment. His eyes shift from Mitchell to Dax.
Mar 18 22:49:14 <Devereaux> (I'm going to disappear for like one minute, switching connections)
Mar 18 22:49:27 <Tehpillowstar> Adelaide gives Vick a winning smile.
Mar 18 22:49:38 <Tehpillowstar> :>
Mar 18 22:49:50 <MonkeyBomb> "It's not about trust, man. Trust gets you killed nowadays." Vick sizes up the entire crew.
Mar 18 22:50:10 <Gara> "Sure it is."
Mar 18 22:50:10 <MonkeyBomb> Shotgun dude doesn't seem as eager to negotiate. He has a scowl on his face.
Mar 18 22:50:27 <WalrusKing> Ilya slowly hauls himself upright in the bed and leans on the cab.
Mar 18 22:50:35 <Echo> "Trust got the water runnin' up an' down the river."
Mar 18 22:50:41 <Devereaux> "Not always. I trusted these guys and I'm still alive and well."
Mar 18 22:51:47 <MonkeyBomb> "Ah, but what if I told you to trust us not to follow you home and murder you in your sleep?"
Mar 18 22:52:35 <Gara> "See when you say shit like that.'
Mar 18 22:52:35 <Maddy> "I'd tell you to trust us not to rain fury down on you if you tried to go back on that." Jani mumbles to herself.
Mar 18 22:52:37 <Echo> "Be a little hard to believe with a sniper aimed in at me."
Mar 18 22:52:43 * Devereaux_ (~Satan@D07FE526:AFA26591:5EB4EEF8:IP) has joined #afteractionmission
Mar 18 22:53:11 <MonkeyBomb> Vick turns and waves his hand up at the window. The rifle disappears.
Mar 18 22:53:15 <Gara> "When you say shit like that you really ut an ege on the whole talking thing. It's unnerving."
Mar 18 22:53:16 <MonkeyBomb> "How 'bout now?"
Mar 18 22:53:47 * Devereaux has quit (Ping timeout: 186 seconds)
Mar 18 22:53:57 * Devereaux_ is now known as Devereaux
Mar 18 22:54:28 <WalrusKing> "Perhaps we can consider an exchange, my friends. We drive away, but we give you piece of information."
Mar 18 22:56:29 <MonkeyBomb> "Depends on the information."
Mar 18 22:57:21 <MonkeyBomb> The girl on their left sighs. "Look, Vick, let's just get rid of 'em and be done with it."
Mar 18 22:57:58 <Gara> "
Mar 18 22:58:02 <WalrusKing> "The amusing fact about my information is that it get even more important if we have fight and you take casualties or use the ammunition."
Mar 18 22:58:19 <Echo> 4df+4 Maneuver to ranged. Can Mitchell spot the shooter from the window? That last line's got him nervous.
Mar 18 22:58:20 <CROM> Echo: Maneuver to ranged. Can Mitchell spot the shooter from the window? That last line's got him nervous.: 3 (4df+4=0, +, -, -)
Mar 18 22:58:26 <Gara> "Even if you kill all of us."
Mar 18 22:58:40 <WalrusKing> "It is as my friend says."
Mar 18 22:59:01 <MonkeyBomb> The shooter in the window is gone. Well, the rifle is anyway. Whoever was up there is probably still up there.
Mar 18 22:59:28 <Gara> 4df+2 Can I have an Agility to Ranged manuver to pop up and fill pistol lady full of lead, if it comes up?
Mar 18 22:59:29 <CROM> Gara: Can I have an Agility to Ranged manuver to pop up and fill pistol lady full of lead, if it comes up?: 2 (4df+2=0, 0, +, -)
Mar 18 22:59:54 <Maddy> 4df+3 Perception to Ranged, spending an AP to give this manouver to everyone
Mar 18 22:59:55 <CROM> Maddy: Perception to Ranged, spending an AP to give this manouver to everyone: 5 (4df+3=0, 0, +, +)
Mar 18 23:00:07 <Echo> :D
Mar 18 23:01:04 <MonkeyBomb> Vick sighs. "Look. How about this." He twangs the bowstring subconsciously.
Mar 18 23:01:44 <MonkeyBomb> "You give us all your shit, the truck, your weapons, everything… and we'll let you go, no questions asked. If you come back, we'll kill you. Period."
Mar 18 23:02:11 <Tehpillowstar> "Let's not be unreasonable here."
Mar 18 23:02:27 <Tehpillowstar> "You seem smart."
Mar 18 23:02:43 <Tehpillowstar> "You /know/ we're not gonna abide to those conditions."
Mar 18 23:03:21 <Gara> "Man… We've got a coupla Marines in here. I've seen this fucker shoot. Don't play like this."
Mar 18 23:03:29 <Devereaux> 4df+4 (persuasion) "How about we give you some really valuable information on a threat and leave in our truck, under the condition that we never bother you again?"
Mar 18 23:03:30 <CROM> Devereaux: (persuasion) "How about we give you some really valuable information on a threat and leave in our truck, under the condition that we never bother you again?": 7 (4df+4=+, +, 0, +)
Mar 18 23:03:32 <Tehpillowstar> "So now we're in a bit of trouble. Either we renegotiate or we start shootin'. The latter would be a real damn shame."
Mar 18 23:03:33 <Gara> "We really don't have to do it that way."
Mar 18 23:04:00 <WalrusKing> Ilya cracks his neck wordlessly.
Mar 18 23:04:18 <MonkeyBomb> He turns to Dax. "I'm listening. Better make it worth our while, though."
Mar 18 23:04:41 <Tehpillowstar> Adelaide shifts her sleeve a bit. It's possible a glint of golden metal can be seen.
Mar 18 23:04:59 <WalrusKing> "This is not how we do this thing. Do you have radio?"
Mar 18 23:05:03 <MonkeyBomb> The girl on their left groans audibly with impatience.
Mar 18 23:05:12 <Devereaux> Dax turns to the rest of the gang. "You guys know this place better than I do. Would one of you care to tell this gentleman what we know?""
Mar 18 23:05:44 <MonkeyBomb> He grins at the world "gentleman."
Mar 18 23:05:50 <Maddy> "Not untill we're away from them."
Mar 18 23:06:11 <WalrusKing> "We say nothing until the contract is gauranteed success."
Mar 18 23:06:39 <WalrusKing> "Do you have radio, my friends?" Ilya says at the man.
Mar 18 23:07:38 <MonkeyBomb> "Why?"
Mar 18 23:08:04 <Echo> Mitchell sloooowly reaches over, and pecks the window by Jani a couple times, then points down.
Mar 18 23:08:53 <Maddy> She rolls down the window. "Mmm?"
Mar 18 23:09:07 <MonkeyBomb> "Viiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick." Pistol girl whines.
Mar 18 23:09:17 <MonkeyBomb> He rolls his eyes. "Shutup, Olivia."
Mar 18 23:09:34 <Echo> He holds up three fingers. Then two. Then one.
Mar 18 23:10:20 <Echo> 4df+8 Spending AP for power, another for Killer Instinct, and using Jani's maneuver. Mitchell takes this opportunity to be smart. In the space of an eyeblink, he brings his weapon's muzzle down, opens fire on Vick there with the automatic rifle, then swings over and slams out a burst of fire at Olivia.
Mar 18 23:10:21 <CROM> Echo: Spending AP for power, another for Killer Instinct, and using Jani's maneuver. Mitchell takes this opportunity to be smart. In the space of an eyeblink, he brings his weapon's muzzle down, opens fire on Vick there with the automatic rifle, then swings over and slams out a burst of fire at Olivia.: 7 (4df+8=+, -, 0, -)
Mar 18 23:10:22 <Maddy> 4df+5 Jani jsut fucking shoots at Olivia's whiny fae, hardly looking. "Evan, Go high, Joh, Addy, crowd control. Dax, Ilya, stay low till you got an opening, don't get shot!"
Mar 18 23:10:22 <CROM> Maddy: Jani jsut fucking shoots at Olivia's whiny fae, hardly looking. "Evan, Go high, Joh, Addy, crowd control. Dax, Ilya, stay low till you got an opening, don't get shot!": 3 (4df+5=-, 0, 0, -)
Mar 18 23:11:09 <MonkeyBomb> 4df+3 Vickers is shooted at!
Mar 18 23:11:10 <CROM> MonkeyBomb: Vickers is shooted at!: 3 (4df+3=-, +, +, -)
Mar 18 23:11:36 <WalrusKing> Ilya leaps out of the truckbed and heads for the door of the house that everyone indicated there was a shooter inside.
Mar 18 23:11:42 <Gara> 4df+5 John opens up on Shotty, sending a burst of rounds at him.
Mar 18 23:11:43 <CROM> Gara: John opens up on Shotty, sending a burst of rounds at him.: 4 (4df+5=-, -, 0, +)
Mar 18 23:12:04 <Echo> Olivia needs to roll, too :D
Mar 18 23:12:09 <Devereaux> 4df+3 Dax (agility) gets in a position where he can't be hit.
Mar 18 23:12:10 <CROM> Devereaux: Dax (agility) gets in a position where he can't be hit.: 2 (4df+3=0, 0, -, 0)
Mar 18 23:12:36 <MonkeyBomb> 4df+3 Olivia is dying (Mitchel's shooty)
Mar 18 23:12:37 <CROM> MonkeyBomb: Olivia is dying (Mitchel's shooty): 6 (4df+3=+, 0, +, +)
Mar 18 23:12:48 <MonkeyBomb> 4df+3 Olivia is dying (Jani's shooty)
Mar 18 23:12:49 <CROM> MonkeyBomb: Olivia is dying (Jani's shooty): 2 (4df+3=-, 0, -, +)
Mar 18 23:13:21 <MonkeyBomb> 4df+3 Shotgun dude is shooted at as well!
Mar 18 23:13:22 <CROM> MonkeyBomb: Shotgun dude is shooted at as well!: 3 (4df+3=-, 0, 0, +)
Mar 18 23:13:39 <MonkeyBomb> Let's see…
Mar 18 23:13:55 <Tehpillowstar> Adelaide puts down suppressive fire.
Mar 18 23:14:09 <MonkeyBomb> Vick -3 (?) Body, due to the rounds piercing through his flesh.
Mar 18 23:14:10 <Tehpillowstar> Er
Mar 18 23:14:57 <Tehpillowstar> redact
Mar 18 23:15:03 <MonkeyBomb> Olivia -3 Body as well.
Mar 18 23:16:31 <MonkeyBomb> Olivia -2 Body from Jani's shots.
Mar 18 23:17:16 * Puppetmaster (meht.gnillup|sgnirts#meht.gnillup|sgnirts) has joined #afteractionmission
Mar 18 23:17:40 <MonkeyBomb> Shotty dude -3 Body also.
Mar 18 23:18:00 <Tehpillowstar> 4df+5 Tagging Lady of War, aiming at auto dude
Mar 18 23:18:01 <CROM> Tehpillowstar: Tagging Lady of War, aiming at auto dude: 5 (4df+5=-, +, 0, 0)
Mar 18 23:18:21 <MonkeyBomb> 4df+3 auto-dude is shotified!
Mar 18 23:18:22 <CROM> MonkeyBomb: auto-dude is shotified!: 4 (4df+3=0, +, 0, 0)
Mar 18 23:18:33 <MonkeyBomb> -3 Body for him!
Mar 18 23:18:35 <MonkeyBomb> Yay! Blood all around!
Mar 18 23:19:06 <MonkeyBomb> Okay.
Mar 18 23:19:25 <WalrusKing> Does Ilya get inside the shooter-house?
Mar 18 23:20:32 <MonkeyBomb> He does due to all the confusion.
Mar 18 23:20:42 <MonkeyBomb> The door is locked, though.
Mar 18 23:21:00 <Gara> When would this be an issue for Illya?
Mar 18 23:21:00 <WalrusKing> Going to try to kick it in whenever my next action is.
Mar 18 23:21:49 <Tehpillowstar> Nothing is an issue for Ilya.
Mar 18 23:22:44 <MonkeyBomb> Vick lets out a royal swear. "Shoot 'em! SHOOT 'EM!" He whips out an arrow and draws the bow back. The blood on his hands makes it difficult to draw the bow properly.
Mar 18 23:23:01 <MonkeyBomb> 4df+4-2 He shoots at Mitchell.
Mar 18 23:23:01 <CROM> MonkeyBomb: He shoots at Mitchell.: 2 (4df+4-2=-, +, 0, 0)
Mar 18 23:23:12 <Echo> And Mitchell acts.
Mar 18 23:23:59 <Echo> 4df+6 Spending last AP on power and taking his own maneuver. Mitchell draws down on the man's face and starts squeezing, aiming to put him down for good. Roll defense. >:[
Mar 18 23:24:00 <CROM> Echo: Spending last AP on power and taking his own maneuver. Mitchell draws down on the man's face and starts squeezing, aiming to put him down for good. Roll defense. >:[: 9 (4df+6=0, +, +, +)
Mar 18 23:24:15 <MonkeyBomb> O_O
Mar 18 23:24:19 <Maddy> Jebus
Mar 18 23:24:29 <MonkeyBomb> 4df+3 OHHHHHHHHHH SNAAAAAP
Mar 18 23:24:29 <Gara> Goodnight.
Mar 18 23:24:31 <CROM> MonkeyBomb: OHHHHHHHHHH SNAAAAAP: 5 (4df+3=+, 0, 0, +)
Mar 18 23:25:10 <Echo> He doesn't stop squeezing after the rounds hit, aiming to make it ugly, trying to tear the body up. It's what's going to happen to all of them if they don't stop.
Mar 18 23:26:12 <MonkeyBomb> The arrow launches at an awkward angle as Vick's grasp releases prematurely due to Mitchell's retaliation. The rounds impale his torso. -3 Body (at least, maybe more; I'm not sure.)
Mar 18 23:27:48 <Tehpillowstar> Adelaide takes a deep breath as she sees Vick fall and Mitchell punch even more holes into his body. Poor bastard. Are the other guys still fighting or have they backed off?
Mar 18 23:28:51 <MonkeyBomb> Olivia drops the pistol and collapses on the ground. She's not whining anymore. She loses her turn.
Mar 18 23:29:49 <Tehpillowstar> And the other two guys?
Mar 18 23:30:14 <MonkeyBomb> Shotgun dude is bleeding but otherwise still alive. He retaliates with a shotgun blast in John's direction.
Mar 18 23:30:19 <MonkeyBomb> 4df+3 SHOTGUN BOOM
Mar 18 23:30:19 <CROM> MonkeyBomb: SHOTGUN BOOM: 2 (4df+3=+, -, -, 0)
Mar 18 23:30:23 <MonkeyBomb> Pffff.
Mar 18 23:30:31 <Tehpillowstar> That's enough.
Mar 18 23:31:12 <Gara> 4df+1 It totally is.
Mar 18 23:31:12 <CROM> Gara: It totally is.: 4 (4df+1=+, +, 0, +)
Mar 18 23:31:41 <Tehpillowstar> 4df+3 Burning 2 AP for Mind Fray
Mar 18 23:31:41 <CROM> Tehpillowstar: Burning 2 AP for Mind Fray: 6 (4df+3=+, +, +, 0)
Mar 18 23:31:53 <Tehpillowstar> (Needs a mdef roll to resist)
Mar 18 23:33:01 * Echo has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Mar 18 23:33:47 <MonkeyBomb> 4df+3 Shotty's Mdef
Mar 18 23:33:47 <CROM> MonkeyBomb: Shotty's Mdef: 4 (4df+3=-, +, +, 0)
Mar 18 23:34:00 <Tehpillowstar> d3 3 for incap for a turn
Mar 18 23:34:00 <CROM> Tehpillowstar: 3 for incap for a turn: 2 (d3=2)
Mar 18 23:34:05 <Tehpillowstar> Nope
Mar 18 23:34:40 <MonkeyBomb> How much damage does it do?
Mar 18 23:34:46 * Tehpillowstar is now known as Tehpillowderp
Mar 18 23:34:59 <Tehpillowderp> Uh…mind damage, up to you I guess
Mar 18 23:35:40 <MonkeyBomb> Ah.
Mar 18 23:35:54 <MonkeyBomb> -2 Mind
Mar 18 23:36:20 <Tehpillowderp> Adelaide narrows her eyes and raises her right hand, and claws the air, releasing a burst of energy towards her designated target.
Mar 18 23:36:39 <MonkeyBomb> Shotty blinks and cringes in pain after missing John terribly with his shotgun. He groans.
Mar 18 23:37:10 <MonkeyBomb> 4df+3 Auto-boy opens fire on Adelaide!
Mar 18 23:37:10 <CROM> MonkeyBomb: Auto-boy opens fire on Adelaide!: 3 (4df+3=0, +, 0, -)
Mar 18 23:37:18 <Tehpillowderp> 4df+2 pdef
Mar 18 23:37:19 <CROM> Tehpillowderp: pdef: 3 (4df+2=0, 0, 0, +)
Mar 18 23:38:08 <MonkeyBomb> The bullets whiz past her, barely missing.
Mar 18 23:38:27 <MonkeyBomb> Ilya! That door is in your way.
Mar 18 23:38:38 <MonkeyBomb> WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT?
Mar 18 23:39:09 <WalrusKing> 4df+4 KICK IT IN THE /FACE/
Mar 18 23:39:10 <CROM> WalrusKing: KICK IT IN THE /FACE/: 4 (4df+4=0, -, +, 0)
Mar 18 23:39:14 <Devereaux> 4df+4 Dax uses his power (and all 3 AP) to sneak up behind shotgun man and stab him in the back for 2 damage.
Mar 18 23:39:15 <CROM> Devereaux: Dax uses his power (and all 3 AP) to sneak up behind shotgun man and stab him in the back for 2 damage.: 1 (4df+4=0, -, -, -)
Mar 18 23:40:56 <MonkeyBomb> He's too preoccupied with the buzzing and grinding pain in his head to notice you, Dax. -2 stabby damage.
Mar 18 23:41:14 <MonkeyBomb> Ilya
Mar 18 23:41:34 <WalrusKing> Yes?
Mar 18 23:42:11 <MonkeyBomb> That door is ripped from its hinges and smashes inwards. You can't help but notice that there's a person /under/ the door. A hunting rifle lays on the floor.
Mar 18 23:42:37 <WalrusKing> How under we talking?
Mar 18 23:42:44 <MonkeyBomb> The person groans.
Mar 18 23:42:47 <MonkeyBomb> Like they were just about to open the door under.
Mar 18 23:43:13 <MonkeyBomb> You kind of kicked it in in their face.
Mar 18 23:43:31 <MonkeyBomb> :D
Mar 18 23:44:20 <WalrusKing> Ilya is going to pick up the rifle, and place a reassuring boot on the doorson, just to discourage standing behavior.
Mar 18 23:46:30 <MonkeyBomb> Vick is… probably dead considering his insides are on his outsides. Shotty is bleeding in multiple places and clutching his brain case. Olivia is still collapsed on the ground. Auto-boy and person-smashed-by-door are the only two relatively alive people left.
Mar 18 23:47:43 <MonkeyBomb> Unless I'm mistaken, it's everybody else's turn.
Mar 18 23:47:49 <MonkeyBomb> What. Do. You. Do?
Mar 18 23:47:50 <Maddy> Jani takes this time to get out of the truck and walk towards Auto boy if I may. Gun up.
Mar 18 23:47:54 <Gara> "DROP THE GUN AND GET ON THE GROUND, OR WE WILL FIRE ON YOU." John trains his rifle on the guy.
Mar 18 23:48:07 <Maddy> "Put that shit down, arsehole."
Mar 18 23:48:17 <MonkeyBomb> Auto-boy looks terrified. He drops the gun and literally pisses his pants.
Mar 18 23:48:25 <Gara> "On the ground."
Mar 18 23:48:36 <WalrusKing> "Is everybody unharmed?"
Mar 18 23:48:39 <Tehpillowderp> Adelaide climbs up and walks with Jani, gun pointed at Auto-boy
Mar 18 23:48:41 <Gara> "Jani, keep an eye on him, I'm going to check the others."
Mar 18 23:48:49 <MonkeyBomb> He gets facedown on the ground.
Mar 18 23:48:53 <Maddy> Jani liberates the gun from him. "Everyone who matters, Choizy."
Mar 18 23:49:02 <Gara> John hops out of the truck, and moves up to Vick to check his pulse.
Mar 18 23:49:21 <MonkeyBomb> It's just barely there, but it won't be for long.
Mar 18 23:49:25 <Tehpillowderp> "Hey John, how's the guy?"
Mar 18 23:49:36 <Gara> "Not dead."
Mar 18 23:50:15 <Tehpillowderp> "Jegus."
Mar 18 23:50:25 <WalrusKing> When convenient, Ilya will haul the door off of doorson.
Mar 18 23:50:30 <Devereaux> Dax checks shotgun man's pulse.
Mar 18 23:50:37 <Gara> I spend for Asclepius's Blessing to bump him up 2 Body. "He probably won't want to move." His wounds close, but he'll still be in bad shape.
Mar 18 23:50:47 <Gara> Not even all of them. Just some.
Mar 18 23:50:56 <MonkeyBomb> Vick splutters blood and coughs.
Mar 18 23:51:22 <Maddy> Jani's eyes keep flicking to Olivia.
Mar 18 23:51:30 <MonkeyBomb> He glares up at them defiantly but doesn't say anything. Boy he's in /bad/ shape.
Mar 18 23:51:45 <Gara> "Keep down or I'll take that back. Understood?"
Mar 18 23:51:54 <Tehpillowderp> Adelaide begins collecting weapons.
Mar 18 23:52:02 <MonkeyBomb> Shotty growls ferociously and whirls around to face them. "GODDAMN YOU." He tries to smack Dax with a giant fist.
Mar 18 23:52:19 <MonkeyBomb> Olivia is bleeding and crying, still where she collapsed earlier.
Mar 18 23:52:33 <MonkeyBomb> Dax, you can dodge Shotty's fist.
Mar 18 23:52:44 <Devereaux> 4df+3 Dax dodges the blow and sits on top of shotgun man.
Mar 18 23:52:45 <CROM> Devereaux: Dax dodges the blow and sits on top of shotgun man.: 1 (4df+3=-, +, -, -)
Mar 18 23:53:01 <MonkeyBomb> :o
Mar 18 23:53:06 <Maddy> "Stop fucking whining yah jaffa of I'll put another in you."
Mar 18 23:53:20 <MonkeyBomb> 4df+4 He's still made of muscle…
Mar 18 23:53:21 <CROM> MonkeyBomb: He's still made of muscle…: 4 (4df+4=-, 0, +, 0)
Mar 18 23:53:39 <MonkeyBomb> He punches Dax right off of him. Goddamn, that hurts.
Mar 18 23:54:06 * Tehpillowderp is now known as Tehpillowstar
Mar 18 23:54:29 <Gara> 4df+3 John trains his rifle on shotty. "DOWN! Or I will put you down." Perception to Ranged maneuver, maybe?
Mar 18 23:54:30 <CROM> Gara: John trains his rifle on shotty. "DOWN! Or I will put you down." Perception to Ranged maneuver, maybe?: 4 (4df+3=-, 0, +, +)
Mar 18 23:55:05 <Devereaux> Dax picks himself up slowly and walks away from shotty man
Mar 18 23:55:07 <Tehpillowstar> Adelaide walks over and collects the shotgun. She gives him a predatory grin.
Mar 18 23:55:19 <MonkeyBomb> "WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME, YOU LITTLE BITCH???" He glares at Adelaide, ignoring John.
Mar 18 23:55:43 <Devereaux> "Shoot that asshole!"
Mar 18 23:55:52 <MonkeyBomb> Ilya, under the door is a woman who looks like she's never been hit by a door before.
Mar 18 23:55:54 <Devereaux> "We don't need him."
Mar 18 23:56:07 <Gara> John fires a round near, but not at, his head. Roll?
Mar 18 23:56:12 <Tehpillowstar> "Shut up."
Mar 18 23:56:22 <MonkeyBomb> Gara, sure.
Mar 18 23:56:24 <Tehpillowstar> "Or I'll do it again."
Mar 18 23:56:30 <Gara> 4df+5
Mar 18 23:56:31 <CROM> Gara: 4 (4df+5=-, -, 0, +)
Mar 18 23:56:47 <MonkeyBomb> The bullets whiz past his head. One grazes his ear.
Mar 18 23:56:54 <MonkeyBomb> *bullet
Mar 18 23:57:03 <WalrusKing> Ilya is going to crouch down over her, shake her slightly if she seems discombobulated "How many of you were there?"
Mar 18 23:57:22 <Gara> "Are you done, cause the next one is in your head."
Mar 18 23:57:29 <MonkeyBomb> "Wha-" She mumbles.
Mar 18 23:57:57 <MonkeyBomb> Shotty flicks the tiny trickle of blood from his ear. He remains silent.
Mar 18 23:58:14 <Gara> "Adelaide, keep an eye on him."
Mar 18 23:58:24 <Gara> He moves over to check on Olivia.
Mar 18 23:59:40 <Tehpillowstar> "Wilco." She complies, sizing up the shotgun-guy.
Mar 18 23:59:42 <MonkeyBomb> She's bleeding badly from several gunshot wounds to her abdomen. She whimpers like usual.
Mar 19 00:00:52 <WalrusKing> "Your company, how many of you were there?"
Mar 19 00:01:36 <MonkeyBomb> "My heeead… Uggh." She tries to sit up but falls back down. "There were just the 5 of us…"
Mar 19 00:01:47 <Maddy> "I swear to god John if you dont shut her up…"
Mar 19 00:01:50 <Gara> 4df+4 I toss healing at her.
Mar 19 00:01:51 <CROM> Gara: I toss healing at her.: 1 (4df+4=-, 0, -, -)
Mar 19 00:01:55 <Gara> Well shit.
Mar 19 00:02:30 <MonkeyBomb> I'm pretty sure nothing happens.
Mar 19 00:02:33 <Gara> "Yeah she's sorta fucked up real bad, gimme a bit."
Mar 19 00:02:45 <Gara> I spend an AP to fuck CROM and heal her anyway.
Mar 19 00:03:07 <MonkeyBomb> She stops whining and passes out.
Mar 19 00:03:22 <Gara> "Better."
Mar 19 00:03:25 <WalrusKing> Ilya turns and shouts to the others. "They are all account for!"
Mar 19 00:03:37 <Gara> "Good! Is that one hurt?"
Mar 19 00:04:29 <MonkeyBomb> Well, looks like you guys have rounded up 5 badly wounded bandits.
Mar 19 00:04:35 <WalrusKing> Ilya looks over the woman, nudges her slightly with his boot. "Are you injured?"
Mar 19 00:04:46 <MonkeyBomb> "No, I'm just peachy…"
Mar 19 00:05:08 <MonkeyBomb> The sarcasm comes heavy through her agonizing breaths.
Mar 19 00:05:30 <WalrusKing> "This one may be hurt."
Mar 19 00:05:51 <Gara> "On it."
Mar 19 00:05:55 <Gara> John makes his way over.
Mar 19 00:06:21 <Gara> 4df+4 and hopes CROM doesn't bother with it
Mar 19 00:06:21 <CROM> Gara: and hopes CROM doesn't bother with it: 6 (4df+4=-, +, +, +)
Mar 19 00:06:40 * Devereaux has quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
Mar 19 00:07:05 <MonkeyBomb> She's suffering from getting smacked the fuck in the face by a door kicked in by a giant Russian dude syndrome. AKA probably a concussion and bruising.
Mar 19 00:07:20 <Gara> That was me tossing magic to make it go away.
Mar 19 00:07:32 <MonkeyBomb> Oh, well, she's no longer suffering from that anymore.
Mar 19 00:07:49 <Gara> "Fixed."
Mar 19 00:08:03 <Maddy> "So what are e doing, just taking their weapons and leaving?"
Mar 19 00:08:43 * Notify: Echo is online (SCP and Related Channels).
Mar 19 00:09:06 <WalrusKing> "Hm. This could be as good as death sentence."
Mar 19 00:09:28 * Echo (siht.rofdeks|reveni#siht.rofdeks|reveni) has joined #afteractionmission
Mar 19 00:09:28 * ChanServ sets mode +q #afteractionmission Echo
Mar 19 00:09:28 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Echo
Mar 19 00:09:34 <Maddy> "Mrrrrr, I dont think I'm in a time frame to care about that, so I'm gonna abstain from voting on their fate."
Mar 19 00:09:56 <Gara> "I'm doing what I can to make sure they don't all drop to infection.
Mar 19 00:10:10 <MonkeyBomb> Auto-boy, who's still laying facedown on the ground, cries "You can't just leave us here."
Mar 19 00:10:27 <MonkeyBomb> "Not like this…"
Mar 19 00:10:29 <Maddy> "How did you get here?"
Mar 19 00:10:39 <Echo> Mitchell wanders over with his rifle, and rolls him over with his boot, weapon aimed down at him.
Mar 19 00:10:45 <MonkeyBomb> "Ahhh."
Mar 19 00:10:49 <MonkeyBomb> He closes his eyes.
Mar 19 00:10:53 <MonkeyBomb> Waits for death.
Mar 19 00:10:55 <Echo> "That somehow worse than talkin' over how you was gonna kill our asses an' take our shit?"
Mar 19 00:11:11 <MonkeyBomb> "I never said anything about killin' nobody, pal."
Mar 19 00:11:18 <MonkeyBomb> His eyes are still clamped shut.
Mar 19 00:12:01 <MonkeyBomb> To Jani, "I-i-i we walked here, I don't know. Vick's the one in charge; I just go where he goes."
Mar 19 00:12:13 <WalrusKing> "That one should be one we talk to."
Mar 19 00:12:19 <Maddy> "Maybe you ought to reevaluate who you hang out with."
Mar 19 00:12:40 <Gara> "Vick is only not dead because I saved his ass from bleeding out." John makes his way over to heal.
Mar 19 00:13:20 <Echo> Mitchell squints at the asshole at his feet and moseys off out of the way, leaving him for John to deal with.
Mar 19 00:13:36 <WalrusKing> Ilya leads the overwatch-woman over to the rest of the others for easier conversing, prodding her slightly in the back with her rifle.
Mar 19 00:13:45 <Gara> 4df+4 HEAL
Mar 19 00:13:46 <CROM> Gara: HEAL: 3 (4df+4=0, 0, -, 0)
Mar 19 00:14:16 <MonkeyBomb> You patch him up to where he's not bleeding out everywhere, at least.
Mar 19 00:14:32 <Gara> Goos enough.
Mar 19 00:15:03 <MonkeyBomb> Overwatch-girl bursts into tears when she sees Vick lying mutilated on the ground, just barely alive.
Mar 19 00:15:20 <Echo> "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Mitchell rounds off on her.
Mar 19 00:15:24 <WalrusKing> "We have three choice as I see. We leave and take weapons. This may be as good as killing. We leave and do not take weapons. We have only trust to keep them from following or finding us. We take them with us. This one is tricky."
Mar 19 00:15:26 <Echo> "YOU DO NOT GET TO FUCKING CRY."
Mar 19 00:15:37 <MonkeyBomb> She stops, terrified.
Mar 19 00:16:04 <MonkeyBomb> Even bad-attitude Shotty looks a bit shaken at Mitch's outburst.
Mar 19 00:16:08 <Maddy> "Jesus."
Mar 19 00:16:47 <Echo> He leans over in her face, eyes wild. "YOU ARE FUCKING *DISGUSTING*. DO YOU SEE *THIS*? AFTER THE THREATS? AFTER WE PUT SHOT DOWN A BUNCH OF FUCKING MAD DOGS?" Spit flies.
Mar 19 00:17:09 <Tehpillowstar> Adelaideis like :|
Mar 19 00:17:09 <MonkeyBomb> All 5 bandits are silent. The girl's face is stark white.
Mar 19 00:17:27 <WalrusKing> Ilya walks over to mitch, lays a hand on his shoulder, and says quietly to him. "Calm yourself my friend. There is a decision to be made, and it must be made swiftly. Our winged friends may be coming for noise as we speak."
Mar 19 00:17:31 <WalrusKing> *Mitchell
Mar 19 00:17:44 <Gara> "We take the guns."
Mar 19 00:18:18 <Echo> He wheels off away from her and assumes the same neutral expression he usually carries, then looks back at her. "But do *not* sit there and fucking cry."
Mar 19 00:18:27 <MonkeyBomb> Tears roll down her face. Whether they're from guilt or fear or the sight of Vick is impossible to tell.
Mar 19 00:19:03 <MonkeyBomb> Shotty just stares dumbfounded.
Mar 19 00:19:03 <Gara> "If they die, then it's not on us anymore. We've done what we could for them, and it's more then they wanted to do for us."
Mar 19 00:19:03 <Maddy> "We could drive them further north, drop them off with their weaons and head home. No way they can follow us."
Mar 19 00:19:20 <Maddy> "They don't even know where home is."
Mar 19 00:19:27 <Echo> "No. Their asses are going to Ashburton."
Mar 19 00:20:07 <Maddy> "Want me to call it in? I dont know if they're really in the place to take prisoners."
Mar 19 00:20:28 <Gara> "They are? Up to you."
Mar 19 00:20:36 <Echo> "They got doctors and shit there. And they got people that can handle them. And they can send them on their fuckin' way. And yeah, do it. They still owe us for the water. Leavin' the lights on can't hurt that much."
Mar 19 00:21:16 <Maddy> Jani nods. «Ashburton, it's Jani, got a question for you.»
Mar 19 00:22:04 <MonkeyBomb> Silence for a few seconds then, «Jani, this is Lieutenant Mabry. What's up, over?»
Mar 19 00:23:28 <Echo> Mitchell wanders over to the man who had the shotgun, slinging his rifle over his back as he approaches.
Mar 19 00:23:41 <MonkeyBomb> Shotty eyes Mitch warily.
Mar 19 00:24:17 <Maddy> «We checked out the people you mentioned, we got a handfull of vultures here. We uh, mighta hurt them a little after they thought we would be a good meal. We were wondering if you had any idea what we could do with them?»
Mar 19 00:24:47 <Echo> "Avert your eyes to the deck, motherfucker."
Mar 19 00:25:10 <MonkeyBomb> More silence from the radio. Then, «Uh, how many are there?»
Mar 19 00:25:15 <MonkeyBomb> «Over.»
Mar 19 00:25:31 <Maddy> «Five, mostly stable. Unarmed, now. Over.»
Mar 19 00:25:41 <MonkeyBomb> Shotty glares at Mitch. "You first, motherfucker." He spits.
Mar 19 00:25:55 <WalrusKing> Ilya watches the skies, and ponders the quality of hellwasp hearing.
Mar 19 00:26:33 <Tehpillowstar> Adelaide rolls her eyes at Shotty. "Do it."
Mar 19 00:26:48 <MonkeyBomb> «Have you considered, you know, killing them?»
Mar 19 00:26:52 <MonkeyBomb> «over…»
Mar 19 00:26:52 <Echo> "I'm already lookin' down. I can't add much to it. What the hell's your piece in this? What did you people need? We told you. We'd have helped you get it?"
Mar 19 00:27:08 <MonkeyBomb> "Hey," he roars, "You shot first."
Mar 19 00:27:30 <Gara> "You were setting up to take us out."
Mar 19 00:27:45 <MonkeyBomb> Silence for a bit, before: «Uh, nevermind. Ignore that.»
Mar 19 00:27:52 <Gara> "I thought I made myself clear when I clipped your ear. I guess I was wrong."
Mar 19 00:28:06 <Echo> "I shot first on account of I can smell bullshit from a fuckin' mile away. You start talkin' about killin' me an' mine, and I will fucking walk over your goddamn body."
Mar 19 00:28:20 <Echo> "So I gotta ask again. What did you need so fuckin' bad."
Mar 19 00:29:10 <Maddy> «Right right.»
Mar 19 00:29:32 <MonkeyBomb> "Gotta do what you gotta do. People in a truck come wandering into your territory, you gotta defend it. Plain. And. Simple."
Mar 19 00:29:57 <Gara> "… Why?
Mar 19 00:30:02 <Maddy> "We're not fucking dogs, cuz."
Mar 19 00:30:24 <Gara> "We're not. He might be."
Mar 19 00:30:31 <MonkeyBomb> «Do you have the means to take care of them, over?» Another voice is on the line, this time different from Mabry's.
Mar 19 00:30:40 <Echo> "I don't think this one can be rehabilitated."
Mar 19 00:31:04 <MonkeyBomb> He shuts up now.
Mar 19 00:31:15 <Maddy> «Not anymore than we have, unfortunately.» Jani looks at Mitchell and does //not/ make they "you get to come back" speech.
Mar 19 00:31:34 <Maddy> CAuse she doesnt point her pistol like some limp wristed asshole
Mar 19 00:31:45 <Gara> "He swung at one of us a bit ago, while I was workin on the others."
Mar 19 00:32:15 <MonkeyBomb> «Alright. We'll dispatch someone out there to pick them up. What is your location, over?»
Mar 19 00:32:18 <Echo> "Good. He can stay here and work on practicin' how to box."
Mar 19 00:32:56 <Maddy> Jani give the location cause Maddy forgot where we is
Mar 19 00:33:13 <Maddy> "Well Ashburton will do…something with them."
Mar 19 00:33:26 <Echo> "Just hogtie his ass, leave him here for the wasps." He looks back at Jani. "You think they've seen the wasps?"
Mar 19 00:33:51 <Maddy> "Obviously not, or they'd know the last thing they wanna do is start a fgt with a thinking creature."
Mar 19 00:34:01 <WalrusKing> "I do not think so. Otherwise they would not want the gunfight."
Mar 19 00:34:03 <MonkeyBomb> «Roger that. Expect a truck in less than 10 minutes, over and out.»
Mar 19 00:35:06 <Gara> "Nah. Leaving out for the wasps makes more of em."
Mar 19 00:35:20 <WalrusKing> "We should leave this place as soon as possible. I would not like to be here if the insect fiends have good hearing."
Mar 19 00:35:29 <MonkeyBomb> buzz buzz.
Mar 19 00:35:46 <Maddy> "Well we got 10 mins to kill."
Mar 19 00:36:22 <MonkeyBomb> Whenever ya'll are good to go, ten minutes pass and a truck from Ashburton arrives.
Mar 19 00:36:34 <Maddy> Yay!
Mar 19 00:36:42 <Tehpillowstar> \o/
Mar 19 00:36:56 <Maddy> Jani wves them down
Mar 19 00:37:17 <Echo> Mitchell finally takes his leave and returns to the flatbed, and clambers up into the cab.
Mar 19 00:37:21 <MonkeyBomb> The truck rolls to a stop and half a dozen officers disembark and apprehend the wounded bandit scum.
Mar 19 00:37:31 <WalrusKing> Ilya hauls himself back into his truck.
Mar 19 00:37:35 <WalrusKing> *their
Mar 19 00:37:39 <WalrusKing> *the flatbed
Mar 19 00:38:13 <MonkeyBomb> The dude in charge of the operation walks up to the group. "Jeez, you guy really did a number on them. Are any of you hurt?" It's the second dude on from on the radio.
Mar 19 00:38:24 <Tehpillowstar> Adelaide yawns. "Nope."
Mar 19 00:38:30 <Gara> "Not a scratch."
Mar 19 00:38:40 <MonkeyBomb> "Wow."
Mar 19 00:38:46 <Maddy> "I think we're pretty ok, sorry for dumping it on you, but leaving them here to die seemed like sinking to their level."
Mar 19 00:39:20 <MonkeyBomb> "No, it's fine. Better in a cell in Ashburton than out in the wild again."
Mar 19 00:39:52 <Maddy> "Dive home safe, ok cuz? Thanks again for letting us know they were here."
Mar 19 00:40:57 <MonkeyBomb> He turns back to the now-full police truck. "No problem, cuz. Have a good one, or what's left of it anyway." He smiles, and boards the truck, which promptly drives back to Ashburton.
Mar 19 00:41:10 <MonkeyBomb> \o/
Mar 19 00:41:39 <Maddy> Jani gets back in the drivers seat. "Ready to go home?"
Mar 19 00:42:00 <Tehpillowstar> Adelaide yawns again. Are yawns contageous? "Yep."
Mar 19 00:42:11 <WalrusKing> "Yes."
Mar 19 00:42:14 <Maddy> And Vrrrooom they go~